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"How was I supposed to know her father's middle name was Lancelot?" Harry asked with a red face.   His fiancées surrounded him, laughing.   "Who gives their child that kind of a middle name in the Muggle world?"

Her eyes sparkling with mirth, Dorothy Granger asked, "Perhaps the same type of people who would name their child 'Hermione'?"

"Given one of the sources for that name, milady, would that your name were Helen," he said with a flourish.

"Nice save," Hermione murmured as they watched her mother blush.   "Why are you so poetic recently?"

"Being in love tends to lead to bad poetry, I understand.   At least I'm not writing Vogon poetry," he replied.   Hermione and her mother shuddered theatrically.

Pansy sidled up next to him.   "At least all your poems aren't about various body parts, unlike with the Amazing Bouncing Ferret-boy," she said.   "He thought it was cute, or erotic, or something."

"Knowing him, I'm betting on 'or something'."   Harry frowned.   "I somehow don't believe that we've seen the last of either him or Narcissa.   At least they aren't family anymore."

Dorothy frowned.   "Are you sure they were trying to make you commit suicide?"

"It's the only thing that makes sense.   Narcissa   is smarter than her son - to be honest, the only thing dumber is Crabbe and Goyle (and I know that I described them as a singular 'thing') - and she had to know that it would be discovered if I didn't take myself out, since I'd rapidly realise that the article that they wrote was a fake.   After all, although I may hate the paper, I continue to read it, and they'd certainly be able to request access to the subscription records.   Therefore, logic says that they meant for me to despair and kill myself immediately after reading the article.   That's part of the prosecution, I understand.   Narcissa will have to decide whether she wants to be thought of as stupid or evil.   The fact that her son's wand was used in the attack on your daughter will help as well.

"It's Christmas Eve, though," he finally announced.   "Enough of the talk about annoying things.   On to the fun things."

"Not in front of my parents!" Pansy giggled, drawing a laugh from everyone as Harry fought to keep the blush from overtaking his face.

Rallying, Harry replied, "Well, there goes the entertainment for the night.   Good night, folks!"   He turned and left the room.   There was stunned silence for several moments before Fred and George Weasley stood and began to clap.

"Masterfully done, Harry!" Fred exclaimed.

"Encore!   Encore!" George added.

Harry stepped back into the room, bowing as he grinned at them.   "Couldn't resist that," he said to his now laughing guests.   Pansy was shaking a fist at him, but the grin on her face told her real feelings.   "Seriously, folks, I'm looking forward to Christmas here.   Christmas is for real families, and without getting overly maudlin about it, this will be the first year I'll have been with people I consider family."

"We can go, considering …" Fred started to say.

Harry cut him off.   "If you were serious the other day, I can actually adopt you into the Black family with minimal problems.   With all of these witnesses, it makes it that much easier."   He paused for a moment.   "You can completely forsake the Weasley name, or you can merely be added on to the Black family.   I'd recommend the latter decision, myself."

"After what they did to you, I'm actually a bit surprised by that," Keith Granger said.   "Why?"

"Family is everything.   I'm in no mood to be forgiving with them right now, but family …"   He stopped to try to find the best phrasing.   "I grew up with relatives, not family.   The Weasleys are a family, no matter what may have recently happened.   They love each other, and they care for each other.   You could even say that this whole thing came out of a perverse sense of that, since they had nominally adopted me, which may be why they so viciously went on the attack against me when Bill and Charlie lied.   If they can actually learn from this, then it's worth it for Fred and George to keep ties with them.   I seriously doubt I'll ever reach the point where I'll trust them as much again, but I'll be damned if I'll see the relationship between blood members of the family go away without some chance at reconciliation between them."

"You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din," Keith replied.

"Nah, I'm just love starved.   Attention starved too, if you believe the Daily Prophet."

Fred and George laughed.   "Which you obviously haven't been doing in the last two days," George said.   "Madam Bones had a long talk with the owners of the Daily Prophet, and suddenly they like you again."

Susan smiled - an evil looking thing - before starting to speak.   "I think Auntie pointed out that since they were getting information on you from two people who are being questioned in regards to a series of potentially fatal actions regarding you, they could be considered liable and made part of the lawsuit that you might choose to level against Narcissa and the Malfoy fortunes."   She laughed momentarily.   "It seems that they decided to change their tune after that.   You're back to being the golden boy, and they even printed a front page apology to you."

