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With a Little Help From My Friends
Chapter 5

By Kinsfire

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The rooms were quite nice. We had a very large main living area which combined three separate study areas. One of the doors led to a decent sized bedroom with a single bed, and I was amused to note that Harry's trousers fit him a good bit tighter at the realisation that he was actually going to be permitted to sleep with both Hermione and me during the school year. Another door led to a large combination bath room/shower/water closet room, and a third led to the Potions classroom. "I'm going to need to do something about the colour in here," I murmured. "Too dark. Too Severus." I heard two snickers behind me.

The headmaster took his leave of us, wishing us a good night, and I set the mood by immediately removing my clothing. Hermione let loose with a sound that somehow combined a gasp and a moan, and I walked over to her and undid the clasp on her robes, leaving her in her blouse and skirt. Before she could react, I had begun the process of undoing her blouse as well, making her breathing go just a tad ragged. Smiling, I leaned in and placed a gentle kiss just above and between her breasts, and was rewarded by her legs giving out, which gave Harry and I an excuse to sandwich her between us, although that had not been my original intention.

Hermione gasped as Harry came up behind her. "Harry, did I cause … no, it would have to be Narcissa …"

"Hermione, Cissy is doing what I've wanted to for a while. Of course I'm hard. She's sexy, and so are you. I am going to have a great deal of trouble sleeping tonight, if we're all sharing a bed."

I looked at the two of them and smiled. "Harry, you still need your meal. If she's agreeable, would you care for some variety in your diet?"

Hermione gasped again. "Harry?" His answer was to blush furiously. She looked at me and said, "When you suggested that, he pulsed against me."

"Well, Harry, help me get her naked, and I'll cast the spell on her." I watched with amusement as he fumbled behind her before finally getting the last clasp of her bra undone, and then he let it slide forward, giving his own gasp as her pretty nipples came into sight.

"Oh …" he whispered. "How can two women have such different breasts, and yet perfect is the only word to describe both?"

Hermione turned in our grasp. "They're too small."

"Not to me, Hermione; not to me. They look perfect to me." He slid his arms around her and kissed her deeply. She relaxed into his arms and returned the kiss with fervour.

They finally separated, and I cast two spells in rapid succession, the first being the contraception spell I suspected that they would need shortly, and then the lactation spell. Harry watched in rapt attention as Hermione's breasts swelled, and finally a small drop of milk forced its way from her left nipple. He licked his lips hungrily, and I was amused to see how intensely his erection seemed to be throbbing.

He slowly moved forward, looking at her the entire time, giving her plenty of time to stop him. Instead, her response was to say, "Stop teasing me, Harry!" and grab his head, pulling it to her left nipple. "Please?" she whispered. He surrounded it with his lips, and she sighed happily.

I finally saw what I had felt from him, and was fairly certain had been on my own face. While her arousal from his ministrations was obvious, she had such a look of contentment and … the only word that comes to mind is completion. This is what she was meant to do - nurse someone she loves to health. It just so happened that the nursing was literal in this case.

His own look was actually more than I expected. He was with the woman he truly loved, and she was allowing him such intimate access. There was a look of wonderment on his face, even as he hungrily (and that is quite literal) enjoyed his meal.

I was trying to decide how to give the two some privacy when Hermione looked up at me and but her lower lip for a moment. She met my eyes, and then looked at the breast that he was not nursing from. I raised an eyebrow and she nodded, so I lay next to her and proceeded to mirror Harry's actions.

She was unable to stop the erotic purr that the both of us suckling at her breasts apparently was causing in her. This caused Harry to groan and double his efforts, as it were, making Hermione moan even louder. As I suspected, her moans and her writhing were making him bold, and given his size, locally speaking, he changed position atop her and began to slide inside her. The fact that I was helping to guide him to his destination had nothing to do with it, of course.

It was when he moved and lost his connection with her nipple that he suddenly realised what had happened, and stopped moving. "Please don't stop," she moaned at him. "I've waited for this for a long time, Harry." I moved to let her wrap her legs around him, and released her other nipple, and watched the two as he began to respond to her verbal and non-verbal urgings.

