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Author Notes:

Forever Yours, and Yours?

by Kinsfire and Herman Tumbleweed

A/N: We’d like to thank you for your patience while one of us was slightly out of it, er, well, ok so he was very out of it, as in way out in left field, over the fence, into the bay, and half way to Hawai’i. But at any rate we do appreciate your patience and hope you greatly enjoy this new instalment as much as we have in writing it.

Chapter Four: Recompense

The trio of nude lovers arrived back in the house with a very excited Jocelyn throwing her dressing gown in the general direction of the sofa and dancing around the room singing, at the top of her lungs, an old song by the group America, called You Can Do Magic. Hermione and Harry fell onto the couch laughing as they watched the beautiful woman prance and dance through the house as happy as either of them had ever seen. In fact, Hermione was sure she'd never seen the woman this happy.

Before they returned home, Hermione and Harry, after slowly recovering from the shock of Jocelyn's first ever bit of accidental magic, had each handed her their wands in turn. Hermione quickly taught her the levitation spell, Wingardium Leviosa, which she'd been able to perform with both wands at least as well as the first time Hermione had done ten years before. They were both impressed by it.

Now they were almost as excited as she was, and sat cuddling together, giggling and chuckling over her antics. Finally winding down, she danced up to them and fell into their laps as they all laughed uproariously.

After soundly kissing each of them, and sobering slightly, Jocelyn asked, "Hermione, love, how do you think this happened?"

Harry looked to his other love with the same question on his face. She replied, "I'm not entirely sure, Joss, dear. I think it may have been an odd confluence of emotion, desire for that outcome unconsciously by all of us, and then the mutual orgasm causing a magical burst from the two of us which enveloped you and transferred some of our power, or possibly jump started your own inherent but dormant magical ability."

Harry was nodding his head in understanding, but Jocelyn looked confused for a moment and asked, "How do you mean, jump started my own ability?"

Harry answered this time to Hermione's delighted amazement, "It’s obvious that Hermione got the ability from somewhere, Joss, I would imagine somewhere back in your lineage there were some witches and/or wizards, but the magical ability has been dormant for several generations. Probably in Frank's family as well, and the two of you having this lovely woman together somehow brought out the previously recessive trait. So that means that you would almost have to have at least some latent ability, and our release of uncontrolled magic at that particular time brought out your latency. Probably, we transferred some power of our own as well, but it doesn't seem to have affected us in the least."

Hermione picked up the thread, "We are both very powerful magically, especially Harry, so it would not have much effect on us if we did give you some of our power. Consequently, I believe you might not be an especially powerful witch, but from the ease with which you picked up the levitation spell, I'd guess you are above average. How do you feel, now that you've calmed down? Do you feel okay, any dizziness or abnormal feelings at all?"

Jocelyn thought for a moment, "No, not at all. In fact I feel better than I have in years. I feel like I did when I was your age: strong, full of energy and great health, and my attitude is almost euphoric. It's like I've been given a new body almost. I really feel wonderful, now you mention it."

Harry and Hermione grinned at each other and simultaneously pulled her into a group hug, snogging and stroking her and each other exuberantly. Before it could get far enough for sex, though, she pulled back a bit and demanded, "Okay, you two randy... what the bloody hell does that all mean; that I feel so wonderful?"

The two laughed aloud for a moment, then Harry said, "Not to worry darling; it is proof positive that you are indeed a witch. Remember Hermione telling you how much longer we live than Muggles?"

"Oh, yes you did tell me that dear, some years ago... Oh! I see. So this means I should live a lot longer as well?"

"Yes, Mum... Joss, it does, and that means we have, at the minimum, a hundred years to all enjoy each other."

Jocelyn delightedly kissed both of them passionately, resulting in another grope fest which didn't end until Harry was lying on his back on the floor with Hermione giving herself an internal massage, with his help of course, and Joss sitting on his face while he massaged parts of her anatomy as well. As Hermione rode up and down on him, she massaged Jocelyn's now firmer breasts, while the two snogged, and both were impressed with Harry's ability to quite expertly do two things at once; or rather three since he was also fondling Hermione's nipples handily as well.

