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The bed was empty except for Pansy, which was fairly unusual. Harry assumed that it meant that it was later than he normally woke up. He lazily recalled that it was Saturday, three weeks since the final battle. He found a welcome sight in that it had gotten warm enough in the room that Pansy was now covered by only a thin silk sheet that conformed to her body shape. What a shape to be conforming to, he thought admiringly as his body decided to express its appreciation as well. He reached over and gently caressed her cheek, and she turned into it slightly, a smile beginning to grace her face.

He let his hand slide down her body, taking the sheet with him and exposing her beautiful breasts. He leaned over and took the closest one into his mouth and began to gentle tease and suck on the tip he felt stiffen against his tongue. Her breathing had sped up and each exhalation now contained a very quiet moan. His hand teased the other nipple with exquisite tenderness before he let his hand continue the slide lower, across her firm stomach, until he reached the triangle where her legs met. His fingers played with the hair gently, making her thrust upwards slightly.

He finally let a single finger slide further down, to the now rather wet slit, and toyed with her clitoris equally as gently as he had been teasing her nipples, making each breath a much louder moan. When he slid his finger just a bit lower, he smiled, and decided to wake her the best way.

He spread her legs - gently - and climbed atop her, sliding slowly inside her, drawing an extended satisfied sigh out of his apparently still sleeping wife, although he wasn't sure if she was really asleep or just playing. He picked up some speed, and somewhere along the line her eyes opened and her legs rose to lock at the ankles behind his back. When he noted her open eyes, he looked into them and tried to let her see all the love he felt for her. This was a bit much for her, and she spasmed around him. He could also hear several rather loud moans from the common area of their suite.

He continued to make love to her as she rode the wave of her orgasm ever higher. When he finally released inside her, he heard her and the other three scream joyously. "Now that …" she panted as he slowly settled atop her, still pulsing gently into her, "… is the right way to wake up in the morning!"

"I thought you'd like it," he murmured softly in her ear. "I know that I certainly did."

A short while later, Hermione walked into the room. "We have to stand before the Ministry and the public and make speeches, and you decide to do that to us," she moaned. "You know that we can feel it when you make love to one of the others."

"Are you saying that we should stop making love altogether?" Harry asked with an amused tone to his voice.

"Hell, no!" Hermione exclaimed. "Just … oh gods, you've made me hornier than usual, Harry. It's bad enough that I'm so horny because of the baby, but then you factor in my exhibitionism and the fact that I'm so worked up that I'm likely to be moaning while I give my speech, thanks to that wonderful session with Pansy just now -"

"We need an orgy," Luna said announced, walking into the bedroom behind Hermione. "I think we can bring Hermione down to a dull roar if we try. Besides - it'll be fun!"

It took an extended, no-holds-barred shower session to bring Hermione to a manageable level.


They met in the anteroom off of the Great Hall, where Albus spoke to them briefly. "I know how you are about all the pomp and circumstance, but under the circumstances, we cannot avoid it."

"Well, I can't say as it surprises me," Harry said. "We're all ecstatic that the bugger is gone for good, because it means we can get on with our lives. At least they waited until our N.E.W.T.s were done."

"And I can finally get pregnant," Pansy said. "I dropped the contraception last night," she added quietly.

Albus laughed brightly as Harry's eyes lit up. "It seems that Harry is looking forward to having small children around."

Harry grinned at the Headmaster as he said, "I enjoy the process of making them, too!" Albus simply laughed harder at the over-the-top expression on Harry's face.

"I will never be able to fully explain to you how good it is to see you happy, my boy," Albus finally said. "Especially after -"

"None of that," Harry interrupted. "You've apologised enough, and I've forgiven you. It's water under the bridge. Besides, if things were different, I might not have survived that battle with Tom, so I'm certainly not going to complain about that. The fact that I have four goddesses as wives is just icing on the cake that is my life." He blinked. "Was that as nauseating to you guys as it was to me?" he finished.

Luna giggled and opened her mouth to say something, but Hermione clamped her hand over the girl's mouth with a wry smile. "I think I know what you were going to say, and while it wouldn't embarrass you to say it in front of the Headmaster, it would embarrass me."