I was surprised at the stamina that my future husband showed while making love to his first love. From our conversations, I knew that he was giving his virginity to my future wife, and everything I had ever read (and experienced, to be honest) led me to believe that he would spend quite quickly. He actually stopped at one point, panting, "Too close. Need to calm down," although it was not as coherent as my writing might make it seem. He apparently wanted to see just how many times he could make her orgasm before allowing himself to go over the edge. The look of utter joy on her face bode well for when he had the stamina to make love to me as well.

As he gently collapsed onto her as he was finally spent inside her, I heard him whisper, "Always and forever, Hermione. You have my heart forever." I felt honoured to have been a witness to such an intimate connecting of souls, and for once was happy that things had happened such to place him in my care, for I might never have found real love otherwise.

He slid out of her eventually, and looked at me, and I tossed a silent prayer of thanks to whomever designed the body of a teenaged human male, since he was already responding to the stimulus of two naked women in his room. "Milady?" he asked me. "I have been permitted to pleasure one of the two loves of my life. May I attempt to please you as well?"

My heart hasn't pounded like that since I had my first stirring in my loins. Well, that's not true, but the last time that it pounded like that, it had been caused by Harry as well. Hermione and I performed an odd little (and astonishingly erotic) en passant as we switch positions, and I knew that I would not be able to get to sleep tonight unless I had made love to this young woman. Without trying, she simply oozed sex appeal from her pores. Or perhaps I simply saw her through Harry's eyes.

This time, I insisted that he lay on his back while I straddled him. His eyes locked on my breasts as I lowered myself onto his delightful member, and I found myself blushing like a thirteen year old, because his look told me that he felt he was making love to a living goddess. His caresses as I settled against him back up that opinion, and the lovemaking …

I lost track of time as we made love. Make no mistake, it was not mere fucking, it was making love. He was apparently physically recovered enough to do to me what he did to Hermione, as I felt wave after wave of hot pleasure tear through me again and again before I felt him swell inside me and finally release. I know that I've been overly poetic in this, but the only way that I can describe his orgasm was that I could feel his love with every magical pulse inside me.

When I came to my senses, he and Hermione were stroking my hair and my back, and I realised that I had been crying. "I'm sorry, Harry. I shouldn't have cried on you."

"You're my wife," he said without thinking. "If you can't cry around me and tell me what's wrong, then how can I fix it?"

I sighed happily. "If what you were doing was wrong, then please, never be right. I won't survive it." I kissed him deeply and felt him pulse inside me. "I do not lie when I say that I have never been loved by a man so completely, Harry. In all ways, I am yours, and gladly. As you said to Hermione - always and forever, my love."

He looked at the two of us for a long moment before finally saying, "What did I do right? Getting the love of one of you is more than I deserve, so how did I get both of you?"

Hermione suddenly laughed. "Harry, this family will be the ultimate slap in the face to every pure-blooded bigot in existence! The half-blood marrying the pure-blood and the mud -"

"Don't you ever use that word around me, Hermione, not even to make a point," he interrupted hotly. "It's a foul, filthy word, and I don't want to hear it."

She blinked at him for several moments, but I found it interesting to note that her nipples were as tight as was humanly possibly. She had a slight look of discomfort on her face, probably because having nipples that tight was mildly painful, as Harry taught me during the summer. I licked one of them quickly, but quickly changed position to place my face immediately adjacent to the neatly shaved triangle of hair where her legs met.

I taught her quickly that I am rather skilled when it comes to those talents - Angelique and I did have many years to practice, after all - and discovered that she was either a very fast learner, or had considerable practice of her own.

When we had recovered from our mutually satisfying experience, I took pity on Harry and beckoned him to the bed. Moments later, his painfully erect member was delightfully ensconced in what would become one of its permanent homes, if I had my way. (Either that or an oft-visited vacation spot, since our co-wife had some claim on that delightful piece of flesh.)


I awoke the next morning quite early to an rather insistent pulsing sensation against my bum. I smiled widely as I realised that it was indeed my soon-to-be husband with another morning reminder that he was rather soundly interested in women. I rolled carefully and repositioned myself before waking him.

