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Harry spoke to each of the teachers and asked their forbearance in permitting his occasional absence from classes. Between his willingness to show that he was slightly ahead of the curriculum (thanks to his wives) and the Headmaster's well timed comments stating that he was doing certain errands for him, Harry found the professors quite willing to permit his occassional freedom during their class time. On the first Saturday in May, Harry found himself being assisted by his wives as well as Severus Snape out at Godric's Hollow. The group of them had paired up to bury a large number of small objects into shallow holes which were then covered back up.

Brushing his hands as the last one was placed, Harry said, "Thank you, Severus. The extra hands help a lot."

The girls blinked for a moment, and Harry suddenly realised that this was the first time that they'd ever heard him call their Potions professor by his given name.

"It's all right," he said to them. "We've buried the hatchet and didn't even come near each other with it." He wasn't sure, but he thought he heard Severus snort his laughter at that comment.

Changing the subject, Harry said, "We're going to need to make sure that the Ministry is prepared for whatever story we think will work best. This is going to be one big explosion, and the Muggles will not be able to ignore it, no matter how much they may want to."

Hermione spoke up. "With the explosion area being as large as you intend, probably the best bet is to involve the military. Make it a bomb that accidentally released from a plane on manoeuvres." Harry nodded his agreement.

A few hours later, they were all sweaty and filthy. Harry's eyes sparkled for a moment, but he quashed the incipient grin and said, "Well, all we need now is to get ol' Snake-lips here."

"How will you detonate them?" Hermione asked. "None of us buried anything that even remotely seemed like a blasting cap or detonator."

"I can show you back at the school," he said. "I've already verified that I can detonate them from quite a distance."

Pansy cocked her head in silent query.

He answered, "Remember some of those 'unexplained' geysers in the lake? Those were caused by me. The explosives are waterproof, at least as far as my purposes are concerned, and I warned the merfolk and Sebastian to avoid where I put the small amounts of explosive."

"Sebastian?" Susan asked.

"The squid. I was able to detonate the small charges in the lake from a greater distance … let's put it this way. I could stand on the other side of Godric's Hollow and set these off without a problem."

He looked over at the lawn and was pleased with what he saw. "A few Muggle Repellent Charms and a week to let the ground settle back down and we should be ready to deal with Tom for the very last time. Let's get back to Hogwarts and let the Headmaster know."

Severus said, "I recommend that I contact the Headmaster concerning our readiness. I would imagine that the five of you are in dire need of a shower or bath." His eyes sparkled for the first time anyone could remember. "I would also recommend time saving measures - make it a group effort." The smirk on his face was friendly in nature, and Susan impulsively leapt at him and kissed his cheek, pulling back with flaming cheeks as soon as she realised what she had done.

His face took on a stern look as he said, "For such an unprovoked attack on a teacher, ten points to Hufflepuff." As they all began to look angry, while Harry snorted in laughter, he added, "Another fifty if you do that in the Great Hall during dinner."

That was too much for Harry, and he fell to the ground, laughing.

"What are you laughing at, Harry James Potter?" Hermione asked sharply.

"You're angry because he gave points to Susan! And promised another fifty if she does it in the Great Hall!" The girls blinked for a moment and then simultaneously blushed.

"Sorry, sir," Hermione said softly, her head down.

"Quite alright, Hermione," Severus said. "I am much different than the man that you are used to after six years of abuse." He frowned. "Quite honestly, I have been something of a … what was the phrasing I heard a seventh year use last year … ah yes - 'a self-centred prick with delusions of adequacy'. When Riddle is finally gone, I believe that I shall make future generations of students deliriously happy and retire."

"Well, if my attempts to secure an island work out, I could always offer you space on it to do your Potions research," Harry said.

"Buying an island?" Pansy asked. "How did you manage to start this process without us finding out?" Her tone was slightly dangerous.

"You were testing the armour and the weapons and such," he said, worry entering his voice for the first time. "I really do want to leave the wizarding world for a time when this is done, so I asked the goblins about some options, and they suggested an island in a more tropical climate." After a short pause he added, "And who said anything about buying it?"

She walked forward and kissed him gently. "I'm not mad at you, Harry. I'm just annoyed that you managed to out-Slytherin me. Especially if you’re not buying the thing."

"Well, you did accuse him of turning you Gryffindor at one point," Susan said with a smirk.

"By injection is my guess," Luna said with an utterly straight face. The others knew that she was good at delivering the most outrageous lines with a straight face, but this was Severus's first encounter with it.

He went utterly still. "Thank you, I do not need that image in my head," he finally said in his characteristic drawl.

Harry batted his eyes at him. "Don't you love me anymore?" he asked in an over-the-top voice.

Severus couldn't help it; he laughed quickly. "Away with the lot of you!"

Laughing, they all touched the Portkey that the Headmaster had created for them and appeared in an unused classroom near the entrance hall. He peeled away quickly to go to his quarters, while they met eyes and headed toward the prefect's bath.

It was a much cleaner and very tired group that exited two hours later.


The students were surprised when Susan kissed Severus's cheek and were further surprised when he merely smiled slightly at her.

The Hufflepuffs never did figure out why they had fifty more points than they thought they should.


Harry was getting nervous as the week progressed because the group was waiting for the word as to when they could head to Godric's Hollow. He was fighting quite hard not to snap at everyone, and the stress relief that his wives provided him was considered a blessing by the entire school.

It was on the second Friday of the month that Harry was approached by Ron Weasley, much to Harry's surprise. He'd wondered where the other young wizard had disappeared to after hearing the conversation with Ginny over a month previously. "Mr. Potter, may I speak with you?"

"Certainly," was Harry's response, eyes quirked in curiosity.

