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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 26th August 2008 3:45pm for Winds are changing

Does anyone recognize the way Lily is acting? (We've seen it before, in canon in fact, and from another character. And it *wasn't* Petunia.) *This* Harry is older, and angrier by far, then when he witnessed this same sort of behavior before. Also, Harry said that if Lily makes him choose between her and Hermione, Lily would lose. (Lily would likely lose twice, as James would likely walk away as well.) Still, I'm wondering exactly what the root cause is for Lily's Churlishness.

m4rk6 posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 7:56pm for Winds are changing

The last 2 chapters had me scratching my head in confusion. Where did this Lily Potter come from? The plot point just came out of nowhere, perhaps its the same thing that's happening to Amelia Bones, but I don't know. It just feels contrived, sorry.

And you seem to be tying it to the fact that Lily is an Evans and she and Petunia are similar. That may be so, but Petunia doted on her son, yes she was horrid to Harry, but not to Dudley.

The previous author wrote Lily in a rather positive light. At least that's how it read to me. All of a sudden you change her. That's where I get confused.

Anyway, I can't wait to find out what exactly is affecting Lily and Amelia.

witowsmp posted a comment on Tuesday 29th July 2008 9:56am for Winds are changing

This has been a good story so far, and I look forward to the next chapter.

I had hoped that the Grangers hadn't died when the attack was described.

I'm unclear how Amelia Bones has lost her career, unless everyone believes she tried to attack Harry.

I wonder who's making Lily act that way.

I wonder if Snape is going to tell the Ministry that Dumbledore kidnapped the Potters for 15 years and lied to everybody about it, and purposely put Harry in an abusive home. It would get Dumbledore arrested and Harry would feel humiliated.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Saturday 12th July 2008 9:12am for Winds are changing

Hi, Quite some time ago I read this story for the first time and then I lost it. I am very glad to have found it again and I appreciate how well you have done to pick it up and write more onto another's work. Your ideas are wonderful and the scenes that your write are so close to the way things would work out in real life that it makes the story quite believable. I will have trouble waiting for the next chapter of the story.

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Wednesday 9th July 2008 2:48pm for Winds are changing

This fic is good and all, but I can't seem to get to, is there another posting site for Family Matters?

Tabi posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 2:19pm for Winds are changing

Maternal instincts to the fore...ouch.

Jinx15 posted a comment on Thursday 26th June 2008 5:58pm for Winds are changing

You have really kept to the orginial plot, and I have to say I really can't tell the difference in writing style.

I don't know if you did this intentionally or not, but I like it.

I've seen a few other stories taken over by a new writer, and the story plot where the changes start just seems to jump out at me.

At times it's better, but such a switch seems to lose something for me.

I really do appreciate that you took this story over because I did enjoy it.

Thank you so much for continuing it. I've really enjoyed reading it again, and your additional chapters are wonderful.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 23rd June 2008 7:11pm for Winds are changing

We all eagerly await that explanation... This story is turning out so well, I look forward to the updates

WolfMan111 posted a comment on Monday 23rd June 2008 9:46am for Winds are changing isnt working for me is there a glitch happening or something

King Darius posted a comment on Saturday 21st June 2008 10:14am for Winds are changing

good story, interesting twist, having Lily be a total bitch.

Fanfic Guardian posted a comment on Monday 16th June 2008 12:07am for Winds are changing

Well, I damn HOPE there's a reason. It's so illogical that she could claim imperius, if this excuse was not over-used.
I can actually pinpoint exactly where you began to continue the original story: where Harry began to act OOC. Not compared to canon, of course (it IS fanfiction after all). But compared to the first part of the fic.
The story became "Kinsfirish", meaning over-melodramatic, angsty, with Harry beginning to talk a bit to much an sprouting some utterly embarrassing so-called romantic sentences.
I mean, I like your stories as much as the next girl, even if I sometimes want to puke from sirupy fluff-angst, they are strangely cathartic, and they somehow feel good. But you are filling in the former writer's shoes! This is quite the responsability. I would rather have read a continuation in the same atmosphere that the first writer (damn I cannot seem to remember his/her name) did.
So it's quite a disapointment.
Of course, it's still better than if the story were on indefinite hold (now THAT is frustrating), but I KNOW that you could do a better job, because you have enough skill, and an almost indecent amount of drive, to do so.
You will be free to write your self-loathing stories later, but right now, could it be possible to actually have a real continuation fic?
Damn, that didn't sound right. Ha, nevermind.

Excuse my bitchy self, I'm always cranky on monday. But still, I read the first eight chapters with such bliss that I couldn't help but wince in some part where Harry began to talk. It was such a break from the first part!

