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Chapter Three: Coming Together

The women stared at each other for a long moment, utterly stunned by his admission and sudden departure. "Oh dear, we have a major problem," Hermione said.

"Yes, figuring out where he's gotten to," Jocelyn replied. "He's beating himself up over nothing. Whether or not I feel anything for him, he is definitely in love with you." She laughed dryly. "As if I'd actually get in the way of my daughter's happiness," she added softly.

"What about your own?" Hermione asked simply.

"Doesn't come into this," Jocelyn replied.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm not Frank!" Jocelyn barked at her daughter, actually making Hermione step back in surprise. "And I won't be like that bastard," she added vehemently. More calmly she said, "I don't care if my hormones are telling me I'm in love with him, I am not about to do to you two what that bitch Brandy did to me! I am not even going to contemplate fucking a man young enough to be my son!" Hermione could hear the desire in Jocelyn’s voice though, even as she decried it.

Hermione looked at her mother for a long moment before speaking again. "Merlin, do we have problems," she finally murmured. "I'm in love with him, you're in love with him, and he's in love with us both."

She paused. "Actually, that could work," she said, taking on that certain look she always developed when working through a problem. "Getting involved in a polyamorous relationship when all the parties are aware of it is not a guarantee of destroying any of the individual relationships." Her eyes twinkled as she gazed warmly at her mum. "Just look at the Weasley twins, who married the Patil twins. They're open in the fact that George may well get Parvati pregnant even though he's married to Padma, and vice versa for Fred. There have been rumours I haven't thought about because it would tend to make me imagine naked Weasley twins" - she shuddered at the concept - "that it's actually more of a foursome, so being involved with a family member in a polyamorous relationship isn't necessarily a problem." She focused again and looked at her mother. "And to be honest, Mum? You're really the only woman that I can imagine not screaming about if I found you and Harry making love. I know you, I trust you, and I trust Harry's heart. He doesn't …" She blushed as she continued, "He doesn't assume that getting a hard-on means that he's in love. If he says he loves you, then it's real - he fell for the real beauty inside you." She stepped over and pulled her mother into a hug.

As Hermione patted her mother on the back, the woman burst into tears. I can't not share Harry with her. He loves her, she's crying her heart out because she loves him and me … I can't stand in her way, and she won't put up with me stepping away. I just have to convince her and then Harry. She snickered to herself, Besides, she was carbonating my hormones for a few years from when I was fourteen on; still does some of the time. It's funny that none of the girls at school caused that reaction much — Ginny some, but not the others.

A few minutes later she turned her head to kiss her mother on the cheek, as she noticed that the crying had stopped, but was surprised to find that Jocelyn had done the same. She was more surprised that neither of them seemed to want to stop the impromptu buss, which quickly became a full fledged kiss. My God, my heart is pounding so hard! Hermione thought. Oh Gods, her tongue she thought as the kiss deepened further.

The two women lost themselves in the fog of a deep loving kiss, before Jocelyn suddenly stiffened and started to withdraw. She was able to pull her head back, but her daughter's arms were around her and had a pleasantly tight grip on her bum. "I'm sorry, honey … I never meant to … I mean … I shouldn't have … I …"

"Mum … Jocelyn," Hermione said, squeezing her mother's buns gently, absently noting she'd moved her hands under the dressing gown. "You're about to apologise for giving me a kiss that only Harry has ever given me before, one that really makes me want to peel your dressing gown off and push you back onto the dining room table." She giggled. "Look down at what I'm wearing for a nightgown, Mum. The only thing I've got on is one of Harry's shirts, and that's because he gets so incredibly hard the second he sees me wearing his clothes. Those two pointy bits trying to poke their way through aren't that way because I'm thinking about Harry. I just received a very erotic kiss from a woman, and I find that … I want more," she said with a blush. "I've never really … you made me … Mum, if you'd kept the kiss going for a little longer, I'd probably have orgasmed. My heart is pounding right now, and I can feel my pulse in my two major erogenous zones, which is sexy in and of itself."

