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Digbick posted a comment on Friday 27th April 2018 10:17pm

Are you planning any sequals?

dezziejayee posted a comment on Saturday 6th September 2014 6:07pm

Beutiful and thoughtprovoking.

Embeker posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 3:02pm

Remindes me a little of R. Highnline and his Marsian. Nicely done.

joeBob posted a comment on Friday 21st December 2012 8:07pm

Skip. OOC angsty Harry-Stu. Numerous other problems.

keichan2 posted a comment on Saturday 24th November 2012 8:55am

It was a very nice story to read!

Original, funny, with what I think could be a message behind it...

Thank you very much for sharing!

Ironhair posted a comment on Saturday 14th April 2012 2:29am

Nice plot bunny and I liked reading about Satan, no matter how improbable or non character that might be, to the concept of what Satan is supposed to mean.

Kristine posted a comment on Friday 3rd June 2011 11:25pm

how many Hail Mary's did this one cost you? hehehehe

Arnor posted a comment on Sunday 10th October 2010 11:26pm

It seems that everyone in this story is suffering a severe case of You Fail History Forever. I'll tell you what would be a good reason not to become some kind of god: gods, in whatever form they've existed in the minds of people, have been attributed to more violence and hatred than anything else in our entire history of humanity. You make the slight mention about that bumper stick, but nothing beyond that and completely ignore those very real potential ramifications in the future. Considering how good of a person Harry is supposed to be, I would think that he wouldn't want to possibly lead to future violence in his name. Of course God himself doesn't seem to have a problem with it, so why should Harry, right?

master posted a comment on Thursday 2nd September 2010 12:53pm

nice i have a list of lines that i think are blody awesome i got several from this

Separ posted a comment on Thursday 8th July 2010 1:43pm

Cool ... well done!

Quincy posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd June 2010 1:31am

I mean this in the best possible way. You are F!@#ed up.
It was fun to read, as were many of your other stories, but wow.

Snag posted a comment on Thursday 27th May 2010 10:06pm

"But a man nonetheless, Harry," James said. "‘Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his fellow man.’"

"That’s not quite how it goes, but close enough," murmured Jesus, quietly.

Wow. Just by giggling at that exchange, I've guaranteed myself an extra five weeks in Hell. ::Snicker:: Fun story!

tw posted a comment on Sunday 21st February 2010 7:27pm

I can't wait to read another instalment of this...this is epically funny!

Jenifer Winterbine posted a comment on Monday 21st December 2009 12:05am

Amusing fic - even if much of the amusement was due to it being a male fantasy wank fic. Still, your Harry is such a nice guy that one can easily forgive him - or the author - for having daydreams about having his very own hareem .
I pity the rest of the male wizarding population though - there are considerably less available witches for them when this Harry is around.
PS BTW it is great, and such a welcome change, to read a fanfic by someone who writes in good Emglish.

Jonez227 posted a comment on Sunday 6th September 2009 2:04pm

WOW! there are really no other words for this story

TheNekoWithWings posted a comment on Saturday 29th August 2009 12:32pm

I'd love to see a one-shot sequel where Harry has to come back and set 'his' church straight on one topic or another. Other than that, yet another excellent fic!

Charles Newton posted a comment on Tuesday 11th August 2009 5:05am

That was pretty darn excellent! The Kinsfire take of the afterlife, with what appears to be a healthy influence from The Dean of Science Fiction.
Some stories from the early days of Harry's return would be nice.....

Chimeara169 posted a comment on Wednesday 13th May 2009 4:36pm

That story was amazingly funny. Sacrilegious as all hell, but amazingly funny. Great job! I can certainly pray the real afterlife is like this.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 6:11pm

And the fish fly fast and furious in this chapter - Severus Snape (Daphne Greengrass and Harry), Satan (Harry), and Harry himself (darn near everybody, including Vernon Dursley).

Krsi posted a comment on Monday 23rd March 2009 8:43am

I would say that that was sacrilegious, but I liked it too much! Plus I'm a big fan of the heaven for each faith idea.

Good job, hope there's more if it strikes your fancy!