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sinkingboat posted a comment on Saturday 7th July 2007 11:22am for The Last Straw

was hermione really coplaining that she never got to shag him as he lay dieing!?

participium posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd July 2007 10:52am for The Last Straw

Hmm, I find this one of your leser stories. I love most of your stories but this one just doesn't reach your normal standards in my eyes.

Decumo9 posted a comment on Thursday 14th June 2007 3:40pm for The Last Straw

ohhh, very intriguing. I look forward to an update.

Dracul posted a comment on Thursday 14th June 2007 11:47am for The Last Straw

kinsfire, this is a great chapter. i would love to see where you plan to take it for the next one. it is definitely a different take on the Trio, one i don't think i've ever seen before. sure i've seen one where the trio and others were sexual together but never a story quite like this one. please try to finish this one......and ties of blood on ur other site. :D thanks.

mrrlyn posted a comment on Tuesday 29th May 2007 7:46pm for The Last Straw

any chance we will ever see the next chapter for this?

cutecess posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 3:44am for The Last Straw

Really cool story! I liked the idea and how it worked - i'll be really interested to read the next chapter because i thought it would be a oneshot

faoron posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 8:15pm for The Last Straw

Wow... I haven't read anything that moved me so emotionally as this in a long time. I certainly hope this isn't the end to this one.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 4th April 2007 3:22pm for The Last Straw

AD40K: The Federation of ST is actually a *meritocracy*, but based on the military-dictatorship model: citizenship has to be earned by military service (however, unlike most of Europe, or most of the world except for the United States, Canada, or even Mexico, there is no draft; you don't *have to* serve in the military). However, the senior Sky Marshal (the Federation's C-in-C, who is also top kick of the non-military governmental structure), is very much held ultimately accountable for the success of his/her stated objectives, and in the Roman Fashion: With your shield, or on it! Those in the military know it, as the same rules are just as applicable to them (remember Rico's lashes?); having read the RAH original (originally published by Fawcett Crest in paperback, and since reprinted by Del Rey Classic SF) I could very well picture Sky Marshal Diennes walking to that pock-marked wall with his head held high, disdaining both blindfold *and* cigarette, knowing he did his best.

It is *Harry* that is Diennes in this story, except that his battle isn't *just* with Riddle, but the very cauldron that birthed Riddle. The government of wizarding Britain is an ogliarchy of the older pre-Romantic England sense (more like the Rump Parliament that created Oliver Cromwell) in a battle against Guy Fawkes (of Gunpowder Plot infamy); neither is a democracy. He is held to an impossible-to-meet standard; even he knows it's impossible, yet he tries his best anyway. Harry is not just Riddle's antithesis, he is the antithesis of the very society that spawned Riddle (and himself for that matter). Forced to choose between Ron and Hermione, he cannot, so instead, he chooses neither, for he knows the choice of one or the other is untenable *to him*. It is highly likely that, regardless of whether Harry dies or not, Ron and Hermione are going to lay a major smackdown on wizarding Britain for putting Harry in such an impossible position; if Harry dies, it will be in his memory, if Harry somehow survives, it will be because of what the three of them were nearly forced to sacrifice. There *will* be major changes coming to wizarding Britain regardless. And they will be sooner, rather than later.

Exarikun posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2007 9:34am for The Last Straw

any idea when that last chapter is going to be posted?

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 12:51pm for The Last Straw

It does read as though it would end here, but I'm glad there will be a further chapter. Your stuff is always well worth reading...

riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 5th March 2007 10:46am for The Last Straw

