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Harry finally returned to Number 12 Grimmauld Place a very happy man.   "Remus my good man," he said with a wide grin, "we have three - count 'em, three - rings to buy tomorrow.   Hermione decided to use the one that the Scum Brothers convinced Ginny was for Pansy."   He paused.   "Did that make sense at all?   Never mind.   She accepted the white gold and ruby ring as her engagement ring, so I just need to pick rings for the other three ladies.   Then we need to figure out when the wedding will take place.   I think that will have to be a group decision.   Is it before or after I defeat Voldemort and all his lackeys?"

He bounced over to Tonks and hugged her.   "Have I told you recently that you are a beautiful woman and that Remus is a very lucky man to be in love with you?"   He kissed her cheek and sped away, leaving behind a rather bemused Auror with her hand on the cheek he'd just kissed.

As he approached Amelia, she said with a large smile, "No, Mr. Potter, tell us how you really feel," which made him laugh.

"Do you have a few weeks?" he asked in reply.   "Seriously, though, knowing that they are all alive and in fairly good shape," he stopped to wiggle his eyebrows suggestively, "well, that puts me in a good mood, to be honest."   He looked around.   "Where's Susan?"

"Your fiancée went up to the master suite," was Amelia's response.

He stopped his bouncing and looked at her squarely, his demeanour suddenly very serious.   "Madam Bones, would you prefer that I find a different room tonight, since she is currently in what is usually my bedroom?   Just say the word, and I will have Dobby and Winky set me up with any other room in this household."

The head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement put her hands on his shoulders and said, "It's Amelia.   Were it any other young man, I'd have … well, no actually, if you were any other young man, we wouldn't be here having this conversation, because Susan wouldn't have given her heart to anyone else."   She let go of his shoulders but stayed close to him.   "Susan and I have an honest relationship, Harry.   I'm as much her mother as I am her aunt, and we talk about all the things her mother should be here to talk to her about.   She told me about that day in the middle of September; how a young man who was rather obvious in his interest in her carefully pushed her from the room rather than take what was offered."   She smiled.   "You sealed your fate that day with those ladies, you know.   To answer your question - I cast the Contraceptive Charm on her myself.   We have always been open with each other about affairs of the heart, and she convinced me that you are honourable.   I knew your heart's decision in the matter the day I saw you with Miss Parkinson and the way you looked at the other three, whether or not you were aware of what your heart had decided."   With a shrug she added, "Besides, you're both seventeen.   You're adults, remember?"

"I know, but I - well, family is very important, and I wouldn't want to be the reason for you losing any respect for your niece."   He shrugged somewhat shyly.

"And that attitude is exactly why I gained respect for her.   She has magnificent taste in men.   You are the only man I would ever do this for.   Go.   You both need this.   You embraced Death earlier today, now go celebrate Life."

Harry pulled her into a tight hug.   "Thank you, Aunt Amelia," he said softly.


He walked slowly up the stairs, finding himself a little worried about what he might find in the master bedroom.   Would she be asleep?   Would she be waiting for him?   He reached the door to the room and stood nervously for a second before softly knocking on the door.   "Who is it?" he heard Susan ask from the other side.

Definitely awake, he thought.   "It's Harry," he answered simply.

The door opened.   "It's your bedroom, silly.   You don't need to knock."   Harry barely heard her, though, because of what she wore.

Susan stood before him in the same outfit she had worn that day in September - pale pink hi-leg knickers and a short, skin-tight tank top that made obvious just how prominent the girl's nipples could be.   At the moment, extremely prominent.   "Don't they hurt?" was the first thing that he blurted out.

She blinked in response before suddenly laughing.   With a sultry look, she asked, "If I said yes, would you kiss them and make them feel better?"

This finally broke him from his shock, and he shook his head, smiling.   "I will kiss anything you want me to, my lady."   His eyes twinkled.   "That reminds me.   Didn't your aunt say that you'd bruised your bum?"

Her own eyes sparkled.   "So if I was to tell you to kiss my arse -"

He snapped to attention and saluted her.   "Yes, ma'am!   Immediately, ma'am!"   He relaxed and pulled her close to him hugging her tightly.   "All kidding aside, Susan - whatever you want tonight is yours.   If you just want to sleep, then we sleep.   If you want to make love until the sun comes up, I'll endeavour to stay up all night.   And I don't mean just staying awake."

"I know some of those spells, if you really want to, Harry, but I simply want to be held by you, and make love to you if you're willing."

He raised his eyebrows in disbelief.   "If I'm willing?" he asked, then let his hands slide down her body to her shapely rear end and pulled her even tighter to him.   "If I'm willing?"   He slid his hands up slightly and then under the waistband and back down to where they'd been before.   "I have every intention of slipping these knickers off of you and kissing every square centimetre below your waist."   He felt her knees shiver slightly.   "You might want to be on the bed for that, love."

"Is this real?" she asked.   "Am I really finally going to make love to you, Harry?"   Her voice contained such raw emotion, such happiness, that his eyes stung for a moment.

"I'm finally going to stop torturing the both of us, Susan.   I'll try to show you just what you mean to me, as well as what you do to me."   With that, he slid his hands up and gently grasped the waistband and pulled down, slowly exposing one of the areas he has been fantasising about for these past few months.   He was somewhat amused to discover that she was clean shaven.

"Simple charm," she answered a little breathily.   "Easily reversible too."

"I'll leave that up to you.   I definitely know you're female, and I don't care if your red hair is natural or a charm, or where you have hair." He knelt in front of her, then leaned forward and kissed the hairless area gently.   "I'm not in love with your hair, I'm in love with the one wearing it."   He kissed her again and then slid her knickers to the floor quickly before grasping her rear and kissing her pubic area more forcefully.   "Shall we retire to the bed?" he asked.   "If I do what I want to, your knees are likely to give out."

She smiled and nodded.   He was amused to note that her breathing was already quite fast.   He stood quickly and swept her into his arms.   "I look forward to doing this on our wedding night."

"The carrying or the lovemaking?" she giggled.

"Yes," he answered as he placed her on the bed.   As he knelt again, he carefully cast a charm that he was fairly certain that she'd enjoy, and his tongue extended to about six inches past his lips.   Grinning widely, he began to tease her opening gently with his longer tongue, make her writhe and squeak.   He began to push in deeper, starting to draw moans from her.   Soon, his lips were against her, and his tongue was doing the writhing.

She groaned and squealed as he used his tongue in place of his cock, thrusting into her.   He found himself somewhat worried after he'd started that this had probably been a bad idea.   No way I can live up to what I'm doing to her right now.   Ah well, making her happy is the thing.   And am I tasting strawberry?