She took a deep breath, smiling to herself as she saw her mother's eyes focus on her breasts. "Mum, I might be a pervert, but I'm finding that the idea of getting more of that sort of thing from you is a really nice idea." Her blush deepened considerably. "And, I am getting really randy over the idea of pushing you back onto that table and finding out what you taste like." She bit her lip. "But you're my mother..." she trailed off, a bit uncertain now, but wanting her mum to know what she felt, and hoping she felt the same way.

"And you're my daughter," Jocelyn answered. "Does it make me any less pervy to want you to find out how I taste? Or to find out how you taste? And Harry too, for that matter? Are you really sure you feel this way, dear, and it's not just your hormones out of control? I love you, my beautiful daughter, and I'd never do anything without your permission, nor could I ever do anything to harm you, or Harry, or your relationship. I love him just like I'd borne him as I did you, but I love him as a man as well. I do want the two of you sexually, but I first and foremost want the two of you to be happy." A tear escaped from one eye as she said the last.

"Oh Mum, I actually have thought about this quite a lot, as have you, obviously. I had a strong suspicion Harry was falling for you, because he watches you about as much as he watches me." When Jocelyn nodded her head, she continued, "I want..." she took a deep breath. "I really want both of you as lovers. I can't say why Mum... Jocelyn... I just do. There are only two people in the world I've ever loved this way, and it's you and Harry. Would you agree that it's unexplainable?"

"I do agree," Jocelyn gave a small laugh, "that this kind of thing can never be explained. So what if we're pervs; as long as the three of us can be happy with the threesome, I see no reason it couldn't work. But we all have to be happy with it, and comfortable as well." She leaned forward again and carefully pulled Hermione to her. The kiss was not as hungry as the first, but it was certainly no less erotic. Hermione moaned into Jocelyn's mouth and let herself fade into it as she always did with Harry's delightful kisses.

When she came to her senses again, she found that Jocelyn had lifted the hem of the shirt and was tenderly massaging her nipples which felt on fire, while she had undone the sash on the silk robe and was currently teasing both of her mother's nipples between her fingers. "I think we've decided to become lovers," she panted. Shaking her head with a happy grin, she reluctantly let go of Jocelyn's breasts. "Now we just have to go tell Harry."

"How are we going to find him, love?"

Hermione grinned knowingly, "If there's one thing I have studied the most in the past eight or nine years, it is the psyche of one Harry James Potter. There is only one place he'd have gone."

Hermione side-along Apparated her mother to Godric's Hollow. The home they'd appeared at was set onto a very large plot of land, and obviously needed work. But the setting was absolutely lovely, with lots of big trees all round the property and many bushes, which while overgrown could certainly be tamed. Where they stood was in tall grass about to their knees which grew right up to the front porch. Jocelyn was still in her tiny silk dressing gown, which she had retied, and which now showed off her prominent nipples, while Hermione continued in her unplanned attempt to tear through Harry's T-shirt, it being considerably tighter in fit at the moment.

The owner of said shirt came out of the house and stopped, obviously stunned. He had his wand aimed at them at first, but lowered it as he realized who they were. They walked closer to him slowly, holding hands. Jocelyn's eyes sparkled as the breeze made her robe flutter. Unless she was mistaken, Harry now knew for a fact that she shaved completely, and the growing bulge in his shorts certainly seemed to indicate he'd noticed that, not to mention both pairs of engorged nipples. He came off the wide porch, and down the few steps to ground level as they got closer, his gaze never leaving them, though his attention seemed to be focused well south of their eyes. Jocelyn smiled warmly at him, noting out of the corner of her eye Hermione was doing the same.

"What … why … how -" was all he seemed to be able to voice.

"The only two you missed are the ones you don't need answered," Hermione said with a slight giggle. "'Who' is us, and 'where' is here. As for the others, we need to tell you something." She looked around for a moment and, seeing no one else in sight, peeled the T-shirt slowly, seductively, over her head, leaving her nude. Jocelyn immediately untied her gown as well, moving it slowly off her shoulders and letting it pool on her arms and below her breasts for a moment, before finally dropping it.

Hermione's smile turned soft, and in a warm kind voice she asked, "Now Harry, does the fact that there are two nude women in your front garden give you any idea at all as to how we both feel about you?

