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Snag posted a comment on Saturday 1st May 2010 10:17am

"As some Muggle author had his character say once, ‘From here I see a tongue and fingers — everything else is gravy.’"

It's always a good time when someone can work in a Spider Robinson quote. Well played!

(Callahan's Secret, Mary talking to/about Mickey Finn, I do believe.)

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Wednesday 21st April 2010 2:27pm

Very good story. I wish I was as lucky as Harry was.

quaziemoto posted a comment on Sunday 7th February 2010 10:15pm

Fantastic Story, keep going back to it and rereading it over.

slashslut posted a comment on Friday 22nd January 2010 12:20am

one of the most clever evil!dumbledore fics ive read! i was on the edge of my seat the whole way through and my mouth was literally hanging open when the twists were revealed!

slashslut posted a comment on Friday 22nd January 2010 12:18am

after what dudley did to harry when they were younger, there is NO way harry should have been making nice with him, not even if dud was supposedly too young to know better. he completely escaped punishment for what he did! that's the only gripe i have about this fic. dud should be had his bits hexed off!

slashslut posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 11:36pm

whoa .... so did NOT see that one coming!

malfoie posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 6:34pm

Another great chapter. I do understand the problem with doing a Honks story. That you would have to do one of two things have them in love to begin with or take up a hundred thousand words just to develop enough to make them fall in love. The way that you are making it is great its slow for most Honks stories were they just jump each other but not drowning us in thousands of words not to mention angst to get us to the point were they fall in love then jump each other. Keep up the great work look forward to more from you.

malfoie posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 5:59pm

Great start. So your making your own Honks story. Yeah. I'v read just about all of your Harmony stories and I must say they are some of the best ones out their right now. Your Family Matters story is still one of my top Favs.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 30th November 2009 5:12am

Since I got no takers, I'll give up who the original inspiration was for the Heinlein Moment in this chapter: Jubal Harshaw originally made the quote (in "Stranger in a Strange Land") to Ben Caxton, after Ben confessed to getting seduced by Dawn Ardent; "You were trapped. When a gal is gonna, she's gonna; whereupon the best a man can do is settle for a negotiated peace." (Apparently, Jubal is related to either Moira OR Sybil, as that turned out to be Rather Prophetic; a few chapters later, Jubal is trapped himself, in the same way (and by the same Ms. Ardent) and is forced into dealing with it the same way Ben (and Harry) did.)

RamaFan posted a comment on Friday 3rd April 2009 7:18am

There's no way his uncle weighted 3500 pounds. Or if you didn't bother looking it up a 'stone' is a unite of weight approximately equivalent to 14lbs.

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Friday 27th February 2009 2:18am


Tammy Driver posted a comment on Friday 27th February 2009 2:15am

I started laughing, when I read this: happier than a kneazle in a catnip patch.

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Friday 27th February 2009 12:43am

What is Sisyphean effort?

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Thursday 26th February 2009 10:52pm

I think it's just too funny, using the actors' names, for the characters they play in the HP movies. Great story.

malfoie posted a comment on Thursday 19th February 2009 8:11am

Wow this is a really good Honks story so far its on the same caliber as The Summer of Change

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 11th December 2008 2:30pm

Before you start pointing out that Harry is acting OOC, please remember - this is not just AU, but "extremely AU", and-on-purpose. (Yes, it's a Heinlein Moment (specifically, from "Stranger in a Strange Land"); a six-inch slab of peanut-butter fudge (that is six inches by six inches square), if you name the character that first quoted Harry's eventual reaction to Moira. He quoted the saying to someone else in the story I named, but gets mousetrapped himself later in the same story, and the same way Harry was.)

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 11th December 2008 2:03pm

While we have Angsty!Harry at various points, this chapter is featuring mostly Logical!Harry (but ends with yet another Prophecy). Bigger surprise: Lucius Malfoy gets killed, with a Dark Mark floating over Malfoy Manor. (That's really odd - Riddle knocks off his right-hand man? The only reason he'd do that is if Riddle had a replacement.) Also, Fudge is killed Muggle-fashion (knife to the ribs, and at his desk). Sounds like an attempt to implicate a half-blood or muggleborn. Biggest surprise: not only did Petunia divorce Vernon, but she's in the Order. Also, there has been absolutely NO attack on #4. (That's real surprising.) How would the Death Eaters, or Riddle, know that it was pointless to go after Vernon, Petunia, or Dudley?

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 11th December 2008 1:26pm

This chapter features something new: Logical!Harry (almost Ravenclaw!Harry). Why that's plausible: Hermione's accused him (in canon, and more than once) of hiding his intelligence. Why he does so: the treatment he got at an early age from the Dursleys if he did better than Dudley. As Moody would say, "Nails that stick get hammered; hammers hurt!" (Another canon example: Harry's OWL scores in DADA and Charms, especially Defense. While Hermione had a higher OWL score in Charms, Harry had Hermione pretty well smoked in Defense; in fact, nobody had as high an OWL score in Defense as Harry did before. At all. And that includes Riddle and both of Hogwarts' resident Duelling Masters (Flitwick and Snape), let alone Dumbledore. As revered as Dumbledore is, his strengths were in Transfiguration and Potions, not Defense (remember, he taught Transfiguration before becoming Headmaster). Which is why a Manipulative!Dumbles, let alone Evil!Dumbles, would definitely regard Harry as a threat, Prophecy or no.)

Dragon63 posted a comment on Tuesday 18th November 2008 12:19am

Oh, my! Quite an excellent story. And just how I like my pr0n, with lots of good plot and excellent characters!! The Potter Family, as a variation of the Long Family, was truly inspired, as was Harry's "Dirac Solution" to the Dork Lord... way cool!

One minor quibble - back in Chapter 15 (I think), where Tonks is ranting about that "quack in the tower", obviously referring to Trelawny; the word "quack" is commonly used to mean a totally bogus medical person, whereas "charlatan" would be a more appropriate term for a bogus psychic. Yes, I realize something this minor probably won't be changed since this story has been complete for a while, but thought I would mention it.

And the final out-take... OMG! "Stunt double for Michael Jackson" ?!? Again, truly inspired, in a thoroughly twisted way.

Great story, thanks for sharing it.

hex4292 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th November 2008 4:51pm

That was an awesome story. Granted I don't liker reading slash but fortunately for me you never went into any detail with it. Alot of amazing ideas, I've never read a Dumbledore Dark Lord story at all before.