He knew he found her G spot when she let loose with a noise that he couldn't classify, other than to note that she'd somehow panted and squealed at the same time.   He began to 'torture' it with the tip of his tongue and toyed with it mercilessly, making her actually bounce on the bed.     Suddenly she arched her back, and the fact that her legs were over his shoulders at the moment meant that only her head and arms were touching the sheets.   Her hands clenched so tightly on the bedclothes that he was certain that they'd rip.   Her pussy spasmed against his tongue, and he could taste her even stronger as her own release flowed across it.   While not the flood of fluids that some of the things that Dudley had left around seemed to indicate would happen, it was an impressive reaction, and Harry gladly did what he could to keep it from dampening the sheets.   Since his tongue was still inside her, this meant that she couldn't really come down completely.

He finally stopped trying to keep her orgasming and pulled his tongue out, wandlessly cancelling the spell on his tongue.   She gasped for a while before finally managing to speak.   "You have got to teach Luna and the others that spell, Harry!   Dear Merlin that was intense!   If that's how you are with your tongue, then I may not survive when your cock is inside me."

"You may find yourself disappointed," he said softly.   "That part of the anatomy isn't prehensile, like my tongue is."

She sat up and pulled him closer to her.   "Harry, you'll be making love to me.   Things don't need to move interestingly to make it enjoyable."   She bit her lower lip.   "Since we're moving in that direction anyway …"

He smiled at her and stood.   Her lower lip quivered as she stared lustfully at the bulge in his trousers.   As she reached to release him from durance vile, he noticed something that made him start to laugh quietly.   As she followed his eyes, her own widened as she looked at her breasts.   Her shirt had apparently given up on the task of hiding her nipples, and they had torn through the fabric.   At the moment, the fabric almost perfectly framed her areolas, which were fully distended, looking for all the world as if someone had bisected a handball and placed it beneath the flesh that surrounded her nipples.   Those were equally large, as thick and long as Harry's thumb.

"I'll repair the shirt later," he murmured.

"Oh no you won't," she said with a smile.   "I'm going to fix the shirt as it is, to commemorate the day that my husband to be made me rip through my shirt, he was so good."

"Hope you've got more of that style shirt though," he said back to her.   "I rather enjoy the way it both hides and accentuates your body.   It loses a little something if it fully shows off what I so dearly wish to see."   She blushed fiercely in reply.

"Now, where were we?" he asked as he finished undoing his trousers, letting them drop to the floor.   He stood rampant, his boxer shorts hiding nothing.   She pulled them down quickly, and peeled her shirt over her head.

"Make love to me, Harry.   Possess me.   Make me yours."   She pulled him down onto the bed with her, where he repositioned himself to kiss her face.   "Mmm, strawberry," she said with a throaty giggle that sent a shiver through him.   "Do you like the potion that Hermione made for the four of us?   Each of us had a dosage, and each of us put a bit of ourselves into our dose.   It changed the way we taste, since not everyone likes the way a woman normally tastes."

"You always did remind me of strawberries, Susan, but now I'm going to end up with a raging hard-on every time the house-elves serve them at school," he laughed softly during his reply.

"I promise to help you deal with it," she whispered in a voice with only one aim in mind.  

Growling softly, he complied, pressing gently against her opening and sliding in quickly.   Given how hard she'd been coming, he wasn't the slightest bit surprised that she was so well lubricated.

He slid into her in one slow movement with her groaning loudly at the end.   "Please, Harry, I know you can make me come as many times as you want - don't torture me.   Please?"

"I'm not trying to torture you, love.   I want you to enjoy yourself."

She hugged him tightly with every muscle she had, and he groaned.   "I want you to lose complete control.   I don't want you to just come in me, I want you to explode - to empty your soul into me.   I want to lose track of where I end and you begin."

He smiled for a moment as he pulled back and then began to thrust in earnest.   She bucked her hips to meet him, and they were soon meeting with some force.   She began to grunt with each thrust, and he could feel her starting to pulse against his cock.   With a feral grin, he increased his speed, and the grunts became cries.   He finally met her one last time with a resounding slapping as their bodies met. He felt himself twitching, and then he spilled into her.   Their eyes met, and he felt himself falling.   It wasn't Legilimency, he knew that much, it was much older, and much more primal.   He truly understood what it meant to share a soul with someone.

He didn't know how long they lay there entwined in each other, but eventually they returned to their senses.   "My goodness, Harry," she half breathed and half giggled, "I didn’t know it had been that long.   I may slosh when I get up!"   He blushed but laughed as well.

"I … my God, I didn't know just how much I loved you until … there are no words for it, Susan."   He could feel tears coming to his eyes - not of sadness, but simply from the sheer power of the emotion he was feeling.

"You don't need words, Harry."   She hugged him tightly for a moment before exclaiming, "Whoops!   Better let me up, Harry.   I need to hit the loo."   He quickly rolled off her and let her climb to her feet, where she shot into the bathroom.   He stood as well and followed at a more leisurely pace, waiting for her to exit.

"You know, we got awfully sweaty in that bed.   I think we ought to shower before going to bed."   He grinned at her and wiggled his eyebrows lasciviously.

"And what were you thinking of, Mr. Potter?" she purred at him in a voice that made full use of the lower of the octaves that she could reach.   She was stunned to find herself pressed up against the nearby bookcase a moment later with Harry's hand gently rubbing her slit. He was obviously taking great care to find her clitoris, which he did almost immediately.   "Oh to hell with this - just fuck me Harry!" she pleaded.

"As my lady commands," he replied with a grin.   He pressed her against the case and positioned himself properly.   As he slid in, her legs came up and wrapped around his waist as best she could, while his hands grasped her shapely rear end tightly but not painfully.   Surprisingly, this was a very rapid orgasm for both of them, and he found that she seemed to squeal when she came.   He certainly wasn't going to complain about it, what with the interesting thrill that shot down his spine and directly into his groin every time he heard it.

They eventually made it in for a shower, where Harry chose to kiss her bruises away, and verify for himself that she did, in fact, taste like strawberries.   This led to her being pressed against the glass wall of the shower but not before a wandless Cushioning Charm could be cast.   Finally, they staggered out to the bed where they fell in, cuddling each other as they slid into sleep.


The next morning Harry awoke to find himself already inside Susan, although she seemed to still be asleep.   He was fairly close to release but was able to hold off until her own impending release woke her, at which point he exploded within her.

"Feel free to wake me like that any morning you want to!" she panted at him when she could finally speak.