Harry still looked stunned as the nude women approached him slowly, letting him eye their respective assets. Hermione had to admit Jocelyn was in very good shape for a woman in her late thirties. Her skin and muscle tone were excellent, and her breasts sagged only a little more than did her own. Harry couldn't seem to get his gaze higher than their chests and appeared to be giving each of their bodies equal viewing time, as he glanced back and forth from one to the other. When she got close to him, she pulled him into a gentle hug, slightly off to one side, leaving room for Jocelyn to join them. When she felt the other woman do so, she smiled against Harry's neck, kissed it, and then trailed kisses up to his lips. At first he was rather stiff in their arms, but slowly he relaxed as she kissed him warmly, attempting to calm his fears with the reassurance of her feelings projected through this intimate contact.

When she pulled slowly back from the kiss, she looked closely at his face to see that he seemed to be in pain still, and she was determined to overcome that if she could. "Harry, is it okay for me to be in love with you and my mother, not just as mother and daughter, but also as a lover, just as I am with you?"

His tentative reply was, "I... I guess so Hermione, I'd never stand in the way of your happiness."

"I know you wouldn't Harry, so let me ask you: is it okay for Jocelyn to be in love with you and me in just the same way?" She glanced at her mum and saw the twinkle of understanding in her eyes, as their gazes locked for a moment. Looking back at Harry, she saw understanding starting to dawn in his eyes as well. He might be a bit slow on the uptake when it came to emotional things, but he was not in the least stupid either. He often came to the conclusion she wanted to help him find when she approached it this way.

"But... but isn't it wrong for me to love two women like that? Doesn't that make me just like Frank?"

Jocelyn replied, before Hermione could this time, and gently she said, "No, Harry, it does not make you just like him." She said the last word rather forcefully and with distaste. "The difference, my love, is that you came to us and told us both at the same time how you feel. After you left, Hermione helped me to see that it was alright for me to love you, and to love her the same way, and for her to love both of us. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. We have been living with and entertaining one another as if we were a threesome for quite some time now, except in the bedroom. When you think about it, we all have a lot of fun together, and we all love each other madly, and we all greatly enjoy sex. Harry, I haven't had sex, except by myself," she giggled and blushed a little, "since before you caught Frank. At first I thought it was just my hormones and being randy from lack of sex that made me think I was in love with you. But I am, Harry, and I've been sure of it for quite some time. I didn't say anything because I would never come between you and Hermione or interfere in your happiness. Now, Hermione tells me she wants me, just as I've wanted her. I can't say why that appeals to me — I simply don’t know — or why it does to her. It just does, love. I really hope it doesn't bother you that we, Hermione and I, would like to have sex together, and sometimes perhaps without you involved. You could even watch if you wanted to, you might find it quite enjoyable." Hermione nodded and grinned broadly at him and her mum.

Harry blinked twice as he saw the truth in Jocelyn's eyes, and felt it through his innate sense of people's truthfulness or lack thereof. He looked then at the woman he'd thought of for a long time as the only possible love of his life, and blinked again. They both used low level Legilimency to share their feelings, desires, and surface thoughts in a moment. That caused him to furiously blink back tears as he reluctantly concluded that both of these women truly loved him without reservation, and wanted to be with him for as long as they all lived. It was a humbling realization, and one which he could only have dreamed of in his wildest fantasies. Over the months, as he came to know and finally to love Jocelyn as a woman, he'd tried hard not to fall in love with her. It had been a very difficult thing for him to admit, even to himself, when the truth became inescapable. However, he was extremely happy now, that the two of them had come to a mutual agreement on how they felt, and that it was beneficial to all. Smiling softly at his two lovers, he pulled them gently closer, and let a few happy tears escape on their shoulders. He gave a great sigh of relief and happiness as he finally was able to reconcile his early learning, at the knees of the worst pair of role models in the world, with the quite unconventional lifestyle they could all three happily agree on. He finally replied to Jocelyn's questions, "No, I don't think that would bother me at all. I love you both and know you love me and each other, so that wouldn't trouble me. As for watching," he snickered, "that's every man's fantasy I think."

