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Forever Yours, and Yours? was updated on 9th Mar 07

Status: In progress - Rating: Mature - Chapters: 4 - Word count: 20,474 - Genre: Angst,Fluff,Romance,Slash

Also available as: Epub | pdf | mobi | lit | txt

By Kinsfire and Herman Tumbleweed

A/N: This of course is us just playing in Jo Rowling's sandbox, and no copyright infringements are intended, and no, we don't make any money, from this or otherwise. WARNING: This story will contain graphic nudity, sex, femslash, and incest.

This story came about from an off-hand comment on Herman Tumbleweed's Yahoo! group, and we decided to run with it.

Please note the Author's Note above - it will contain graphic nudity and sex, and will involve femmeslash between family members - in other words, incest.

If this concept bothers you, then do not read it. End of statement. All flames concerning this warning will be cheerfully deleted and thought will be given to banning the user who flames.

1 - Forever Yours, and Yours? :: Oh What Have I done?
Word count: 1,488 - Reviews: 95 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 22nd May 06

2 - Forever Yours, and Yours? :: Coming Home
Word count: 4,710 - Reviews: 47 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 26th May 06

3 - Forever Yours, and Yours? :: Coming Together
Word count: 7,281 - Reviews: 48 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 8th Jun 06

4 - Forever Yours, and Yours? :: Chapter 4
Word count: 6,995 - Reviews: 70 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 9th Mar 07