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Rowenasheir posted a comment on Tuesday 15th October 2019 2:42pm for Winds are changing

Please complete this story or put it out there for someone else!

EdTheBeast posted a comment on Thursday 14th March 2019 3:03pm for Winds are changing

Very interesting, very intriging, & very well written. Hope to see the end, when done.

HarmonyEveryday posted a comment on Sunday 21st October 2018 10:52am for Winds are changing

I hope this story hasn’t died here. Will check back for updates periodically. Kudos!

kyoshi posted a comment on Tuesday 12th December 2017 11:28am for Winds are changing

Good story but Harry is an anual retentive jerk.

oldsarge posted a comment on Thursday 16th November 2017 4:34am for Winds are changing

I so wish you would take time to update and/or finish this story. You promised to tell us why Lily as actint the way she was. Is she pregnant? Possessed? Crazy? All the above?

ChiaraV posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2016 1:07am for Winds are changing

Hi kinsfire, love your story and don't mind that it's adopted, are you still writing this one? Leaving us on a cliffy and not telling us why Lily is behaving so badly! Can't wait to see where you go with this!

yargew posted a comment on Monday 2nd May 2016 11:35pm for Winds are changing

I only just learned of this wonderful story. Please tell me it is still being continued! Thanks, T.G.H.

Nadine posted a comment on Sunday 13th September 2015 6:24am for Winds are changing

Hi, I really like this story. I hope you will finish it! Does Lily fear to loose Harry just after she got him back? If so, she will only drive him away like that. Perhaps that last scene mede her wake up? Or is she really like that? Please write more, also about Amelia Bones, I'm happy that there is a explanation for how she acted, as I always liked her. Please write more!! Nadine

JaceBralor posted a comment on Tuesday 1st September 2015 7:04pm for Winds are changing

Just finished your thus far gripping tale (seriously, it wouldn't leave me alone till I did) and am hoping you will come back to finish it, or at least deign to tell me where I can find a completed copy? Keep the great stories coming, and stay awesome

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 11th August 2015 11:56am for Winds are changing

What a place to kill a story.

Bobsama posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2014 10:13am for Winds are changing

Ok. So this has been abandoned to my great disappointment. I found it late and incomplete. :'(

1) Lily's portrayal has been very continious. She acted just as abusive with James when they were both kidnapped. Instead of putting herself at risk, she yanked his chain and sent him through the wards to try and wear them down. Had she taken an hour and been up-front about what happened each time (explaining that they've been kidnapped and about the wards), then she could have had James as an equal partner so she too could wear down the wards (and lose her memory, only to be reminded by James). It'd be risky and they had nothing to live for, but they were still kidnapped for unknown reasons and SOMEONE was trying extremely hard to keep them there.

2) So her abusive tendencies were already quite documented. I do not envy her or James' pasts. They've got to have many issues after all the time in isolation. They never had the chance to grow up past having started a family--and aren't coping well at that either. Even after using Legilimency on their son, they still don't feel a connection (nevermind the ritual they used). It's understandable, but even after a good summer, they still need a lot of help. Right now, James is whipped, Lily is abusive, Harry has a backbone, and Hermione went from grieving to holding up her man.

3) I am disgusted by how Lily is acting, but I love the portrayal. I think that Lily is jealous of Hermione. She is blinded to the reality that she and Hermione are much alike. However, they are very different people. Hermione doesn't strike anyone (except Malfoy, who really deserved it). Lily's also angry that she isn't in first place in Harry's heart. He long ago gave that spot to Hermione and will fight to protect her from this new enemity. I'm waiting for Lily's behavior to be addressed through formal channels (since Harry's loyalty to her is rapidly diminishing). I'd even see a viable offshoot, shortly, that has Harry using the Black family wealth as a vehicle for leaving Britain with Hermione and maybe her parents too. It'd be another slap in the face for Lily, though may have to wait a year for his majority.

4) I'm very happy with Hermione. She helped Harry and strengthened their relationship before losing her parents. He stood with her, even when they were fighting, to ensure she had support. Afterwards, theys todo side-by-side, relationship stronger than ever. They appear in a balanced relationship. That's very good--since that's what they need. I do like the back-and-forth about whether or not they're dating. Hermione is open that they are, Harry goes along with it because they are, even when he denies it to his Aunt Petunia Mark II.