They both smiled quite happily as they saw the look of peace and happiness come over him, and then pulled them to him. His comments into their shoulders made them all giggle and chuckle a bit. After a long few moments, he pulled back and leaned in to kiss Hermione, blisteringly, feeling her tremble for his efforts, always a sure sign she was very randy. He pulled back from their brief snog, smiled happily at Jocelyn, who had been snuggled into his neck and raining little kisses all over it and his shoulder while he was busy. He lowered his lips to hers, and for a moment it was awkward, as all first kisses are, but it only took that moment for it to go beyond and deepen into the mind numbing, heart stopping kisses he always shared with Hermione. He could feel his erection, already hard from the kiss with Hermione grow even more insistent, as he and Jocelyn explored each other's tongues and mouths. He was reminded of how much like her daughter she was, and yet how different at the same time. He was lost for a long time in the feelings he shared with this wonderful, sweet, brilliant, and caring woman. It was just how he felt for Hermione, and yet different because it was as unique as that relationship. Without even knowing he was doing so, his hands roamed over their backs and down to cup and fondle the backsides of both women. He absently noted how they felt almost the same, though Hermione was just a tad softer, and her bum slightly firmer, but, he had to admit, Jocelyn's felt just as nice.

While he was exploring their backsides, and trading one pair of lips for the other, two hands found their way up inside his t-shirt, wandering all over his chest and belly, playing with the line of hair across his chest and down to his waist. As the two women joined him in a three way kiss, he felt a hand, Jocelyn's he thought, slip into his shorts, and gently massage his raging erection. He was glad she wasn't too forceful with her ministrations, otherwise he might have come right then. When they all came up for air, the women grinned at each other and instantly divested him of his scant clothing, just the shirt and shorts since he hadn't got around to putting boxers on yet this morning.

Looking him in the eye Hermione asked, "You okay now Harry? Jocelyn and I talked this over for a while before we came here. We both love you beyond reason, and we both love each other just as much. We want to be in a true three way relationship with you. I see your past self, the Dursley part of your psyche, warring with the real you. It looks like the better part is winning. Is it really?"

"Yes, my loves, it is." He smiled at the smiles his calling them that engendered. "I could feel the crap I used to think try to take away my, our, happiness, and I wouldn't let it. You are right, Hermione, we do deserve to be happy, to find all the happiness in life we can, as you once told me. Now the only question I have, is will you Hermione Jane Granger, and will you Jocelyn Rose Granger, consent to marry me if that is possible?"

Jocelyn was only slightly more shocked than Hermione. While the former had not seen this absolutely mind blowing reversal of behaviour before, the latter had, but only on a few rare occasions. When Harry Potter made up his mind, he did not hesitate, did not look back. If he had to change his views and attitudes on something extremely important, this was the result. Hermione should have been prepared for it, but it took her breath away for a moment, regardless. Jocelyn was about as shocked as a woman can be.

Harry grinned and kissed her, then Hermione, both tenderly, and with all his feelings fed into his kisses. That, of course, left them even more breathless. He loved being able to shock his brilliant girlfriend, and now to shock his other brilliant girlfriend as well was the icing on his cake. He was as happy as a man could be. Of course, it didn't hurt that both of said girlfriends were currently stroking him in places he quite enjoyed being stroked. He did note that neither had answered his question yet, though.

Hermione sighed happily. "In the next few days I'm going to check the law libraries for the Ministry. I want to find out if multiple marriages are legal in the Wizarding world." He blinked at her. "We don't intend to let you get away from us now, since you just proposed to us both."

He laughed, "Like I'd want to get away from either of you."

"You don't need to research multiple marriages for me, honey," Jocelyn said. "I'm content to lounge around and be a kept woman," she finished with a laugh.

Hermione pulled the other woman tighter against her, "I'm doing it for me, Mum," she said in a husky voice. "I'm pervy, remember? Even if Harry didn't want to marry you, I do." She finished her pronouncement by pressing her lips to Jocelyn's. That kiss left Harry breathless.

"What do I do?" he asked when they finally broke off their kiss, and snuggled back into his shoulders. "I ... I do want to marry you both. What do I do if you don't find anything, Hermione?"