"Narcissa!" he exclaimed in worry when he found me squeezing him. "I -!"

"- happen to be exactly where I just placed you, my love. I woke feeling it against me and thought that it would be so much better inside me. Don't you agree?" As I finished, I began to move against him, and he simply grinned and rolled his head back. Hermione woke and looked at us, smiling, and in a very short time, I was kissing and fondling the young woman while Harry proved that he had apparently learned precisely what a tongue is really for.

"Now that is how to wake up!" Hermione panted later as we disengaged and set about our morning ablutions. They took longer than normal, but I was in no mood to complain, because all the delays were done with love.

Before we headed to breakfast, I looked into the Potions laboratory once more and shook my head. Harry began to chuckle, and before I could say anything, the room was suddenly a pale pink. A few more wand flicks later and it was rather pleasant in the room, although I was sure that I would get rid of the windows during the first class. But as a method of telling the first class that there was a new teacher in charge? It may have started with mischief, but it was actually quite an excellent idea.

We entered the Great Hall together, and I was given a chaste but passionate kiss as we separated - me to the Head Table, Harry to the Gryffindor table. I could hear Mr Finnegan commenting on my posterior once more.

"Admit it, Seamus, you're just jealous that Harry and I know what she looks like naked," Hermione purred.

The girls around her looked at her in stunned disbelief, and most of the boys at the table found a reason to readjust the manner in which they were seated at the table. I almost laughed when I heard Miss Weasley (with that hair, who else could she be) say, "And now the boys are jealous that Harry knows what you look like naked, I'll bet." I knew what was coming when I saw her eyes sparkle before she added, "They should be jealous, too," in a voice that made almost everyone at the table readjust once more.

The one that surprised me was her brother, who began to snort in laughter. "Don't take this wrong, Gin," he boomed in his laughter, "but I love you!"

"Why thank you, brother dear!" she said brightly, which made Harry and Hermione fall forward onto the table in their own laughter. I was not privy to the full humour of the moment, but I was betting that it had something to do with the size of the Weasley household.

The rest of the breakfast went well, Harry drinking only milk and blushing as he looked at Hermione and myself. I noted that her shirt was tight, and realised that I had neglected to remove the lactation spell last night. As Harry, Hermione and Ronald stood to head to their first class, which happened to be Potions, I joined them. "Miss Granger?" I asked.

She stopped and looked at me. "I forgot to remove a certain spell last night," I said softly, "and do not recall you wearing a brassiere this morning. Your shirt might develop a certain transparent tendency if I don't remove the spell."

She thought for a moment. "You probably should remove it. My nipples are getting quite hard in preparation for nursing, and that makes me think back to last night, which is making them even harder. If we don’t, I'm likely to throw him on a table and shag him silly."

"As nice an idea as that is …" I said softly as I cancelled the spell. "Now I have to teach a class with wet knickers, damn you," although I smiled as I said it.

"It's only fair, since you aren't the only one damp for that reason," she riposted before rejoining the two young men.

I was behind them when they entered the room, and Ronald's response made what we had done worthwhile. "Wicked! This proves it - no more tall, dark and gruesome!"

Harry's made me melt, though - "Yeah! Instead, we get tall, blonde and sexy!" It had been said quite softly, but I still heard it. I was finding it interesting that I could only detect softly spoken conversations that he was present for, and only when we were in the same room. Apparently some form of bond had formed, perhaps caused by my Oath.

The students sat, excluding my son who was still recuperating in the hospital wing, and I walked to the front of the room. "Hello. I doubt any of you managed to miss who I am, but for the sake of precision, I shall ensure that you know. I am Professor Narcissa Black, and yes, soon I will change my surname to Potter." I paused, and looked harshly around the room. "However, this classroom is no place for anything but Potions work. All rivalries will be left outside the classroom."

"There will be no favouritism in this class, either. You are in Advanced Potions, training for your NEWTs. There is no time for foolishness, because foolishness can kill you or your classmates." I paused and looked at the students. "Miss Parkinson? What would you get if I were to add powdered cobra venom to the Dreamless Sleep Potion?"