"I'm probably going to screw this up like I seem to do on everything else," Ron said with a sigh. Taking a deep breath, the red-head stated bluntly, "I was an ass, and I am seeing what I lost when I screwed up a year ago. Part of me still wants to try to work things out with you, but I worked too hard to really permanently fuck our friendship over." He turned and faced the wall, making fists in his frustration. "I swear, if we keep on the way we have been, our family will spawn a new saying - 'stupid as a Weasley'." He shook his head and turned back to Harry, arms and hands being forced into relaxation. "Never mind that. What I want to say is that I'm sorry, and that I'm not going to bother you again. I'll miss our friendship, but its loss is no less than I deserve after betraying you again." With that, he turned and walked away from Harry.

"That was interesting," he said later in his suite. "That was … y'know, that was the Ron Weasley I knew in my first few years here. If they actually learn from this, I can see being warmer toward the Weasleys. They'll never be family to me again, but part of me misses being able to visit that silly, ramshackle house of theirs and swim in the pond." He looked at his wives, who had various looks on their faces, none of them entirely happy. "Look, I need to learn some level of forgiveness. If I don't, then I run the risk of letting my anger fester until I've decided that the best way to deal with something is through violence, and that direction lies the danger of becoming a Dark Lord. So I'd rather learn to forgive. Besides, both Ron and Ginny have done it the right way - accept responsibility and move on, rather than demanding our forgiveness and friendship."

Pansy scowled deepest for a moment, and then Harry literally felt her epiphany. "You're right," she said. "If they've learnt, you should forgive them."

This drew startled looks from the others. They well knew Pansy's opinions concerning the Weasley family.

"I was the bitch queen for the first several years here," she said. "If you followed the advice I've been giving you in regard to the Weasley family, then I'd be turning you into a hypocrite. If you had acted that way a year and a half ago, then my parents might be dead, and I'd still be subjected to the Ferret."

The others nodded slowly, working it through for themselves.

Harry smiled slightly as he felt each of them begin to understand. "I'll look them both up and talk to them. I'd kinda like 'em to stay alive to see if we can get friendly again." With that he headed for Gryffindor Tower.

He was always kept apprised of the passwords, being Head Boy, so he offered a polite greeting to the Fat Lady before he entered Gryffindor Tower. "Ron? Ginny? Can I speak to the two of you for a minute?" Startled, they exited the Tower behind him.

"How can we help you?" Ginny asked formally.

"By staying alive when this whole thing comes to a head. We'll never be family again, I have to tell you, but you two have learned a lesson that not everyone else has. For that, you've earned the possibility of a second chance at some type of friendship. It won't happen immediately, if ever, but if you two die, it can't happen. So please, if all hell breaks loose and you end up in the middle of it somehow, please try to stay safe, okay?" They both nodded in shock, and he turned and headed back to the suite, leaving them staring after him.


He approached the Headmaster on Monday. "Not to be a pain, sir, but when are we going to be able to do this thing? It needs to end, so that I can get on with my life."

"You seem to have pre-empted my calling you to talk about just that." He motioned Harry to a seat. "Severus and I have been working not only on the story that he will tell Voldemort, but on something physical that Severus can let him see in his mind, if Voldemort acts as we believe he will. It took far longer than any of us would have liked, I must admit. My intention is to allow Severus the chance to leave on a 'family emergency' tonight, allowing him to tell our story and get him on the road to Godric's Hollow on Saturday. If all works as we hope, we shall be free of the threat of Voldemort by Sunday."

He looked somewhat apologetically at Harry. "I never told you this plan, because it was something that might not have worked. We have put a large amount of work into an item which has no other purpose than to be destroyed, and which may end up playing no part whatsoever in this conflict, despite our work. I was afraid of raising your stress level by knowing that we were waiting on the completion of this item."

Harry laughed softly. "Part of me wants to rant and rail at not being told, but I like to think that I'm an adult now. So rather than break things in your office, I'll thank you as I probably should have done years ago. I am now adult enough to know that there are things you probably shouldn't be telling a child." He walked over to the Headmaster, who rose to meet him, and they hugged. "Thank you, Grandfather. I said it to Ron and Ginny over the weekend, to Severus, and most definitely to my wives: I'd really appreciate it if you were alive when this whole thing is through. In your case, it's because there are grandchildren - great-grandchildren? - for you to spoil rotten."

"I request the same of you, Harry. You have children to watch grow up." He paused before adding, "I will add that I am pleased that you are offering the olive branch to them." He didn't have to explain which "them" he was referring to.

"I don't like the person I'd be if I held a grudge. A very smart man showed me that second chances are a good thing." He smiled at Albus, then followed it with a frown. "If the article Narcissa sent me in December had been true, the whole situation would be radically different, Albus," Harry replied. "But now I have little Lorelei to watch enter Hogwarts with her brothers and sisters." He shook his head. "I'm seventeen, a few months away from being a father, and I've never been happier in my life. If you think I'm going to be heroically suicidal, you've got another think coming to you."

"I am terribly pleased to hear that, Harry." He smiled widely for a moment before continuing on. "In regards to our previous conversation, a contingent of Aurors that I trust will be entering Hogwarts on Friday during the day. Nominally it is under the explanation that we have had a problem at this school for the past six years at this time of year, so preparedness is better than surprise. In actuality, they will be leaving from here to head to Godric's Hollow an hour before any of us head out Saturday."

"I am so looking forward to the end of this, you know?" Harry asked, popping a sherbet lemon into his mouth and making Albus smile in delight. Harry face puckered for a moment as the sour struck him full force, and then gave his own smile in return. "I think I understand why you like these things!"

"Yes, I see them as a metaphor for life. A little sour in spots, but overall quite sweet and enjoyable."

"I can agree with that," Harry said. "I suppose I ought to get back to those who make me complete, to be poetic about it, so that they can stop worrying about what I might be doing here. Don't be surprised if they look you over carefully at dinner tonight to make sure you have all your body parts." Albus laughed at the comment and ushered Harry from his office after a final hug.