A few days later, the trio of happy lovers decided a nice holiday away from England was in order. At Harry's insistence, they booked first class seats for the following week on a fight to Dallas, with a connection to Las Vegas. Ditto on their flights a few days later to Honolulu, and then to The Garden Isle of Kauai. They had opted for Muggle travel so as not to give away Joss's newfound abilities.

In the meantime they were giving Joss a crash course in magic use, and taught her enough of the basics so she wouldn't get herself in trouble. She rapidly progressed through the first two years of Transfiguration, Charms, Defence against the Dark Arts, and was even doing quite well with Potions. With two excellent teachers at her beck and call, she could hardly not do well. That coupled with her strong desire to catch up with her two lovers drove her to study hard and learn as fast as she was capable of. Harry realized the two wonderful women in his life were much more alike than he had previously realized.

By the time the day of their departure arrived, Joss was already studying the third year texts in preparation for learning those spells and methods. On the flight to Dallas she continued her studies with the books disguised as travel books. Harry and Hermione quietly answered her questions when they could do so without alerting anyone to the nature of her studies. Mostly she wrote them down, so as to not create problems, and would ask the pair after getting to Las Vegas. They were all looking forward to seeing the strange American place known as Sin City.

They were grateful for the few hours layover in Dallas, and took advantage of it to stretch their legs after clearing customs. A few well placed obfuscation charms had warded off the U.S. Agents from being too nosy about some of their more odd possessions, and soon they were able to spend a some time browsing the huge array of shops throughout the airport. They didn't buy anything, knowing they would have plenty of time for that in Las Vegas and Hawaii, but Harry did pick up a few candy bars to try out. The three of them tried several different varieties, and concluded that only the Ghirardelli chocolate came even close to the smoothness and taste of good European chocolate. This got them a few odd looks from people passing by, but they just snickered to each other. Americans were so proud of everything they had, and seemed to suffer from the "can't-be-as-good-if-it-wasn't-invented-here" syndrome.

Within a few hours they were flying high over the western US, commenting to each other how big it was and how much like a desert most of it looked. Soon enough they landed at a much smaller airport than they'd been in so far, and realized that the area was indeed a desert. They had known this, of course, but often the reality of seeing something in person as opposed to reading about it was a bit shocking. There was barely a green thing in sight.

Being as they had booked a very luxurious suite at the hotel they were met by a driver in chauffeur livery holding a sign which read "Potter" in very nicely done lettering, whereas many of the others held up signs obviously hand done. After announcing themselves to the driver, they followed her to the stretch limousine, an oversized converted Hummer in this case. She asked for and accepted their luggage tickets and disappeared for a little while after inviting them to avail themselves of the refreshments in the built-in bar. They all decided to stick to fizzy drinks since they'd had wine on the flight. The driver returned soon enough, stowed their luggage in the boot, and they enjoyed the very smooth ride to where they'd be staying for the next three nights.

The hotel complex was huge, Harry and Hermione commented that it was probably twice the size of Hogwarts, at least the parts of the school they knew. Being a magical castle, there was always the possibility there was much more to the castle than anyone alive actually knew. Regardless, the pretty, blonde chauffeur expertly parked the limo, and ushered them deftly and politely into the VIP check in area. A handsome young man invited them to be seated, while he checked them in, which only took a few moments, but did require that they show identification because of the recent attack on New York's World Trade Centre.

The young man then personally escorted the trio to the VIP elevators, hidden from normal view by a conveniently placed series of statues and paintings, and to their suite. After he left, graciously accepting a generous tip from Joss, she could tell the other two were slightly overwhelmed by the suite they'd been assigned to. Leading them to the bedroom she shed her travelling clothes helped the other two out of theirs while they goggled at the opulence surrounding them, and led them to the bathroom for a shower.

