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A Return to Hogwarts

By Kinsfire

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"I am going to injure that child when I see him next," Severus Snape growled. "I spent a week in the Mediterranean because of that insufferable . . . thing."

"You're just angry because he outsmarted all of us," Remus said. "He's obviously managed to meet up with Hermione Granger, and it bugs you that someone you consider to be unintelligent managed to out-think you."

"Quiet, werewolf, or I may slip and place some silver in your next dosage."

"Do it, and you won't survive to make another dosage," Remus growled.

"Gentlemen," sighed Dumbledore. "As amusing as your foreplay might be, it still puts us no closer to getting Harry back. It is now only a week before school returns to session, and finding him before then is a lost cause. He has to return, if only because of his friendships with others here. I cannot see him forsaking them, especially since he did not write to anyone except Miss Granger this summer.

"On a different note, the goblins are especially surly with me this past month, and I have been unable to ascertain why. I am not certain as to how, but I suspect that Harry is behind that as well." He scowled deeply. "I shared such an excellent relationship with them prior to the beginning of July."

"Are the plans still in effect in regards to the Weasley girl?" Tonks asked. "We know that she's more than willing, but what if Potter is less than agreeable about it?"

"Amortentia works wonders," Snape drawled. "He will be with the child no matter his original wishes." He looked to the Headmaster. "You are aware that Aphrodite's Delight mixes well with Amortentia?"

Dumbledore gave the Potions master an indulgent smirk. "You might wish to check your books, dear boy, and find out who it was who made that discovery. You will likely recognise the name."

"My apologies," Snape said through slightly gritted teeth.

"Given the amount of time that we have left," Dumbledore concluded, "it is likely best to spend this last week preparing for Harry's return to the castle. Nymphadora, I have procured your services as an undercover agent within the school. While you do not qualify as a potential Black wife, you would easily qualify as a Potter wife. I do not believe that Amortentia would be problematic to use for you as well. Between the Weasley girl and yourself, we should be able to regain and then retain control of Harry.

"Remus, I have managed to convince the Board of Governors to rehire you as a Defence teacher this year. When it was pointed out that the Ministry's own choice was less than satisfactory - to be gentle in the phrasing - they permitted me greater latitude in hiring."

"Good. Most of the students I've run across that weren't in Severus's House have told me that they think I was the best teacher for that class you've ever had. Well, except for the Death Eater. I'm sure that with the promise of more information about his family, I can get Harry back under control for you."

Cho Chang lay on the bed, panting heavily, trying to calm her breathing down. The sheen of sweat on her golden skin was drawing admiring looks from the others in the room. "Already, Harry?" Heidi asked with amusement, noting his rampant condition.

"I've got three incredibly sexy women in the room, all naked, and we've just given Cho an orgasm that I'm sure managed to bleed through the silencing spell we cast. She's laying there naked and sweaty and so damned sexy that I wish I wasn't vowing to keep her virgin until we can get married. I have had so many fantasies about this girl that involved her naked and sweaty, and I discover that the reality is even better than my imagination." He paused. "Y'know something? That's actually true for all three of you. What I imagined was nothing like the glorious reality."

"Harry, we're already betrothed to you," Cho said with a giggle.

"He's serious, Cho," Hermione said. "I cried the night we married, because . . . he made me feel like a goddess. The only way to describe it was that he worshipped me when he made me his wife in fact as well as in law."

"Will you worship me in the Quidditch locker rooms when we marry, Harry?" Cho asked, blushing deeply, and smiled in awe as she watched his rapturous attention to the way it spread down her body. "And could you guys untie my arms?"

As Heidi undid the knots in the silk ropes holding Cho gently to the bed, Cho admitted, "I've had this recurring fantasy that you came into the locker room after a practice or a game and pressed me against the edge of the shower. Gently - always gently - but you'd whisper in my ear that you were taking what was yours, and then you'd fill me in those fantasies. You'd force my hips back so that I had to lean against the wall, and then you'd pound me, Harry. I dream of our bodies slapping together." She blushed furiously as she added, "I want you to plant our first baby in those showers, Harry, doing just that - taking me. Forcing yourself on a willing me."

"It's not forcing then, is it?" he asked, both amused and puzzled.