Harry walked over to the Slytherin table during lunch on Tuesday, stopping in front of Daphne Greengrass, one of the moderates who had gained power when Draco and his ilk had been forced to flee or get an intimate knowledge of prison. Without preamble, he said, "I don't know what might happen, but I think everyone is expecting something from the Dark Tiddler this spring. If he follows his pattern and comes here in some way or another, I want you guys to either lie low, or if you want to help defend, I know I won't turn down the help."

The attractive young woman giggled. "Dark Tiddler?"

"Yeah, well, the more I get to know him, the less impressive he gets. So I thought I'd make the point that he's a small fish in a big pond the best way I could." He shrugged, but there was a smile on his face.

"I'll remember that. You've faced him, so you'd be in a position to know." She took a deep breath, and he had to admit that it was pleasant to watch. "I speak only for myself, but if the Dark Tiddler shows up," she said, interrupting herself with a slight giggle, "I'll at least fight at your back. I appreciate the chance."

"We're all affected, so why shouldn't you be able to fight? Hopefully we won't have to worry about it here, but we'd be glad to have you." He shook her hand and walked back to his table.

"I'm sure you would," Pansy said with a smirk, having heard Harry's last sentence. "Girl doesn't use or need a bra, damn her."

He let his eyes twinkle at her. "I think it's much more fun to be with people who wear them. It's like a present, and it's so much fun doing the unwrapping. And it's the gift that you can rewrap and reopen!" He took her hand and kissed it.

She blushed. "Damn it," she said with a mock scowl. "I'm supposed to be a Slytherin princess, and you've got me blushing like a Gryffindor virgin!"

"Is there such a thing?" Hermione quipped with sparkling eyes.


His week was also filled with practise. He was running simulations in the Room of Requirement, trying out various battle simulations -with Dementors, with giants, with werewolves and mixtures of them all - and trying to second guess how Riddle might act. It was not an easy task trying to predict the tactical choices of a psychopath with no regard for the lives of his own troops.

Thursday night he looked at his wives and said, "Enough. Tomorrow is our day of rest before all hell breaks loose on Saturday."

Friday morning found a tired but happy group entering the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry's eyes sparkled, because his wives had all chosen to wear their sexiest clothing underneath their robes. "We want you in the best possible mood when you fight Riddle tomorrow," Susan had said after returning his tonsils to him. She had then put on a pair of high-leg knickers (the ones he liked most) and the ribbed tank top that she so delightfully stretched (even more so now that she was pregnant), followed by her robes. "Maybe if I'm bad today, you'll spank me later?" she asked, eyes twinkling.

He had grinned back and said a very succinct, "No." He let the moment hold before he finished with, "If on the other hand you're good today . . ."

Her pout didn't last very long, being unable to hold in her laughter.


Harry was filling his plate for the second time, having been very distracted by his wives eating their breakfast sausages. The groans he heard in the background told him he was not the only one affected by their … unique method of devouring them.

He looked up in alarm as Severus grasped his left forearm and grimaced in pain as he looked to Harry and Albus. Harry was surprised when Albus looked at him next. He suddenly realised what the looks were for, and he said, "It's your choice, but my vote is no."

The rest of the school broke into excited whispers. They had no idea what was meant by the words, but it was clearly significant. They learned immediately as Harry said, "Is it safe to assume that you didn't expect this summons?" When Severus nodded, he said, "Okay. We need to lock down the owlery and this room right now while we figure out what to do."

Albus scowled in concentration for a moment before smiling. "Being Headmaster has its perks. The owlery is closed at the moment. What is your reasoning, might I ask?"

"If he's being summoned before he expected, that means that the Dark Tiddler is getting a jump on things." He closed his eyes to think, having discovered from his Occlumency training that it was helpful in gathering his thoughts together. "Likely he thinks of this as a two-fold attack. I expect that he's attacking here at Hogwarts, since he probably thinks that the thing is more vulnerable before it gets where it's going. Also, if he attacks here, he feels that he can strike the most frightening blow, since despite the past several years, he sees himself as invincible. You can guess my opinion by my new nickname for him." He turned to Severus. "I'd imagine he's calling you to mass everyone for the attack."

There were several gasps in the hall, and Harry shook his head. "Grow up. 'Chosen Jerk' here, remember?" he asked, and heard a snort of amusement from Severus, not to mention a few others. "I'm the guy the Dark Tiddler is after, remember? If I trust Professor Snape at my back, knowing that he made a particularly bad mistake all those years ago, I think you guys should trust him, too." He shook his head and walked to Dumbledore.

Softly he said, "I need to get to Godric's Hollow with a bag that can hold an awful lot of stuff. I still think that we can use the explosives to deal with at least his army, if not him."

"Yes, and since you left them in the Hollow -" Albus said.

"Exactly. If you can manage the Portkey and the bag for me, I should take no more than thirty minutes." He paused. "This could be a trap, but I don't think so. That would show far more planning than the little git has ever shown since he came back. I think he's planning to assault Hogwarts to get your book."

When Albus nodded, Harry turned to the Great Hall and said, "I need you all to follow the instructions of Pansy, Hermione, Susan, Luna and Professors Snape and Dumbledore. They have worked with me the most in the planning of this final battle. The other teachers should be listened to as well, but those six people have the best idea of how to get you through this alive. I need to deal with something before I can finish this whole mess once and for all time, and we can get on with the business of living." He was answered with a cheer from the students.

The group became all business as the Potions teacher stood and joined Harry's wives, while Harry and the Headmaster left via a side door. He quickly found himself in the Headmaster's office, which he knew to be a fair walk away and on a separate floor. "So that's how you get places so quickly," Harry said with a small laugh.

"Please do not let that secret out," was the reply as Dumbledore searched the room for various things, pulling out small silver devices that made noises as if surprised when they were placed upon the desk, as if they hadn't seen daylight in years. Finally, he reached into a 'secret' compartment in the middle drawer and pulled out a large military rucksack. "This should serve our purposes admirably. I shall cast the spells to make it hold several tonnes, if you would be so kind as to choose something to serve as a reusable Portkey."