"For all the good it will do.   Something else will come up, and they'll hate me again in a few days."   He shrugged.   "Part of why I just may leave the European wizarding world once Snake Lips is gone, at least for a while."   Shaking his head, he looked at the twins.   "So, what's your decision?"

"Our worst problem is that we have name recognition now," Fred said.   "I know it's so …"

"…out of character for us to think …" George continued.

"… seriously, but this is our livelihood.   Pranking is serious business!"

"Well," Harry said slowly, "I have the feeling that the Weasley name is not going to help you much for a little while, if the Prophet is being honest right now.   You could always put up signs saying that you're changing your name.   'Great new name - same great taste' sort of thing."

"Yeah, but we haven't come up with anything that would work," Fred said.

"How about 'Marauder's Magical Mayhem'?" Harry asked with a grin.   "All you'd have to do is turn your sign upside-down, considering that all it has is three W's."

George snorted.   "Not quite how it works, but …"   He thought for a moment.   "Then again -"

"So, our apparently not so silent partner, do you recommend this?" Fred asked.

"You two are the ones with the head for business and pranks.   I don't care if I owned the entire business, it's your genius that got it moving."

Fred fidgeted a bit.   "Um, actually, as far as the Ministry and the goblins are concerned, we work for you.   All the money came from your Tri-Wizard winnings."

Harry scowled.   "This is your business!   Would it cause problems if I were to give it to you for Christmas?"

"Tax-wise?   Yeah," George said.   "I'm not worried about being your employee, though."

"Well, we'll talk about it later," Harry said.   "In the meantime, let us enjoy our Christmas together."   They moved the gathering into the ballroom, and the party got fully underway.


As the party broke up and the others drifted off to their bedrooms, three of the girls walked over to Harry while Luna finished talking with her father.

"We talked about entertainment for the night," murmured Pansy, "and Hermione, Susan, and I decided that it was time for you to entertain Luna.   If you don't mind, we could even watch."

Harry was astonished at just how aroused that thought made him.   He knew that someday he'd have to get used to it, but he hadn't expected it to be this soon.   "Has Luna been made aware of this decision?" he asked in a husky voice.

"What decision?" the girl in question asked as she walked over to the group, her father leaving the five students alone as he headed for bed.

"We were thinking that it was your turn to be ravished by our Sex God husband," Pansy said.   In response, Harry began doing over-the-top muscle poses.   There was one problem with this mini-prank, however.   In his own mind, he still saw himself as the scrawny eleven-year-old that had started Hogwarts.   He had grown since then and put on muscle in all the right places.   The girls were transfixed for a moment since he no longer tended toward loose clothing.

"Luna, if you don't take him to bed, I'm going to," Hermione said after a few moments of Harry's posing.   Her voice made it clear that she was contemplating the removal of his clothes right there in the hallway.

Harry blinked at this reaction but shook it off as he looked at Luna.   The woman was torn between letting Hermione have her way with him, or asserting herself.   His mind went back to a conversation nearly two months earlier, and he smiled. He crouched for a moment, and when he rose, she was over his shoulder.   Turning to look at what he could see of her, he murmured, "Gods, what a delightful arse."   Much louder, he said, "You're mine, wench, and I intend to have my way with you tonight."   He could hear her gasp, and it certainly sounded delighted to him.   He stalked toward the master bedroom, the others behind him.   As he approached it, he wordlessly opened it.   Stepping in, he cast a Cushioning Charm on the mattress for extra safety before walking to it and dropping her onto it.   She bounced once, giggling as she did, and he released the charm, following it quickly with a spell that made silk ribbons snake out from the bedposts and wrap around her wrists.   He smile inwardly as he heard the very faint moan escape the blonde's lips.

"Well, now I've got you where I want you, my beauty," he said quietly.   "And would you care to know something else?   There will be witnesses to what I'm going to do to you."   Luna's moan got louder, and it was by no means one of fear.

"Oh dear, I seem to have forgotten something in my haste to get you tied to the bed."   He reached over and gripped the edges of her blouse, near the buttons, and tore them apart violently.   The blouse ripped, sending buttons flying and exposing the lacy white brassiere that she wore.

"No, please," she suddenly cried out softly as Harry began to loom over her, and he suddenly exploded backwards off the bed, actually slamming up against the door fairly hard. She started at the sound and looked up, puzzled.   "Harry?   What happened?"

