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Lily's Return was updated on 29th Apr 06

Status: Completed - Rating: Mature - Chapters: 2 - Word count: 6,349 - Genre: Drama, General

Also available as: Epub | txt | pdf | lit | mobi

This started as a likely PWP challenge over on PottersPlace3. The idea intrigued me when someone came up with an explanation that I could come close to buying.

Note that this will update rarely. It started only because I needed to write something, but I was stuck in a section of Ties of Blood. This one, unlike It Started One Summer, will REMAIN a palate cleanser story, and update irregularly at best. It will NOT go into the list of those to be worked on heavily. It will only be worked on when I need to write but am stuck in my current story.

1 - Lily's Return :: Visit to the Potter Family Graveyard
Word count: 1,402 - Reviews: 68 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 4th Feb 06

2 - Lily's Return :: Proofs and Information Gathering
Word count: 4,947 - Reviews: 125 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 29th Apr 06