"I woke up to find out I was on autopilot, apparently."   At her puzzled look, he simply said, "Later.   Now, we should probably shower and get dressed for the day.   I need to buy engagement rings for three very beautiful and sexy women."   He kissed her gently.

Susan climbed from the bed and stretched, giggling when she realised that she had Harry's completely attention.   His face held a look of wonderment, with not a little desire mixed in.   "I'd have made a joke about where I fall in this if you're buying rings for beautiful women, but you might take me seriously and start to apologise."

"I'm still learning about being in love," he said honestly, climbing out of the bed himself.   It was his turn to be amused as he saw her look of wonder.   "Can we agree that we're both the luckiest people in the world?"   She nodded with a shy blush.

He murmured "Tempus," and the time 8:23 am, December 22, 1997 appeared in the air before him.   "Still early enough.   You take your shower first," he said, adding after a short pause, "love."   Her face lit up, and he decided that if he received nothing else this season from her, he'd gotten the greatest present of them all - her happiness.

"We could save water and shower together," she said impishly, turning away and seductively looking over her shoulder.

He looked longingly at her before biting his lower lip and saying, "We need to get out of the house today, Susan.   We probably wouldn't if I did that."

"Can't blame a girl for trying," she replied as she walked in to shower, swinging her hips a little more than usual.

"Rain check," he called out.   "Definitely another time."   He quickly gathered clothes together and then headed in to wait for her to step from the shower.   When she did, she stepped into a large fluffy towel that he wrapped around her.

"Oh, Harry," she suddenly sniffled.   She threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly.   "I don't think I'll ever be able to say what that sort of thing means to me."

"Your smile is all I need," he replied.   "Now you go out and dry off, I'll shower quickly, and then come out and deal with your hair."   She looked at him curiously.   "I'm joining the retinue of people dealing with everyone's hair.   You four take care of each other, why shouldn't I join in?   After all, I'm marrying you four."   She blinked at him for a moment.   "What, you think I'm marrying you four to gain house elves or something?" he asked with an impudent smile.   She hugged him again, and he stepped into the shower.

He stepped out a few minutes later into the main room of the master suite to find her still nude, starting to run a brush through her hair.   He smiled into the mirror she was facing and walked over to her, taking the brush from her hands and starting the process of pulling it gently through her long hair.   He was surprised to find just how long it had gotten - it currently fell to her mid-back.

As the brush slid through the thick mane, he grinned as he heard her start to purr.   He stole a glance into the mirror and saw that she had her eyes closed, to enjoy the experience all the more.   He applied just a touch of magic to the process, and her hair began to dry at a slightly quickened pace.   He   thought for a few moments as he fell into the rhythm of brushing her hair and added a little extra magic to ensure that his drying wouldn't break or crack her hair, conditioning it as he worked.

Finally he stopped and watched her open her eyes.   She gasped to find that her hair almost seemed to glow, and he leaned in to kiss her neck.   "I love you, Harry," she whispered, her eyes bright with unshed tears.

"I love you, too, Susan.   I look forward to the next hundred years."   He hugged her tightly and whispered to himself, "What I could have lost if I hadn't gotten my head out of my arse -"

"You wouldn't have lost us, Harry.   We're yours and would have stayed with you no matter what.   Besides, you were damaged by that bitch of a Weasley.   We understood."

"Which bitch?" he asked quietly.   "It's not like Ginny didn't learn it from somewhere."

Susan laughed, stood and turned to face him.   "Point taken.   Now we both need to dress and head downstairs."   She walked over to an armoire and opened it to reveal some clothes.   "Since I'm staying here until you return to Hogwarts, I decided that I needed some clothe here."   She pulled out a soft-looking sweater and a knee-length skirt, then grabbed socks and shoes.   As Harry slid on boxers, he noticed that she didn't seem to be pulling out underwear of her own.

"Um, Susan?" he asked, trying to figure out how to phrase it without offending her.

"I know.   I want you to sneak a feel here and there, and when possible, a nice hard quick one wouldn't be amiss.   Safer just not to wear underwear today, rather than leave bra and knickers somewhere in Diagon Alley."   She gave him a smile that had him poking through his boxers in nothing flat.   "Friends with benefits, Harry.   One of the benefits is discovering my adventurous side that only the other three girls know all about."

He looked stunned, and found himself feeling a little hurt.   It must have showed on his face, because she began to look puzzled.   "Friends?   I thought we were more than that," he said.

Comprehension dawned on her face.   "I'll be marrying one of my best friends, Harry - possibly all of them, if they agree."   He felt his own face relax into a wide smile.   "I'm sorry, Harry.   I didn't realise how that might sound."

"I'll try to learn to actually talk with you ladies, and we'll learn to avoid these things where I take something wrong.   You're right, though - I'm marrying the four best friends that I have in the entire world."  He pulled her into a hug.   "And if that means I get to make love to you, then that's a benefit beyond imagining."   He ran his hands along the sweater, finding it to be as soft as it looked, and then slid his hands under the material and cupped her breasts.   "Hard as diamonds," he whispered as he teased his thumbs across her nipples.

"You make them that way, Harry," she moaned.

With an evil grin, he disengaged and said, "Well, time for breakfast.   Shall we go downstairs?"

She bit her lower lip.   "You'll pay for that.   I'm going to make you so hard you'll be able to drive railroad spikes with your cock."

"Around you ladies, that's nothing new," he replied, letting the feelings he had for her come into his eyes for a moment.   "I promise you you'll get that quickie sometime, even if it's in the vault at Gringott's."   She gasped and began to chew on the lip she'd been biting.   He swept her off her feet and carried her downstairs to the kitchen, first making sure that he had her skirt captured between her legs and his arm, lest she flash everyone in the kitchen.

He set her on her feet at the table, then pulled a chair for her to sit in.   She blushed and sat daintily, smiling widely at him.   He turned to make breakfast and found Amelia, Tonks, and Remus looking at them with amusement.   Remus slid two bowls toward them.   "Not much, just eggs and bacon.   We'll get some toast ready, if you'd like."

"Sounds like an idea," Harry said.   "And while we're eating, maybe somebody can finally explain to me just what the fu … hell happened at the school?"

There was silence around the table for a moment, before Amelia asked, "Do you promise not to go off half-cocked and attempt to deal with people on your own?"

"Ah, you have suspects," he replied.   He closed his eyes for a moment before opening them and asking, "Answer me this - were Crabbe and Goyle involved?"

"I'm not answering until you promise not to take the law into your own hands," Amelia said tightly.

