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DJ posted a comment on Saturday 10th March 2007 2:51pm

I look foward to the rest.

vertru posted a comment on Friday 9th March 2007 7:30pm

Well, well, well. Many plans and schemes afoot, not to mention quite a few surprises. I see another great ending to a great story effort looming on the horizon my friend, and I look forward to reading it.


Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 3:49pm

I look forward to the next installment!

Debbie Hollander posted a comment on Saturday 3rd March 2007 3:04am

Great looking forward to update,ASAP please

Aberbadger posted a comment on Friday 2nd March 2007 11:56am

"Bullocks," she replied. "You're just as much in love with that man as I am. And he's so lost right now, because he fell for you over the summer as well, I think."

That's almost as amusing as Nonjon's "I'm gonna kiss your ass all the way to the Rio Grande and back!"!! A bullock, my dear fellow, is a male cow of particular stock (chicken stock!?). Actually I can just imagine Hermione saying "Oh cows!" when she is annoyed or frustrated!
The curse, or ejaculation(!) you're looking for is BOllocks! Bollocks on its own can be used in the same context as Shit/Damn/Fuck/Oh Dear(!). Followed by something else on the other hand, is another way of say Bullshit/Horseshit/Nonsense - in other words, an ejaculation of disbelief...
Just a little useless info for you...

Debbie Hollander posted a comment on Tuesday 20th February 2007 2:40am

I am waiting for an update. I find myself enjoying this story quite a lot and can hardly wait for an update. Riddle's defeat and the subsequent happenings following have me wishing for a positive conclusion with minimal injury for Harry and company . Keep up the good work.

kainboa posted a comment on Wednesday 10th January 2007 11:08am

this fic is great, can't wait to see what happens next

and keep it up with the harry/narcissa/hermione scense :P

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Tuesday 9th January 2007 9:59am

Looking forward to the finale. Nice reconcilliation scene with Drace. I was terrified for a moment when your comments about Draco noticeing Hermione as a woman for the first time, made my brain run onto conclusions of a very disgusting nature. Dracos somehow added to the relationship. (Sudders!)


The Resident posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 7:41pm

Such a wonderful chapter. Parts gave me warm fuzzy feelings, parts had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair, and the last part gave me hope that they've truly found the key to destroying Riddle. The visuals my mind conjured to match your words weren't too bad either. -smirk- Keep up the great work and I eagerly await the next update.

MaryJane6707 posted a comment on Friday 5th January 2007 9:04am

Great chapter! I am thrilled for a new Potter! I am happy that Draco was able to come to terms with them as well.

Serendipity posted a comment on Thursday 4th January 2007 10:16pm

Usually I try to leave more helpful reviews than this, but I still haven't gotten over the "right of conquest" thing. Nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Oops...


Mariposa posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 9:52am

I remember reading some of this story before a while back and forgot about it. I like the way it has progressed. I like the whole breastfeeding thing, it is unique and sexy. And I love that Cissy is pregnant and Harry and Draco's reactions. This is a nice new twist on the multiples plot. I don't think I could have seen Harry with Narcissa before this story.

djo posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 5:19am

great one again - already waiting for your next update!

Chris1 posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 2:30am

Nice going here.

There's just one thing that bothers me slightly. Harry, and everybody else, really, is too open about things. In canon, we rarely see Harry talk about himself or his feelings in public. You made him very open, and it doesn't really fit with the information we've got from canon.

Really nice fic, though. I like the idea of a Weasley Fertility Charm, since it's the first time I've seen it referred to as such, and not just a "We Weasleys are a fertile bunch" remark.

Thanks for sharing

Chris posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 12:23am

OUTSTANDING CHAPTER!!!! I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter. This story keeps getting more cooler every time you update. Any chance when Voldemort dies he will take Lestrange with him? DO keep up the outstanding work and update soon please:):):):)

Papa MidNite posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 6:48pm

Good chapter

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 6:39pm

Very good chapter. I like the way Harry assigned his proxies. That really put the "pure bloods" on notice! I was glad he included pure bloods and Hermione as the muggleborn as one of his proxies! That really hit them where they live. Thank you for writing. I am really looking forward to the next chapter! I would love to see Riddle get what he deserves! Thanks again, pms

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 4:28pm

*snicker* Giving away free plot bunnies with each chapter now? "Dr. Suess meets Harry Potter", aka "Horton Hears a Horcrux", should be a fascinatingly funny read if done with any talent.

I like the way this story is evolving and I particularly like the "disavowal" of horcurxes. Equally, I like the way Draco is maturing here, he's actually thinking critically for himself instead of parroting daddy; this bodes will for society.

matthiasblack posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 2:39pm

Excellent chapter. I assume the next will be the last but I wouldn't mind being wrong. You write some of the best stuff and I hope to see more stuff soon. Hope you had happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd January 2007 2:11pm

Nice chapter, very amusing. Thank you.