Jocelyn kissed him deeply, then said, "You marry Hermione and take me as a lover. While it might legally be considered an affair, it's not exactly wrong if your wife knows about 'the other woman', is it? Especially if you're all sharing a bed every night." She grinned wickedly, her breathing rapid. "Now, you have two naked women held in your arms, and pressed against your own nude body, all of us in a high state of arousal - what, dear sir, are you going to do about this state of affairs?"

Harry then realized she was right, they were all breathing rapidly, and he for one was very highly aroused, in fact if they didn't stop stroking him soon he was likely to come all over them. "Perhaps 'affair' is a bad choice of words," he strangled out.

"Legally, it would be, but if we're all agreeable, then the law never comes into it," Hermione said.

Jocelyn chuckled then, and gently squeezed him, saying, "I'll say one thing about this whole situation, I am definitely looking forward to feeling this thing inside me. It just proves that all men are not created equal, no matter what that American Jefferson said, not that I have a lot to compare him to Hermione. Frank wasn't my first or, even my second. I hate to admit this to you, but times were different then and I had a few lovers before I met him, and this lovely appendage is definitely well above that average. I can see why you two go at it like rabbits."

Hermione giggled, adding, "I only saw a few others, and only had Ron before, but I have to agree. He is rather nicely equipped isn't he?"

"Hey," Harry laughed, "I'm right here you know. And that is my appendage you are discussing so crassly."

Jocelyn laughed and told him, with a smouldering seductiveness in her voice, "Yes, Harry, we know it is yours, and we are just waiting for it to be inserted in an appropriate receptacle. I've always wanted to make love in the grass," Jocelyn said. "Now, do I make love to you, or to Hermione? Or my personal preference — both?"

All Harry could do was blink. He was still trying to get his Dursley-warped brain totally wrapped around the concept that not only was he in love with two women, they were in love with him, and with each other. And that he was on the cusp of making love with both. He kissed her searingly again, and then moved his lips to Hermione. He'd continued rubbing their backs and bums, gently exploring them, but now his hands came around the front to cup the soft mounds at the tops of their thighs, one bare, one nearly, and found them both to be very wet already. He lightly massaged both, slipping a finger into each and absently comparing them. Hermione's was tighter, but not a lot so, and both gripped his fingers as they slid gently inside. As they continued snogging one or the other, or sometimes all three with their lips pressed in a three way kiss, Harry gently pulled the two lovelies down to the long grass. While he was busy snogging Jocelyn, Hermione slid down and kissed his flagpole, giving it a brief suck, before moving over between Jocelyn's legs, and spreading them for access.

As she began pleasuring a woman for the very first time, she felt Harry move down a bit, and looking up could see he was working on the Jocelyn's breasts. The woman was writhing slightly from all the attention her erogenous zones were receiving. Hermione continued her ministrations to this lovely opening and hot little pleasure centre until she eventually felt Jocelyn orgasm, then pulled slowly away, bringing her down the way she always had when masturbating herself; it seemed the right thing to do.

Harry was back to snogging Jocelyn as Hermione snaked up along his back. She whispered in his ear, "Baby, I want you to make love to Mum right now, and I'll just watch for the moment. She hasn't been loved like this for a long time, is that okay with you?"

Jocelyn pulled off Harry's lips, to say, "Hermione, I love you so much - are you sure?"

"Yes, Mum, I'm sure. Harry?"

"If that's what the two of you want, it's fine with me. I think this whole thing is going to take a lot of coordination and a considerable amount of compromise, but I also think that we all love each other so much it won't really be a problem."

Both women said, "Quite true, love," then laughed, which Harry put a stop to by snogging Hermione into insensibility, then moving his lips to Jocelyn's, and then gently rolling over on top of her. She didn't wait for them to come up for air, but hooked her heels on his thighs and guided him to her drenched opening. He slid into her, noting absently how much she felt like Hermione, and yet different at the same time. He loved that the two women were a complex of differing similarities, and revelled in the feeling as he gently pushed into her. She moaned in ecstasy, as their tongues jousted and played with each other. He felt Hermione slip a hand between to toy with Jocelyn's breasts, and her other was stroking his back and bum quite erotically. He broke off the kiss with Jocelyn, and smiled softly at his other love. It did take Jocelyn and him a few moments to get comfortable with each other, first sex being like a first kiss, but it was not long at all and they had found a very nice, comfortable rhythm as if this was anything but their first time.