"I'm sorry Luna," he said with horror in his eyes.   "I never meant to … oh my God …"   He began to slide down the wall, curling in on himself with his arms coming over his legs.

"And that, boys and girls, is why safe words are important," Pansy murmured as she freed Luna from her restraints.   Luna leapt over to Harry and took hold of his arms.

"Harry!   Come out, please.   Please, love."   She pulled hard on his arms and surprised everyone by successfully opening his grasp.   He continued to fight to close his arms, but she pressed her body against his.   "Harry!"

His arms tightened around her.   When he realised that he was pulling her against himself, he stopped.   "Why, Luna?   I was … I'm no better than Draco!"

"No Harry," she said softly.   "We made a mistake, that's all.   I trust you, and all I was doing was getting into character."

"You need a word," Pansy interjected.   "A word you'd never say during sex.   Something like Voldemort or Azkaban or even kumquat."

"This is Luna," Susan mentioned around a smothered giggled.   "I can imagine her screaming out the word 'kumquat' in the throes of passion."

"Well, I'll be damned if Azkaban or Voldemort have anything to do with my sex life," Harry said quietly.   He held her at arm's length for a moment.   "I need to know.   You really weren't complaining?"

"I was getting involved with it, beloved.   Next time that we decide to do this, let's use the word 'kumquat' as our word to signify that one or the other should stop."   She shot a mock disparaging look at Susan.   "Despite scurrilous rumours to the contrary, I am not likely to scream 'kumquat' during an orgasm."   She paused for a beat before adding, "'Snorkack' maybe, but not kumquat."

Harry snorted.   "I can just see that.   You scream out, 'Snorkack!' and your father comes bursting into the room shouting, 'Where?   Where?'   Wouldn't that be an amusing end to a lovemaking session?"   He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.   "I'm sorry about what happened, Luna.   It's just that -"

"You have bad memories of what was done to you and were afraid that you were about to do the same to me," she replied.   "Hence 'kumquat'."

He grinned and waved his hand.   The buttons came back, and her shirt repaired itself.   Standing, he asked, "Mind if we start again?"   She looked shy for a moment before nodding, and he kissed her sweetly.   He looked into her eyes and then stood, helping her to her feet at the same time.   They smiled at each other, and he suddenly threw her over his shoulder and headed to the bed again.   Eyes twinkling, he turned his head and let his teeth graze her bum.   "My God, you're magnificent."   She went flying onto the bed, giggling as she sailed through the air, the Cushioning Charm once again protecting her as she hit.

The silk bonds once again tied her to the bed, but not too tightly, and he again ripped her blouse open - lovingly, if such a thing could be done in such a manner.   This time he let his fingers slide gently across her soft skin.   She was wearing a lacy bra, and he could feel his blood pulse insistently below his waist.   She was not what the average male would call beautiful, but those who bothered to look beneath the surface discovered a magnificent woman there.   And he had to admit that she really did fill out her clothes quite well.

His fingers teased the silky flesh he'd exposed, drawing moans from her.   He grinned and began to kiss the exposed skin, starting at her neck, drawing moans from her.   He kissed, nibbled, and dragged his tongue along her chest but not touching the bra.   He moved to below the bra and began to nibble the skin there.   As a moan escaped her lips again, he repositioned himself over her bra and took it in his teeth.   Letting a little magic escape, he bit through it between her breasts.   "Gods, I have wanted to do that so many times," he whispered.

"Glad to have granted your fantasy," she giggled in response.

"Shush, you," he murmured as he began to kiss and nibble on her breasts.   He finally relented when she was moaning and pleading with him and surrounded a nipple with his lips, intentionally grazing it with his teeth.   He bit perhaps a little harder than he would with one of the other girls, but the result was well worth the different approach.   She bucked beneath him, and he found himself wondering if she'd just orgasmed.   He repeated it and got a similar reaction, so he moved to the other nipple and actually received a sound that was somewhere between a scream and an extremely erotic groan.

He grinned and reached under her skirt, finding her knickers absolutely soaked.   He could even feel something as his fingers touched her opening through the cloth, and was fairly certain that he had made her come.   He slid his hands up to the waistband and let his magic flare again before tearing the damp knickers off.   "It's time, woman, that I take what's mine."