"Role-playing," Hermione said. "She wants a rape fantasy, but only with a man that she trusts implicitly. In other words, a rape fantasy with a man that won't rape her."

He cocked his head. "Safety. She feels safe enough around me to know that if I pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, or rip her blouse open, that I'm actually aroused, rather than doing it in anger."

"Right," Cho said when she was free. "We'll need a safe word, like 'Azkaban' or even 'safety', but if we've got a good one, then I've no problems if you walked up to me, dragged me into a classroom and then literally tore the clothes off my body. I'm pretty sure that I'd be wet enough to slip Firenze a good ways inside me by the time you got me naked." She bit her lower lip. "Is there something wrong with me that I want to be dominated sometimes?"

"Is there something wrong with me that I like making love to more than just Harry?" Hermione asked by way of answer. Cho's smile was enough to light up her face at the acceptance. She was still new enough in her realisation of her bisexual side that Marietta Edgecombe's denial of her was still a fresh and raw wound.

"I was pleased at how startled your parents were when I offered seventy-five hundred Galleons as a bride price, especially with how they had been treating me," Harry said, trying to change the direction of the conversation. He'd recently made love to Hermione, and the activities that they'd been involved in had a certain part of his anatomy demanding a rematch.

"You managed to shame them," Cho said. "They treated you like garbage, and you still offered an amount that is far above what they could have expected. You returned their insults with Zen-like calm, and that bothered them more than a little. You were supposed to be this uncultured barbarian, and you convinced them that you valued me not just for my body - and let me finish catching my breath before I deal with that for you - but for my mental capacity, and that you didn't care if I happened to be bisexual."

He grinned. "Actually, since you're with my other two ladies - sorry that we have to keep the engagement secret for now, Heidi - I find your bisexuality kinda hot, but then, I'm an armpit scratching male. Whoa!" That last was caused by Cho deciding that she was going to help him deal with the insistent body part.

He didn't say much after that, but his cross-eyed grin told her everything.

The first of September rolled around and found everyone working their way through the barrier between King's Cross station and Platform 9 ¾. The Potters - and future Potters - got there quite early, and were seated on the train before anyone else. Early enough, in fact, that Harry was able to grant a fantasy that both Cho and Hermione had always wanted to enact. They were dressed again before anyone else ever made it on-board. "After we're married, I promise I'll do that again, but with you in Hermione's position," he told Cho.

"At least you're proving that you know what fingers and tongues are for, or else I'd be really frustrated," she replied with a breathy giggle.

"I'm frustrated myself, because I really want to make that shower fantasy true, but not until we're married. I don't want Dumbles having any ammunition to break our contracts."

"I suspect that he'll discover tonight that he's no longer your wizarding guardian, when he talks to you and tries to order you around. Heidi lowering the boom on him should be entertaining at the very least," Hermione said.

"You should come along," he said to both Cho and Hermione. "Hermione, you're my wife and have a say in it, and Cho does as well as one of my betrotheds." He blinked. "That can't be a word."

"It is now," Heidi chuckled. "And we're looking at the wedding taking place on the first Hogsmeade weekend. October at the very latest. Then he'll drill you in the showers."

"God, I hope so," Cho moaned loudly, and then blushed. "Sorry."

"Don't be," Harry said with a laugh. "Nice to know that I'm not the only one looking forward to finally being able to make love to you completely." He gave his own blush. "I've been having thoughts of adding a sticking charm to your fantasy. I kinda like the way you are when you're restrained."

"Harry, I'm not wearing a bra, because you like the way I make my shirts bulge. Do you really want me advertising that you've got me so horny that I'm likely to lay on the Gryfffindor table and ask you and Hermione to eat me instead of dinner?" She paused. "What am I asking? Let me get my robes." She was laughing as she finished.

Neville showed up next. "Harry! Good to see you!" Neville exclaimed. "The Ministry has been up in arms trying to deal with Dumbledore this summer. Did you actually take off for parts unknown?"

"Hey Neville. Hey Heidi? Was I in parts unknown?"

"No. Munich is quite well known. So is Italy, and The Netherlands, and Belgium and France." She grinned as she answered him, and then turned to Neville. "Hi. Heidi Koenig. I'm his bodyguard."