"I believe that is my cue to begin the festivities in the Great Hall. Someone shall come for you when it is time for you to come onstage. It should be approximately thirty minutes." With that, the Headmaster smiled and left the room.

"I'd rather come right here," Pansy said with a growl. "I think the three of you are bleeding your emotions through, because part of me really likes the raunchier version of 'coming onstage'." She moaned. "I don't usually get off on that, but the image of you proving to the world that I'm yours has my heart pounding, Harry."

He cast a series of charms on the room and then peeled her robes off her body, showing the simply blouse and skirt that she wore underneath. "How about here, then?" he asked, reaching up under her skirt and peeling her knickers down. Without hesitation, Pansy stepped out of them. He let his hands grip her hips under the skirt and pulled her close, pressing his erection against her. "That's what you do to me all by yourself, beautiful. I don't need anything else to make me want to possess your body." She moaned again and pressed back against him harder, but he pulled away and released her.

She turned to see why, and found him releasing his erection from his trousers. "Much easier to make love to you this way," he laughed softly as he let his hands slide up her legs again.

"No foreplay, Harry. I still haven't come down from everything we did in the shower. Just take me." He responded wordlessly by grabbing her bum tightly and lifting her while the others helped guide him in. As she groaned erotically at his delightful intrusion inside her, he turned and pressed her body against the wall and began to make love in earnest. She wrapped her legs around him and tightened the link down to just the two of them.

Their lips met as Harry's lovemaking remained maddeningly and delightfully slow. She whimpered as she tried to get him to pick up the speed, but he insisted on torturing her with the long slow thrusts that soon had her panting, a little cry coming with each exhalation.

Her legs suddenly tightened around his waist, and she started an erratic pumping against him as her orgasm crashed over her. Once it had begun, Harry grinned and finally sped up and began to thrust the way she had been begging him to, which soon had him joining her in a rather noisy orgasm.

"My God, I love you," he growled in her ear when he was capable of speech again, revelling in the momentary, pulsing reaction he got from her.

"And I love you," she whispered back, reluctantly releasing her death grip on his waist and putting her feet back on the floor and weakly accepting her knickers back. She noted absently that they'd been cleaned by one of her wives. She absently slid them into her pocket as she cast a few cleanliness charms on herself.

Just in time, apparently - someone knocked on the door, startling Harry, who quickly dropped the spells he’d put up. "Excuse me, but you're needed onstage in a moment," a woman in Auror robes said. As they approached her and readied themselves to go before the crowd, the woman said, "I don't know if anyone has said it to you, but thank you. Thank you to all of you."

"I simply did what was needed," Harry said as they continued out the door. "My wives are the ones who deserve the real thanks, since they didn't have to be there."

"You're welcome, ma'am," Susan said with a small smile. "Harry is very shy about accepting accolades for his good deeds. We were there just to make sure that he survived. He did all the hard work."

"Right," Harry answered in a mildly sarcastic tone. "I squeezed a trigger, and that was hard work, while you people traded spells with one of the most dangerous men in existence, which was nothing. You took a Killing Curse to the stomach, and I had the hard work?" He shuddered for just a moment. "I know the armour could withstand it, but you’ll understand if my heart broke for just a split second, Susan."

She smiled and walked over to him. "And the baby is fine too, Harry," she said, putting his hand on her stomach. "Oh! Did you feel that?"

His eyes were wide with joy. "Yes! I felt the baby kick!" Impulsively, he knelt and kissed her stomach. "I love you, little one," he said softly.

He blushed several moments later as he heard a number of voices saying variations on "Aww," in sweet tones, and stood to realise that he had just done that before the entire assembly of students, parents and dignitaries.

Harry rose to his feet and walked to the stage, where there were several seats set aside. His wives quickly seated themselves, placing him in the middle. The Headmaster smiled and said, "We have finished the opening statements of this assembly, and now it is time to do what we came here for. Minister Fudge?"