"Oh Morganna yes!" she whispered, almost sobbing.   "Always and forever it's yours."

He quickly undid his own clothing and raised her skirt.   She still had a small amount of hair, and he smiled.   He straddled her and placed the head of his shaft against her.   "Last chance, Luna.   This is the one time I'll never play act or anything."

"Please, beloved," she whispered.   "Make me your woman."   With that, he began to slide into her, getting surprisingly deep within her before feeling a slight pull.   With his second stroke inwards, their bodies met.   He kissed her roughly on the mouth and felt her respond with equal passion.   "Fuck me, Harry."

He needed no further urging and began to thrust into her in earnest.   She immediately began to rise to meet him on his in-thrusts.   Her unbridled passion brought the beast within him to the fore, and in short order their bodies were slapping together with Harry growling quietly with each erotic impact.   Suddenly Luna arched and lifted Harry from the bed completely as she began to release a keening wail.   He answered with a guttural howl and one final thrust as he gripped her hips tightly, small involuntary thrusts trying the impossible - to bury himself even deeper inside his blonde lover.

Finally, they both collapsed to the bed, and he absently vanished the restraints.   Her arms came around him, and she began to cry.   He looked alarmed for only a moment, and then relaxed as he realised that she was happy.   A few minutes later, he chuckled deep within his chest as he realised that she'd fallen asleep in his arms.   He followed her shortly after, absently noting the other ladies joining them and making them comfortable.


Harry staggered from the room before light began to come in the windows.   It was Christmas morning, and he wanted everything perfect.   He entered the kitchen to find Dobby and Winky hard at work.   "Happy Christmas, you two," he said brightly.

"Master Harry!" Dobby squeaked.   "We is almost ready, but breakfast is not being ready yet!   Dobby is sorry."

"Don't be.   I got up early on purpose.   I ask a lot of you two and want to help you in any way I can."   He remained silent as he watched Dobby and Winky confer with their eyes before Winky finally said, "We's not had time yet to set the table, Master Harry."   It was obvious that it had been a fight for her to allow this.

"Thank you, Winky.   I would never dream of trying to make you not work, but consider it my Christmas present to you that I will try to lessen your workload today, to let you enjoy the festivities as well.   You are part of my family as well."   He gave her a quick hug before setting to the task of preparing the table.

It was only a few minutes later that he heard someone say, "Now that's a wonderful sight."   He turned to see Remus leaning against the doorframe with quite a few of the other adults behind him.   "You were humming, Harry, and I can see the smile.   You're in a good mood, and I for one am glad to see it."

"Why shouldn't I be happy?   I have four women who are crazy enough to love me back, and I'm having my first ever Christmas with friends and family."   He paused.   "Well, first one that I can remember.   Last one, my most memorable word was likely, 'Goo.'"

"As I recall, it was 'Abba', which both parents claimed was you trying to refer to them.   Sirius tried to claim it was you trying to say 'Padfoot', and I simply said it was a sign of your music preference."   There was a sound behind Remus, and Harry looked to see Dorothy chuckling into her hands.   "Nice to see my Muggle Studies classes didn't go to waste," Remus finished.

Finally, Pansy, Luna, Susan and Hermione came downstairs, smiling widely.   "Thank you," Luna whispered as she hugged him good morning.   "Thank you for making my fantasy come true."

"It was my pleasure, beautiful," he whispered back.   He moved his head and kissed her gently on the lips, for which she sighed contentedly when the kiss broke.   This was repeated with the other the ladies, who also sighed as their kiss ended.

For Harry, this Christmas was a day not for giving or receiving, although there was plenty of both for everyone.   (The Grangers were just starting to understand what it meant to be adding someone who was both love-starved and extremely wealthy to their family.)   He was found with the hint of tears in his eyes throughout the day, each time looking in at the happy gathering amassed in his home.

"I'm sorry," Albus said that evening.   He had shown up at some point during the afternoon.   "It is only in retrospect that I see how badly I have done by you by not paying closer attention to your living conditions."

Harry turned to him and smiled.   "Then again sir, if you had, things might have ended up differently, and I might be engaged to Ginny Weasley right now.   Instead, I have four women who have shown me what real love is who are waiting to be able to marry me.   If I could, I'd marry them today."

