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Ken Warner posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 12:35pm

Another great chapter from the magical word processor of Kinsfire to my famished eyes. This has been a fascinating story, the motivations and personalities are more fleshed out than is usually the case, and Harry and Hermione, despite the harsh circumstances seem a little less irrationally angsty than in some older fics.

thanks for continuing, and please keep us updated on when i can purchase a copy of your original works.

warm regards

Alex00 posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 12:30pm

Great update.

Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 12:00pm

Shakes head.....Snape never learns, does he? You'd think the idiot would realize that being in a nice safe prison cell would be much better for him then dealing with the Potters and company. To paraphrase one of my favorite saying " They can make it hurt....a lot. " Shrug, Snape might be a 1st class Potions Master, but he's a fool in other ways. Ah well, it will make for a fantastic read, and as always, I'll enjoy your future chapters! Many thanks!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 11:39am

This has been really good. Now, it's getting really good.

But I now have a dilemma. I'm having trouble deciding who I want to painfully kill Snape - Harry, James. or Lily.

Well done!

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 11:24am

Ok, I know I'll be pounded to dust because of this must I have to say it: please don't transform this story in another free love thing. Your Harry is always this soft guy capable to talk hours about his feelings to whoever might listen to him. And the Harry from the beginning of "Wishing thinking" wasn't like that. He was hurt from the lost of Sirius - only two months ago - and he would have to start to get used to his parents be alive and around. He wouldn't just transform in a debonair and suave man capable to sweep a girl off her feet, nor he would go around talking about all his worries to everybody around him.
I really liked your writing but sometimes you go really far with or free for all relationships. I just don't think it works for this story.
This was not intended as a flame or anything like that. It was just a humble request from someone who really liked the beginning of this story.

Kinsfire replied:

He's changing a bit because of realising the fact that he NEEDS to change, because he runs a Family now. There is an entire name out there that needs to be thought about, and that involves such things as thinking about what he's doing.

He's got some serious tension coming up in the next couple chapters as well. It won't be all touchy-feelie.

redjacobson posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 10:49am

great to see another chapter of this story; although I'm going to have to re-read the last couple of chapters so I can figure out what's going on.

Looking forward to more of this; and; of course; your other stories.


DJ posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 10:36am

Good to see you back I think both H & Hr need on them slefs or maybe each outher. I know they are both a bit shocky but I hope they help each outher out soon. Nice work keep it up.

Machiavelli Jr posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 10:11am

Dammit, why do you always have to have Harry doing his maximum-formal, full dress apology? It makes a glorious scene in most of your fics, but I really don't think it's him to make a production out of anything but the very gravest of matters. Malfoy would (if he ever felt the need to apologise) hell, I suspect Ron and Hermione both positively revel in drama at times, but Harry? If nothing else, putting his mother on the spot before her colleagues to discipline (or not) her own son is making her life much harder than any piss-taking could. Sure, I can see Hermione telling him he should apologise, and I can see Harry doing it - but he'd do it in private or semi-private. Other than that, I rather like this chapter, Hermione and Albus are developing very well.

Kinsfire replied:

Note the bit preceding it. The apology was basically forced out of him by Hermione - "You publicly humiliated her, calling her teaching into question! The apology is only meaningful if it's in the same venue! You need to apologise publicly!"

That also explains some of the stiffness to it. He meant it as a joke, his mother understood that, but he also knows that Hermione tends to get the bit in her teeth and not let go. It was easier to shut her up by apologising.

That apology is going to lead to some interesting problems in upcoming chapters, mind you.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 9:30am

Excellent chapter. I like that you added the angst and then worked on removing it, rather than wallowing in it. Overall a great piece of work.

Thank you for writing.

Mike (MoA)

sasqch posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 9:26am

My favorite part of this chapter has to be the bonding between Hermione and her dorm mates. In canon, the three were never shown to be that close, so having them become friends -- and more importantly showing them do so -- was a nice piece of character development.

And I liked how the three friends decided to "prank" their house; Seamus' reaction is pure teenage boy.

Basically, a great installment featuring some nice twists (Professors Potter), good character development, and an ugly little bit of potential foreshadowing at the end -- hopefully we get to see Snape in a lot of pain, perhaps terminal?

Needless to say, I eagerly await the next update.


Jamey posted a comment on Sunday 5th August 2007 8:49am

I'm guessing you didn't buy into the load of Norbert's fewmits that JKR tried to hand us for the redemption of Snape in DH. Thanks for an excellent chapter!

nurray posted a comment on Friday 3rd August 2007 2:37am

I knew I skipped something. Lily Potter was reportedly very good a potions according to Slughorn in HBP, though you maynot be using information from that part of canon.

If Hogwarts is about to have students descend on it them finding a Potions professor will be difficult with only hours to spare.

If Lily is given the job then James will be at the castle as well as I doubt Dumbledore would even TRY to suggest that Lily must stay by herself at the castle.

I look forward to more chapters.

nurray posted a comment on Friday 3rd August 2007 2:32am

Hmmm... Dumbledore has started redemning himself finally. I think this was about the only way he can redemn himself in the eyes of the Order and the Potters. I doubt that this by itself will be enough, but it should be a start. It would be interesting to see if Dumbledore will ever admit to agreeing that he did a despicable thing but if he had the chance to do it over, he would do it again.

Of course the question is, is Hermione's parents really dead. The Death Eaters didnot check, they saw people inside the villa and razed it. Dumbledore passed on the info from Severus. If several days have gone by, Hermione should have been informed by the muggle authorities, if they can find her.

It is possible they werenot there at the time. A holiday villa would have staff and multiple guests. If the Death eaters went to the wrong villa, then Hermione's parents would not even know to contact Hermione to let her know that they are alright.

Targeted muggle attacks have not been apart of the Death Eater repetoire until now amistake wouldnot be unexpected. Most hotels will not confirm who is or isnot staying at a hotel.

oldescript posted a comment on Thursday 2nd August 2007 7:28am

A really interesting story...your transition from the original piece I thought was very smooth...curious though...are you working from an existing story arc outline or is the direction of the plot solely up to you...great job by the way...I hope you see this through to the conclusion....

Kalen Darkmoon posted a comment on Sunday 22nd July 2007 5:48pm

Am I the only one to notice that Dumbledore has tricked L&J into violating their oaths to protect Harry and have put their lives, magic and very souls at risk for violating that oath?

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Wednesday 11th July 2007 1:32pm

I liked this chapter please update it soon!

Holly posted a comment on Wednesday 11th July 2007 1:55am

Great job! I just found this story and I love it! Please update again soon. Snape got his!! hehe!! Keep up the good work.

nurray posted a comment on Monday 9th July 2007 10:38pm

Your extensions on the original story meld quite well. Do you have notes from the original author to work with for the plot outline or are you wending you own way now?

The original story is very good. I think I read it some time ago. It is good to see such a story continued.

Hannah3 posted a comment on Sunday 8th July 2007 10:46am

*is waiting for an update*

Soloflamelady posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 4:44am

I would love to read more of this great flow. A repentant Dumbledore that is a nice change.