Once under, or rather in, the shower streams which came from three walls in the spacious shower stall, Harry came back to himself as did Hermione as well. Marvelling at the grandeur of the suite they talked softly about that and what they wanted to do the rest of the day. As they soaped and washed one another, Harry could feel himself becoming aroused, something which did not go unnoticed by the two lovely witches. He realized their breathing had quickened as well, indicating their own arousal. A long groping and snogging session under the warm water was followed by Joss lying out on the handy warmed bench where Hermione crawled over her and left her backside conveniently up in the air as she began working on the other woman’s sensitive centre, eliciting moans and minor squeals of delight. For his part Harry grabbed hold of the suitably placed backside and eased himself into her delightful wetness which also brought about a few moans and other sounds of pleasure. As he carefully rocked his hips back and forth so as not to push his love away from his other love’s pleasure, he reached down to massage the now firmer breasts of the latter. Joss in her turn was massaging his balls and tickling Hermione’s centre at the same time with one hand and her breasts with the other. Before long all of them were moaning and groaning their individual and shared pleasure and all three came within moments of each other. Joss was first, as she squealed her delight, followed immediately by Hermione whose own shout of pleasure was somewhat muffled by the pussy her face was buried in. Harry first groaned as Hermione tightened and rippled around him, then gave out a series of loud grunts as his orgasm caused him to grab her hips and ram his manhood forcefully into her a few times, all the while spurting his juices into her. While there was not the burst of magical energy of the time they had jump-started Joss’s magic, he did see quite a bit of magic swirling around them as all three orgasms overlapped by a few seconds. He thought it was very pretty, all the colours in ever changing patterns.

When they finally came down from their respective highs, Harry had no choice but to pull out of Hermione, fall back against the wall behind him, and sink to a sitting position on the floor. He watched as Hermione carefully rolled off Joss and lay down on the floor next to the bench. She grinned at Harry in a sleepy, seductive, post-coital way, which he returned in kind. Joss rolled to her side so she could see both of the others and smiled as well.

"That," Joss panted, "was almost as good… as that mutual orgasm… in Godric’s Hollow." All three chuckled, albeit breathlessly, at her comment.

Several minutes later the three of them were finally able to move enough to stand and wobble their ways back into the centre of the shower, and, holding each other up, to get cleaned up again from the rousing bout of sex. Showing the stamina of being magical beings who kept themselves in excellent shape they were soon teasing one another and laughing at the fact they had almost had another mutual orgasm and at what scenarios they imagined might have resulted.

Hermione said, ever the practical one, "I doubt it would have affected us that much, but who knows what might have happened to the shower." Letting out her relatively new-found playful side, she added, "We might have wound up with a waterfall complete with a nice big pool and merpeople."

When they all finished laughing, Harry mused, "How would we explain to the hotel management that the suite was now a bit larger than it should be?" After they all chuckled at the imagined looks of the hotel staff, he went on, "Personally I think we would have all become stronger in our magic."

Joss purred, "Oh, I don’t know, Harry, I think your wand is quite magical and definitely strong enough as it is." With her over the top, seductive voice they all three giggled and snogged for a bit as the two witches massaged Harry’s wand for a moment, before relenting to his gasped protests that he was hungry. This of course resulted in a chorus from the two women that he was always hungry, and another round of laughing over his feigned protestations.

It was very early in the morning, although their body clocks told them it should be afternoon. Being as it had been several hours since their last meal on the plane, they looked through the hotel guide and decided on one of the nicer restaurants which advertised a large breakfast buffet.

After having their fill of the various American dishes they’d tried, many of which were quite similar to British ones, though many were not, they wandered around the huge casino for a bit looking at all the different games available for them to try their luck on. Having been told by the young man checking them in that they were considered VIP’s given the suite they’d booked, they finally found the appropriate cashiers window which catered to the "upper crust" guests and exchanged several thousand Pounds for Dollars with which to gamble. Harry of course had extracted said pounds from his Gringotts wallet which took the money directly from his burgeoning vaults.