"Why can't you?" Albus asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Well, for one thing, we've done nothing to properly set up for a wedding.   They have their engagement rings, but no wedding rings.   No wedding dresses.   And … well, I want their weddings to be memorable, sir, not some thing just thrown together on the spur of the moment.   They deserve a wedding that will live forever in their memories as the most special day of their lives."

Pansy walked up behind him.   "Harry, I'll be marrying the only man not already part of my immediate family that I'd lay down my life for without thinking about it.   It's not wedding dresses and cakes and other things that make the day precious.   I'd marrying you naked, if it meant that I'd go to bed tonight as Mrs. Potter."

"No naked weddings," Susan giggled.   "Harry would be consummating the marriage before the 'I do' was finished."

"She knows me so well," Harry laughed quietly.   "Seriously, though.   Don't all women want the big wedding with the white gown and everything?"

"Not all women," Pansy said softly.   "All I've ever wanted for my wedding was a man who loves me.   And despite everything I've earned so far, I've found that exactly that.   I'd marry you this very instant, no extra ring or anything, Harry."   Tears sprang to her eyes.   "I could die happy if it was as Mrs. Potter."

"Preferably after watching our great-grandchildren enter Hogwarts," he said into her hair as he hugged her tightly.   "And I argue about you having earned worse," he whispered into her ear.   "Shakespeare said something like, 'Give each man his due, and who would escape a whipping?'   We've all done things that earn us a little time in Hell.   I love you, and that's that."

"I like that idea," Susan said, not having heard Harry's quiet addition to Pansy.   "Dying peacefully in my sleep after a long life with the man and women that I love, after watching all our great-grandchildren leave Hogwarts."   Her eyes sparkled, letting everyone know that she had intentionally changed Harry's statement.

"But what about a big wedding?" Harry said.

Hermione looked around.   "I think we have everyone we'd really trust to invite anyway, right here.   Do you want a big wedding?   All I've ever wanted since I was old enough to understand it was to walk down the aisle and bind myself to the love of my life.   The only thing I got wrong is that it happens to be plural.   I could be happy standing here right now and saying 'I do' to the four of you."   She met Harry's eyes.   "The big expensive wedding means nothing if I'm not marrying the right one, or ones, as the case happens to be."

Luna simply said, "They speak for me, Harry.   When you're ready, I stand ready."

He paused for a moment before saying, "Well, Headmaster?   Do you know someone capable of marrying us before the day is out?"

"Why, I believe that I do," Albus responded.   "It just so happens that I know the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot.   I believe that he stands ready to perform such a ceremony at your convenience."

Harry shook his head.   "Well, since I am outnumbered on this, and am not stupid enough to fight something that I really want, I think that we should meet down here again in about an hour.   That gives us all enough time to get dressed in something nice.   Sound good to you?"   His answer was to hear a four person "Squee!" that left him hugged mightily and abandoned to the adults a moment later.

Once they were out of the way, he walked to the kitchen and sat down.   Closing his eyes, he concentrated, and the rest of the people could feel power building.   Suddenly, the two chests that he and Susan had pulled from Gringotts sat on the table before him.   He opened them and began to sift through them but quickly scowled.   "Not good enough," he muttered, not seeing both Remus and Albus look at each other with eyebrows raised.   Some of the jewellery in the chests could be sold to make a significant down payment on a mansion.

Harry closed his eyes and began to concentrate again.   In very short order, those who were watching were forced to leave the room simply because of the feeling of immense pressure within the room.   Several moments later, the feeling went away, disappearing as if all the air in the room had simply disappeared.   As they re-entered, they found a tired Harry looking at five simple rings of an almost white substance.

Albus walked forward and examined them with his eyes, and suddenly stood and staggered back.   "Gracious!" he exclaimed.   "If I did not see it myself, I might not believe it."

Harry looked up.   "None of the rings in the chests were good enough, so I had to make them.   I figured it would be easier on me to make them all at one go, rather than one at a time.   Now, I just need to make them automatically resize to the finger they're going on, and add a few protective spells …"

"Might I be permitted to do that, Harry?" Albus Dumbledore asked.   Harry nodded and headed up to the master bedroom to get ready.


After Harry had exited the room, Remus looked at Albus and asked, "What had you so surprised?"

"Look carefully at the five wedding rings that our young friend has created and tell me why I was so surprised."

Remus looked carefully at the rings.   They were definitely metal, but he'd never seen metal like this before.   It resembled platinum, but the colour was off slightly.   He pulled his wand and cast a few simple information spells over them.   The result made his eyes widen.   "How … this metal … what did he do?"