Harry looked around the room for a moment before chuckling and pulling off his belt. The Headmaster laughed. "Perfect. No possibility of losing it. This sack should hold every one of the explosives without much weight at all." A few moments later, Harry was putting his belt back on. "Tap the belt with your wand and say 'Home' to get to Godric's Hollow. Saying 'Hogwarts' will put you in the Great Hall." He paused for a moment. "I shall endeavour to contact the Order and see just how many we can get for defence."

"Don't forget Aunt Amelia," Harry added. "She should be able to bring us a few Aurors." Albus nodded, and Harry tapped the belt and said, "Home".

The tug behind his navel threw him to Wales, and he staggered as he landed. He opened the sack and then concentrated on the placement of every explosive on the grounds. "Accio bombs!" he said forcefully, and felt a rumbling shoot through the earth before things began rocketing toward him. He held the mouth of the sack open to try to catch as many as possible as fast as he could - the less time he spent picking up strays, the better off he would be.

They streamed in at a surprising pace - surprising in that it was neither too fast or too slow for him and slowed down at the very last moment to prevent jarring themselves or their new neighbors. He held the mouth of the bag open and they entered as if the purpose of the spell had been to bring them single file to him. He wasn't going to complain about it if it made his job easier.

It was as the last of them were entering the bag that someone approached him. He turned to face Pansy's mother, wand out and ready to take down whoever was behind him. "I take it that Riddle changed your plans?" she asked. She sounded calm, but there was some fear evident in her demeanour.

"Looks like it. We think he's going to attack Hogwarts, so I want these things to be used. We can repair the grounds easily enough." After a momentary pause, he hugged her and said, "I hate to go, but I have a battle to fight. We’ll see you later today. I promise." He looked her squarely in the eyes, telling her wordlessly that he had every intention of keeping that promise.


Half an hour later he and the others were experiencing the worst part of any battle - the wait. Professor Snape seemed to be returning to his snarky and ill-tempered old self, but the way that he was clutching his left arm, Harry had a sneaking suspicion that it was the pain talking. He found himself worried about the possibility of the death of Voldemort taking all the Death Eaters with him.

Actually, he finally thought, that's not very likely, now that I give it some real thought. I can't see him tying everyone to him back then, because he honestly thinks he can't be defeated. Using it as a power drain is also unlikely, because those tend to work both ways, and I can't see him letting others drain him - that way lies being overthrown by one of his own minions. So the Dark Marks are likely just a method to communicate to his followers some simple messages and a way of reminding them who's boss. He looked to the man that he was beginning to think of as a friend. I just hope I'm not brilliantly wrong.

People were milling around the areas that they had been assigned to. Fourth year students were protecting the younger years with some teachers overseeing the group. Fifth year and above were scattered throughout the castle at various vantage points. Harry and his wives were all centred in the Astronomy Tower, awaiting Harry's instructions. They all wore their armour, and the girls were amused by the feelings leaking through the link.

"Do you every think about anything but sex, Harry?" Susan asked with some humour.

"I have the four sexiest witches I've ever known as my wives. How can I think about anything else?" he laughed in response before wincing and bringing one hand up to his forehead. "Ow. I haven't felt that in ages. He must be in a real state." Harry thought for a moment. "Ladies? I need you. I want you to try to shield me while I see if I can get into his head. Any hints about his movements or plans would be a blessing."

They nodded and immediately surrounded him. As he closed his eyes, he saw the silver flare of their bond connecting the rings they wore. Smiling, he sank into his own mind …


"… more careful, you idiot!" he hissed. "Just because they don't know doesn't mean they can't detect us if you do something stupid!"

"My apologies, Master," Wormtail whinged.

Harry shook his head at the actions of his bumbling servant. Good help was so hard to find.

The group of Death Eaters entered an underground room that both Voldemort and Harry recognized immediately. One by one, they rounded a corner and came into the Chamber of Secrets.

As they traveled, Lucius Malfoy requested, "With your permission, my Lord, I would ask for a few moments with the Potter brat before you deal with him."

"We shall see," Harry said, "But I see no current problems with allowing you to express your displeasure."

"Thank you, my Lord."

At Malfoy's last words, they came into sight of the Basilisk corpse. Harry jerked to a stop in surprise. "What in the name of Magic happened to him?"


Harry pulled free of the fetid cesspool that was Tom Riddle's mind and shook his head. "We have a problem," he said. "There is a large group of Death Eaters and such coming to the school, but he has a small group sneaking into the school through another route. I watched them getting into the Chamber of Secrets."

Albus's skin decided to match his beard colour - white. "How many did he have with him?"

"No more than twelve, if the underlying thoughts were correct, and at least two of them are Lucius and Wormtail. He'll likely have Narcissa with him, but I don't know if the whole Malfoy crowd is there." He grinned a nasty grin and said, "At least Bella's not around to make things worse."

He looked out over the grounds. "Okay. I'll leave almost all of the explosives with you. I can't drop them into the Chamber because I'd bring the school down if I blew them all down there. A few should at least discommode them, however. The rest should be lobbed at the incoming army and detonated with a sharp blow, such as a Bludgeoning spell. Get everyone with good aim here to work on that - some to Banish at targets, and some to Bludgeon them. They're all impregnated with silver, in case there are werewolves in the attack force."

Albus looked at Harry, nonplussed. "You know that I need to remain here to help set off your explosive devices."

Harry looked at him for a long moment. "You honestly think you'll be safer out here? You'll have the bulk of his army to contend with." He paused for a long moment. "Do you have any idea how terrified I am that I'll come back from defeating the Dark Tiddler and be told, 'He died a good death'? I want you there to spoil my children, and you …" Harry gulped down a knot of emotion "… you have as much chance of dying out here as I do down there."

Albus smiled sadly in response. "We both wish to keep the other safe from harm in a situation where safety is an illusion."

"Stay safe, Grandfather," Harry said thickly as he hugged the man who had been his mentor, and occasionally his foil.

"And you, Harry."