Hermione was very happy as Harry did her bidding, making love with her Mum, as she knew the woman wanted. It had been a long time for Jocelyn, and she could hear the joy in her moans of delight as Harry plundered her with his impressive erection. Harry raised his head as she fondled the two of them and gave her a searing kiss, then nodded toward Jocelyn and raised himself to make room for her to kiss the other woman. All the while he continued with long, slow, languid strokes, eliciting further gasps and moans of erotic pleasure, as she matched him with her up-thrusts.

Jocelyn had never experienced a three way before. She'd once been invited to an orgy in the old days, but had just started dating Frank and had felt compelled to pass on the chance, so she knew this was a new experience for all of them. As Harry slipped into her pulsing opening, and went deeper than any man had ever gone before, he stretched her a little wider than she was used to as well. It didn't hurt at all, but it was deliciously and excitingly erotic in its difference. She almost came again right then. As he lifted up to kiss Hermione, she smiled, and then smiled even more broadly as he moved aside to let her loving daughter kiss her. The soft lips of the young woman felt oh so nice on hers, as their tongues moved lazily against each other's. She smiled as they explored each other, noting the differences in kissing a woman, which she hadn't felt in a long time. It was also amazing the gentle way Hermione had brought her to orgasm, and she could still taste herself on the girl's lips. She also could feel she was getting close again, and the closer she got the higher her legs seemed to go up around Harry. Then as she sucked eagerly on Hermione's tongue and slid a hand between the other's legs, to massage her centre in return, she felt the boiling in her belly begin. She'd been so aroused by her two new lovers, that it was a wonder she hadn't come as soon as he entered her. Now she could not hold it back, and damned sure didn't want to. Her finger slid deeply into Hermione's opening, and she cried into her mouth, as the spasms rocked her very core and she clamped forcefully around the invader in her middle. She was lost to the world for a very long time in the best orgasm she'd had in many years. Frank was never this good.

Harry felt her begin to move insistently against him as Hermione snogged her, and it was all he could do to keep from coming himself. But he laid his head and arm on Hermione's back, amused that Jocelyn seemed to have gotten a hand into her daughter's business while nearly on the edge of orgasm herself. He decided that the three of them had more than enough imagination between them to make this exciting every time the made love. He was further amused, and not even surprised when Hermione gently disengaged from Jocelyn's lips and kissed her way down to suckle on her breasts, which seemed to make the woman's orgasm go on even longer. Harry just held on for the ride, and as soon as she calmed down started slamming against her, ready to release his own.

When Jocelyn came back to herself, it was to feel someone suckling her breasts and someone forcefully pounding into her, and she loved it. It was a feeling she'd never had. She finally figured out, with her orgasm fogged mind, that it was Hermione on her breasts, Harry pounding away at her centre, I knew that, who else would it be, she thought, and realized she still had a finger stuck inside the younger woman. As the two brought her more and more pleasure she massaged the hot little bud with her thumb as she slowly slipped two fingers in and out of the slickness. But then the mouth exciting her breasts beyond measure became even more insistent in it's ministrations, as did the pounding at her crotch. She had no more than recovered from the second orgasm when she felt Harry's largesse swell, and with a great cry of gleeful exuberance he shot his hot juices into her. The mouth and hand on her breasts became even more demanding and the combination pulled her over a precarious edge once more. The orgasm was all the more forceful, because she wasn't expecting it, and seemed to last even longer than the last one. For a few moments she had no idea where she was or who she was with, and did not care. All she knew was this had to be the greatest orgasm of her life. Frank had certainly never taken her to these kinds of heights. Then for a few moments more she floated on a cloud of bliss borne of coming thrice within minutes.