Pansy blinked in confusion, while I noted Hermione and Mr Thomas both turning pale and Ronald scowling as if trying to remember something. "Mr Thomas?" I asked.

"Well, Professor, if I understood the texts properly, it would explode violently."

Ronald Weasley suddenly perked up. "That's putting it mildly! They'd be lucky to find enough of you to scrape from the walls!" He winced. "Sorry, ma'am."

"Quite all right, Mr Weasley. Ten points for Gryffindor for a correct description of the power of the explosion, and another ten points for Gryffindor, Mr Thomas, for a correct answer. I would request that outbursts such as that are reserved for emergencies in the classroom from now on, and will remove points if such outbursts happen without cause." I turned to the Slytherins. "I would have expected that students from my old House would be better suited to Potions, given that the last Head of Slytherin House was the Potions professor."

I was given dark looks by the Slytherins in class, and knew that Severus had pulled some strings to get the younger Crabbe and Goyle into this class. I knew the children, and knew that their knowledge of potions was best suited to using them, not brewing. Sure enough, before the class was out, I was extinguishing Vincent Crabbe, since he had placed his crushed hedgehog quills in his potion too early - a simple mistake that someone who had earned their place in the class would not have made. (My apologies - I realise that I did not mention the potion they were making. It was a simple short duration skin toughening potion.) I am certain that Severus would have found a way to blame the incident on my fiancé or his friends.

The day went quite well. Harry treated me as a professor in front of all of his students, and stayed behind to talk to me, for just a moment. "I'm thinking that I might do something in the next Potions class, Cissy," he said softly. "People will think that you're going to be soft on me because you'll be my wife, and I want them to realise that you're a professional."

"But if I give you a detention, won't that just make them think that you're doing it for some time alone with me?"

He grinned. "Not if you give me a detention with any of the other professors, or perhaps Mr Filch," he said. "That derails them right there."

"Are you sure you're wearing the right colours?" I laughed.

He grinned wryly. "If not for your son, I might well have been in Slytherin. But I wanted to be as far away from him as possible." He gave me a quick hug, which I noted involved a gentle squeeze of my rear, then said, "Well, more classes. See you tonight!" He was out of my classroom in a moment, leaving me amused at his planning.


In the teacher's study later that week, the teachers talked about the students. I smiled as they spoke of their surprise at Harry and Hermione's actions - they apparently were not being standard students in love and making cow eyes at each other.

"I can't say that I'm surprised," I interjected. "After my first class with him, I was informed by Harry that he was going to earn a detention from me, for the purpose of having me give the detention to a different professor."

"Why would he do that?" Pomona Sprout asked.

"He apparently wants to head off complaints that I am likely to give him favourable treatment because we are betrothed." I shook my head. "I would think that my attitude toward my own son's injury would make that point, but I will allow that Harry knows his fellow students better than I."

"He's certainly been the recipient of their attitudes often enough," Professor Flitwick said. Adding a smile, he said, "We are colleagues now, Narcissa, so I expect to be called Filius."

"I will try, Pr … Filius," I replied with my own smile. "But you must admit that it is somewhat difficult to face the same people who were once my instructors and call them something other than 'Professor'."

"I do understand. Imagine how long it took me to begin calling the Headmaster Albus," he answered. "Send Harry to me when he earns his detention. I'll find something for him to do."

I also gave him many private detentions, but he always enjoyed those, as did Hermione and I. His 'punishment' would often involve scrubbing our backs, holding us gently, or sex that left me walking tenderly the next day.


The month of September was pleasant, expect for the short period in the middle when we both had to report to the Ministry for trials. Severus's was first, and the testimony that both Harry and I were able to give put him in Azkaban for many years. Given the competence of the Ministry, however, it is anyone's guess how long he will remain there.

The other trial was to verify that I was not a Death Eater. We were giving no warning of the trial, and had no chance for preparations of any sort. When we noted that Cornelius Fudge was in charge of the trial, many things fell into place for Harry. "Fudge has had a hate on for me since I first said that Voldemort was back. I think he's hoping either of us will do something stupid that will let him throw either or both of us in Azkaban."