Cornelius Fudge walked to the podium and smiled widely. He was clearly in his element. Harry was amused, however, to hear Albus whisper, "Don't embellish, Cornelius. You will not like the results if you do." The Minister blinked once in surprise before looking at the audience and saying, "I could stand here and talk to you for a while about what happened, or I could simply perform the duty you're all here to see. I think that we'll all be happier if I take the second route, rather than make even more speeches up here." He laughed jovially to the crowd, which joined him.

I see why he's survived politics as long as he has, Harry mused to his wives. He felt their amused agreement flowing back at him.

"I don't think that anyone will be surprised that there are awards to be given out today," Fudge began. "Let me start with the award we will certainly be giving the most of today - the Bronze Staff for bravery." He began listing quite a few of Harry's fellow students, and not a few teachers, who were handed actual bronze staves. "The Silver Staff for Bravery is next." The list for those was significantly shorter - both Creeveys, Harry and his wives, Severus Snape and both Ron and Ginny.

"I can't accept this," Ginny whispered to Harry as she mounted the stage. "After what I did a year ago, I -"

"I know you," Harry interrupted. "You would have earned this award no matter how things had gone last year. Your family has never been shy in the fight against evil. You've met Voldemort face to face twice and lived to tell the tale. If you don't deserve yours, then I don't deserve mine."

"But -"

"Let's keep private things private," he said. "The important thing is that you entered a situation where you knew that you stood an excellent chance of dying. Are you saying that doesn't define bravery?"

"You really will refuse yours if I don't accept this, won't you?" she asked.

"Yes," was his simple reply.

"Well then, I suppose I'd best shut up and sit down, since you deserve yours," she said, walking back to her seat with the gleaming silver staff in her hand. Ron looked at Harry and nodded his understanding when his own name was called.

Luna and Hermione won the Paracelsus Award for Magical Scholarship for their work on the charm that could stop physical objects, while Susan and Pansy won it for their work on the dragon-skin armour. "We all worked on them," Pansy whispered, "but it really did break down the way that they say."

Fudge smiled. "Now we come to the point you all have been waiting for - the presentation of the Orders of Merlin. We start first with the Order of Merlin, Third Class. Will Misters Dennis and Colin Creevey come up here?" The two Gryffindor boys were stunned and actually needed their staves for a moment to stay on their feet. For once, they were the subject of all the photographs, and they blushed furiously. "Not only were their actions brave enough to earn them the Silver Staff, they helped the Wizarding World immensely by getting photographs of as many faces of the Death Eaters as they possibly could."

They were offered a chance to speak, and said nothing more than a soft, "Thank you," to the crowd.

Several other students receive Third Class medals, most of them from Hufflepuff, for doing medic duty in some of the worst parts of the ramparts and thereby saving the lives of several people. It was a shock to Harry to discover that they had actually managed to leave the conflict with no fatalities on the defender's side. There were several who had injuries that might take months to repair, but they were all alive to enjoy a post-Voldemort world.

Oddly, there were to be no Second Class Orders to be given - they skipped directly to the First Class Orders of Merlin. In fact, Harry was called to the podium. "Perhaps you would like to give these out?" Cornelius Fudge asked with a smile.

Harry scanned the list and grinned. "Yes, yes I think I would," he replied. Taking the list, he looked out at the audience and said, "I'm not going to give these in the order that they're listed here, because they're alphabetical, and that would be problematic. First up, in my opinion, should be Professor Severus Snape. Professor, would you come up here, please?"

As the stunned Potions Master began to trek forward from his spot near the wall, Harry said to the audience, "I can think of no person who deserves this award more than the professor. He has spent years in the most dangerous, unpaid job that existed in this world - a spy for the Light side within Voldemort's ranks. Yes, he wears a Dark Mark, but he can be credited with saving the lives of innumerable people because he was willing to subject himself to the presence of a madman who tossed around the Cruciatus the same way that a child tosses off a Tickling Charm. I am proud to call this man my friend and am happier than I can say to see him receive this long over-due award." Harry began the applause as Severus accepted the medal and was pleased as he watched people throughout the audience rise to their feet to give him a standing ovation.