Harry turned to the bag containing the explosives before his vision could blur completely. He pulled out ten blocks of explosive and handed two each to his wives, picking up the last two for himself. "We'll be doing some damage to the Chamber, so keep those shields up, ladies." With that, he began to head toward Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

He hadn't gotten too far away when he was met by Ron and Ginny. "Mr. Potter?" she asked. "Might we be permitted to accompany you and protect not only your back, but the backs of your wives?"

He met her eyes, looking deep within her, before saying, "I have no problem with that. However, the final decision is theirs." Ginny simply nodded.

Hermione stared at her the longest, and Ginny unflinchingly met the look. Finally, Hermione said, "You have a second chance, Ginny. As Harry told you, we aren't friends again. Yet. The possibility is there for it, though. So you and Ron had better stay alive, so that we can get to know each other again."

Ginny's look did not change, but she snapped to attention and saluted, with only the hint of a smile to show that there was anything other than seriousness to her mien. Ron simply nodded, and the group headed toward the girls' bathroom.

As they entered the room, they were met by a familiar translucent form. "Oh, hello, Harry!" she giggled at him. "It's been so long since you visited me last."

"I'm sorry about that," he said honestly. "I've been working toward ending the conflict with Voldemort. As a matter of fact, I've just now realised that you can help me with it."

"I can?" she asked, quite obviously startled. "How?"

"Would you be willing to slip down that tube that Ron and I slid down five years ago? Riddle and his sycophants are down there trying to sneak into the school. I want him stopped. Actually, we NEED him stopped. That's why we're here."

"I remember Tom. He was such a handsome boy," she sighed. "Like you." She finished with another giggle.

"Thank you," he replied with a soft blush. "The problem is, he's also the one who was controlling that beast that killed you. Tom Riddle is the reason you haunt this bathroom, rather than living on and becoming the beautiful woman I know that you would have become." He paused. "You'd have been the grandmother that all the boys would have talked about in my year, about how beautiful you were. Tom took that all away from you."

"He did, didn't he?" she asked, a tone of harshness coming to her voice. "What do you need me to do, Harry?" The tone reminded everyone listening that there were, in fact, things that a ghost could do to a living person.

"Slip down there and spy on him. See how many there are, and if they're carrying anything odd. Don't be seen if you can avoid it, because he may have spells to control or destroy ghosts."

She seemed startled again. "You care whether I … why?"

"I haven't been a good friend to you, but I care. And to be destroyed eternally? The only one I wish that on is the one who caused your death. I promise you this, Myrtle - when I succeed at destroying Voldemort, I will let the world know that you were an invaluable help to us. The world will remember that Myrtle Mulaney was one of the heroes."

"You bothered to learn my last name …" she whispered before drawing herself to full height and taking on an air of pride that they'd never seen in her before. She shot to the sink and disappeared through it.

"You make me proud to be your wife," Susan said thickly. "That was a beautiful thing you just did."

He shrugged. "What? Treat her like a human being, even though she's a ghost?"

"Most forget that we still are here and have feelings," said another soft, female voice. He turned to see the Grey Lady beside him. He couldn't recall ever having heard her speak in his presence before, and from Luna's reaction, she had never heard the Ravenclaw ghost speak either. "I - we - thank you for the kindness. What may we do to help you in your conflict?"

"I'm not sure. Too many in the Chamber will tip him off. Perhaps those willing to deal with some danger might quickly scout the Chamber to locate the exits? If nothing else, knowing how he entered would be good. I believe they came from around the statue of Slytherin, but I don't know any more than that."

"Then it shall be done," she responded. "If this is in fact the choke point you believe it to be, then you are well prepared for them. We shall return shortly." Harry looked around and realised that she had brought the ghosts of the other three Houses. With a short nod, they began to sink through the floor.

"Again with the waiting game," Hermione muttered darkly. "I hate waiting."

"I know," Pansy replied with a smirk, drawing a blush to Hermione's cheeks.

"Must everything be about sex?" Hermione asked, trying to cover her face.

"Yes!" Susan and Luna laughed.

Myrtle popped back through the floor. "He appears to be heading for this bathroom, since he is having his people clear the rock fall down there. I don't know how they'll ascend, though. The tunnel isn't exactly built for climbing up."

"He'll figure something out," Harry responded. "How long do you think we have before he gets through?"

"At the pace they seem to be moving, I'd guess about twenty to thirty minutes," Myrtle said.

"Excellent." Harry's eyes gleamed. "I want to give them a little surprise. Pansy, I need you to get my Firebolt. While you're doing that, we'll be preparing a surprise for Tommy." It was a testament to her trust in Harry that Pansy simply shot from the bathroom without asking questions. As she left, a series of soft booms sounded from outside the castle. "Sounds like the battle has started out there." "Hermione, I need ten steel plates large enough to spread this stuff onto as if it were marmalade — oh hell, you’re from a military background. I’m making claymores. Susan, I'll need stone and metal and other things to imbed in the explosives. Luna, I'll need proximity triggers on the items when they're ready."

"What’s a claymore, other than a unit of money?" Susan asked.

"A very nasty explosives device," Hermione said, turning slightly white at the thought. "If this works the way we hope, then we'll end this battle by rinsing out the blood after they've all gone off." She got a far-away look to her eyes before saying, "Luna, leave two of them alone. Harry can set the proximity charms on those two when he mounts them. Have the others go off in a pattern, set off when the ones with the proximity charms go off."

Harry tilted his head, eyebrow cocked.

"Uncle in the military, remember?" she answered the unasked question. "Set the ones with proximity alarms on them at the top, aimed down the tunnel. Have those set off the bottom-most ones, which should be aimed up toward us." She shook her head and made the ten plates, putting numbers on them as she made them. "Each of these is a pair - I'd recommend putting them as such, across from each other. My thought is to count from the bottom, and set the 5's to be detonated by proximity. This would set off the 1's, which would set off the 4's, which set off the 2's, which set off the 3's. " As she spoke, she gestured as if the devices were actually hovering before her, alternating high and low for the order of detonation.

