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James Benfield posted a comment on Saturday 27th January 2007 8:56am

I really wish youd update this, its looking to be a great story. I know you only really work on this when you are stuck on your other stories, but please kust think about it.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 11:47am

Very good, this could be a fun story to read.


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd January 2007 11:15am

Very interesting start.


Bob Swagger posted a comment on Wednesday 1st November 2006 8:37pm

I really hope this is continued. That's a great ending for a chapter right there.

Deborahsu posted a comment on Monday 30th October 2006 12:51pm

You've got an interesting start, here. What's next????

John Fitzgerald posted a comment on Monday 11th September 2006 9:15am

That was a great story. I hope that you will update soon. Thanks.

Vandroza posted a comment on Friday 11th August 2006 12:26pm

I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing where this will go next. It's nice to see Dumbledore getting the scolding he deserves!

David Thacker posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 5:19am

{sorry if this is reposted. had to reload page.}Hope for more soon this is still great.I see it has a Harry/Lilly/Hermione/Ginny story from just these two chapters.

David Thacker posted a comment on Sunday 23rd July 2006 5:17am

Hope for more soon this is still great.I see it has a Harry/Lilly/Hermione/Ginny story from just these two chapters.

kapperky posted a comment on Sunday 16th July 2006 12:09pm

Great story! Keep up the good work and update soon!

Anne_pendragon posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 2:14am

Oh now this is a good story. Can't wait to see what happens next.And love it so far.

Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Friday 26th May 2006 7:49pm

Can't wait to see the next chapter... what do you have up your sleeve Sir Kinsfire... and who the HELL was firing at them...

Please oh Please bring back Sirius and can he please look like Hugh Jackman??? *puppy dog eyes*

As Always,
Muirnin - who is procrastinating at 10 to three in the morning from writing!

sasqch posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2006 12:54pm

Let me first preface this review with the statement that I do not normally read, let alone enjoy, Harry-Lily fics.


My main problem with the standard plot line is either Harry goes back in time and jumps his mother, or Lily is alive and been hiding all this time, and Harry jumps his mother. Yes, Harry may not have known his mother, and therefore not know that he isn’t supposed to be attracted to her. But he knew of her. And not once did anybody (outside of the Dursleys) say a single bad thing about her. Given his penchant to stare at his parents through the photo album, combined with the knowledge of her sacrifice for him, he would have a Madonna complex toward her; she would so sainted in his eyes to make the argument of a Oedipus complex moot.

But you have actually set up a series of situations that maintain my suspension of disbelief and allow me to enjoy the story.

I find quite of bit of the set-up to be very entertaining. The idea that Lily’s spirit not only resided in Harry, but was at least a little bit aware is something to help bridge the gap separating the two characters. Combined with the need for the two to remain close together, you’ve created an acceptable situation for a growing bond. Lily herself should be a little confused by her own reactions. Harry is a near clone to her dead husband. And, just as importantly, he is near the age that Lily and James were, rather than a child. By being forced together, her own affections toward her husband can believably be shifted for Harry. Lily is used to simply being with James as well as sleeping beside him. Now, she is compelled to be in a similar situation but with Harry instead.

As for Harry’s reaction, above and beyond how the constant existence of a very attractive woman’s mere presence will help him work through the psychological barriers, you made sure to give your story an edge. Having Harry be the vessel that supported Lily for so long, I would expect a bit of familiarity would exist for Harry on a subconscious level. He could already be comfortable around her.

As to the story itself, I really liked the reactions Lily had regarding Harry’s life. The idea that the Dursleys were "raising" Harry should have been, and was, abhorrent to her. Lily’s arguments against the inanity of leaving Harry unprotected simply by being outside the wizarding world were perfect. She knows her sister, and could guess at the "loving" nature of Harry’s home. But the idea that the senior Death Eaters were her contemporaries and therefore know her muggle background totally invalidates the "hide in plain sight" method. I also liked Lily having been an Unspeakable. Not only does it give her a background allowing the knowledge of the spell she cast, but it allows for the really emotional scene at the end of the chapter.

Harry is an interesting ball of emotions. His mother is back. He will do anything to protect her (again see the last scene). But he is also slightly emotionally broken from the last two years. He is vulnerable and needs more than just Lily in his life. I’m glad that it appears that he will have at least his loyal (and loving?) friends with him. As an aside, I like that you maintain the idea that Hermione and Ginny both love Harry and want to be with him.

I’m looking forward to the next installment. I would expect to see the emotional impact begin to truly take effect shortly. And since you didn’t state that the portkey actually was created for the return trip, I imagine there should be some fallout regarding Harry apparating a group from the Ministry itself.


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd May 2006 9:02pm

Why Lily mentioned her sleeping attire: Lily obviously figures that at least for a few days, her and Harry will be sharing a bed. And Lily is NOT Ginny (or Hermione, for that matter). Lily Potter is a bit curvier than either (and between the two in height), which means Harry will DEFINITELY know that there is a WOMAN in the bed. Given that Harry is a teenager, it's pretty darn certain that something WILL come up in the night (and I don't mean nightmares from Voldy, either), so this is better faced NOW, rather than later. Given that James Potter is, in fact, dead, the ONLY reasons for Lily and Harry NOT to share a bed are religious and sociological, and in this case, BOTH are outweighed by the desire to keep her alive. So Lily was bringing up her choice of sleepwear (or lack thereof) because she was worried about Harry's comfort with the idea of their sharing the same bed.

djo posted a comment on Thursday 18th May 2006 10:45pm

Wow - I'm looking forward to the chapter when Lily shows her face to the Dursleys for the first time after her "death" ;-)

Looking forward to your updates!

sasuke83 posted a comment on Wednesday 17th May 2006 6:28am

Intriguing. I would very much like to see how the story progresses. Hmmm

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 2:31pm

Damn interesting chapter once again, funny bit with the golden retriever and such. Excellent work on the DOM outing and harry's responses, both on purpose and the end with the forced port. Very cool. Excellent chapter hope to see more soon!

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:46pm

OOooo, interesting. Blatant innuendo, I like it. (cheeky grin)

M. R. Moore posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 2:25pm

'and everyone ran out screaming.'

The End

I could just see that...

oh, must continue reading.

DJ Rodriguez posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 2:19pm

Wow!! Please continue! I want to see more!!