"Silence from the accused!" Fudge called out from the bench. "This trial is to examine the culpability of Narcissa Malfoy in her husband's dealings as a Death Eater."

"The defendant is legally Narcissa Black," Harry said, standing. "The divorce is final and legally binding."

"Shut up, Potter!" Cornelius yelled. "You have no part in this." There was murmuring from the others on the bench with him.

"I claim right of advocacy for her," he said. "Since I know you well enough by now to know that you are going to do your best to railroad her into prison, I'm going to at least put up a fight to keep her out."

"Denied!" Cornelius bellowed.

"Under what grounds?" asked the monocled woman that I recognised as Amelia Bones. "He has not been convicted of a crime, despite your best efforts last year. You have no grounds that I know of that are viable reasons why he can not be permitted to be her advocate."

Cornelius grumbled softly before motioning that Harry would be permitted to be my advocate. "The court has been gathered to show that Narcissa Black is an unmarked Death Eater."

"Quite sneaky," Harry said. "By declaring her an unmarked Death Eater, you remove our ability to show that she has no Dark Mark. Might it really be because you're afraid that she'll explain just how close you and Lucius were?"

"That has no bearing on this case!" was the yelled response, although Cornelius was now sweating slightly.

"I disagree," Harry said softly. "It has everything to do with this case. Until June of this year, you were always careful to proclaim that you were friends with Lucius Malfoy. I remember the year that you came to arrest Mr Rubeus Hagrid at Hogwarts - not for any crime, mind you, but because you had 'to be seen doing something' -"

"This does appear to have nothing to do with the case, Mr Potter," Madam Bones warned.

"Apologies, Madam Bones, but just another moment will show why I believe that it does." She nodded and he continued. "I recall that Lucius Malfoy showed up while you were there. Odd that he would just happen to show up and greet you warmly at exactly that moment. From the friendliness of the greeting, it was likely that you two had set the Hogwarts meeting up."

"You're making that up. The only ones there were Mr Hagrid, Dumbledore and myself!"

"And two second year students who had been talking to Hagrid and who were hiding beneath an Invisibility Cloak. Remember the odd comment about following the spiders that Mr Hagrid made? He was speaking to Ronald Weasley and myself. In other words, I am a witness to the event in question."

Harry smiled. "I might also deign to mention that just prior to my hearing last year, which Madam Bones can attest to being somewhat … irregular, both Arthur Weasley and myself saw you and Lucius Malfoy talking in a rather friendly manner. Is it not possible that there may be an ulterior motive behind your desire to have my fiancée convicted? Perhaps you wish to find out whether or not Lucius Malfoy kept certain ledgers?"

"How dare you-!" bellowed the Minister.

"How dare you!:" answered Harry in a quieter voice. "At your underling's suggestion, you tried to get my wand snapped and me expelled from Hogwarts, when the reason I was brought before you was because she had set the Dementors on me. You are a known friendly associate of Lucius Malfoy's, and now are attempting to distance yourself by attacking his ex-wife. Can you bring forward any evidence other than that she was married to a Death Eater that shows her leanings? Will you even listen if I tell you that without her aid, I would not be alive today? That she literally risked her own life to see me to safety?" I looked to the rest of the Wizengamot as he spoke, and they all seemed to be narrowing their eyes at Cornelius, although one or two seemed to be narrowing their eyes at Harry. Unsurprisingly, they were associates of Lucius.

"Hearsay!" was the blustering response. "Nothing to prove it!"

"Is there a spell to verify if an Oath has been pronounced, and may or may not be in effect?" he asked softly.

"Yes," Madam Bones replied. "Are you claiming that one was made?"

"Yes. She swore to see me to safety, at the cost of her own soul."

Madam Bones visibly started. Given what little knowledge she had of me, I can't say that I was entirely surprised by her reaction. She stepped down to face me and cast a spell that I did not catch. In response, a brilliant silver aura surrounded me and shot to Harry, who also glowed. "Hmm, it appears that the Oath is still in effect." She looked to me. "Do you remember your exact phrasing?"