"I see. Turn it into a churning mass of blood and bone down there. Works for me," Harry said as he began spreading the plastic explosives on the sheets of steel. As soon as he was done, Susan began embedding conjured caltrops and bits of stone. As Luna was handed the first set, Pansy came flying into the bathroom astride his Firebolt.

Harry grinned. "Damned lucky broom, I'd say," he murmured.

"I've always enjoyed riding your broomstick, Harry," she purred. She then looked at what was being done and hazarded a guess, "Can I assume that you're making a particularly nasty doormat for our guests?"

"Modern art," Ginny said with a ghost of a smile. "They think he'll get a real bang out of it." Everyone looked at her for a moment, and no one was sure where it started, but someone snorted their laughter. Soon they were wiping their eyes as they worked, trying to stay on task while they laughed. The tone of mild hysteria was completely understandable.

"The battle has definitely begun," Pansy said softly after everyone calmed back down. "I saw a dead giant leaning against one of the school's standing stones."

"Are you sure he was dead?" Ron asked, sounding a little worried.

"He was missing half his head," she answered him. "Pretty sure." Ron looked slightly green, but nodded his thanks to her. She smiled softly back.

Finally, Luna was finished with the intricate tapping she was doing, tying the plates to each other. "You'll need to set the Proximity Charm on the fives, Harry," she said. "The others are tied to each other as Hermione said, so layer them accordingly."

"I'll put them about ten feet apart. That should be enough space for everyone to be in the blast zone when the first goes off." He mounted the broom and slipped down the hole.

He headed to the lowest point he felt safe from being spotted and placed the plates labelled '1' on the walls across from each other, leaving them there with Sticking and Disillusionment Charms. He followed this pattern as he floated back up the hole, until he'd reached the spot for the plates labelled '5', still fifteen feet from the top of the tube. He stuck them to the wall and then cast a complicated spell to fire the Bludgeoning Hex when the Proximity Charm was activated. Needless to say, this last was done from outside the range that he set for the Proximity Charm. He finished it with a final Disillusionment Charm on them and slid back up and out of the hole, just in time to hear voices from behind him at the bottom. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but he knew that they'd broken through the rock slide.

He popped out of the hole and whispered "Away from the hole! They're at the bottom, so we also need to be quiet!" The group broke in half, with Ron landing with Luna and Hermione, while Ginny stood ready to protect Pansy and Susan. Harry landed and stood atop the hole for a moment, surprised to watch steps appear in the smooth surface of the tube. "Bastard," he whispered to himself admiringly. "Wish I'd thought of that as a kid."

"You're still a kid," Ron whispered with a small smile of his own, obviously not sure exactly how it might be taken.

Harry joined him on that side of the opened sink and answered him, "Am not, am not, am not!" with his own slight smile. That was what Ron needed, and Harry could see both relief and a fierce resolve on the male Weasley's face. Hermione was stifling a giggle at Harry's response.

They waited for an eternity of moments before five staccato bangs sounded as bit of stone and metal and apparently even some blood and bone shot from the tunnel accompanied by a short burst of flame. There was a long rumbling in the tunnel, and then an incoherent bellow of rage. When it became understandable, they heard, "When I find who did this, I shall not Crucio them nor strike them with a Killing Curse! That will be too quick a death for them; too kind! I shall roast them over a low flame! I shall draw and quarter them! I shall flay the very skin from their bodies!"

They remained silent in the bathroom, although it was difficult with Harry crouching and softly mimicking Voldemort's rant in a very mocking manner, complete with one hand held as if it wore a sock puppet pretending to speak Voldemort's words. Finally, when the sound from below had stopped, they prepared for Voldemort's rise into the bathroom, brushing the debris and dust from their clothing. Harry smiled and cast a wandless, wordless Cleaning Charm on the group, and then stood, waiting for those who had survived to arrive.

Shortly, a head appeared in the hole and stepped out carefully. Oddly, the individual made no effort to look to either side; they simply exited the tunnel, showing themselves to be a somewhat battered and bruised Narcissa, followed immediately by Voldemort. As soon as Voldemort was in the bathroom, Harry hissed, "Close," at the sink. The startlement at the unexpected movement and noise lasted for just a few moments, but that was all that was needed as the sink closed, catching Lucius Malfoy's head between the rapidly closing stones. There was an ugly squelching noise as those stones met, once again closing access to the Chamber. Bits of Lucius Malfoy's blood, bone and brains squirted from between the sinks. It had closed quickly enough that the pureblood barely had time to even grunt.

Harry felt his gorge rise but suppressed the reflex ruthlessly. He knew that this was it; the final confrontation. He'd managed to get Voldemort separated from the rest of his followers, as evidenced by the fact that only two were in the room and by the muffled detonations from outside.

"Potter, you manage to surprise me," came the high voice of Harry's ultimate opponent. "All these people you bring with you to sacrifice to me."

"Delusional much, Tommy?" he replied mockingly. "The group of us have taken out all of your elite crew except for Narcissa No-name there, and with Muggle technology, no less. I'd have thought that growing up in London during the War would have taught you how resourceful Muggles can be. I wouldn't do that, Narcissa," he finished, not turning his head from looking at Riddle. "I think you'll find that the six of them are more than able to deal with you while I finish off the Dark Tiddler here."

"Brave words," hissed Riddle. "All that they are doing is ensuring that I kill you slowly."

"You already threatened that in the tunnel, Tom. Didn't you yell that you'd give the person who did that intimate knowledge of what a flensing knife is for? I placed those charges in the tunnel, you wanker."

There were three staccato bangs in the room, and it took all Harry had not to turn and look. He did allow Pansy to feed him the image however. Narcissa had taken great offence at everything that Harry had been calling Riddle and had apparently tried something. Ron and Ginny had been ready for this and had fired something that left her bleeding and unconscious on the floor, with an ugly mauve pallor to her skin.