5) I think Madam Bones is using the Imperius curse as an excuse. Just a hunch really. She's saving face to her coworkers, family and friends, going to correct her behavior (now that she's been called out on it multiple times), and carry on. I don't think the curse ever happened for the longevity of the situation or how she apparently reacted when called on it. But who knows--there's not the data to say (or a way to frame it to say with confidence, outside of the author's words). Either way, she should be shot of her job and have to make amends (if they're real) outside of her supposedly botched career.

Bobsama posted a comment on Saturday 20th December 2014 9:28am for Winds are changing

Ok, I'm sure you're not updating anymore, but I wanted to leave a comment anyway (since I just discovered this excellent story)...

Lily's portrayal is very continious. Her current behavior was hinted at earlier. Excellent work there. I am thinking back now at the time she and James spent kidnapped and behind wards. If she sent James through 20 or 30 times, she'd have done well to stack the deck and have gone herself too. If the charms were 50 thick and it was only safe to try every 6 months, they could have been at the very end of them had Lily also gone. Keeping a diary or marking up the walls or tables or something to outline everything would be sufficient--a few proofs sufficient to convince her to carry on.

Of course, having been in isolation for 10+ years, the Potters would be in dire need of psychological counseling. Otherwise, shit like the vendetta that's grown between Lily and Hermione would get worse before it gets better. Your author's note suggests that there's more driving Lily's behavior--that it might not be her faults coming to the fore. A curse on the potions position may be possible--perhaps one placed by Dumbledore or Snape or Moldyshorts. Like the cursed DADA post, a curse might cause the biased behavior and hostitlity. I wouldn't rely on that, though--since Remus Lupin came to no significant harm after sitting in the DADA post. Likewise, neither did Barty Crouch Jr (whose death was following a criminial conspiracy).

Next up--I am very happy to see that Harry still throws in his lot with his friends. He did live in constant abuse for so many decades. With how they bonded over the summer (and then her presence after her parents' apparent deaths) says that Hermione should have been a better known quantity to Lily than displayed here. Harry already forgave Hermione because he's been grieving too and now has the chance to help someone else. Sirius is still dead, his mother is good as, but Hermione needed his help and understanding and he was in the unique position of feeling able to do both.

Now that this is so long, gotta say that the entire story leaves me wondering if anyone would ever actually die in it. I'm starting to think not, as the DE's haven't even been active enough to note.

Thanks for the read. I hope there's a spiritual successor to this story somewhere. I'd love to read more, though that's fairly universal to all your stories.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 23rd June 2014 4:39pm for Winds are changing

And I still want to tear Lily Potter a new one!! More please!!

Elaineprt posted a comment on Tuesday 28th May 2013 6:48am for Winds are changing

I find it a shame this story never went any further.

Kara posted a comment on Sunday 14th April 2013 5:44pm for Winds are changing

So, we know about the Grangers, and Amy Bones. What we don't know is why it's been SEVEN YEARS since this chapter was posted without an update... (Yes, I'm playing the guilt card.)

Nytefyre posted a comment on Friday 8th March 2013 8:35am for Winds are changing

This continuation of the story was interesting and I liked the way Madam Bones behavior was explained... and would have loved to find out what was up with Lily.. While things with Albus seem to have reached a stable point, I would have also expected to see more of what was going to develop from him. Wish there was more...

Thanks for posting.

billbrinkley posted a comment on Sunday 16th December 2012 5:11pm for Winds are changing

This is completed? Even with the teaser at the end saying that there is a reason for Lilly acting the way she did? I really liked the story, but you've left us hanging as much as the original did with you.

annmarie posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2012 5:12pm for Winds are changing

I just ound this story and would love to read more

katrina posted a comment on Thursday 5th April 2012 12:59pm for Winds are changing

Just wondered have you abandoned this as it such a great story with so many twists, so well thought out and so well written.

CrimsonRayne posted a comment on Friday 10th February 2012 4:48pm for Winds are changing

the amount of twists in this fic is rather surprising.