"On the condition that if the courts decide to let them walk away without punishment, I get to at least scare the hell out of them.   No cold-blooded murder, but I reserve the right to defend myself."

Amelia thought for a long moment before saying, "Crabbe and Goyle were involved, and we know that others were, too, but they aren't saying who."

"Malfoy will kill them if they implicate any of the other Death Eaters in the school," Harry said quietly.   "Are there any suspicions as to whom the other people involved were?   There have to have been others involved, if only because Crabbe and Goyle need watchers to make sure they get everything done right.   Or anything at all, for that matter.   Malfoy is implicated by the fact that those two never even breathe without his approval, plus it fits with that article that Narcissa the-soon-to-be-nameless wrote to overlay on the real article.   Since neither Momma or Baby Ferret were at the school that we know of, that means that they have a crony, most likely another Slytherin, since it would be easiest for Draco to contact another Slytherin without drawing attention."

"We think the most likely suspect to be Blaise Zabini," Amelia replied.

"Don't know her," he replied.

"That's because she's a he," Susan chuckled.   "That black student in your Potions classes - tall, very quiet, looks like he knows more than everyone else?   That's him."   Harry nodded.   "As for what happened, the article that Auntie told me about likely would have been true if not for Luna.   We were walking back from Hagrid's hut, and we were just about to approach the doors when a large chunk of stonework - and when I say large, I mean large enough to crush the four of us into a single paste-y goo - a large chunk of stone fell off the castle."

"Sabotage," Harry said immediately.   "I refuse to believe that a thousand year old castle that has never had that sort of problem before suddenly is starting to fall apart."

"That's what I thought too," Amelia said.   "We were right.   Just a matter of finding the wands that cast the severing charm on the stone."

"Anyway, Luna … she must have heard it or something, because suddenly she was tackling me as she sideswiped the other two, and we fell just as the stone shattered behind us.   I'll bet she didn't tell you that a chunk of stonework knocked her unconscious."

"No, she didn't."   He thought.   "It's a good thing, too.   I'd have … you know, I don't know what I would have done, but I know it wouldn't have been good for my psyche.   That woman is brilliant, I realise that now."   He smiled a soft smile.   "How did I get so damned lucky as to get any one of you into my life, let alone all four of you?"

"The Universe owes you," Susan said simply.   "Personally, I don't see myself as this great catch   I defer to your judgement on that, though, since I know how lucky I am to be marrying you, and I'll bet you think that you're not that special."

"I'm not."

"Harry, you are the epitome of the hero.   You are kind, noble, honest, horny … uh, well, that last one may not be a heroic attribute, but it's one I enjoyed last night," her eyes twinkling with mirth.

He shook his head.   "One track mind," he said, sticking out his tongue.

"Don't do that unless you're going to use it for our mutual pleasure," Susan replied impishly.

"Now, or should I allow you some recovery time?" Harry asked, blushing furiously.

"I can wait," she purred.   Everyone at the table was surprised when the piece of bacon Harry was holding exploded into flames.   "Wow!   I knew you thought I was hot, but … wow!"

"It's that wandless stuff I've been doing all year.   Remember, you have no bruises anymore, since I kissed them all away."

"Including the ones on her bum?" Tonks asked with a leering grin.

"Especially those," Harry replied with a faraway smile.   He shook his head.   "Well, Remus and I need to go out to do a little shopping.   Care to come with us, Susan?"   When he saw the impish look reappear in her eyes, he knew he'd said the wrong thing.

"I'll come with you," she growled seductively, "but I think Tonks might have a problem if I tried to come with Professor Lupin."

He wisely kept silent while everyone laughed at his blush - even Remus, who had his own surprised blush.


While Remus, Tonks, Susan and Harry headed off to Diagon Alley, Amelia Bones decided that it was time to make a visit to Narcissa and her son.   She grabbed Kingsley Shacklebolt from the Ministry and briefed him on their mission.   He grinned at the deviousness of it.

It wasn't so much that the spell that Amelia intended to use was unknown, it was that it was under a modified Fidelius Charm.   Only the three people who were Secret Keepers could tell anyone of the existence of the spell.   Even if Cornelius Fudge did know of the spell, he couldn't even begin to warn Lucius Malfoy or his family of its existence.

Amelia Flooed Narcissa Malfoy.   "Mrs. Malfoy?"

"Yes, Director Bones?   How may I help you?"

"We have a rather nasty and particularly vicious hoax having been perpetrated on someone that the Ministry is keeping an eye on, and this someone decided to try to implicate you."

"I can't believe that you would believe that I might be involved in something so childish!" Narcissa replied, beginning to work herself into a proper state.

"I didn't say that I did.   However, since it is an investigation, I was wondering if I could come over to do a preliminary interview with both you and your son.  Routine sort of thing, and then assuming everything checks out, my associate and I can be on our way.   I'd be surprised if we took even an hour of your time, Mrs. Malfoy."

Narcissa thought for a moment, and Amelia was fairly certain that she wasn't aware of the sly smile that began to grace her features.   "By all means, Madam Bones.   Feel free to drop by.   I'll have one of our elves meet you outside at the Apparation point for Malfoy Manor."

"Auror Shacklebolt and I will be along in just a few minutes.   Until then, Mrs. Malfoy."   The connection closed, and Amelia cast several extra charms just to ensure that the connection was completely closed.   "The look she got one her face tells me she was involved, and that she expects to get away with it.   I'll record the wand signatures while you perform the Priori Incantatem."   He nodded, and they Apparated to Malfoy Manor.

A few minutes later, they were in the study, where both Narcissa and her son sat.   Both their wands sat on a nearby table.   "Ma'am," Kingsley said quietly, and received the barest of nods.

"As you know, Mrs. Malfoy, we need to check out these rumours.   The easiest way is simply to check your wands with Priori Incantatem.   Auror Shacklebolt will perform the operation while I verify that nothing untoward is done during the examination.   This protects both you and us."

"I understand," Narcissa said with a slight smile.   "I believe the phrase that I have heard used is 'by the book'?"

"Exactly," Amelia responded.   "Kingsley, if you would?"

Kingsley Shacklebolt picked up the wands and perform the spell, displaying a Wrapping Charm from Draco's and an Illusion Charm from Narcissa's.   Ameilia's eye sparkled slightly.   "An illusion was used in the hoax.   For the sake of the investigation -"

Before she could finish, Narcissa chuckled with little humour.   "Consider the season, Madam Bones."