"I believe that our soon-to-be-married man has read Tolkien.   My suspicion is that he has just invented mithril.   Did you note the material's willingness to accept spells?"

"I couldn't get past the fact that it radiates how magical it is to be honest, sir."

"Understandable."   Albus opened his mouth to speak again but heard thundering feet coming down the stairs.

Harry burst into the room.   "Forgot something important," he gasped out.   "Remus, I need a best man."

"Looking for suggestions?" the werewolf replied, eyes sparkling with mirth.

"Prat," Harry replied with a laugh.   "Since Dad and Sirius aren't around, I can't think of anyone better to stand in their place.   Please?"

Remus scowled at him, but his eyes were twinkling madly.   "It's bad enough you hit me with the pathos card, but then you do puppy-dog eyes at me?   That's rather unfair, Harry!"

"You'll do it, though?" Harry asked impudently.

Remus pulled Harry into a hug.   "Of course I will, under the understanding that I'm simply standing in James's stead, okay?"

Harry laughed after returning the hug and headed back upstairs to finish getting ready.   Remus shook his head in wonder.   "For someone who … this is proof of what these women are to him.   Look at how he feels right now.   I know that he hasn't forgotten what the Board of Governors did to him and Amelia.   But -"

"He's acting this way because our daughters give him a sense that everything will turn out for the best," Lawrence Lovegood interjected.   He'd been quiet, watching the others interact and watching the way that his daughter lit up around the other four.   He'd known for years that she acted oddly around others.   It was her defense mechanism.   He supposed that his newspaper and its odd articles didn't help matters any either.   His belief in some of the odd things certainly didn't.   "From what I understand, the previous six years were passable.   His friendship with Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger helped him through the worst of the problems.   Then Ronald managed to pull Miss Granger away for a time, and he had Miss Weasley to help him, supplemented by Miss Parkinson here."

"Please, sir, I'll be your daughter-in-law soon.   You should probably get used to calling me Pansy," she interrupted, drawing attention to her presence in the room.  

Dumbledore smoothly removed the rings from view.

"Only if you call agree to call me Lawrence, or maybe come up with some pet name for me.   It can even be flattering," he said with a smile, which drew a laugh.   "As I was saying though, the presence of the two of them helped him through a period when he was deprived of his original support.   His worst period, likely, was the three weeks during which no one his age was available due to the Weasley treachery."

"Even that was probably helped a little bit by my not pulling a Weasley and declaring him wrong immediately," Hermione interjected as she walked back into the room.   "At the time, I simply could not believe that Charlie and Bill would do that, but I also couldn't believe that Harry would either.   He asked me to sit on the fence, so I did."   Her face fell.   "And then I did nothing, expecting the truth to just drop itself into my lap, gift-wrapped."

"The four of you have done wonders for the young man," Lawrence said, "and what the four of you have done for my daughter is beyond price.   She has never been this happy before, and there is no way I can ever thank you enough for that."

"I never thought that I could fall in love with one woman, let alone three," Hermione said.   "Her happiness means everything to us as well, sir … Lawrence."

"And we'll all be deliriously happy in a few more minutes," Luna added quietly, "after we pledge ourselves to each other."


The ceremony was simple, but no less profound for its simplicity.   Harry's wives all gasped when they saw the rings, and as they all pledged to each other, a flare went from ring to ring, until they had formed a pentacle.   "Truly, this union is blessed," Albus said.   "I have never seen such a thing in my lifetime, nor read of it.   But I can say with surety that it is good."

The five came together and kissed, and a bright white flash filled the room, filling all present with hope and happiness.   When their vision cleared, they found Harry and the others holding hands, the bright line from each ring to the other four still a brilliant gold.

"I can feel you four," Pansy said in wonder.   She looked at each of them and burst into tears.   "I never …   You can say it all you want, but …"

"Maybe now you'll believe me," Hermione said, kissing Pansy sweetly.   "I told you that I love you."

"Now maybe you four can truly feel what it is that you mean to me," Harry said softly.   "Why my life was worth nothing when the Malfoys tried what they did."   He kissed each of them softly.   "My beloved wives," he said, his voice nearly breaking with emotion.

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Author Notes:

Next chapter we begin to find out exactly what is happening with the Weasley family.