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Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2005 4:09am

Nice wrap up to a good story.

I liked the the conjuration of anti-matter.

Good "epilog chapter." Kept the interest to the very end.

On a down side, I thought some of the sex descriptions slowed the story.

Overall, good story. Thanks for sharing it, and thanks for spending the time and effort to write it.

Tom A.

IceBlades posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 4:13pm


That was awesome!
The only thing that pissed me off was that it took me so long to read! Awesome, once again.

MadMax666 posted a comment on Sunday 25th December 2005 5:18pm

Starburst for Extreme Heroism?? You wouldn't be an old Traveller player by any chance, now would you?

An excellent story...and personally, I've long suspected Dumbledore was a Slytherin...maybe not the next Dark Lord, but certainly a manipulative old codger.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 21st December 2005 3:06am

Most often, a KG has earned the honor for other reasons (most of the time, that reason will keep him in the public eye *anyway*). That has been certainly true for the non-Brits (including no less than seven Americans in the twentieth century alone), and I would suspect that is equally true for the Brits. Also, Harry had wanted no PART of it (Arthur and the Queen basically *mousetrapped* him into it). Harry *originally* inherited the pair of baronies (from James and Sirius), but got yanked up to Viscount Potter for achievements throughout his lifetime (Tom, Dumbledore, the Hogwarts Express Incident, etc.). Even Sean Connery (Welsh; like Harry, he earned his KG for lifetime achievements) couldn't tell the Queen no. Harry was entitled to the "Sir Harry" because of the baronies he inherited; however, he paid for the KG in blood.
(While it is rare, and considered *honorary* under American law, Americans are *indeed* eligible for the awarding of the KG; Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, and Patton were *all* awarded the KG for actions during World War II.)

James Benfield posted a comment on Tuesday 6th December 2005 8:28am

Great story. I'm partial to harem fics myself (I think all guys are). I have read several of your stories and I am greatly impressed. I envy your talent, that's for sure.


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 6:46am

DUMBledore well and truly screwed da pooch, by making plain he was going to bust up Harry and Tonks. BIG mistake. Harry then proceeds to unleash a high-powered Reducto on a wall of Dumbledore's office; worse, Fawkes adds insult to injury by grabbing Harry and fleeing to #4, where Harry packs rather hurriedly but thoroughly, leaving a note for Tonks (and eventually Dumbledore), before man and phoenix head to Gringott's, leaving more delayed messages before being *exported* to the US.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 6:11am

To the earlier reviewers: This story takes place immediately after the end of Order of the Phoenix, and is hence AU (as it does not take Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince/Potions Master (or as I think of it, Half-Baked Plot)into account), and thus immediately after Sirius' death and the Battle of the Ministry. As far as what Harry did to Vernon: if Harry had been alone in the room, *and* if the comments had been merely aimed at him, Harry might have done nothing. His reaction was different because:

1. Tonks was in the room. (Harry *does* fancy Tonks, even if he absolutely refuses to admit it to anybody, especially himself).

2. The comments were aimed at Tonks. (Even if he DIDN'T fancy Tonks, Harry does not let his friends be insulted willy-nilly. Think of the trouble he's gotten into defending Ron, Hermione, et. alia, from Draco and Company just at Hogwarts.)

3. Harry had reached the *breaking point* with Vernon anyway. You can push a person so far before it comes back and bites you, and it came back and bit Vernon rather hard. And it could easily have been worse.

slashslut posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 6:10am

i said it before and i'll say it again: i LOVE this story!! i love everything about it. i cant wait to check out what else you've written:)

slashslut posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 5:55am

duders got off *way* to easily imo. i would have hexed him and sent him off to azkaban without a second thought *evil smirk* but that's just me;)

slashslut posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2005 4:02am

omfg, i LOVE this story!!! sorry i haven't reviewed until now but ive been so caught up in the story to stop!!

mastapsi posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd November 2005 1:47pm

In case anyone was wondering about the Paul Dirac thing, I figure I'll explain it. What Harry did, if I understand right, is created a picogram of positrons in Voldemort's brain. Because the positron is the antipartical of the electron, it caused a antimatter reaction that not only reduced the molecules of Voldemort's brain to its constituent atoms, but made a fairly large explosion. And kinsfire certainly did his homework, the energy produce comes out to about 180,000 Joules + the energy from the molecular bonds disolving, which is about the same as 86 pounds of dynamite. Good show!

Jamie46 posted a comment on Wednesday 16th November 2005 8:44pm

god i loved this story :) hehehe. It was so awesome. And I have to admit I'd never really thought of pairing Harry with more than one female (sometimes a female and a male), until I started reading the stories written and posted here at :) hehehe. And I *do* enjoy them!

Being a part of Bob & Alyx's Yahoo group, I have to say that I got a good chuckle out of that quote about Voldie and Dumble doing the things that were ON the Evil Overlord List! :-D hehehehe.... Excellent, excellent story....

Well, I'm off to read another! :)

The Resident posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 12:53am

Thank you for a most enjoyable story. I especially appreciate the fact that you wrapped up the loose ends and provided a 'Happily Ever After' ending. Harry Potter deseerves one if no one else does. As the real Daniel once said, "Magic Rocks!" (and so do you)

The Resident posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 12:16am

That last sentence was a rhetorical question, wasn't it? Well, now I guess we see how things turned out.

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 11:26pm

You and your damn cliffies!!!!!
Other than that, good chapter and nice reasoning.

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 11:03pm

I am a great fan of RAH and have been for years. I really like the establishment of the Potter Familly along the lines of the Long Family. I'm a firm believer in children first. Really, REALLY looking forward to the upcoming chapter(s).

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 10:38pm

The manipulator gets manipulated. How appropriate. Really looing forward to all the chapters between here and the end.

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 10:03pm

Well, it looks like Harry's achieved that sexual maturity I was hoping for in a previous review.
The spy being Dumbledore is kind of what I fighred given his being so manipulative and who died on his way to being Minister. Keep up the good work.

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 9:28pm

Damn, yhat's one hell of a cliffie. On a lighter note, I hope Harry can gain some sense of self-worth when it comes to being loved. Right now it seems as if his attitude is it is alrght to be in a one-sided relationship; alright to love, but not to be loved.

The Resident posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 7:21pm

Manipulating DD, Smothering MW, sounds all too familiar (it's in the books if anyone chooses to see it). I'm hoping the hunt across America is next. Damn I envy HP, it took me 3 tries to find one right woman and the two failed marriages cost me a bundle and I hav nowhere near his resources.)