This is a good story, I did not like my first review. Harry is tired of being the forgotton, I like how Harry think things out. It sad that Hermione would only snog Harry if Ron is there, but the rule don't apply to Ron if they are finding places to have sex. It sad that Harry wonder if Hermione finding someone to interrupted there time together. It sad that Harry made the decision to leave. I would think that Hermione would notice that Harry is studing alone. I like the talk that Ginny had with Harry about the trio and it must came to a shock to Ginny that Harr don't believe that Hermione have feelings for him, what must came more of shock to Harry that Ginny knew. It sad that Hermione have not acknowledge Harry in a year, Year is a long time to be just a dirty little secret. Harry don't believe that Hermione has missed him, but it seem that he admit that the fact he talking about is what he is aware of. Hermione is angry that Harry was talking with Ginny, I did wonder why. In my option that Hermione was afried that Harry would talk about there relationship. It funny that Hermione said that they are lovers, when Harry is still a virgin. It sad that Harry have to point out that there no romantic dealing with Hermione and Ron. Ron is upset and ask Harry if it friends with Benefits, since Harry is a virgin so there has been not much of an benefit and it seem that Ron is little jealous that he might be left out of something. Hermione is puzzle of Ginny comments, Hermione is not that stupid. There has been an lot of clues 1. Harry is staying away 2. Called her Miss Granger 3. Talk about their so called relationship with someone else and finding out that Harry know that she talk with Ginny. Voldemort tell all about the trio little secret. It nice that Ron tell Harry that Him and Hermione love him and he don't care who knows, It made me think that he only did because the secret is out. It seem that Hermione is still bossy when Harry is almost dead and having problem Harry what she think, I don't think she readyto tell the world their relationship. The part was the hardest to believe is that it seem that Harry would forgive Hermione and Ron so easy if he would say he married them, what about the pain he wentt though the last year. I know that this story is from Harry point of view. But Hermione and Ron actions spoke louder then what they said in the story. I feel Harry was wrong that he did not tell Hermione and Ron that he is breaking up with them because it not working and he don't fit in

riegert8 posted a comment on Sunday 4th March 2007 4:25pm for The Last Straw

This is a good story so far. I was surprise that Hermione is more stupid then I thought she whould be, it sad that Voldemort have to show what pain they cause Harry and Hermione is the smartest witch around. Part of me hope that Harry is dead, I know that Ron and Hermione say they love Harry. But their action spoke louder then words, at the end not one of them said sorry for what happen. But how can they make up for the pain they have cause, I would think that they would have to earn his forgivness and should not be easy.

Sharon posted a comment on Sunday 4th March 2007 11:45am for The Last Straw

This is a great story. I can't wait until you get the other chapter up.

Federico Buelna posted a comment on Monday 5th February 2007 7:41am for The Last Straw

Hey Kinsfire, do you plan to ever update the second chapter of this story? I mean, it has been what? nearly 5 months since you posted it, and there hasn't been any talk about the second part, only that little message at the end of the first part, stating that it does exist...

Mtc297c posted a comment on Tuesday 30th January 2007 12:52pm for The Last Straw

There are those of you who hope that Harry leaves Ron and Hermione. I can understand where you are coming from on this, but I still find myself disagreeing. The whole point of a relationship is to figure out where things stand, and if there is a chance of things working out, to strive to work out the problems and find what's left. Remember, Hermione might be "an insufferable know-it-all" but she does not know everything, and this is one of those things that she makes a big mistake on.

ShadowNixxie posted a comment on Saturday 20th January 2007 12:50pm for The Last Straw

WTF?!?!?! I really need the next chappie!

Debbie Hollander posted a comment on Tuesday 9th January 2007 8:03am for The Last Straw

Please update soon, waiting patiently

Debbie Hollander posted a comment on Tuesday 9th January 2007 7:59am for The Last Straw


Jose1 posted a comment on Sunday 12th November 2006 6:49pm for The Last Straw

Even while I think that this failed relationship is not Hermione or Ron's fault, I just hope that Harry has the intelligence to walk away from that relationship if jhe is still alive, I mean, nothing good would come from this one, if not for the fact that he is not equal in the relatinship, then because there are too many bad memories already about what they did.

Adam posted a comment on Thursday 2nd November 2006 9:59pm for The Last Straw

been re reading this, and just come to the conclusion that none of them were ready for that kind of relationship.

Hermione appears to be the one who made the rules and gave each of the boys different rules by which the relationship was run.

The fact that she allowed Ron to be the visible partner seem to she a lack of equality in her feeling in the relationship itself. And that Ron agreed with this, would indicate something similar from his point of view, he also has the added benefit of getting something he knows Harry also wants.

The fact that Harry allows this to go on for so long, would indicate that he did agree with it to some degree at least at the start though.

Given the obvious loack of equalality in the relationship if Harry survives I cant see him returning things back the threesom they had, as that clearly didnt work.

I can see him forgiving them, as that appears to be the way he is, I just seem him leaving them and finding someone else.

Hope to see what do for the next chapter just to see what happens next.