After sampling some of the slot machines and several table games, the three decided they liked the machines better, with all the flashing lights. They’d been told by the Wizarding travel agent who’d booked the trip for them to be very careful about their magic around such machines as it could cause a malfunction and bring attention to them if they won too often. Still, they found the machines much more enjoyable and had a lot of fun watching wheels spin around and video screens flash all kinds of interesting messages. Even though they were all careful to keep their magic in check, they did find that they seemed to be having better than average luck compared to the people around them. Being morning on a weekday, the casino was not all that busy and they mostly had their pick of what games to play. Harry noticed there were quite a few folks who seemed to also be on holiday and had as much fun watching the people as he did playing the games.

As the morning wore on into afternoon, they decided to take a break for lunch and a brief nap. Another of the tips from the travel agent concerning the time changes was to take a nap once in a while until they got adjusted to the difference. After a nice luncheon in another up-scale restaurant, the three retired to their room, where once again their hormones took over. Harry watched for a while as the two women pleasured each other, being wholly turned on by the scene playing out in front of him. When both women had come, Joss crawled on top of Harry and took him inside her as if she’d not had him in forever, and it was not long before he spouted into her warmth. A few minutes of recovery and snogging with Hermione, and she did the same, though he came a couple of minutes after she did. They all had found, days before, that they enjoyed, and were greatly turned on by, watching the other two make love. They all thought it was a wonderful way of life they had.

As they all collapsed together on the huge king size bed in a tangle of arms legs and torsos, they were asleep within minutes. It was about two hours later when they awoke and after a nice shower, together of course, they dressed while playfully teasing each other and made their way back down to the casino. They had more or less broken even on their earlier play, so they decided they might as well use the high limit slot area where they had to bet a lot more, but would reap greater rewards if they won. They didn’t really care if they did win, of course, they were just there to have fun.

It was a couple of hours later when Harry decided he needed to visit the loo, and Joss said she could stand to as well. Hermione said she was fine, and as was having such a good time with the machine she was playing told them to go on ahead.

As she played on with her machine, Hermione was chuckling to herself imagining the two of her lovers sneaking into one of the loos for a quickie, which she would not have put past them. Harry was quite capable of casting charms to hide their entry and exit, not to mention silencing spells to cover any noise they might make while so engaged. Had she followed the pair she would have found she was right, as the two did share a stall in the ladies room to take care of business and get in a rousing bout.

After they’d been gone a while, she noticed a man off to her left playing another machine and who seemed to move around every so often and to be getting closer to her. She knew the security in here was top notch, and didn’t feel any of her internal warnings of malicious intent by the man, so she ignored him and continued to enjoy herself and imagine what was taking her lovers so long, knowing full well by now just what it was.

The next time she noticed the man, he was at a machine behind and to her right, though once again she felt she had no reason to be concerned and paid him no mind at all. It was a few minutes later that she felt a presence near her right side, slightly behind her, and caught the man’s reflection in her machines face. She continued to ignore him, until he cleared his throat.

"Sorry, miss," he began in a decidedly British voice, a voice she knew as well as Harry’s or Joss’s. She froze for a moment, as he went on, "You seem to be alone, and as I am as well, I was rather hoping you might consider some company for the afternoon, and evening as well if you’d like. You are a very attractive lady, to say the least, and I’m ever so lonely being so far from home." He was smooth and almost convincing in his tone as a plan formed in her mind.

She lowered her voice a couple of octaves and magically disguised it in a heartbeat as she replied without turning around, "Why thank you for the compliment, kind sir. I too am a long way from home, as you can tell. I do seem to have been abandoned by my companions for now, what did you have in mind?" She put a coy tone in her voice on the last, baiting him.

