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Curlism posted a comment on Sunday 19th August 2007 1:38am

Great story, although there was little character description. I loved the ending, I’ve never read a fan fiction that ended with "And they lived happily ever after." and can’t help but think it’s probably the most appropriate ending for these types of stories.
Although the characters were largely under-described and the plot seemed rushed, it was a good story and has brought more than one plot device to my attention which I wish I had thought of before.

Thanks for writing.

silverbullet posted a comment on Tuesday 14th August 2007 12:50pm

interested in this story, my email is, can you email me with the location or a pdf or text copy of the original unexpurgated version of this story as i have not seen in any chapter yet a link or hint as to the location of it

Alex00 posted a comment on Saturday 14th July 2007 5:45pm

Awesome story. You do great work.

sinkingboat posted a comment on Thursday 12th July 2007 7:42am

awesome!!! you are a genius!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 18th June 2007 7:47am

Draco gets whacked (this time by the new Potions Master, who is *not* Slughorn, or head of Slytherin, either) and Umbridge gets whacked (by Harry, who basically bugged the Defense classroom with a Transcription Set of quill and parchment), taking out Fudge with the shrapnel. To quote Harry in an earlier chapter, I'm definitely liking this redo.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 18th June 2007 7:35am

Apparently Dan Granger and Sirius Black have been hit with the ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in Interesting Times." Dan gets hammered by Hermione and Emma Granger (for his reaction to Hermione's seduction of Harry), while Sirius, having been cleared of his non-part of the deaths of all those Muggles, is forced into respectability (he takes the Black Family seat in the Wizengamot). UNfortunately, Harry is *still* about to be inflicted with Umbridge (as is Hogwarts). This Harry is taking both Arithmancy and Runes (not Divination) and is Preparing A Trap for the power-mad Umbitch.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 18th June 2007 7:25am

Scratch several Horcruxes (and one super-sized snake). I loved Harry's teasing imitation of Nagini ("Bugger off, unless you want to become a meal!") and the cursing Nagini when Harry Summoned it ("Accio Nagini!"). Ooopies, Vernon; manhandling a teenager in front of a constable?

Neil Glover posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2007 6:21am

Great story

Lady_Mear posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 11:18am

A better question would be if the 'headmaster' or anyone else should have the choice. Dumbledore and Granger have done enough damage already.

animealam posted a comment on Tuesday 8th May 2007 3:56pm

This was quite an interesting approach to time travelling. I also have to say that your view into a jaded Harry Potter's conversation with God was inspired.

Cynthia1850 posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 2:28pm

Awww, I was sure Harry was going to AK himself in the end, so glad he didn't. Good story.

amandale posted a comment on Saturday 5th May 2007 2:27pm

This was a great story. Good work.

Jeffrey1 posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 7:09pm


patrik svensson posted a comment on Monday 16th April 2007 5:50am

My thought about the fic as a whole.

Great story,
keep up the good work.

gaul2000 posted a comment on Thursday 8th February 2007 1:50pm

enjoyed the story, good bye

vertru posted a comment on Wednesday 31st January 2007 5:38pm

Quite impressive my friend, that you did indeed complete two well written stories within the month of NaNoWriMo. Brava, kudos, hubba-hubba, and all that. Seriously, this is a very good and well written tale of a possible AU scenario that works very well. I see influence from several of our mutual favorite authors and nods in the direction of several, the jewellers name being the most fun one. An overall well told story, though the epilogue could certainly be fleshed out to be more fun and exciting. I look forward to reading the unedited version when you can make it available. Thanks for sharing your wild imagination with us.


Nightwing510 posted a comment on Monday 22nd January 2007 5:19pm

I enjoyed how you had Harry defeat Voldemort. Have you thought of putting your stories at other sites. Like They allow things like what you had in the stories you removed.

Crys posted a comment on Tuesday 16th January 2007 5:58am

> "I was trying to rescue a student that Lucius Malfoy put in danger -"
> "You can't prove that!" Draco yelled.

Interesting that Draco's reaction wasn't, "He didn't do that!" but rather, "You can't prove that!" What an idiot . . .

Pwn Master Paladin posted a comment on Monday 15th January 2007 8:48am

Not to shabby Kinsfire, not to shabby at all.

I have to say, I did not review the original story, but felt that I should this time, if for no other erason than I can respect the decision to re-work it to keep someone out of trouble.

This version works well, and it is very unique, the way you have Harry go back in time. Most other stories, mine included, have some kind of time-turner, not divine intervention. I like it.

I love the idea of a blood feud, and with your permission, I would like to use it to deal with Umbride in one of my upcoming stories, if that is alright. Perfect way to keep Fudge silenced, and get Umbitch out of there before she can do any damage.

Personally, I have a hard time seeing a Harry/Multi, the most I normally can agree with is Ginny and Hermione. That having been said, you are one of the few authors around that can make the situation believeable, and for that, i tip my hat to you.

Another thing that you have a firm grasp on is how to mix humor with angst. Very few stories can do that. I loved the fact that Harry was the only champion to actually go through the maze. the line that said "what kept you?" or something to that effect had me lauging out loud.

You also captured what I think Harry would be feeling if he lost everyone, especially if he got the life force and had to live that many years. Although i would have said he would have tried an AK or two in his death attempts.

The epilouge wraps things up nicely, leaving very few, if any, questions unanswered. So Plot wise, I would say a 5 out of 5

Grammar and spelling are fine, with a few exceptions, ie "to" instead of "too" and a few others, so 4 out of 5 for that.

So, overall, i would say a 4.5 out of 5 for this story, well done.

Peace and Out,

Pwn Master Paladin

DJ posted a comment on Sunday 14th January 2007 2:40pm

This was a grate Time travel peice. Thanks for writting it. Now on to the begging PLEASE bring back "It Started One Summer" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!
Thank You for your time and attention.