"I think he needs one, with the kind of trouble he gets in to," Neville said with a grin.

"I think so, too," Hermione said. She looked at Harry for a moment, eyes twinkling, and he nodded at her. "I think he needs so much watching that I married him this summer," she finished, holding out her left hand. She wore the engagement ring and a simple gold band on her ring finger.

Neville's eyes went wide. "You got married?" he nearly squeaked.

"Yep," Harry said proudly.

"I'm just having trouble making peace in my head with the fact that you've got a wife, the both of you are friendly with last year's previous girlfriend, and none of you seem to have a problem with the fact that your bodyguard is likely to be hit on by seventh years."

"Well, I don't have a problem with them," Cho said with her own eyes twinkling. "After all, I'm engaged to be married to him soon as well."

Neville's hand came up and he began to massage his forehead. "I think I've had a stroke or something," he finally said. "Hermione is married to you and Cho is engaged to you?" he asked faintly.

"Oddity in the Black family's rules. I needed to marry a pureblood of at least five generations, and Cho's double that. We've worked out the problem from last year, and in doing so, we realised that neither Hermione or Cho had a problem with the other, and would actually get along quite well, so I asked her to marry me and carry on the Black family name. Let's not forget that it also keeps the money out of Voldie's hands as well."

Luna showed up at the cabin at about that time. "Hello," she said in her dreamy manner. "Congratulations, Hermione. And may I offer congratulations to you as well, Cho?"

"Thank you," Cho said. "I am going to do what I can to stop Ravenclaw's treatment of you this year, Luna. I've been at fault by not trying to stop them, and I was a prefect. They've made me Head Girl, and I should do something proper with the power."

"Thank you," Luna said with a smile. "I'd imagine he rather likes you as Head Girl, although he's thinking of something different at the time. Can you suck a golf ball through thirty feet of garden hose?"

Neville started to cough, even though he'd been drinking nothing, and Harry turned a bright red. Cho blushed as well, but bulled through. "Actually, Luna, you're absolutely correct," she purred. "He does prefer the concept of me being Head Girl in a slightly different manner."

"Careful," Luna said. "Some people are aroused by that tone of voice. Harry for one, and I'd imagine that Hermione is enjoying it. I find that it does interesting things to my pulse as well. I wish I'd known before now that you include women in your sexual orientation."

"I didn't admit it to myself until this summer."

"Ah." The conversation continued for a while longer, until it was just eleven o'clock, and the Weasleys just barely made the train.

"Hi Harry!" Ron breathed, being about all he could do after rushing to make the train. He took a couple moments before he said in a voice closer to normal, "I swear Mum does that on purpose, making us wait until the last second to get us to the train."

"Maybe so," Ginny said. "I think she doesn't want to admit that we're growing up and leaving the house."

"Could be," Harry replied. "After all, she did lose her brothers in the last bit of this war. She hates the idea of losing family. So she does the only thing she knows how to do in order to try to keep them safe."

"Heavy thoughts," Ron said with a slight smile.

"I had a lot of time to think at the beginning of the summer. It might even be what Dumbledore is doing, trying to keep me at the Dursleys - safety over anything else. What he and your mother don't realise is that the method they use to keep people safe just chafes, and people fight to escape."

"Which is what you did," Ginny said with an admonishing tone.

"Yes," he said simply. "I make no apologies for it. If you truly understood what it was like at the Dursley home, then you'd understand."

"Is it really that bad?" Ginny asked.

"Why will no one listen to the twins and me when we say that we ripped bars off his windows?" Ron muttered in a voice that was obviously intended to be heard by everyone.

"The truth can be quite uncomfortable sometimes," Luna said in her soft, sing-song manner. "It's why the average person thinks of the Quibbler as full of silly stories, because the truth scares them."

"Quite likely, Luna," Harry replied. "Many people would be completely surprised to discover the type of upbringing I've had. But that's neither here nor there," he finished.

Luna cocked her head with curiosity. "If it's neither here nor there, then where exactly is it? It can't be nowhere, because then it doesn't exist, which negates the whole thing."

Hermione blinked, and then got a slightly evil look on her face. Her eyes darted to Ginny for just a split second before she said, "I've always wondered about something being described as 'in the middle of nowhere'. If it's nowhere, how can it have a middle?"