Amelia nodded.   "Understood, and were it not for certain other evidence that you have given us, Mrs. Malfoy, I'd easily have to accept that as the excuse.   On the other hand, your wand was the one that cast the illusions on the early copy of the Daily Prophet that was sent to Harry Potter, and it turns out that your son's wand was involved with the incident that led to the original article being written in the first place.   I can guarantee in your case that a fine at the very least will be levied once the Wizengamot sees the evidence, and your son is looking at spending some quality time with his father.   We already have two of the conspirators and are closing in on a third."

"You cannot prove your ridiculous allegations," Narcissa said haughtily.   "You will be hearing from my lawyer.   I would make certain, were I you, that you have the things in your office packed.   You will not be there for much longer."

"You do that quite well, but bluster is all that you have.   Our proof is incontrovertible.   But by all means contact your lawyer - perhaps he can help you lessen that already significant fine you'll be facing.   In the meantime …"   She quickly had the two in custody, before Draco could even twitch toward his wand.

She was actually whistling an hour later as they finished the paperwork on the two Malfoys that were now in custody.


Remus, Harry and Susan appeared at the Diagon Alley Apparation point, all smiling.   "Gringotts first, right Harry?" the werewolf asked.

"Yup.   Need money, and besides, since I have access to the Potter and Black vaults, maybe I can find a ring in there that makes Susan say, 'Take me now, sub-creature!' and I'll end up saving some money."   He grinned impudently at her.

"You don't need the ring to make me want to say that," she said in the voice she'd recently discovered affected him the fastest.

"Do you really want the world to see that we're coupled?" he groaned.

Remus snorted.   "That was not the way you wanted to say that, I think," he said through his laughter.   "Thank Merlin I wasn't drinking anything."

"I meant exactly what I said, Remus.   She knows what that voice does to me after last night."   She smirked at him as he took her into his arms.   "You were a little surprised to find yourself against that bookcase."

"Given what you were doing to me, I didn't care after about three seconds," she replied, kissing his lips gently.

They left the Apparation point and were immediately accosted by the glares of the wizarding public.   Susan began to shrink slightly as the open hostility hit her, but Harry put his arm around her and said in a slightly louder than conversational tone, "Don't let them bother you, Susan.   These are the same idiots who will be singing my praises the next time the Daily Prophet needs me to be the saviour of the wizarding world."

"What are you and your slut doing out amongst decent people, Potter?" Michael Corner sneered from nearby.   "And where are the other three whores?"

Before anyone could react, Corner was against a wall holding his broken nose.   Harry snarled at him, "Corner, I don't like you.   I never have.   I can deal with you saying anything you want about me.   But if I ever hear you talk about any of my friends in such a manner again, I will make you look back on this broken nose as a fond memory."

"What are you doing, Potter?   You were never like this in Hogwarts!" came the somewhat smothered answer.

"That's because you were always after me alone.   You don't touch my friends.  End of statement."

"What do you plan to do, Potter?   Kill me?"

"For talking, no.   Might break a bone or six.   Threaten them?   Make sure your will is made out."   He paused.   "Don't think that I'm joking, Corner.   I can take whatever shit you and the rest of the wizarding world wants to throw at me, since I've learned that you all require the Daily Prophet to do your thinking for you.   You do not go after my friends, though.   I will make you regret it," he finished with a snarl.

With that, he turned back to Remus and Susan.   Smiling brightly, he bent his arm and offered it to Susan.   "My lady?   Shall we continue to our destination?"   He looked at Remus.   "Good sir?"

Remus nodded and they began to walk down the Alley again.   They were almost to Gringotts when they came across a small cadre of Aurors who were obviously waiting for them.   Tonks was in the lead.

"Stand away from the werewolf," one of the Aurors barked.   "We're taking him in."

Harry went cold, and Tonks actually shivered to see it.   "On what charge?"

"For attacking someone," came the response in a voice that declared that anyone who had to ask was obviously rather stupid.

"So, did Michael Corner tell you that Remus attacked him, or did you assume?"

"He's a werewolf!" shouted the same person, voice declaring that the verdict was now in and Harry was officially stupid.

"And you're an asshole!   So what?" Harry ridiculed.   "Only one of you is acting like your reputation, and it isn't Remus.   Corner wasn't attacked by Remus, he was attacked by me.   I broke his fucking nose and told him that if he attacked my friends again, I'd kill him.   I'll bet that there are scores of witnesses up the Alley who'd be oh-so-willing to give their own proof that the Boy-Who-Lived is insane enough to say that in public."   He crossed his arms and stared at the Auror in question.   "Go on, run along.   Go do your job, if you remember how to do more than haul in innocent men."

The Auror in question turned a colour that reminded Harry uncomfortably of Vernon Dursley.   Harry raised his hands straight out in front on him, locked at the elbow, and murmured, "Protego Speculum Parabolis."

At the same time, the Auror raised his wand and screamed "Stupefy!"   The red beam exploded from the Auror's wand, stopped a few inches from Harry's hands, and then rocketed back at the Auror.

Harry watched as the man fell to the ground.   "Remus?   Be prepared to be charged for that as well, even though it was obvious that the spell was aimed at me."

"Harry?" Tonks asked.   "Did you cast that shield wandlessly?"   Her face told him that she knew quite well what the answer was, but she was trying to give him time to come up with some sort of explanation.

"Dumbledore's been training me.   If I have plenty of time, I can do shields and such.   I could tell the moment he started to speak to us that he was itching to take at least one of us down, so I started to prepare the shield.   I wasn't sure who he'd fire on, so I waited, and waited until … well, he has a tendency to twitch his left eye and lean slightly when he goes for his wand apparently, because that's when I realised he was going to go for me."   He looked at the rest of the Aurors.   "Are you willing to be more reasonable?   Remus had nothing to do with that attack up the Alley.   It was me, and the niece of your head of Department was a witness.   Michael Corner had called her a slut and a whore in my hearing, and I informed him that I was unwilling to allow anyone other than myself to be dragged before the public for their abusement.   Yes, I said that with a 'b', not an 'm'.   I will not let Susan or anyone else that I love be treated the same way that I am by the public."

"And why do you allow them to vilify you?" Susan asked with fire in her eyes and voice.  

Harry chuckled to himself as he realised how sexy she looked like that.   He was going to have to drag her into the vault when he finally made it to Gringott's."Because I'm used to it.   It's par for the course for me.   I was hated from the time I was fifteen months old until I entered the wizarding world.   Since then, I've been alternately praised as a fucking demigod and denounced as an attention seeking child.   I'm used to it.   I'll be damned if I'll let any of you get used to it."   He pulled her close and kissed her and whispered, "My God, you're gorgeous when you're angry."   He released her and turned back to Tonks.   "So, shall we go to the Ministry and throw me in a cell?"

