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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 14th January 2008 7:34am

Harry consoles Hermione (for the death of her parents) and sledges both Draco and Cho (with a little help from his friends). Speaking of friends, Cupid has found more targets for his arrows (Neville/Ginny and Ron/Luna appear to be starting, while Harry almost spills the cauldron concerning his feelings for Hermione). Albus learns that it *was* Severus that set up the murder of the Grangers, and Kingsley arrests the Greasy Git for it, so Albus is now short a Potions Profesor (in addition to a Defense Professor).

a_wanderer posted a comment on Wednesday 9th January 2008 1:58am

Are you intending that Lilly should be this unlikeable? The story as it stands raises interesting questions about the Evans home, the relationship between James and Lilly and Lilly's mental health.

Lilly striking Harry, threatening Snape (even through James) and her attempts to manipulate those around her give evidence of a dysfunctional family.

A very interesting story line. Some of the interactions between characters, especially Harry and Lilly, seem jarring. It is as if parts of the puzzle (characterization) have been forced together rather than fitting neatly. However the lines of conflict are clearly defined.

Kinsfire replied:

Actually, there is a very specific reason for Lily's attitudes right now. It's not terribly obvious, but the readers have definitely seen their origin.

It will be explained at some point - it's too big a plot point to avoid.

Banner posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 2:13pm

Thank you for showing Lily as someone who is less than perfect - although she's rapidly descending into someone *truly unpleasant.* I'm delighted that you updated. Thak you.

Mirai no Sei Anashi posted a comment on Tuesday 8th January 2008 12:58pm

Not bad at all. As a fellow fanfic writer, I'm always reading other work and comparing it to my own, to see where I do well and where I do not do well in both writing and ideals when compared to other people. So far, this story has been written superbly, even if the updates are a tad bit few and far between as of late. I do hope that you will continue.

Immortalitis posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2008 8:13pm

Most intriguing!

A very good portrayal of Lily and James.

Please, do continue this lovely fic.


Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd January 2008 5:31pm

Excellent chapter, as always. I must say I am surprised at Lily being so much of a harridan, but at the same time, it's interesting that she's not as much of a saint as everyone else always makes her out to be...

username posted a comment on Monday 31st December 2007 6:29am

That's ridiculous. I suppose Harry doesn't need to eliminate wastes in your universe? You can't lock a child in a room with only a jug of water and expect him to survive more than a few days. He will have to defecate. He will have to urinate. He will get sick from living in such unclean conditions, so close to his own wastes. He will grow delirious from illness and forget himself, sully his water supply, eat his own waste.

rune1806 posted a comment on Sunday 30th December 2007 4:53am

making the potters real people who have some bad in them, well done i look forward to more.

Clell65619 posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 5:46pm

Excellent. Lilly Potter as a cast iron bitch is a (i believe) a unique take on the character (at least when not in a 'the potters lived and think their other kid is TBWL and abuse Harry story) looking forward to the next chapter.

jono74656 posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 10:51am

What a way to drive a knife into the side of the light. Their leader's a manipulative charlatan, and the great light hope has parent problems.
Lily needs a serious time out, before she loses her son.... again.

A brilliant characterisation, I always wondered how one family could have produced the saint-like Lily and the un-saint-like Petunia, but it appears that the resemblence was there all along, but everyone seems to have had rose-tinted specs on.

On a seperate note, are you having issues with formatting or some such, since there's an unusual number of random symbols throughout the text.

Eagerly awaiting the next update,


dexterz posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 4:33am

very nice chapter there a problem with the text formatting used here?lots of euro symbols and TM symbols....

a_mere_muggle posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 2:15pm

Thanks for the update! Im excited to read the rest.

MonCappy posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 7:09am

Lily seriously screwed up. I think it is safe to say that Harry no longer thinks of her as mum.

Darke Gray posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 4:09am

Wow, great chapter. I loved it. You made Lily Potter into a real life person pretty much. Before this everyone always said she was the sweet little girl, now we see her relation to Petunia. I hope either James or McGonagall can get through to Lily before she loses her son for a second time. I also would never of thought that Hermione and Lily would not like each other, with them being so much alike, but then again they both are headstrong and stubborn, so I can see them going at it pretty violently. Anyways, I hope your next chapter is up sooner than it took you to put this one up, I really enjoy this story and can't wait to read more.

Darkness posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 1:05am

Harry suddenly reverting to 'Professor' from 'mum' was rather OOC. Actually Lily was rather OOC and two-dimentional in this chapter, since this side of hers seems to have come from way left-field. You could have gone another route if you wanted to get a Hermione/Lily confrontation, because this just reads horribly.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 11:45pm

What an interesting view of Lily you present. She is clearly in need of some parenting classes.
Keep up the great work!

participium posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 11:23pm

Hmmm, nice chapter. I like the confrontation.
But why do you refer to James as a bully? The relationship between James and Snape clearly isn't that of a bully. Remember that in the memory, the minute James' turned his back, Snape attacked him with a cutting curse. If snape was a victim of a bully, he would not fight back. No, their relationship is not that of bully and victim but of two rivals who hate eachother.

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 10:15pm

The man is still not seeing the world. However, you almost gave him a backbone (though would he have done the same thing if it was just him and Snape?). The missing link between invertebrates and vertebrates--the tap dancing Dumb-as-a-door.
Too bad you had to kill Hermy's parents, though you can always Deus Ex Machina them back again...just like James and Lils.
Let's see. Snape will be tried, sent to Azkaban, broken out, and cause more pain and misery.
When will someone make Albus answer for Snape, Binns, Umbitch, and a ceaseless string of bad DADA teachers. Does anyone care about the schooling their children receive?

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 9:35pm

Sloppy, very sloppy. Other than Moldie himself, the DEs are no more than a self-inflicted sore in the WW. If people would take the fight to them, they wouldn't have a chance. Instead, they live on hope and prophesy.
Should have Dumbles in the villa or, at least, Amelia Bones. Does Susan know that her aunt is a bigotted bastard/bitch?

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 8:56pm

You still have Dumbles alive and now you have Snapey going to Riddle. Poor kid, never seems to get any really good Hermys parents will pay for Snivelles's continued errors in judgement. This looks worse than HPatDH where the Malfoys escaped punishment, Dumbles escaped being exposed as an asshole, and Harry was shown to be a gutless whimp not even fit for Ginny.