When the thunderous praise ended a few minutes later, he looked to the list again. "Again, throwing the list order out the window, I ask both Ronald and Ginevra Weasley to come up to receive their Orders of Merlin, First Class." Stunned, the two redheads didn't move at first but finally moved when Harry said with a grin, "Don't make me Accio you two!" The light laughter from the audience finally prodded the siblings into motion.

Once they were moving forward, Harry continued, "I'm sure you've all heard that there were problems between us this year. I can't deny it, unfortunately. What I do know is that these two were with Susan, Hermione, Pansy, Luna and me when we faced Voldemort. We trusted them at our backs. They fought like wildcats." They reached the stage and Harry looked to them directly. "I know that I can't avoid my own Order - I've been told that. I want you two to know that I swore that I would not accept it if you two weren't granted Orders of Merlin for yourselves. You faced the scariest thing possible for you to face and triumphed." Applause tore through the audience once more, and he added softly to them alone, "And then later you faced Voldemort. Thanks for surviving, you two." He gave them each a gentle hug of congratulations before they turned to join Severus.

"I'm supposed to give out these next four one at a time, but that's not really applicable. They worked together like a well oiled machine, at times acting as if they were a single entity inhabiting four bodies. I couldn't begin to separate out each one for accolades." He turned to face his wives. "I call Susan Bones-Potter, Pansy Parkinson-Potter, Hermione Granger-Potter, and Luna Lovegood-Potter up here to receive their own Orders of Merlin from a grateful world and an especially grateful husband."

A gasp went through the crowd. "Yes. We didn't really hide it, but neither did we shout it from the rooftops for fear of what Riddle might do. But I will no longer hide that these four women give my life meaning."

"And at least three of us carry his children," Luna said softly in a voice that still managed to be heard throughout the hall.

"Before anyone asks," Susan said with a grin, "none of the children were conceived out of wedlock."

Harry snorted. "Wedlock always sounded like a punishment to me. Life with you is anything but."

"Oh no, they're getting sickeningly romantic again," Severus drawled from the corner of the stage.

"Hush, you," Harry laughed as his wives accepted their own Orders and joined the group, hugging each of them. He turned to the Minister. "I suppose it's time for my own?" he asked with some resignation.

"Exactly," Fudge said with a smile as he approached Harry and placed the medal around his neck. "Congratulations! Now, do you have any words for the audience that aren't in honour of your friends or fellow students?"

Harry laughed. "I'm always going to talk about how impressed I was with those who fought and worked to save the others out there. It was impressive, and I'm glad to know those students." He sobered slightly. "But I suppose you want to hear something else now, rather than a mutual admiration society meeting." Some laughter from the audience came about from that line.

"There's a lot I really want to say about this, but I'd have to say that … well, what I really want to say is that we probably would have had a very large death toll and you'd be living under the iron boot of Riddle at this moment if not for the help of a woman who had been dead for fifty years. The entry to the mythical Chamber of Secrets exists. Yes, the Chamber exists. And Riddle opened it fifty something years ago, to the detriment of one Myrtle Mulaney, who died when she caught sight of the monster of the Chamber."

"It was a basilisk, and you'll note the use of the past tense. It is now a dead basilisk, and has been for five years now. It was killed while I protected a first year student from the machinations of Lucius Malfoy." His gorge threatened to rise again as he thought about the elder Malfoy's death. "That's unimportant, though. The important thing to remember is the name of Myrtle Mulaney, a young woman who saved the school and the wizarding world, and deserves to be remembered for it. She was dead when she did it, and given Riddle's studies, still placed her immortal soul in danger to help us all. Please, above anyone else who received honours, remember Myrtle. She's gone now, passed to the great reward she truly deserves. But I promised her that I would try to see her remembered as the hero that she truly was. If I had my way, she'd be posthumously given the Order of Merlin First Class as well."