"No, Dickenson lived up to the first syllable of his name, apparently," Tonks said.   "There was a report of a disturbance in Diagon Alley, with you being involved in some way.   You're owning up to the charge, and state that there was some provocation, so you'll need to come to the Ministry at some point, but I'm not going to publicly humiliate you."

"Thank you, Auror Tonks.   Is it possible for me to level a complaint of unprofessional behaviour against an Auror?   I'd really like to see him pay for his bigotry."   Harry scowled for a moment, and then walked over to the man.   "With that attitude he's displaying …" Harry grumbled loud enough to be heard by all.   He yanked Dickenson's left sleeve up to display the man's forearm, pulled his wand and cast a, "Finite," on the bare arm.   An angry red Dark Mark sat on his arm.   "Maybe I can just testify to seeing the Mark on his arm."

"How did you know?" another Auror asked.

"Just an odd feeling, to be honest," Harry replied.   "I figured that now was the best time to check - while he was unconscious."

"If I ask you to promise not to hurt anyone else, would you give me that promise?" Tonks asked him.

He looked at her for a moment.   "I promise to start nothing, but I will finish it.   I will also not become physical at purely verbal provocation."   He looked down at Dickenson.   "That promise is out the window if I see any of his kind around, though."   At her look, he clarified, "Death Eaters."

She nodded.   "I think I'll see to his incarceration and then look for you here in the Alley.   No one can complain if you're walking with Auror escort."

"Well, they will, but at least they should consider you a guarantee of my being safe to be around.   I have a couple things I really would like to get done today, but if it would help, I will come by the Ministry in order to be chewed out as I rightly should be."

Tonks chuckled.   "No, with you dating her niece, I'd imagine you'll see Madam Bones and get a right chewing out from her.   That should be punishment enough."   Harry was amused to see two of the male Aurors shudder slightly at the thought.

He was finally released to finish his business in the Alley, and they quickly stepped into Gringott's before anyone could stop them.   In short order, Remus was conducting his business while Susan and Harry rode to the Potter vault.  

"You will likely need to remain outside the vault, Miss Bones," the goblin driver said.   "Only those that are considered Potters by blood or marriage are capable of entering."

"What happens if I try and it doesn’t consider me a Potter?"

"It simply will not let you through the door.   The fatality rate in Gringott's is much lower than we tell people.  It makes them less likely to want to break the rules."   He grinned widely, looking as if he was displaying all his teeth.

At the vault, Harry climbed out and helped Susan out as well.   He placed his hand on the door to unlock it and then motioned her forward.   "I don't care what the wards might say, Susan.   You and the other three are Potters in my eyes."   He kissed her and stepped into the vault.   She tentatively stepped forward and crossed the threshold.   Harry swept her into his arms.   "See, I told you that you were a Potter."   He kissed her gently and then turned to the contents of the vault.   He'd gotten used to the piles of gold and silver in there, but he enjoyed the look of astonishment on Susan's face.   "Just think, love.   All this will belong to you and the other three soon."

"Harry, this is your money."

"And I'd gladly give it all away if it came to a choice between keeping you in my life or having money.   I've found real love.   Money just means I can keep you happy now."   She melted into his arms.

"You don't need to worry about that, Harry.   Just being where I am right now makes me happy."   She gave him a quick squeeze and let go of him to look around the rather large vault.   She reached down and picked up a few silvery-white coins and asked, "What are these?   I've never seen them before."

He smiled.   "Those are Claymores.   It takes a hundred and one Galleons to equal one of them.   I don't remember what that one over there is called."   He pointed to a pile of pinkish-gold coins   "It apparently takes one thousand and thirteen Claymores to equal one of those."

Her jaw dropped.   "Harry, there's probably a thousand of those things in that pile!   That's … oh sweet Merlin -" she breathed.

"I told you, Susan.   This means nothing to me, other than as a means to make you, Pansy, Luna and Hermione happy.   If I have to spend it all to make you girls happy and comfortable, then it would be money well spent."

"Harry, that pile alone is worth over a hundred million Galleons!   And then there's a pile of a few thousand Claymores, and more Galleons than I could even begin to count!"   She looked at him, wide-eyed.   "You don't think that I … I knew you had a good bit of money, but … I -"

"You’re not a gold digger, Susan.   Your reaction alone tells me that."   He grabbed four bags and dropped ten of the pinkish coins in each one, and an equal amount of Claymores.   He tossed her the red one.   "There you go, Susan.   It's all yours.   Worth about a million Galleons.   Open your own vault with it."   He kissed her softly.   "Your love is all the wealth I'll ever need."

"I can't take this!" she squeaked.   "It's worth more than I am!"   She suddenly found herself over Harry's knees, her skirt pulled up, receiving several hard swats to her bum.

"That's the last I want to hear of that thought, Susan," he said with some annoyance in his voice.   "I'm repeating myself, and being annoyingly poetic in the process, which is so not me, but it's how I feel.   This vault is worthless without you four.   I was preparing myself for a very careful suicide when I saw the fake article.   You four were dead.   My life was not worth living.   End of statement.   If it weren't for the damned Prophecy, I'd have taken my life right then and there."   He shuddered and felt tears coming to his eyes.   "Can you understand that, Susan?   My life was gone.   The women I loved were dead."   He pulled her close and shuddered again.   "Fuck all the money.   The greatest treasure I have is in my arms."

He felt her crying quietly against him.   "I'm sorry, Harry.   It's just a little overwhelming to realise that I'm marrying the richest wizard on the planet."

"I'm sorry about that," he said patting her back and realising that he still had no idea how to comfort a crying woman.   When she seemed to have gotten control of her emotions, he said, "Well, let's grab a couple of the jewel chests and get out of here."   He picked up two small casks and grunted as he did so.   "Damn!" he grumbled and cast a Feather-Weight Charm on them and then shrank them to fit in his pocket.

As they headed to the door, she pulled his arm back.   Blushing furiously, she asked, "Would you spank me again later?   I'm feeling really tingly right now, after that, and if we weren't keeping Remus waiting, I'd be using the money as a bed."

He grinned widely.   "As my lady wishes."   He paused and put twenty each of the Claymores and the other coins into a fifth bag that had the Black coat of arms on it.   "Have a feeling I'm going to want this," he murmured to himself.   They took the cart back up and met with Remus again in the lobby.   They then left the bank.   They had barely gotten off the steps when they heard loud bangs come from behind them and spun to see what had happened.   A group of fifteen Death Eaters had appeared on the steps of the bank and were already firing into the crowd.

