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mashimaromadness posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 8:20pm for Chapter 13

So sweet. I loved that breif description of the wedding. So adorable. Like a dream. (Could I be any girly-er??) That comment of Andromeda's was wicked.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 11:54pm for Chapter 13

The kumquat joke was fantastic as was ‘Abba’. Had to love the Mithril too. Gorgeous chapter — poor Harry finally gets to be happy Harry.

sailrpopeye posted a comment on Thursday 13th April 2006 2:06pm for Chapter 13

Hope you will continue this at some point? Just re-read it for the nth time and it is still great. More please??


Kinsfire replied:

Actually, I've been writing bits of several stories recently - all of them want to be touched a little.   I've gotten a decent amount into the next chapter, and may reach a stopping point fairly soon.

So yeah, there may be an update coming soon!

Mariposa posted a comment on Friday 7th April 2006 3:31pm for Chapter 13

Oh this was so sweet! I loved how Harry is so happy now! This story sure is an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute of the ride. So the next question is who is going to get preggers first? I hope you update this story soon.


Boo55 posted a comment on Wednesday 29th March 2006 3:33pm for Chapter 13

Gotta love this story! I love how you showed how truly shallow the Weasels are (except Gred and Forge of course)and am looking forward to next chapter and seeing the reaction to the marriage. Also, kinda expound on the happenings of the pentacle in the ceremony, and the meaning and powers of the mithtil rings. Update soon!

Mike C. posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 2:06pm for Chapter 13

I know that nothing I say or write will be enough encourgement to get you to write more of this story so I won't try. Instesd I will beg. Please, please, please write more.

Daniel Hensley posted a comment on Thursday 23rd March 2006 3:53am for Chapter 13

Great story, cant wait for the update

Alcatras posted a comment on Tuesday 21st March 2006 2:50pm for Chapter 13

come on the story must go on. it is at a very bad point to stop for months or longer.
Surely everyone is in for a bie Weasly bashing...

Viridian posted a comment on Tuesday 21st March 2006 1:26pm for Chapter 13

Can't wait to see what happens to those idiots.

I do feel a twinge for Ginny, since she was betrayed by two brothers she'd known all her life. I shant be surprised if she's left a little unbalanced by what she learned.

Maybe she murders Bill and Charlie in their sleep?

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 3:42pm for Chapter 13

A most interesting story. I look forward to seeing what happens next.


goddessa39 posted a comment on Friday 17th March 2006 3:59pm for Chapter 13

Well, I love it. I do like H/G alot, but now I just don't think that'll work in this fic. Continue.

David Gilles posted a comment on Friday 17th March 2006 3:00am for Chapter 13

The more I read your work, the more I like it. Please keep writing on this fic.

stacyann malvo posted a comment on Sunday 5th March 2006 6:46am for Chapter 13

please i enjoy this story so could you update the next chapter we all want to find out what happened to the weasleys

Evan2 posted a comment on Saturday 4th March 2006 9:57am for Chapter 13

Very well done, so far. I notice that you are busy with updating the other stories, but please tell me you will update these Harry/Multi ones as well and NOT abandon them, if you can, please reply to:

kcgx23 posted a comment on Wednesday 1st March 2006 12:50am for Chapter 13

Fabulous chapter, I hope you add to the story.

Nathan posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 10:18am for Chapter 13

Nice chapter with Luna getting hers. Too bad that Hermione and Panys didn't get some before the Wedding. That way all of the girls would be on equal footing.

Coolone007 posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2006 11:40am for Chapter 13

I would love to find out what is hapening with the Weasleys. Think I will soon?

Lionsgate posted a comment on Monday 6th February 2006 9:16am for Chapter 13

So are you gone update soon ? This story is to good to be babandend !

Princess Fictoria posted a comment on Sunday 5th February 2006 4:17am for Chapter 13

Totally loving this... as I do most of your stories... I sincerely hope that you will update this... or at least something soon!

jmcqk6 posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 3:25pm for Chapter 13

Good stuff here. I know you're wrapped up in "ToB" right now, but can't wait to see more of this story.

Bill and Charlie certainly have gotten themselves in a nice pickle - having caused people in droves to be against Harry. Then again, those people also freely chose their actions. I expect their fate will be rather interesting.