Luna focused on the pretty brunette. "Exactly! You understand the conundrum! May we talk more about this during the school year? Perhaps between the three of us, we can figure some of these important questions out."

Hermione shivered under the sharp gaze of the blonde, and Harry was amused to note that it wasn't fear. "I won't promise, Luna," she said softly, trying to hide the husky tone, "but I hope we can."

Luna tilted her head slightly. "Yes. We may solve far more important questions than that," she finally said.

Ron and Ginny dropped into the cabin across the hallway from the six and got their things in order. "Was it me," Cho asked, "or was Ginny trying to force two of us out of here by sheer force of will?"

"She wanted to be here, but couldn't find a way of requesting it that wouldn't make her sound like a bitch queen," Hermione replied.

"One request, you two," he said, looking at Neville and Luna. "Please don't say anything about the relationships between Cho, Hermione and me until I say it's okay?"

"Certainly, Harry," was Neville's response. Luna nodded vociferously, making it look as if her head were going to roll off. Harry was amused to note that all three girls and Neville were watching the secondary vibrations below the girl's neck with some enjoyment. Hell, I'm enjoying it too, he finally admitted.

"Next time I'll do it without a bra, if you'd like," Luna giggled. "I'd like some time to recover, though. That made me a little dizzy."

"Busted!" Harry said with a snort. "We're caught. Thank you for the show, though. I, for one, found it pleasant."

"Harry!" Hermione squeaked.

"What? She called us on it. I was watching, and I noticed the rest of you watching as well. If she chooses to do that as performance art, or something, then I see no reason why we can't enjoy the performance that she's giving us." He reached out and brushed his thumb along Luna's cheek. "As long as she does it only for fun and enjoyment, and not because she thinks she needs to in order to keep friends. Real friends like people for who they are, not who they might be, or for what they do or can do for them."

Luna's eyes widened, and tears formed in her eyes. "Really?" she asked in a quavering voice.

"Yes. You confuse me sometimes, Luna. I don't deny that. Sometimes I have that 'What the hell does that mean?' look, but it doesn't mean that I don't like you. You are my friend. End of statement."

"Thank you," she said softly. The moment was gone a second later as an impish look came into her eyes. "I'll probably do that again soon. I liked the way that it made my nipples rub against my bra. They're quite hard right now."

Neville made a choking noise. His face was a brilliant red, and the way his eyes kept slipping to Luna's chest, Harry suspected that he was interested in a hands-on inspection. He had to admit that the thought had some appeal to himself as well, but with one wife, and two fiancées, he had his hands full.

"I think that you might have to be careful about saying that," Cho said. "Someone might insist on proof."

Luna bit her lower lip. "I think we should stop this line of conversation, or else I just might prove it," she whispered. "They hurt right now."

"Let's change the conversation then," Harry said. "Besides, now that the Weasleys have gotten everything put away, they're coming back over."

"How did you hide from the Or - the people searching for you?" Ginny asked. "Did you learn some new magic or something?"

"Nah, I just ignored almost all incoming owls, especially from Dumbledore. Kaatje Houghtailing can tell you the dangers of accepting letters from him."

"Who's she?" Ron asked.

"A Dutch national that Dumbledore managed to kidnap, rather than me. Also someone who kinda adopted me as a little brother." He laughed darkly. "I find it amazing that there was not a single Death Eater attack during the whole summer. None aimed at me, at least, and that seemed to be the thing that Dumbledore was most worried about. His attitude was that if I was out, they'd find me, kill me, and then eat my flesh. Or something."

"Uh, is there anywhere we can sit down?" Ron asked, realising that the conversation was going to go on for a while.

"Sure," Harry said brightly, before moving Hermione solidly into his lap. "There, that frees up room for one of you." Luna followed suit by winking at Neville, who nodded, and she bounced into his lap. Heidi pouted for a moment, and then pounced Cho's lap, amidst chuckles from the cabin's original occupants.

Ginny looked a little put out at Harry perching Hermione on his lap, but sat down next to him. Ron parked next to Neville and Luna. The conversation continued for a while, with Ron and Ginny returning occasionally to the compartment that they had, and visiting others as well. Hermione, Cho, and Ron had to leave for the prefect's meeting, but Neville and Luna remained behind, as well as Heidi.

