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Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Tuesday 25th July 2006 4:05pm

Oh wow, three of his wives are pregnant. I didn't realize Susan was until this chapter.

I really like this, I can't wait to see what happens next. I liked the bit with Ron, that was really mature of him. I'm wondering what other peoples reactions will be when discovering that Harry is married to Susan, Luna, Hermione and Pansy and that three of them are already pregnant, since it doesn't seem to be common knowledge yet.

Will Gred and Forge be god-fathers or Uncles? And what about Moony and Tonks and Andromeda? And Snape? I really love the character interactions in this story.

You mentioned Blaise Zabini earlier but not again. I'm curious as to what role he might play in the future.

The Resident posted a comment on Tuesday 25th July 2006 7:39am

As always, an excellent chapter. I personally think it's impossible for you to post anything short of excellence. The dialog, the action, everything speaks of the care and attention you put into your stories. Keep up the excellent work. I eagerly await the next chapter.

MaryJane6707 posted a comment on Tuesday 25th July 2006 5:19am

Very interesting! I love how all of their brilliant minds are able to work so well together. I also like that Harry is getting to the point where he is finding all kinds of resolution for the craziness that has always surrounded him. Very nice chapter!

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Monday 24th July 2006 8:07am

Just read this over the weekend. It's getting excited. Despite the fact that I don't believe in harmonious polyamory, it was a good story.

That was some cliffie when you left off with the paper from Narcissa! If I weren't a late comer to this story, I'd be sending you howlers.

Looking forward to what happens next!

Thanks for writing.

Tom A.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 3:09pm

Outstanding. Loving it more and more.


Sandra Smith posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 2:59pm

im impressed...i'd like cto read more

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 12:28pm

Wonderful!!! I hope the new development remains top secret untill the final battle . . . it would not do for Voldemort to be prepared to accio the vests off his victims and them AK them . . .

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 9:09am

Another excellent chapter. Although, was that Dodo-Diriclaw jab at my story. Hermione will realize her mistake about the Dodo, really. I don't even know if you read my story.

I like that you are showing more affection between Harry and Pansy in this chapter. I look forward to Ron pulling his head out of somewhere and apologizing.

Thanks for writing.

Mike (MoA)

Kinsfire replied:

There was a small amount of that, but only because you were like the third writer I had seen in the span of a week who made that reference.   (So you can guess that I am, in fact, a fan of your story.)'

As for Pansy - well, she gets hers in the beginning of the next chapter.   (If you're not parsing that, think about what the others have had that she hasn't...*grin*)

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 5:59am

Another great chapter, if the armor can stop the killing curse it will also stop all kinds of other physical spells. The Death Eaters are not going to know what hit them. And I hope that draco does throw the killing curse at Harry so that will get him out of the way quickly. Thanks for writing


Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 1:25pm

Well, it seems that they've got all the kinks worked out for their strategy for the final battle. Of course no plan survives first contact with the enemy, but it seems like they are ready to execute now. Great chapter, thank you.

Jamey posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 12:05pm

A most excellent chapter!

I thought it was rather funny to see Harry making a purely muggle compound in poor Snape's lab - almost as bad as if Snape had found someone using his equipment to brew coffee.

Ron's introspectiveness is interesting. I do think Ron could eventually get forgiveness - I doubt Ginny, Bill, or Charlie ever will, really. There's just some things that strike me as being beyond normal limits to forgive.

The tests on the body armor seemed both extreme, and somewhat weak at the same time. I presume that their knowledge of dragonhide lets them know that piercing, such as knife blades, will be stopped, as well as impacts such as bullets. Then again, the only thing it's really intended for is to stop the AK. As the armor is combined physical and magical protection, they really should experiment to see if the dragonhide is all that's really needed to stop the AK. It certainly doesn't seem to have much physical impact when it hits living matter - only when it hits dead matter.

And I do think the Auror who was willing to be the live-fire tester for the armor against an AK deserves his own small harem of girls. Balls - asteriod-sized platinum/iridium balls.

djo posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 7:45am

The end of Voldemort is approaching! With this conviction and the help of his wifes and extended family there is no way of failing...

Another great chapter in a great story!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 7:29am

Harry and Severus *completely* bury the hatchet, and Potter Armoring creates their first MLE-specification protective suits (and they are even humanely created, based on naturally-expired dragons). Harry even manages to finish patching things up with Albus. Poor Amelia, though! You can bet that she is going to find a way to bring at least *one* of her in-laws into MLE, simply due to their *brainpower*. I can hear the Weasley Twins though, bemoaning the respectability that Ickle Harrikins has fallen UP to, waxing rhapsodically of when he was a junior Marauder, back before he became the next Merlin...

John Wilburn posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 7:02am

I had almost lost hope that you would finish this. Great story.

shadowhc posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 5:54am

damn their alive.. oh well eheh.. iwonder what horror harry will face next hehe maybe losing a limb

shadowhc posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 5:33am

ahha great.. there dead.. i love it.. more pain for harry please..your story rules

Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 5:20am

I like the idea about the armour ... it is really unique

I did have a weird idea when I read the previous chapter ... since they have his communial (sp?) orgasmic type relationship why couldn't some of their children take on some of the other qualities of the other mothers ... like Hermione's Curly brown hair and Luna's big blue eyes that sort of thing ...

It's weird I know ... I am trying to write this and ROSE is sitting here watching me write this review ... *rolls eyes* now you see why I have very little chance of getting any of MY writing done!

Take care Keith, say hi to Dorothy and hope to hear from you both soon...

As Always,
Muirnin - who always believes in shipping what is RIGHT over what is Easy ...

shadowhc posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 4:51am

nice work.. so when will harry forgive the weasleys.. harry always forgives.. especially in fics like this.. (its not good for him to hold in the anger eheh) i love that excuse.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 2:52am

Developing nicely here. I appreciate the way the overall situation has "force grown" Harry's maturity. And I'm sure things won't go as smoothly as Harry thinks; after all, to quote Maurice from the Drake/Flint "Dance of Time" series, "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy, that's why they're called 'The Enemy'."

One minor nitpick, "...loading a single impressively large bullet into it..." should read cartridge instead of bullet. I wouldn't say anything except that I see this mistake often enough for it to become an irritant when reading.

Davideg posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 2:23am

fantastic chapter once agin please keep up the great work