"Well, I hate to be too forward," he smarmily warmed up to her apparent interest, "but a hot young thing like you shouldn’t have to go around without an escort. I’d be glad to accompany you for a nice candlelit dinner and then perhaps a few drinks in my suite after."

"Oh, kind sir," she had to keep from laughing and retching at the same time, "I don’t think that would be too seemly. Why I don’t even know your name, and we haven’t been properly introduced at all." She used all her womanly charms as she carefully kept her emotions in check.

"Oh come now, dear lady, times have changed. And since we are here in this place where what happens here stays here, I see no reason to be quite so formal. However if you insist, my name is Doctor Henry Abbot, and I am from Lincolnshire. And who might you be, my dear lovely?""I might be Pamela Anderson, but I’m not. Call me Jane Farmer." She knew that his eyes had definitely not risen above her breasts, or else he’d have recognized her face. After all, she could see his face in the reflection off the machine she was playing, and she could tell that his eyes were glued on her chest and the nipples that had stiffened while thinking about Harry and Joss enjoying themselves in the loo. She found herself cursing now that she hadn’t worn a bra — but her lovers both rather enjoyed the swaying motions beneath the soft cotton dress she wore, so she hadn’t.

"Well, Jane, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. May I begin to escort you?" he asked, trying to sound suave.

"I need to let my acquaintances know what I’m doing … hmm, I wonder. How adventurous are you, Mr Abbot?"

"I like to think I’m fairly open to new things. What do you contemplate, Miss Farmer?" she could hear the excitement in his voice, and she rather soundly informed her stomach that it was not to return what she had eaten earlier.

After successfully avoiding a reverse peristaltic episode, she purred, "Well, I happen to know that my companions would be interested in … meeting you, shall we say? You’re a fine figure of a man, and the two of them are far more attractive than I am. And more adventurous than I am." She dropped the voice again slightly as she finished with, "And I’m feeling extremely adventurous now."

"Shall we go find them?" he asked, his voice giving away that he was extremely excited.

"Wait for me here," she said. "I need to hit the ladies facilities. If nothing else, they’ve likely started without me." She hit the cash out button on the machine and took the receipt, slipping it into the small bag she carried with her. "I’ll be right back." She stood and walked away from him, intentionally putting an extra sway to her hips. Harry had always told her that her arse was a work of art, so she hoped that Frank thought so. Apparently some of the other patrons seemed to agree with Harry, based on the appreciative looks she was getting.

When she made it to the ladies room, she could feel the magic, and then a sudden pulsing increase in the sheer volume of magic around her, and knew what had happened, given that her nipples had tightened considerably despite the incident with her father. She opened the door and stepped inside and quickly verified that Joss and Harry were the only other two in there.

"Guys, we have a minor problem out here," she said. Moments later, the two spilled from the stall still putting pleasant bits of themselves back in their clothes. She was distracted as she watched Harry stuff himself back into his trousers, not noticing when she released a small noise of disappointment.

"What’s wrong?" Harry asked. He then snapped his fingers in front of her face to get her mind back on her reason for being there. "What happened?"

"Well, while I was waiting on you two randy adventuresome rascals, , I noticed a man slowly working his way closer to me, machine by machine. He finally got up the nerve to stand where he could look at and talk to me. More precisely, where he could talk to the girls, because he couldn’t get his eyes off these nipples." She absently thumbed them through the dress.

"I can understand that," Harry said with a smile. "I certainly take every chance I get to tell you how luscious I think they are."

"Well, if he’d gotten his eyes above my tits, he’d not have hit on me. He introduced himself as Henry Abbot of Lincolnshire, but we all know him as Frank Granger."

Harry’s fists and jaw clenched and his eyes flared, so the two women immediately rushed forward and pressed against him. "Killing him is not an option," Hermione said firmly. "Besides, I have an idea for humiliating him. I never told him a lie, but was careful in my phrasings. I told him that I had two companions who would want to meet him, who were far more adventurous than I was, and who were more attractive than me."