"Looks like it's down to you and us, Tommy," Harry said. "That wound of Narcissa's looks like it will be fatal if it's not treated soon."

"Then I shall meet you another day," was the hissed response as Riddle reached into his robes. An instant later, confusion covered his face, replacing the smugness.

"Did I forget to mention that we have wards up to block all types of travel except for physical?" Harry asked him conversationally, waving his hand and castng just those wards. "You have no more cannon fodder around to wear down your opponent, so you have to face the seven of us."

"You will not talk to me in such manner, you insolent brat!" was the violently sibilant response. Harry found himself wondering just how Riddle had managed to do that, given how few time the letter 'S' was used in that sentence. That thought was driven from his mind quickly as a spell belched from the yew and phoenix wand he was facing.

Harry spun quickly, avoiding the shimmering blue beam that melted the stone that it struck, and fired off his own spell, which Voldemort easily evaded. "Is that the best you can do, child?" mocked the no longer human Dark Lord.

"No, but I'm just getting warmed up." He fired off a dark purple spell toward the creature, and it caused the silver shield that Riddle suddenly erected to release a violent "gong" noise as the spell caromed toward the ceiling. Six other beams of varying colours began flying toward Riddle, all of them bouncing off the silver shield.


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore stood on the ramparts of Hogwarts, awaiting the arrival of Voldemort's armies. He couldn't consider it a single army, simply because he knew that trying to get werewolves, giants, humans and Dementors working as a cohesive unit would be impossible.

He spoke to the students and teachers that he felt most secure in working with the materials that Harry had left him and split the blocks of clay-like material as evenly as he could amongst them. "Remember to aim them at the most dangerous of the opponents, such as the giants. A warning to those of you that are likely not mentally prepared - this is going to be a dangerous and bloody battle. Many will die at our hands, which is regrettable, but those we fight today choose to fight on the side of an evil man. Mourn the need for their deaths, but do not be afraid to take their lives if necessary." He shook his head and gazed out over the ramparts again before continuing. "Years from now, we will look back on this day with some sadness and with great pride at what we have done here."

As he finished, movement was seen in the forest. From the fact that trees were moving, it was safe to assume that the giants were part of the forces that Voldemort had amassed for the attack. They burst from the forest in a lumbering run, headed toward the school.

They thundered across the lawn, the rest of the army appearing behind them. As they approached, people began Banishing the blocks of explosive that they had been given at the giants. They all received a surprise as the watched a giant swat at the small block, successfully hitting it. When the smoke cleared, the behemoth was looking stupidly at where its hand and part of its arm had been.

The other people doing the Banishing were discovering that simply allowing the explosive to hit any target made it explode, so some began dropping them in the midst of the rest of the army. This was decimating them - literally. One wonders about a society that had a word for 'killing one in ten', Albus thought absently as he watched three giants topple simultaneously.

This was not to say that the fighting was one-sided. Those with wands in the approaching mass of people were firing at the school, specifically those lobbing the explosives, and the giants were picking up and throwing what they could at the school - much to the detriment of several of the werewolves in the army. The others quickly moved out of arm's reach of the giants.

Spells and giant attacks blew chunks of masonry away from the school, and students were downed by flying spells and shrapnel. Albus could only pray that they were merely wounded and not dead.

As the explosions continued, he began to note an interesting thing - retreat, at least from the human contingent of the attacking army. There were a number of them who had apparently decided that it was no fun attacking those who fought back and that the possibility of facing a Cruciatus from Voldemort was preferable to dying.

In short order, there were no living giants, and a number of the other creatures had been badly injured or killed. A muffled explosion blew out a window on the second floor as he prepared to send out people to check on the state of the wounded.

He shook his head as he watched the Auror team that was supposed to be accompanying them to Godric's Hollow arrive on the scene. Their state of utter confusion at the scene would have been amusing under other circumstances.


The battle in Myrtle's bathroom continued. While they had Riddle massively outnumbered, he was far greater in skill and power. They were parrying almost all of his spells, with the occasional curse getting through and cutting or bruising one of them, but they were fighting him to a standstill.

Harry scowled as he studied the situation. Coming to a decision, he motioned that he was dropping back for a moment. He had realised the only method that stood a chance was a purely physical attack, so he decided to conjure what he needed. He needed his wives to keep Voldemort busy, though, while he worked.

He worried a little, though, because Ron and Ginny were getting a little reckless in their fighting. He was happy that a decent number of students had been given the dragon-skin armour, including them, but being reckless was going to kill them anyway. Please, stay alive, you two, he thought. We can't repair anything if you go and die on me. He shook his head to clear it. Wool-gathering is not going to win this battle, dammit! He thought for a moment before conjuring exactly what he needed.

Hermione had kept the weapons she had 'acquired' for as long as possible. In fact Harry was fairly certain that they were all still somewhere in the castle, but he didn't know where. They had all learned how to break them down and clean them, to the point where Harry knew how each of them was built.

He grinned and concentrated, conjuring a Barrett rifle, complete with tripod. He pulled the magazine and found it empty, which didn't surprise him - he hadn't been thinking of bullets at the time. Hermione had even come through there, by studying and performing hands on work. They had disassembled several of the rounds and had taken very careful measurements on the off chance that they were ever going to need bullets in a hurry. Harry slowly made three of them, just in case he missed.

He was exhausted, but he couldn't take the time to recover. As he set up the Barrett, he heard the high pitched shout of "Avada Kedavra!" A sickly green beam lanced out and struck Susan in the stomach, followed by maniacal laughter.

That laughter stopped the moment that Susan responded with "That hurt, damn you! I'll thank you not to go punching me in the stomach anymore!" This was followed with a bright silver beam of some curse that a very startled Voldemort only barely avoided.

Voldemort's attack redoubled then. "You know the secret to surviving the Killing Curse! I will have it if I must rip it from your meagre minds!" The silver shield arose again on his arm. "Crucio!" The beam hit Ginny, who began to scream.