I don't want to antagonize you. And I REALLY don't want you to stop writing (simply because, for all my bitchiness, I still want to now the end), but I wanted to point that it's not one of your fic. It's a take-over (even if with she gave up). So please, try to harmonize the whole thing, and force yourself to write like she did (I think it's a she, isn't it? if not, sorry).

And keep it up. I'm waiting.


Kalen Darkmoon posted a comment on Friday 13th June 2008 9:30pm for Winds are changing

Good to see Hermione's parents survived. I feel sorry for Harry that his mother is such a b*tch. It's certainly unique in that with this story that while Harry may have gotten his parents back, not only was it too late to save him from a hellish childhood with the Dursleys but it turns out that his mother is equally as abusive.

Just like with canon events, in this story I remain of the opinion that Harry should take Hermione and her parents away from Britain and let Wizarding Britain fight for themselves or burn. With what Dumbledore did to him with the complicity of the Ministry and apathy of the people, they deserve to reap the rewards of that apathy and corruption. Especially when both Dumbledore and the Ministry have intentionally inflicted torture and/or physical harm upon him. All this while most are unwilling to stand up and even fight for themselves and NONE stood up for Harry to protect him from them. Why should Harry sacrifice even more for them after how monstrously they've treated him? They deserve NOTHING from him. He owes them NOTHING. He has no "duty" to them in any way, shape or form after what they've done to him with the prior 15 years of hell that they put him through. The entire wizarding world is responsible. They were the ones not only apathetic and lazy enough to let Dumbledore and the Ministry do all of the thinking for them but also repeatedly joined in on denouncing him when he was trying to help protect them. They deserve Voldemort's fate when they subject an innocent child to the cruelties they inflicted upon him.

The irony of the whole story was that Dumbledore's fervent belief in the righteousness of sacrificing the life of an innocent child to save their own hide is precisely what Voldemort was doing from the very beginning of the story. Dumbledore's actions proved he was every bit as much of a monster as Voldemort. It doesn't matter how bad he felt about doing what he did after the fact because he would do it all again if need be and THAT is what condemns him. He is unrepentent in his infliction of more than a decade of suffering and planned for the eventual death of an innocent child. NOTHING can ever justify that.

In fact, any society that would actively seek to sacrifice an innocent young child for their own safety because they are too lazy and/or cowardly to stand up for themselves deserves only utter contempt and destruction. It is vile and completely unforgivable.

GodricG89 posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2008 1:29pm for Winds are changing

This is great! i haven't read any of the original authors work, but i like the directions you're taking it in while still maintaining the connections to the original story. Can't wait for more posted a comment on Saturday 7th June 2008 6:00pm for Winds are changing

Outstanding Story!!!! I hope we find out why Lily is acting the way she is!!!! I hope that whatever the reason is that Harry will forgive her once he finds out. Will we be seeing Harry and Hermione's marriage towards the end of the story???? Will the others of the Ministry six play a part in the downfall of Voldemort???? Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please!!!!:):):):)

Ceres posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 11:04am for Winds are changing

dang it i really wanna read the rest of it. its a great story and i'm not much of a dumbledore person. i'm a bit of a basher of a lot of characters.

taxzombie posted a comment on Wednesday 4th June 2008 12:54am for Winds are changing

Ouch! That last comment has to qualify as a near mortal wound.

Like that you brought back the Grangers, I suspect that might mean a shorter sentence for Snape but I suspect he's still bound for the rock.

Interesting thing with Mrs. Bones. Her personality was off before, nice to finally have an explanation of why. Looking forward to when the toad gets hers.

Nicely done chapter all round.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 11:15pm for Winds are changing

Harry explains why he whacked Amelia, *Lily* figures out why Harry (and later James) whacked *her*, we find out why Amelia was acting like Umbridge, the elder Grangers are, happily, far from dead, and Lily gets whacked by Harry yet again.

Prongs1977 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 12:57pm for Winds are changing

Oh I really hope we don't have to wait long for more, I'm loving this! BTW, if you need a place to put Umbridge out to pasture, I know of a few good dairy farms (heh heh heh)

noylj posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 6:52pm for Winds are changing

Need some updates. But then, I hear that you are not going to write any more fanfic. Too bad. Your stories have given me a lot of pleasure. If the rumor is true, I hope you pass thie story and the others on for someone to finish.

jakjakattk posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 3:27am for Winds are changing

I hope that there is a reason that Lily is acting that way. I have just picked up on this story and find that it is a "different" thread from the normal HP , that a good thing. my story to is a lot different then the canon. I don't envy you though, having to finish someone else story is hard. Keep up your chin and don't be shy about asking for help you to close up this story that you have taken on.