"Well, there’s your first lie," Harry interrupted.

"Yes dear," she responded with a smile. "You’re biased. But I was figuring that we could get out of here and past him, but give a description of him to the security folks and ask them to tell him that we’ve gone to get ready — that we’ll meet him in a local restaurant."

"We get a table in the back, away from everyone," Jocelyn said, picking up the thread, "and preferably with dim lighting. We wait for him to come back to meet you-slash-us, and then you can rather loudly exclaim about him being your father and asking why he was hitting on you."

"Right. In the right place, his face will get around the city in no time at all."

"Hard Rock Café," Harry said simply. "I discovered that I have an in with the owner of this one — he’s a Squib and a Quidditch fan, and wants me to go pro. He offered me a table anywhere I want, with a meal on the house, as long as he can take a photo of the famous Quidditch player Harry Potter."

"I know how you hate fame," Hermione began.

"I don’t mind in this case. He doesn’t give a damn about the Boy Who Lived And Defeated An Idiot. He wants to know all the sports guys."

She laughed, and Joss said, "Well, let’s sneak past the snake and let the hotel staff know to tell him. We’ll get the table at the Hard Rock."

"Wear your sexiest clothes, ladies," Harry said. "Make it that much less likely that his eyes will ever get above your perfect breasts." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Besides, I know I’ll enjoy the view as well, and we have a balcony to break in, as far as our favourite activity goes."

"We’re not going to be able to walk straight," Joss said with an aroused giggle.

"Thank God," Hermione breathed with her own answering giggle.

The Hard Rock Café was crowded, but this was Vegas, and this was a popular restaurant, so that was a given. The three positioned themselves such that Harry would not be visible to Frank until he was actually at the table.

Harry was pretty sure that the table was going to move when he stood up, given the blouses that both ladies were wearing. They were thin and shimmering, and hugged them as if their skin were wet. And with certain signs of excitement evident on both ladies, he was fairly certain that Frank’s eyes wouldn’t make it to their faces — again.

A few minutes later proved his suspicions correct — at least the ones regarding Frank’s eyes. How in Hell do you meet someone and not know what they look like? The more I learn of him, the more I know that Joss raised Hermione, because there’s no way this arsehole could have had anything good to do with her upbringing.

"Hello, Miss Farmer," he said, as he was shown to their table.

"Hello, Frank," Jocelyn said in her normal voice. His eyes, which had locked on her breasts and caused him to lick his lips, shot wide open and he stared at his ex-wife. He then looked at the other woman, and his face lost all colour.

"I was … I -"

"You were hitting on your own daughter, Frank," Harry said in a normal voice that he magically enhanced to be heard by everyone nearby. "You couldn’t get your eyes above her breasts. Tell me, if she’d decided to see just how far you’d go before you looked at her face, would you have gotten her naked before you realized you were trying to fuck your own daughter?"

"And get her into a threesome as well," Hermione added sweetly. "You remember my middle name, don’t you, Daddy?" she asked sarcastically. "And the fact that a grange is a type of farm? You walked over to me at the slots and talked to my tits, and made an agreement to meet me and your ex-wife for further … conversation. You made it rather clear that dinner was likely to be a warm-up for sex later. You were so focused on my body that you never even looked at my face."

"If it weren’t for the fact that I was the faithful one in the partnership," Jocelyn said, "I’d wonder if you were her father. But since there’s no one else it could be -"

"Oh my God," he replied, and crumpled bonelessly to the floor, striking his head on the table on the way down. Harry slid out and checked him over, quietly healing the worst of the damage and also casting an extra charm onto the man.

An ambulance crew arrived as Frank was waking up. the crowd was talking about him and what they’d heard as he was being carted away. The three sat back down at their table and the owner showed up. "I’m sorry about what happened. Your meals are on the house," he said.