Harry could hardly believe what he was feeling. He no more than started to come, when Jocelyn started to come again as well, and as he spilled into her, she clamped around him once more and milked him, as Hermione seemed to get excited as well. He thought she might have had a minor orgasm from all the excitement and her mum's ministrations. When all three of them calmed a bit, Hermione raised her lips to his briefly, but with immense feeling, and then lowered her face to Jocelyn's to snog her a bit longer. She then moved back so Harry could lay down and hold the woman, and kiss her himself. He felt Jocelyn almost seem to wrap herself around him, as he melted into her kiss, and was lost in the feelings for a long time, barely noticing Hermione stretching out alongside, and pressing tightly against them.

When she came back to her senses, Jocelyn realized she was in the act of snogging Harry, he was still inside her, and Hermione was snuggled closely in beside them. She moved her hand down to the nice warm and wet crotch again, and toyed with the younger woman's centre, while still engaged with Harry's lips, and when he lifted up from her lips, she turned her head to snog Hermione. He chuckled, and rolled off her on the opposite side. She continued toying with Hermione's wetness, and snogging with her, then decided she needed to return the favour from earlier. Slowly and gently she rolled her daughter onto her back, and slid down to suckle those delectable breasts, continuing to finger her. Harry immediately replaced her lips with his own, as she suckled and nibbled gently, then kissed her way downward, pausing to explore the lovely navel on her way.

Hermione's felt her legs seem to come up and fall open on their own, as Jocelyn positioned herself between them and started kissing her inner thighs and wet bulging mound. As Harry's tongue partially captured her attention, so did her mum plunder the depths of her folds, moving slowly up to her centre, and making her buck upward, just as the woman's hands began toying with her nipples. She was lost in the sensations immediately, as the two worked her over, Harry alternating between her lips and her breasts with a randomness that was driving her as mad as the tongue lashing her other lips.

Harry found it extremely erotic and started getting hard again as soon as Jocelyn started nibbling on Hermione's breasts, and as she progressed downward and he replaced her lips, he was approaching full erection, by the time she got herself positioned between his first lover's thighs, and was pleasuring her, he was more than ready, but he held off his own needs for now as he tended to Hermione's lips and breasts. He could tell she was getting closer and closer. But now his own desire was making him crazy, so he gently disengaged from her, crawled behind Jocelyn, and tenderly raised her hips a bit. Hermione moaned as he left her but then her mum started massaging her breasts again and that seemed to calm her.

Jocelyn gave a surprised, but muffled, grunt as he lifted her, but as he slid into her once again she moaned in pleasure, as did Hermione who seemed to be getting ready to come. As Harry lay down atop Jocelyn, Hermione came, rather forcefully, bucking her hips up to Jocelyn several times, although the woman didn't let it bother her in the least, or so it seemed to Harry. He just started pumping into her, as she brought his other lover down from her high. After a minute or so, Hermione calmed and looked up to grin at him and Jocelyn. He could tell if the latter smiled back or not, but he did, as he gently rocked back and forth. The older woman became more forceful again in ministering to the pair of nether lips in front of her, and Hermione appeared to lose the strength in her arms, flopping back on the sweet smelling grass with a delighted groan.

Jocelyn was quite amazed when she noticed Harry was hard again already, but flabbergasted when he crawled behind, lifted her hips, and re-entered her. She'd forgotten how quick could be the recovery time of a very young man. That grunting groan of pleasure she made, was transmitted to her renewed efforts at her daughter's centre. As Harry lay his weight on her, she was delighted he was long enough to still plunder her quite adequately with his extreme firmness, and was not at all surprised when Hermione came shortly after that. She'd only done this a couple of times before with a room-mate at university who left shortly after, unfortunately. She'd found she rather liked it, but had never felt comfortable enough with another woman, until now, to act on the desire. Now she was glad she could, and with the young woman she loved most in the world. That of course was only improved by the other ingredient in the mix who was making her feel so... fulfilled, was the only term she could think of.