"Give me a fucking break!" Harry growled, pointing his wand at the group.   Snarling, he barked out, "Reducto!" while aiming at a generic white-masked goon.   The impact of the spell not only blew the man back several feet into the Death Eaters behind him, but it also blew a foot-wide hole through him.   And the one right behind him.   It didn't make it completely through the third one, but all three fell to the ground dead, even though their bodies weren't aware of this fact yet.

He felt a sharp pain in his left arm and spun to see most of the others focusing on Remus and Susan, both of whom were looking for cover.   He was faced by a Death Eater with curves.   "It's the ickle baby Potty, here to see his friends die before his eyes again.   Are you ready?" she asked in her sing-song voice.

He sighed, and rather than respond, surreptitiously pointed his wand at her and growled, "Accio Bella's heart."   She lurched and stumbled before pitching face first into the stone stairs, blood flowing from her mouth before had struck the ground.   The crunching sound made as her skull impacted the stone steps made it fairly obvious that she wouldn't be getting up again in this lifetime.

Harry turned to face the other Death Eaters.   "I was kinder to her than she deserved.   Who wants to volunteer for me to show what I wanted to do to her?"   Susan had managed to stun three of them, and Remus had killed two more.   The six remaining Death Eaters took one look at his implacable expression and immediately threw their wands down.   "Spoilsports," he called just before casting six rapid-fire Stunners.

It was then that the Aurors showed up.   The battle, if you could call it that, had taken no more than twenty to thirty seconds, not counting Bellatrix's taunts.   The count was six dead, and nine stunned.   "Feh, so much for my 50 percent or more total," Harry grumbled.

"It was our first time in action after the change," Remus said companionably.   "I'd say your idea worked, though.   Those six gave up without even trying."

"They're used to being fired on by stunners and the like.   I don't think that they were prepared for the possibility that they might actually not return home from an attack."

The nine were taken into custody while others came to take possession of the bodies, and in short order the group was appearing in the Ministry, where they ran into the whistling Amelia Bones.   "What brings you here?" she asked in surprise.

"Death Eater attack in Diagon Alley," Remus answered.   "There were civilians injured, but I never saw the green of the Killing Curse.   There are six dead Death Eaters and nine currently unconscious ones."

"Come to my office," Amelia said, and they were soon sitting comfortably.   "So tell me what happened."

Susan explained what had happened from her point of view, admitting that she didn't know what had been done to Bellatrix.   "That reminds me," Harry interjected.   "I'll need to look up Tonks and Mrs. Malfoy to let them know that Bellatrix is dead."

As if the scene had been scripted, Tonks stepped through the door to Amelia's office after a discrete knock.   "Madam Bones?   We have the reports on those who died.   None of them were subjected to the Killing Curse.   Three were killed with a single Reducto while two others bled out after Cutting hexes.   LeStrange was the unusual one, I have to admit.   We can't figure out what was cast to kill her, but it pretty well shattered the rib cage over her heart.   First time I've heard of ribs breaking in an outward direction."

"Who killed her?" Amelia asked.

"I used a Summoning Charm on her," Harry answered with a shrug.   "More precisely, on her heart.   I was angry at the time, so I put too much power behind it.   I'd originally figured to make her stumble, or maybe pass out, but I'm not going to cry over killing that rabid dog."

"Nor should you," Amelia responded.

He turned to Tonks.   "I need to speak to your mother soon," he said.   "I need to do something I should have last year.   In the meantime, however …"   He stopped and then drew himself erect.   "Nymphadora Eileen Tonks …"

"Tonks," the Auror interrupted with a grimace.

"Nymphadora Eileen Tonks," he repeated, "it is my sad duty as head of the Black family to inform you of the death of your aunt, Bellatrix Black Lestrange.   She fell in battle, as a Death Eater."   He relaxed.   "Sorry, but that's required.   Luckily, the only ones I have to tell are you, your mother, Narcissa, and Draco."

Amelia chuckled.   "Those two are in holding cells downstairs.   I have another question for you, regarding them.   You were going to dissolve her marriage to Lucius, correct?"   He nodded.   "Do you want to dissolve it or deny it.   The latter is an ancient legal fiction that legally states that the marriage never happened.   It automatically declares any children of said union to be illegitimate.   The requirement for it is that all parties be alive - no denying it after the husband has died."

"So if I deny it now, Draco becomes a bastard in the eyes of the law?"   She nodded with a wicked smile.   "So, what do I need to do to deny the marriage?"

"There is paperwork that needs to be filed."   She reached into her desk.   "Somehow, I found myself researching this and chose to examine the paperwork involved."   She slid three sheets of paper toward him.   "That's everything.   You'll just need two witnesses, neither of them family."

He grinned.   "Tonks?   You willing to sign this before I un-disinherit your mum?"

Tonks's jaw dropped.   "Are you serious?"

"No, I'm Harry.   Sirius was my godfather," he responded with an impudent grin.   "As for the other matter, yes.   I intend to change the direction of the Black family name, even though there are no living Blacks anymore.   To do that, I will eject the single remaining Death Eater and his possible Death Eater mother and reintegrate the woman whose marriage to a Muggleborn and the daughter that they had far more closely mirror the ideals of the previous head of the family and his heir, namely myself.   In other words, welcome back to the family."

"Aunt, can both witnesses be from the same family?" Susan asked.   At the amused nod, she said, "Auntie and I can witness your filing, and we can also witness your statement of intent toward Tonks and her mother."

"Maybe we should get Andromeda here, then," Amelia said.   She walked to her fireplace and threw a pinch of Floo powder in.   "Andromeda Tonks."

The green flames suddenly displayed a woman that was quite obviously the sister of both Narcissa and Bellatrix but more attractive than either due to the simple fact that she didn't have a permanent look of disdain on her face.   "Madam Bones!   What can I do for you?"

"Could you come through to my office?   There is some news here for you, and you will likely want to hear it."

"It's good news, Mum!" Tonks said with a smile.

"Very well, I'll be there shortly."   The flames returned to normal.

Harry turned to Tonks and said, "Well, now I know where you get your looks from."   The Auror blushed in response.   "What?   It's true!   Now I know what Narcissa or Bellatrix would look like without all that hate weighing down their souls.   Your mother is a beautiful woman, and she and your father raised a beautiful daughter.   And you're pretty, too."   Tonks blinked for a moment before throwing her arms around Harry and sniffling.

