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Darkness posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 5:18am

Hmm, it feels like I'm reading some kind of original fiction instead of HP fanfiction. Everyone seems so OOC and stiff, it reads like a script for a play.

holyknight posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 5:16am

Son of a bloody bitch, Harry is making them reap the whirlwind, while he's having the time of his life....

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 4:59am

Bad news for Snape....WORSE news for *Fudge*! Lucius' Big Black Book of Bribery turns up, and is forwarded to Amelia Bones, who prepares to set a trap for the suspects. Meanwhile, Harry, Hermione, and Narcissa settle into living and loving at Hogwarts (and Narcissa into being the new Potions Mistress *and* Head of Slytherin). The Serpents are having to get used to a Head that is actually impartial (even to her husband and co-wife) as opposed to Snape. Harry also reinstates Andromeda (and her daughter) to the Black family.

LifeScientist posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 4:21am

Nice job--I like what you're doing with this and the ledger of accounts is a novel idea so far as know...
Looking forward to more soon.

DanielMohn posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 3:19am

Love it so far and need more.


azureguy86 posted a comment on Monday 25th September 2006 4:14pm

Loved this story so entertaining.

CoyoteScion posted a comment on Sunday 17th September 2006 3:45pm


anglosaxon posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd August 2006 1:49am

this story is awesome..... well who would think tht harry would hook up narcissa....

well i just hope this doesnt get abandoned like a few other good stories out here on this site....and also that the stories are regularly updated....

liquidfyre posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 8:45pm

Just make the Draco bashing literal and you will have my full support.

cackles with insane glee

Panaka posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 2:25am

The talk between Harry and Draco had me cracking up.
I like this story and would like to see more. The perspective change from normal is a nice one.

harryp123 posted a comment on Thursday 13th July 2006 8:10am

Good chapter. Can't wait to read what is next.

RedPhoenix_2k3 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st May 2006 7:48am

I am glad that I finally got around to reading this fic. I put it off for quite a while because I was uncertain of how I'd handle the Harry/Narcissa aspect.

I really liked the way in which you brought about the relationship. Given what we know of Narcissa in canon, your explanations are very believable which makes enjoying the rest of the story that much easier.

It is so difficult to enjoy a story, no matter how well written, if some of the underlying factors are unbelievable. I can suspend my disbelief quite a bit but sometimes authors try to get too much out of a flimsy idea.

Thank god that you don't fall prey to that. This story has proven to be quite enjoyable to read and I can't wait until you update.

Kinsfire replied:

I like to have a back-story that I can at least buy a little bit.   That's why I've never really gotten into too many Harry/Bellatrix stories - it's very hard to come up with a legitimate reason for her and him to end up together.

But I thought that perhaps a variation on the Florence Nightingale syndrome, where the nurse falls for the patient instead, just might work.

Thank you for the review.   It's nice to know that I'm managing to succeed in my efforts to make it believable.

apr911 posted a comment on Wednesday 17th May 2006 5:23am

I hope you decide to update this, it is really good so far

Alex2877 posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 7:57pm

Hurry up with the updates PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

thealphamale posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 1:34pm

Older women know how to work it!


DJ Rodriguez posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 1:29pm

So far, so good. I like on where this is going! I hope you make more Narcissa/Harry/Hermoine fics in the future.

Keep it up!

thealphamale posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 9:10am

Please tell me that Draco will find out in some sort of hilarious circumstance. I can see it now,"Potter what are you doing to my mother!":)

annihilation posted a comment on Tuesday 11th April 2006 3:51am

I've just discovered this story and have to say WOW.
It's realy good. There are many strange pairings out there, but most authors just let them fall in love within one line and that is unrealistic. But if an author like you let it develop, and gives a backgroundstory they are the best stories in the net. I hope you will find the time to finish this story. GOOD WORK!

Lostchyld posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 4:26pm

Continue please.

-The Lost

Kenji posted a comment on Tuesday 21st March 2006 2:40am

Lucky Harry!! I envy that fictious bastard. I can't wait for your next update.