"So Harry, what really happened this summer?" Ginny asked.

"Pretty much as I said. I tried to go to the goblins and was rather soundly insulted by them, and was stunned by Dumbledore and returned to my relatives. I was doing okay until three letters arrived, one of which was a Howler. I've still got the fresh scars from the belt whipping that Vernon gave me after the Howler went off."

Ginny's face went white. "I never meant for -"

"I know, but it shows how people simply aren't listening or aren't thinking when it comes to me. I live with Muggles - or did. Howlers aren't appreciated by the most tolerant of them, and I really doubt that the word 'tolerant' has ever been used to describe anyone with the last name of Dursley."

"I'm sorry," she said, and sidled up to his arm. He felt a shiver run through him, and a sense of . . . foreboding wasn't the word, since that implied menace to him, but a strong sense that she was not what she was seeming to be, and that she could only lead him to problems. He didn't know where these unusual abilities were coming from, but they seemed to be serving him well.

"Ginny, you're making him uncomfortable," Ron said. "Back off some."

Her response was what Harry had come to expect from an offended Weasley, and while it didn't get crude, it did involve telling Ron where he could get off. Harry derailed it by forcibly removing his arm from her grip. "Ginny, he's right. I'm a little twitchy right now, not the least reason being that you were the cause for my last beating, whether or not you intended it to be the case. I need to get past that."

She looked startled and stared at him for a moment, and then ran into the other cabin. "I don't think she wanted to hear that," Ron said, shrugging.

"Not angry at Harry for saying it?" Hermione asked in curiosity.

"I think those brains did something to me, to be honest. I've pretty well screwed my chances to be a really good student over-all, but I've decided to work on it this year." He looked at Harry. "I need to talk to you later. I heard some things I didn't like this summer. Some of it involves Ginny."

"If it involves your family, I should hear it. We'll get together later and talk. These three ladies will be there for it," he said, hugging Hermione and nodding at Cho and Heidi. "Heidi is my bodyguard, and Cho is . . . well, for security's sake -"

"Say no more," Ron said, holding up a hand. "What I don't know I can't tell, no matter whether I meant to or not."

"Thanks," Harry replied. "I promise, you'll know shortly."

"Save it until Dumbledore isn't paying quite so much attention to me. He's itchy about the fact that you got away from him. Oh, by the way, I need to insert an angry rant here for you not telling me where you were, since I'm a hot-headed idiot."

"I never called you that, or felt that way," Harry said quickly.

Ron grinned. "No, but I did a lot of self-examination, and I've concluded that I am just what I said."

"Was," Hermione corrected. "You're certainly not acting that way now."

He looked at her. "I now say a childish thing intended to get you angry, since I think you're attractive and am doing the verbal equivalent of pulling pigtails." He raised a hand. "I know that you're with him. You're on his lap, and he seems to be enjoying that fact. I know you do, because . . . well, you're female, and reminding me that it's the case." Harry looked and saw that her nipples were poking gently against the cloth of her blouse.

"I'm sorry, Ron," she said.

"It's okay. In all honesty, Hermione, you need someone who can challenge you. Harry can do that better than I can." He smiled honestly at her, and she relaxed.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except for the fact that Malfoy didn't bother them on the trip to Hogwarts. They saw the Unholy Trio walk past the cabins and look into them, but he merely scowled and walked past. There was some conversation about it, but it was decided that they simply didn't care enough to worry about it too much.

There wasn't another incident until they reached the school. As Harry and his 'entourage' entered the building, Snape walked up and said, "Come with me to the Headmaster's office, Potter."

"Hmm, not even waiting for dinner. He must be angry," Harry murmured as he began to follow the Potions professor.

"His motives are not yours to worry about, Potter. Your arrogance knows no bounds. Fifty points from Gryffindor for your cheek." He turned to smirk to at Harry and noted that Heidi, Cho, and Hermione were following them. "You were neither invited nor asked for. Leave now," he demanded.

"No," Heidi said simply. "We are accompanying Harry to the meeting with the Headmaster."

