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Tumshie posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 10:00am for Winds are changing

Great to see an update here Keith, another excellent chapter, can't wait to see why Lily is acting as she is

riegert8 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 9:58am for Winds are changing

I am sorry to say I really don't care what Lily reason for the way she is acting, I just hope that Harry don't let her off with lame reason. She turned out to be just as bad Dumbledore and Petunia, I thought that Lily sorry.It great that Harry decide to date Hermione, Well that explain Madame Bones action since the summer. I wonder if Harry would ever trust her, since so many people say they were under Imperius it hard to tell who is honest and who is using as a excues.

Jonathan Northwood posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 9:57am for Winds are changing

I have -so- missed your writing. Thank you for another lovely chapter.

Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 9:54am for Winds are changing

Great chapter!!!

I won't beg for updates coming sooner since I know that you are TRYING hard. We your loyal readers are so THRILLED when you and your wife (HI DOROTHY!!) update.

I do hope everything is going well for you both. It's been so long since I have heard from either of you ...

Take care and I look forward to the next update ...

As Always,

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 9:43am for Winds are changing

Oh snap, that last comment was cold... Real cold!

Viridian posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 8:58am for Winds are changing

All I have to say is that it must be one doozie of a reason!

Also looking forward to some mil-spec toad thrashing in the near future...

Seel'vor posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 8:38am for Winds are changing

Keith, that parting shot is vicious. I heartily approve.

Does anyone in this damn story die? It's like everyone's a Time Lord, and they just regenerate.

Tanaxanth posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 8:36am for Winds are changing

Ouch.... Prongs is gonna be back on the couch...

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 8:29am for Winds are changing

Doggone, here I am checking my email after I get home from work, and here this is: woohoo! First, I look forward to whatever it is that's making Lily act this way, but still, it makes me wonder even if the cause is discovered, whether Harry will just turn around and forgive her, no problem? As she is right now, I have a hard time believ=ing that whatever her reason, otion, spell, test, or whatnot, that Harry can just walk away from the hurtful way she's acted. Interesting to see that Amelia was under the Imperious, or was she? Her spew(no house-elves actually harmed, LOL) was vile and nasty and sounded a lot like Umbridge, and if that was true, then I look forward to Madam Bones using a barb-wire baseball bat on her, ala Cactus-Jack. Glad to see Hermione's parents survived, and that she had a happy reunion, and that her and Harry are getting on well, and hope it lasts them the rest of their lives and beyond. Great addition here.

Patricia Lee Finley posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 7:41am for Winds are changing

There is?! There had better be a darn good reason for her acting like that!! Hurumph!!

loatroll posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 6:05am for Winds are changing

Nope I think all her.. goes in the family.. or perhaps not. :P

Unexpected twist with the whole Umbridge imperiousing Madam Bones there, really well made one at that.

Really great chapter, really looking forward to more.

dennisud posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:51am for Winds are changing

I truly hope you DO explain it to us AND Harry as well as hoping to convivnce Harry of what happened to Maddam Bones.
I almost forgot about this one then I got hit in the face with the Jealous Lily and a very distrustful Harry!

Please continue!


P.S.- I have an outline for a new story I have not had the muse to write.
Let me know if you want to see it!

Rob Shell posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:51am for Winds are changing

Wow, I was just re-reading this story last night and now I wake up this morning and there's a new chapter :) This was a great chapter, I figured Mrs. Bones was being affected by a charmed object or something so its nice to have it confirmed. I'll have to go back an re-read it again to search for anything about Lily but offhand I don't remember you hinting at anything like you did with Bones. Also I was wondering if you still had the original versions of Like a Phoenix and It Started One Summer? I remember reading them on a yahoo group but it's been ages and even though your doing a rework on It Started and have finished 2 Part of the Like a Phoenix Trilogy it would be great to re-read the old versions again.


Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:35am for Winds are changing

I was a little worried until the end that Harry was letting Lilly off too easily, though I am shocked at the latitude Dumbledore has seemed to given Lilly in regards to Hermione. Overall a great chapter, though I think that the Lilly/Hermione situation is going on a bit longer than is realistic, but still great job, thank you.

MonCappy posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:23am for Winds are changing

Lily is a worthless fucking bitch!

Andrew Niehaus posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 5:16am for Winds are changing

I hope it's imperious.

Ronnie McMains posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 4:47am for Winds are changing

Thanks for correctly posting that drinking song; I've been wondering what the real words to it were since Family Matters, where the wording...wasn't quite right. (Then again, you did have Moody and one of Rosmerta's waitresses singing it while plastered.)

Umbridge deserves something special for all the pain she's caused in this story. Since you've sworn Harry will never use THAT spell again, perhaps you need to borrow Tim's "Obliterate" spell for her.

About Lily: Is she under some residual curse left by Snape or something? Turning Harry's mother against him would be Perfect Revenge part 2 as far as he's concerned, especially after their last meeting...Leglilmency perhaps?

Anyway, great to see you posting again, but don't think I've forgotten that Harry/Hermione/Cho/OFC you mentioned on CaerAzkaban...we all want to see that too! ^_^;

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2008 4:04am for Winds are changing

The reason for Lily's behavior must be a doozy, as Harry is just a short bit, emotionally, from throwing her out of his life entirely. If he is the head of the family, can he declare her persona non grata?

Excellent story. Thank you for writing.

Mike (MoA)