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Shadow High Angel posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 8:54am

Love the story even more than when i first wrote it, love the board being dispanded and Harry calling Malfoy weakminded, can't wait to see what you have planned for the last chapters.

shlager_5321 posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 8:28am

love the chapter!
update soon!

jalva200 posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 7:07am

And you better get them out faster then the others... OR PAY THE PRICEC!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAAH

heheheh great storie!!
I love the fucken :D and luna pragent!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 6:34am

Secondary comment: You're a more restrained writer than I am; I'd've been very hard put to resist adding the line "And don't call me Shirley" after Susan's response to being told she's the heir of Ravenclaw.

kellygreenpassion posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 5:14am

I liked what you did but I would have loved to see the Weasley get slapped in the face a little bit more. the borad of governor's excellent job well done.

Ian Morgan posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 3:11am

fantastic story
hope to see you update it more often

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 2:20am

Of all the people to come up with and present that sort of oratory to the Board of Governors, Harry James Potter would have been the *least* likely. But you know what's *really God-awful frightening* about the entire plan, from beginning to end? Harry did it all himself, relying on *none* of his wives (not even Susan, really, and *definitely* not Hermione) for pre-planning. The entire ambush (and that's exactly what it was, from start to finish) was as coldly and ruthlessly executed as, well, an execution. The only reason that Dumbledore and Amelia had an idea was because *Harry* told them his and Susan's unique legal situation in terms of Hogwarts' Board. Keith, you usually don't do Political!Harry except in extremis; but when you do, you do it VERY well, and you have once again.


Osborn Young posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 12:47am

i have really liked this story (although the sex was a little more graphic than i thought it needed to be[but that is just my opinion]). I didn't even know you had it on your site until i saw an update notice. I hope to see more updates soon. I'm dying to know how this story ends. Keep up the good work Kinsfire.

KilyC. posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 11:54pm

love the story

Carolyn1 posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 10:57pm

Nice! Hope I don't have to wait to long for the rest of the story though.

Alcatras posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 9:33pm

That is a mean end but a rather funny one.

Kate5 posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 5:50pm

are they gonna move to utah when they leave Britian? You write well, the story has a good premise, I like an "independant" Harry, but FOUR wives????

ridmania posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 5:39pm

absolutly loved it!!!

Jason Karr posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 4:42pm

I am looking forword to the next chapter.

whimsical007 posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 3:26pm

I join with other reviewers in praising the successful combination of drama, humor, and eroticism in this chapter. Like many of the reviewers, I'm impressed to see Ginny taking responsibility for her actions. However, Bill and Charlie still have not come to terms that whatever their rationalizations of their treatment of Harry as protecting Ginny and their family, their actions have now broken the family.

Fred and George are disgusted with the other Weasleys, lost all respect for their parents and siblings, and seriously considered formally removing themselves as Weasleys. Ginny has announced that she will break all contact with the family as soon as she becomes an adult and she no longer recognizes Bill and Charlie as family. Ron has lost the friendship and respect of his closest friends, Harry, Hermione, and Neville and probably will become persona non grata with the rest of Gryffindor should they learn the truth. The family lost the respect of Dumbledore and the other members of the OotP. When and how do Bill and Charlie recognize what they've done and take responsibility? What will Fleur's reaction be to Bill when she finds out all the sordid details?

Ginny mentioned Percy as apparently having a role in this mess. When and how did that occur? I don't recall his presence in previous chapters.

Fishburne posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 2:33pm

Its Kinsfire! Hoooray Kinsfire!

Love it, as usual, a FINE piece of work. Lots of sex, lots of snarkiness, just a touch of overacting, and some hysterical situations.

One comment..."Between the two of us, who are a legal fiction of three people..." ummmmm Faction?

As always Keith, my man, you amaze and delight. Give the wife a hug from me, and see you in the funny papers!

Fish - Founding member of "The Longbottom Three"

Kinsfire replied:

It may be a bit confusing, but he was referring to the fact that legally, in this specific situation, he is two people, and with his wife Susan, the two of them are a legal fiction of being three people in two bodies.

As a founding member of the Longbottom 3, I can say that any Neville fans are going to cheer at the beginning of the next chapter.

John Pinkston posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 2:24pm

Definately a fun ride. I so love people finding out that they are stupid the hard way. Keep up the good work.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 2:20pm

*snicker* Well worth the wait with some very nice sections indeed. I might have liked to see a bit more of the Weaseley melt-down but this will do. The expression on Ginny's face when she finds that he's married all four - and sees the real nature of their rings - should be interesting, though she seems rather resigned to having done herself in. Rather more responsibility there than the others are showing (though I wonder about Arthur, I suspect he may own up to his responsibilities).

*smile* It would be "interesting" to read Rita Skinner's report of that train trip.

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 2:02pm


Freshly caught trout indeed!

Ginny's dialogue and rant toward her family was particularly well done. I can see her having to grow up rather quickly in those circumstances. (The people she loved and depended on all her life were instrumental in destroying her relationship with Harry.) Good to see that at least one Weasley accepted responsibility for their actions...

PhishBulb posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 1:36pm

I think that this was possibly the best chapter of the story, and quite frankly much better than anything I was expecting after the whole Malfoy thing. I suppose any chapter where Harry kicks ass and gets laid (in a non-submissive taking it from Draco for some ungodly reason aside from possibly wanting to experiment with his own sexuality and only being able to justify it to himself by being "raped") will entertain me.

I thought Ginny's talk with her family was far too little, too late. I can feel sympathetic towards her on a basic human level as she has truly lost everything and now knows it. However, she truly brought it upon herself and I think that her plan of moving far, far away from everyone involved is a great one.

I thought that Harry's response to Lucius was inspired concerning the Imperius curse. I'll admit, I've often wondered why no one has thought to redicule Lucius like this. I thought that was great.

I don't mean to be offensive, and I truly hope it was intentional, but I thought that the:

"What do you think you can do?" sneered the sharp-chinned woman. "Rant us into submission?"

line was pretty damn good too considering the way Harry was acting throughout the story. It seemed self-referential and well placed, and it was nice for Harry to finally back up some of his talk with some action.

This was a really well-done chapter of a story that I had thought you might have abandoned, and it certainly rekindled my interest in further chapters. I hope that the muse strikes and you find time to finish it.