"I shall see you three expelled if you do not leave now," Snape growled darkly. "As it is, you have cost your houses fifty points each." He turned to continue the way to the Headmaster's office, and caught the smirk on Harry's face. "I suppose you find the expulsion of your classmates to be funny, Potter? Do you truly hate the mudblood that much?" Harry's only response was to laugh. "I do not think you will be laughing in a few minutes. March!" He grabbed Harry's arm and threw him forward, making Harry stumble.

Harry never fell, although it was a close thing. His eyes continued to sparkle as he walked toward the office, though.

They reached the gargoyle, which opened as they approached. A quick ride up the moving stairs led them to the door to the office proper, which opened for them. There was no one inside. "Ah, I see that we are to miss dinner because of this. Petty, really."

"Wait here until the Headmaster arrives," Snape sneered at them. "I shall inform the house elves not to unpack your trunks, since you will not be staying, ladies." He swept from the office.

"Dobby?" Harry called into the air, and the house elf so named appeared.

"How may Dobby help Master Harry Potter?" he squeaked.

"Contact the Headmaster and ask him if his intention was for me to miss the Welcoming Feast, if you would?" When the elf disappeared, he turned to Heidi. "I assume that you're cataloguing all this?"

"Oh yes. At least one of the two - Snape, I believe that one was? - will have quite a bit to explain to the Board of Governors for this school, as well as your proper wizarding guardian."

Dobby popped back into the office. "Headmaster Dumbledore says you not required to be in his office right now. Get to feast, and talk later."

"Right. It was Snape who set that up, then," Hermione said.

The group of four walked to the Great Hall, entering proudly as the opened the doors. They stopped halfway up the corridor and turned to Cho. "So, admit that something is going on right now, or drop it on the headmaster in his office?" Harry asked.

"Well, since there's nothing any of us are aware of that renders the contract null and void, I see no reason why we can't announce it here, if you want to."

"Works for me," he said. With that, he pulled her closed and kissed her gently. "More later, but that should make the point," he said as the kiss ended.

"I never want them to end when you kiss me," she sighed. "But it's off to my table," she said sadly.

Before she could turn, Hermoine pulled her close and kissed her lips softly. The room was dead silent. "Let 'em talk," Hermione whispered. "We've got each other, and we know the truth."

Cho smiled and walked to her table amidst complete silence. Her demeanour was happy and proud. Harry held up his arm for Hermione, and led her to the Gryffindor table when she took it. "If you would be seated, love?" She smiled and sat.

"That was interesting," Ron said. "And I begin to see some of what you weren't saying on the train, at my request. And it matches interestingly with what I overheard. The twins and I are less than pleased at what we've been hearing at home."

"Well, assuming I'm still a student here in a few hours, I'll explain it all soon." He looked to the head table, seeing the usual crop of teachers there, and intrigued to find Remus there as well. "Is he part of the 'Keep Harry stupid' crowd as well? I tend to think so, if he's here."

Snape was glaring at him, and he rose and approached Harry. "I believe that I told you to remain where you were until the Headmaster came for you, Potter," he growled. "Another fifty points lost from Gryffindor."

"Well, considering that the Headmaster said that we should be at the Welcoming feast, I believe that your order was out of line, and I will be contesting the loss of points."

"Contest them all you desire, but the loss will remain, Potter. I will drive this arrogance of your out if it is the last thing that I do."

"It may well be," Heidi interjected. "You'll understand my meaning later, but you dig your grave deeper with every word." With that, she led Harry and Hermione away from Professor Snape.

"What in Merlin's name is going on?" Seamus asked. "The both of you kissing Chang, and then the little blow-up with Snape?"

"Sorry about the points," Harry said, "but he was determined to hit me for things that happened over the summer. I forced some friends of his to explore Syracuse. If they were stupid, they assumed I meant Greece." This was said in a voiced slightly louder than conversational.

"Geez," Dean said. "Did you know that Snape could turn puce?"

"It's not a good colour for him, I'm sure," Harry said without looking. He seated Hermione and then kissed her hand, then turned to Heidi and helped her sit. "By the way, guys, this is Heidi. She's my bodyguard for the foreseeable future."

"Don't take this wrong, Harry," Colin Creevey said, "but you're luckier than anyone has a right to be. A beautiful bodyguard, and two girlfriends? Who know about each other?"

"Long story, and you're right. I'm luckier than I deserve."

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