That was all that Harry needed. He got behind the Barrett and concentrated. He knew Voldemort's patterns somewhat, so he moved the rifle slightly to the right of the centre of the shield and gently squeezed the trigger. The impact of the heavy bullet shattered the silver shield instantly, sounding as if Harry had just simultaneously destroyed ten thousand pieces of fine china and stemware. Voldemort stood there in shock, staring at the black fluid flowing from his ruined left arm. As he turned to look at Harry, his eyes widened as he saw Harry squeeze the trigger once more.

That was the last thing Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as the Dark Lord Voldemort, ever saw.


Dumbledore literally skidded to a stop in the doorway of the bathroom, stunned to see Harry kneeling on the floor with Ginny's head in his lap. She was shaking occasionally, quite uncontrollably, the way that many victims of the Cruciatus did. Narcissa No-name was at his feet, still alive, so he quickly cast a stasis spell to keep her both alive and under control. Something oozed from between the sinks, and Albus decided that he'd rather not think about it at the moment. Myrtle knelt next to both Harry and Ginny, obviously worried for Ginny's welfare.

Last, but certainly not least, he spied a body that could only have been the one that Riddle had built for himself in the dark ritual after the third task of the Tri-Wizard tournament. It was missing most of an arm, however, and he assumed that the red smear against the far wall was what was left of the Dark Lord's head.

Harry stood and picked Ginny up, holding her carefully as she spasmed. "Let's get her to the Hospital Wing," he said softly as he began to walk.

The others fell in behind him, Hermione almost absently Vanishing the large rifle that Harry had created. Ron brought up the rear.

Harry stopped and turned to Myrtle. "You're welcome to come as well, Myrtle. We'd never have been as prepared as we were without you, and I can never repay you for that. It's because of you that all seven of us are still alive."

The ghost looked proudly at Harry for a moment before an expression of wonder replaced her pride. "I'd love to join you, Harry, but I seem to have somewhere else to be now," she said as she slowly began to fade. "Remember me."

"We will, Myrtle," Pansy said. "You're the hero here." She had tears in her eyes as she watched the girl that had haunted the second floor girls' bathroom for decades fade forever from Hogwarts.

"It seems that vanquishing Tom and being thought fondly of was what she needed to go on to the next great adventure," Albus said softly, tears in his own eyes. "She will be missed, but I am happy for her."

"We all shall miss her," the Grey Lady said as she faded through a wall. "But we are glad that she has had the chance to move on. She was profoundly unhappy here, while the rest of us enjoy our time in Hogwarts." She bowed low before Harry, floating backwards as she did, since Harry was now moving again toward the school's infirmary. "We thank you for helping her find the peace she needed."

He shrugged carefully. "She's human, too," he answered, as if it explained everything. Albus realised that, for Harry, it did.

"Good heavens!" Poppy Pomfrey exclaimed as Harry brought Ginny into her domain. "What happened to Miss Weasley?"

"Legillimency attack, I think," Harry said. "The Tiddler wasn't being gentle or subtle."

"He never is," Severus Snape said as he limped into the room, leaning on the shoulder of a smirking Kingsley Shacklebolt. "Don't even think it, Shacklebolt."

"Whatever are you talking about?" asked the black Auror in a too-innocent voice.

"May we assume that the reason for the smirk is that Severus's injury is somewhat embarrassing in its cause?" Albus asked.

Severus scowled at the group for a moment before surprising them all by chuckling. "I suppose that it is somewhat amusing," he murmured. "I made it all the way through the battle, dodging flying masonry and helping Misters Creevey get as many photographs of the battle as they could - for Ministry identification purposes, mind you - and then I go and trip on a pebble on my way to see how Harry fared. After everything, I bloody well twisted my ankle."

Harry fought another hard battle, but he lost this one. He began to snort in laughter before releasing a full out belly laugh that had him falling to the floor and rolling, tears flowing from his eyes. Suddenly, his wives leapt from their places around Ginny's bed and ran to Harry, Hermione quickly Conjuring a wastebasket.

The necessity was obvious a moment later as Harry began to retch violently into the basket, sounding as if he was attempting to return not only everything he had ever eaten, but everything his parents and Sirius had ever eaten as well. They simply rubbed his back and held him as best they could.

"Oh my God, what am I?" he finally moaned. "Think of the murders I performed today. What am I?"

"A man protecting everyone and everything he loves," Albus answered. "We hold no blame upon you."

"You should," was the bitter reply. "It's bad enough that I spread Riddle's head along the back wall of Myrtle's bathroom, but I knowingly placed explosives … I crushed Lucius Malfoy's head with a sink, for God's sake!"

"And you sorrow for the necessity," Luna said. "Do you think that any of the Malfoy clan would be thinking themselves dirt if they had done such a thing to you? Draco would simply be sorry that he was only able to do it once." She pulled him close. "Do you think I would have a child with the monster that you wish us to think you to be? Do you think any of us would bed a monster?" Her eyes twinkled. "Do you think I would let just any man tie me to a bed and have his wicked way with me?" There were snorts of laughter and a few exclamations of surprise from around the room. "That sounds like a good idea, by the way. When we're done here, I think …" She paused for only a moment before saying, the tone of her voice matching her impish smile, "… I think that Susan needs to be spanked for the language that she used during the battle."

Harry chuckled slightly, but it became louder as he heard Susan's "Oh goddess, YES!" echo down the link. Hermione was first to lose her cool and start laughing, but soon all but Susan were laughing while the woman in question blushed furiously.

Harry shook his head and stood, more than a little shaky in his steps. "I'm sorry for the reaction, folks. It just caught up with me all at once."

"I was actually quite pleased to see it," Severus said as he met Harry's eyes. Harry smiled and nodded his understanding.

"If you all could kindly leave and let me continue working on Miss Weasley," Poppy said kindly but without looking away from her patient. "She will be all right, have no fear of that, but the quieter the room, the faster she'll heal."

With a final look at the hurt woman on the hospital bed, the group quietly exited the hospital wing.

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