The room was silent in contemplation as he finished speaking, and he let them think for a while before surprising them with one more announcement. "I'm going on vacation for a while when this presentation is completed. My wives and I are going to disappear for a time and just enjoy life. I've spent my entire life being a target - either for tall, Dark, snake-y and now dead; for the Ministry; or even a target for the Daily Prophet and the general public. I remember some of those Howlers I received." He looked meaningfully into the audience, and one or two people had the grace to blush. "I just need to get away from it all for a while and be myself. So I will. Thank you." With that, Harry turned and walked to the others, and then quickly led them offstage to the anteroom.

Once inside he looked at them all. Four Potters, two Weasleys, and a Snape looked back at him with wide-ranging expressions. "I needed to get away, and they needed to know that I'm disappearing. That island we talked about is definite," he said to his wives, "and I've even managed a pact with the goblins - they've seen how powerful I can be, and we agreed that if I needed it, they'd help me out. In return, I help them when they most need it."

He looked to Severus. "I was serious about that offer, Severus. If you want to have a place where you don't have to teach and where you can work on potions to your heart's content, you have it. It's a big island. It’s where Sirius stayed at one point during his years on the run, and it’s a Black family property that he left to me. The problem was finding it. I could conceivably make it a small wizard nation of its own. Your only real requirement would be to let me know if there was anything I could do to make you happy. Maybe make us some needed potions at times."

"Such an onus you lay upon me, Potter," was the drawled response. The slight curling of the lips let others know of the humour.

Ron shook his head. "If you'd have told me first year that you two would eventually become friends -"

"Do you suspect that I would have believed it either?" was Snape's response.

"You do know that Grandpa Albus is going to be insufferable now, with the two of us getting to a point where we don't want to murder each other?" Harry asked with a laugh.

"Isn't that a grandfather's right?" asked Albus as he entered the room. "Cornelius and the public are, to use an amusing expression, fit to be tied at the moment since they were hoping that you would remain available to endorse this product or that candidate. I believe that the Daily Prophet will turn on Fudge soon in order to keep their readership happy. Since they will not wish to accept any of the blame, they will lay it all upon Cornelius."

Harry shook his head, reached into his pocket and pulled out a conch sea-shell. "Their problems, not mine. Don't lose this shell, sir. This is a reusable Portkey to my - our island. I realise that you're likely to stay on as the Headmaster here, but know that you are welcome to drop by often."

"I hope it's a comfortable temperature on that island," Pansy said, obviously fishing for information.

"Luna can dress to her comfort all year long," Harry said with a grin and an over-the-top wink to the wife in question.

Ignoring the snickers and giggles running around the room, he looked to Ron and Ginny and then to his wives. The mental conversation was obvious. Turning back to them he reached into his pocket and removed two more sea-shells, these wide bowled and scalloped. "We can't get to be friends again if you don't have access to me. All the Portkeys I'm handing out at the moment are geared to drop you a safe distance away from the main house, and will set off a chime that can be heard by anyone on the island." He smiled. "Also, the goblins showed me a neat trick." He flipped the shell he had given Ginny over and set a very tiny fire in it, which immediately began glowing green. "Harry Potter," he said, and the fireplace in the anteroom flared. "You can call us if you want to visit and make sure we're not … occupied." His voice was echoed from the fireplace. "It's designed to find the nearest fireplace or fire pit to the person you called. Thank Professor Flitwick and the goblins for that, by the way. The charm is set to the five of us at the moment - you won't be able to call Albus that way." He handed one more scalloped sea-shell to Severus. "Your choice as to whether, and if so, when." Severus nodded his understanding of Harry's verbal shorthand.

"As for us," he said, obviously setting himself to leave, "I think we'll get our things and be off." He grinned. "If somebody accidentally mentions to the Dursleys that I'm filthy rich, married and legally an adult, I'd appreciate a Pensieve memory of the colours that they turn.

"We'll get our things a little later, but I think for now, we should be off. We will see you all later - we promise." With that, he pulled a nautilus shell from his pocket and enlarged it. "Time for us to leave." His wives touched the shell, and they disappeared without a sound.

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Author Notes:

And thus endeth Like a Phoenix from the Ashes.

Fear not for the undealt-with plot threads, for a sequel, Burning Day, will begin on November 1, 2006.