"Thank you, Harry.   You and Remus are the only men who seem to look beneath the surface and see the real me."

"That's because they both understand what it's like to be looked at for something you have no control over," a voice said in the doorway.   They turned to see Andromeda Tonks standing there.

"Ah, Mrs. Tonks!" Harry said.   "Thanks for coming.   I have some bad news for you, but with it comes something I hope you will find to be good news."   He frowned and took on the same aspect as he had with Nymphadora.   "Andromeda Black Tonks, it is my sad duty as the head of the Black family to inform you of the death of your sister Bellatrix in a battle in Diagon Alley.   She fought on the side of the Death Eaters."

Andromeda blinked back tears at the news of her sister's death, but then stood straighter.   "You've declared me a Black again, haven't you?"   At his nod, she threw her arms around him.   "Thank you, Lord Black," she whispered.

"Hey, none of that," he said in a thick voice.   "We're family now.   As far as I'm concerned, you're my aunt."   He reached into his pocket and pulled out the money bag with the Black seal.   "You'll want to go to Gringotts with this and put it in your vault."

Andromeda quirked an eyebrow and looked into the bag, and then got even more puzzled.   She pulled out of each of the coins.   "What are these?   I've never seen them before."

Harry grinned.   "There are twenty of each of them.   The pink ones are some name I don't remember, and they're worth one thousand and thirteen of the other coin, which is called a Claymore, which are worth one hundred and one galleons.   Take them as a gift of the Black family."

Tonks gaped.   "That's over two million Galleons right there," she gasped quietly.

"Not even touching what she's worth for raising a daughter like you, Nymphadora," Harry said.   She was so surprised that she didn't even react to the use of her given name.

"No adding to the harem, Harry," Susan chided him with a smile.   He gave her a confused look in response, and her smile brightened even more.   "Have I told you recently that I love you, Mr. Potter?"

"At least I developed the intelligence to listen," he said with a lopsided smile.

"That you did, Harry," Amelia said.   "By the way, those coins you don't know are called Schooners.   That's quite the gift you gave Mrs. Tonks."   She looked at Susan, who was blushing furiously.   "From Susan's look, should I assume that she has received a similar gift?"   Susan blushed to match her hair.

"She's remembering the chastisement she received for saying that she wasn't worth it.   I put her over my knee."   While it wasn't physically possible, Susan seemed to be trying to beat her previous colour.

"That sounds like an interesting story there, Harry," Tonks choked out around a snort.

"Like the one that would explain that interesting howl I heard over the summer, during the full moon?"   Harry was treated to the site of Nymphadora Tonks's own blush rising in her face, and not stopping once it reached her hair.   He snorted his own laughter and said, "Well, let me get my paperwork done, and then we can head down to the holding cells and inform the future Miss No-name about my decision."

Andromeda Tonks looked at him for a moment before saying, "She stepped over the line, I assume?"

"She was directly involved in an attempt to make me believe that the four people that mean the most to me had been killed."

"An interesting side note, Harry," Amelia added.   "It appears that Draco's wand was the one that sliced the stone from the castle wall."

The sharp intake of breath from Harry was followed by a slow breath out.   He breathed in normally before saying quietly, "I will not kill him in cold blood, no matter how good it will make me feel.   The ladies would be unhappy if I missed our wedding."   He shook his head.   "Paperwork.   Deny the marriage first, and then disown her."   He cocked his head.   "Will that leave Draco as a Black, or will I need to expel him as well?"

"Best expel them separately," Andromeda said.   "That way he can't surprise you by making a claim, and the worst that has happened the other way, at least from your point of view, is that you might have done unnecessary paperwork."

A short time later, after the official paperwork had been filed (by Madam Bones herself, as to ensure no 'accidental' misplacement of the forms), a small group headed down to the holding cells.   Draco and his mother had been placed in adjacent cells.

Harry stopped before Narcissa's cell and stood tall.   "Narcissa, I have three important announcements for you, all coming from House Black, which is why there are witnesses, to verify that the messages were delivered.   First, it is my sad duty to inform you that your sister Bellatrix has died in battle, fighting for her half-blood master.   Her death was quick but was likely extremely painful.   My second announcement is to inform you that the marriage contract between the Malfoys and the Blacks has been denied.   As far as the law is concerned, your marriage to Lucius never happened."

"What?" bellowed Draco from the cell next door.   "You can't do that!"

"Quiet, Mr. Black," Amelia said sharply.   "He can and has.   I filed the paperwork myself."

"Silence, Draco," Harry said in such an imperious voice that the young man was stunned into silence before he could say a word.   "My third announcement is to expel you from the Black family, for shaming the family by not only being a party to the murder of the previous head of family, but for your part in the attempted murder of those who will soon join the Black family by marriage.   You were quite certain that the article that you wrote would likely make me suicidal, didn't you?"

"You vile, mudblood lover," Narcissa snarled.   "You've destroyed the Black family for now, but when the Dark Lord finally raises your head on a pike in Diagon Alley, we will finally return to our prior glory.   Your whores will be put to their proper uses for the rest of His followers before they are killed and thrown to the garbage heap where they belong!"

"Huh!" Harry said calmly.   "I thought it was from Lucius that the Amazing Ferret Boy over there learned his inability to keep his mouth shut.   It turns out that it was from the Slut Princess here."   He turned to Andromeda.   "Sorry, that was overly crude."

"But true," Andromeda said.   "If not for contraceptive potions, I'd have been an aunt about thirty times over.   That only counts the different potential fathers, mind you.   She started at twelve in her first year at Hogwarts.   Best way to control a boy and get what you want."

"Don't think you won't join him on a pike, sister," Narcissa snarled.

Andromeda looked coldly at Narcissa.   "I have no living sisters, Narcissa No-name.   You have been cast from the family and your son declared a bastard.   Unless Lucius claims him, you won't even have the Malfoy monies to fall back on.   You are alone, woman, as you have always deserved to be."   Andromeda and Nymphadora turned and walked down the hallway.   He puzzled over Andromeda's further comment of, "I'd rather be mounted on a lance than a pike," and Nymphadora's embarrassed squeak in response.

Harry ignored Narcissa and walked before Draco's cell.   "Here to gloat, Potty?"

"Draco, I have come to inform you that as of this moment, the Black family is no longer yours - you have been cast out.   When all is said and done, you will have reaped what you have sown.   You will die alone and friendless, with no family name."   He turned and walked away from the holding cells, head held high.

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Author Notes:

...and so Susan gets her fondest wish...

Remember Andromeda's last comment - it will be explained in the very first sentence of Chapter 13.