"I couldn’t, Trent," Harry said. "While we weren’t expecting him to pass out, we did expect him to show up, so it wasn’t a surprise. We’ll pay like anyone else would."

"And how do you expect to get me to accept your payment, Mr Potter?" was the laughing reply. "It’s my choice to do this. You’re being nice enough to allow the picture, so let me pay for the meals."

"Would you complain if these two lovely ladies were in the picture as well?" Harry asked.

"Hmm, get my picture taken with a Quidditch star and his super-model girlfriends, or just with the star." He looked at Harry with an expression that fairly screamed, ‘Do you think I’m stupid?’ He headed off to the back after working out when the picture would be taken.

"What was the final spell you cast on Frank?" Joss asked Harry finally, after they all quit chuckling over Trent’s antics.

"It was an impotence curse. He can rise to the occasion, and even pleasure himself, but the second he tries to, shall we say, put things into play with any lover he’ll find himself getting soft on her." He grinned devilishly. . "The curse stays until he realizes what he did to you two and comes to apologise for his actions."

"Delightfully nasty, and terribly apt," she laughed, albeit a little sadly. "Where did you learn that one?"

"Your lovely other lover ," he replied winking suggestively. "We both like looking up esoteric spells. She found that one and showed it to me."

Jocelyn smiled and caressed both their cheeks and then looked at her daughter. "I know what you’re thinking, honey, and there’s a difference. We walked into this knowing what was happening. Frank was just looking for a piece of tail."

"I know," she sighed. "It’s just that I feel a little hypocritical to be making love to my mother while screaming at my father for finding me sexy. Why is it all right for you but not him?"

"Because your mother loves you and not the piece of heaven between your thighs," Harry replied. "Frank just wanted to fuck something pretty. Joss wants to love a woman whom she loves. It just so happens that the loving involves a physical component. Frank’s wasn’t love — it was just physicality--a way to make him feel like more of a man.."

They finished their meals with light talk of a less serious nature and headed back to the hotel, where Hermione was gently made love to several times in succession by Harry and Joss alternately and together. They spent most of the rest of the night making love, and napping off and on. The shower got a good and thorough work out as well, since they had all decided they liked its ambience when it came to making their sex life even more interesting.

For the next three days they spent a lot of time in the casino, saw several really excellent stage shows, went to all the casinos on the strip to gawk at the billions of pounds spent on the lavish facilities and watching the wide variety of interesting spectacles put on by many of them. Having seen most of the major attractions in Las Vegas, and having thoroughly enjoyed their visit to "Sin City" they bid it adieu and winged their way to the garden isle of Kaua’i. The brief stopover in Honolulu, where they had to change planes, was as welcome as when they’d gotten to Dallas on the way to Las Vegas. It gave them a short break to stretch their legs and get their first glimpse of Hawai’i. They were a bit disappointed in what they did get to see, which was mostly concrete and covered walkways, but they could see a few palms and the air smelled differently than they’d ever experienced before. Later they found it was because of the lushness of the vegetation on the islands.

Arriving a few hours later on Kaua’i they were once again chauffeured to their resort, which in this case was a wizarding one. Being this far from home they had little to worry of Joss being discovered to have become a witch. It wasn’t so much that they were concerned about anyone finding out she was magical, it was the splash of headlines that little revelation was sure to generate. The Muggle mother of one of the heroes of Wizarding Britain suddenly becoming magical, especially with Harry Potter being involved, would generate at least a week of headlines and countless articles in magazines and journals for months. They just didn’t want the publicity, especially with their rather unusual relationship.

The hotel room was booked in Joss’s name, she had resumed her maiden name when getting divorced, so they were able to obscure the fact that the world famous Harry Potter, and only slightly less famous Hermione Granger were guests. Even though the resort catered to the very wealthy among the world’s wizarding populace, it was well known that the paparazzi were as bad in the wizarding world as in the Muggle one. It was not beyond the pale to imagine a hotel employee making quite a few galleons for tipping the rabid photographers and press to the presence of such a celebrated pair.