Hermione was disappointed when Harry withdrew from ravaging her lips and breasts, but when she saw him kneeling behind her mum, she didn't mind a bit. Should make things interesting, she thought. Then very soon after, she couldn't think anything at all, nor did she care to. About the time she felt his movements moving Jocelyn, she started coming and it was every bit as good as when he brought her off this way. When she came down, it was to discover the woman had inserted two fingers and was massaging her inside, as well as continuing to give her centre a lovely tongue massage. As Harry pounded away, she felt the hot breath coming in short burst on her, and her own breathing shortened up again as well.

Harry was pounding into her with abandon now, which meant he was probably about to come, just as Jocelyn realized she was going to also, and got the distinct impression Hermione would very soon as well. And then it happened, and it was like sky rockets went off all around them, she came, as he came, as Hermione came, and for a long time all she knew was the sensations of three people coming at once, and it was incredible, especially for her, being in the middle.


When she came to, Hermione realized, to her delight, that all three of them had come at once, in one mind blowing, orgasmically blissful explosion of sheer ecstasy. It seemed she had passed out; in fact, it looked like they all had. She wondered, in that distant part of her mind which was always on, what that meant, certainly it was very unusual.

As Harry became aware once again of his surroundings he was a bit surprised to find he was lying fully on top of Jocelyn. He looked up and met Hermione's eyes, and they smiled warmly at each other, as he lifted his weight off Jocelyn so she could breath. She had yet to come round, and he was mildly concerned about that. Much as he hated to, he extracted himself from her, and got off, crawling up beside her and Hermione. He looked to his other lover for a moment and saw the worry come into her eyes as well. Carefully, he rolled the beautiful woman over, gently removing her fingers from Hermione, and noticed she was breathing okay. He put his head to her chest and could hear her heart beating loudly, if a bit fast, which was understandable since she'd recently orgasmed. He peered up at a very worried looking Hermione, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Her breathing is fine, and her heartbeat sounds normal if a little fast from the orgasm. Is it my imagination, or did we all really come at the same time, love."

Despite herself, Hermione giggled, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we did, and then for some odd reason we all passed out. Oh Harry," she pulled him to her for a hug, "I hope Mum's going to be okay. I'm scared, I really hope we didn't hurt her somehow."

"Honey, I don't know a lot about healing, as you know, and I probably know even less about group sex, but I don't see how that could have hurt her. Wait, I think her eyelids moved."

He disengaged enough from Hermione to get close enough, then lifted his other love's head into his lap, as she took a couple of deep breaths, before opening her eyes to look around blearily. "What... what happened, loves? Did I pass out?"

Hermione leaned down to hug her, as Harry stroked the older woman's hair gently. Softly, she kissed her mum, and said, "We all did, that was some mutual orgasm, I'd say," then giggled a little. "Oh, Mum, I'm so glad you're okay; do you feel alright?"

Harry added, "Me too, I was really worried when you didn't wake up when we did. I can't for the life of me understand why that happened though, can you Hermione, or you Joss?"

"Joss?" The woman looked up inquiringly at him, "Hmm, I think I like that. Others have tried to shorten my name before like that and I didn't care for it at all, but from you it sounds just right." She smiled a smouldering smile at him, and then at Hermione.

Harry returned the smile in kind, as did Hermione, who then gasped, and said, "Mum, Joss, you just passed out from an orgasm, you can't be randy again already. Can you?"

"Mmm, might be." She chuckled, and sat up in Harry's arms, moaning happily as she said, "That feels nice, love. Thank you. In truth, dears, it might be best to hold off on the next round for a bit. Do you think we should go back to the house now."

"Are you sure you feel like being Apparated, love? Harry asked.

Hermione chimed in with, "It might be best to wait a few minutes. Harry is there any way to get water here?"

Harry looked at her indulgently and amusedly, as he said, "Are you a witch or not?"

She slapped herself on the forehead, reached over to pick up her wand off the pile of their clothes, and conjured a glass of water for Joss. The woman reached her hand toward Hermione's and though their hands were almost two feet apart the glass flew right to her outstretched fingers. Harry and Hermione both gaped in surprise, as she sipped her water, then offered some to Harry. Only then did she realize something was amiss.

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Author Notes:

Yeah, so the title was a sue us...*laugh*

Not much more left - one more full chapter, and then an epilogue.