For a bit over two weeks, they greatly enjoyed the sun and surf and took several magical tours of the island, seeing nearly every nook and cranny of it. They even got to meet a number of magical creatures found only in Hawai’i including the fabled two headed Garden Dragon, which turned out to be the only ruminant species of dragon, which was very gentle and naturally tame. They got to personally meet and pat one of the huge creatures who took to Joss especially well. It kept nuzzling her with one head or the other, and at one point gave her a gently hug between both huge heads.

The same day they met the dragon they spent the afternoon on the beach, under a huge umbrella with built in privacy charms, soaking up the sun and talking about the trip so far. It was about half way thru their stay, and they were all totally nude as they evened out their tans with a judicious use of Sleekeazy’s Sun Potion, in varying quantities on different parts of their bodies. A similarly judicious use of obscuring charms allowed them to swim every so often without having to get into suits. They all agreed swimming nude in the warm water was much more fun and tantalizing, especially since they could fondle one another below the surface.

During one of their quiet times, Harry asked Joss. "You know quite a bit about investing, don’t you?

"Sure Harry, Frank and I invested quite often in various things, which I’ve kept up with naturally. Why do you ask?"

"Hmm, well, I have a half formed idea on something I’ve been considering for a long time. I would like to buy an island and create a resort on part of it, a retirement home for House Elves on another part, and a reserve on the rest for whatever creatures are considered endangered by the wizarding world."

For a moment there was dead silence under the umbrella as the two women processed what he’d said, which was broken by a squeal from Hermione as she launched herself from the opposite side of Joss, who was in the middle, and landed on Harry. He gave out with a grunting "oof", which was smothered by a pair of lips locking onto his.

When they came up for air, Joss was laughing at her female lover’s reaction, knowing what had triggered it. Hermione said with passion, "I so love you so very much Harry Potter, why didn’t you tell me about that before?"

"Because one of the things I’ve been researching is House Elves and what happens to them when they get old. They have to stay bound to a family for most of their lives or they become sick and die, but when they reach a certain point that bond is weakened and they no longer need the family to keep them alive. It turns out that once the bond weakens, they can become totally free if they wish. Most of them just stay on with the family they have served, but many would like to have someplace else to go if they could. I’d like to endow a foundation with the ability to do just that. And it should be a place they could be comfortable with."

Joss said, "Harry, I think that is a wonderful idea. When we get back to London lets go and talk to the Goblins. I believe you have a few ins there, if I’m not mistaken."

Hermione snorted, and replied for a Harry who’d started turning a bit red faced, "I’ll say he has a few INS with the Goblins. As far as they are concerned he’s more a Goblin than a wizard. They owe their greater freedom and the fact that a war between them and the Wizarding World was averted because of the acts of this very humble man I’m lying on. He’s also getting hard because of where my kitty is rubbing on him."

She increased the movements of her hips which had been only moving back and forth a little on him. Very soon she reached down and slipped him inside her as Joss watched her two insatiable lovers. Not that she was easily sated, truth be known, but the two younger ones were always ready to make love, it seemed. She just let them have at it and enjoyed watching, though each of them did kiss her now and again. She felt very loved, much more than she ever had with Frank.

A week later they flew to San Francisco and spent a few days exploring the wonders of the City by the Bay, then took a direct flight from there to London. Upon arriving home, they spent three days getting their body clocks readjusted again, but agreed the trip had been well worth that minor hassle. A few weeks later Harry and Hermione entered University, while Joss worked with the Goblins, whom she got on famously with, and before the youngsters had finished their first year at Cambridge, she had acquired a very large island in the South Pacific which had been Wizarding Owned for so long it did not appear on any Muggle maps, and was therefore unplottable.

The three celebrated with a whole night of lovemaking lubricated with several bottles of very good champagne. A few weeks later, both women discovered they might have a slight problem.

TBC…tee hee heee

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