I closed my eyes and thought back. It was only slightly difficult, as that was the day that my life forever changed for the better. "I believe that I said 'I will help you safely escape and survive Voldemort, returning you to your friends, at the cost of my own soul, if necessary. This I vow.' The phrasing might be slightly off, but the sentiment is the one intended." I smiled slightly. "It was the Oath that hastened the process that surprised us both, by hastening my falling for this man."

Madam Bones smiled widely. "Narcissa Black, I look forward to getting to know you. The Oath is still in effect, since You Know Who is still active. It also appears that your memory was perfect regarding the wording. By your Oath, you were directly involved in saving Mr Potter's life. Since the evidence at Severus Snape's trial shows that he was in fact a Death Eater, as is your ex-husband, it strikes me that you made that Oath at extreme risk to yourself. That tells me everything I need to know, especially since the Oath refers to helping him survive You Know Who."

Harry drew his wand and pointed it at the ceiling. "I swear that, to the best of my knowledge, I would not be alive today if not for the ministrations of Narcissa Black, named Narcissa Malfoy prior to my release from her husband's tortures. I owe my life to her, and if I knowingly lie in this matter, may my magic be stripped from me immediately. I so swear." There was a bright flare of silver, and everyone's robes flared from an unfelt wind. I blushed slightly, since he had put quite a bit of emotion into the Oath, and it gave me a tingle deep to my core.

He smiled and said, "Lumos." When the tip of his wand lit, he continued. "So, we have shown, with the greatly appreciated help of Wizengamot member Madam Bones, that Narcissa was risking her own life to help me, and my own Oath shows that she was in all likelihood saving my life. Not at all the sort of things that a loyal Death Eater would be doing if one wished to remain alive when faced with the snaked-faced little psycho." There were deep inhalations at Harry's audacity, although I will admit that his forcefulness in the phrasing meant that there was a far different reason for my own gasp. I suspected that I would be walking tenderly the next day if I was permitted to act upon what he had done so far.

"In other words, the only things that Cornelius Fudge could hope to use as means to convict her are proven to be false. She does not bear the Dark Mark upon her body, which I can attest to as she worked upon me in the nude, since Lucius was so kind as to simply throw me in with her giving no consideration to her or any of her possessions. Rather than destroy good silk clothing, she worked on me in the clothes she was born in. Trust me on this when I tell you that I was in no condition to appreciate the sight until much healing had happened. When I began to react, it meant that I was healed enough, and she would dress. While I was not in a position to appreciate the sight at the times she worked on me, I was able to notice that her arms are bare of any markings." He paused. "And when I asked her why she was helping me, she told me that she wanted to be able to look up from Hell and see her cousin Sirius, knowing that she had tried. She felt destined for Hell and did it anyway." He met the eyes of each member on the bench. "I'll not have anyone drag through the mud the name of a woman who has sacrificed so very much in her life, and even now threatens the very existence of her soul if she fails to help me survive Voldemort."

The group on the bench shuddered. "Oh, grow up," he growled. "It's a made up name, meaning 'Flight of Death', and comes from his real name Tom Marvolo Riddle - Head Boy at Hogwarts in the 1944-1945 school year." He did an amazing little illusion in the air with flaming letters, spelling the name, and then rearranging it to read 'I Am Lord Voldemort'. "You're all terrified of the Head Boy of Hogwarts, a spoiled, nasty little child who framed Rubeus Hagrid for the death of a student, Miss Myrtle Mardling."

"And how do you know this bit of information?" Cornelius asked. I smirked to myself because I was certain that it would connect back to Lucius.

"I'm hesitant to say, because it is only hearsay, and I quite doubt that a house elf would be able to give testimony that the Wizengamot could accept."

"A house elf?" Madam Bones asked curiously.

"Yes. The year that there were messages around Hogwarts about the Chamber of Secrets, a house elf named Dobby -"

"Master Harry calls for Dobby?" said a voice as the green-skinned little fellow appeared in the chamber, much to everyone's surprise.

"Well, yes and no. I mentioned your name in regards to the diary incident several years ago."

"The evil diary ex-Master Lucius gave to the littlest Wheezy?"

"That one. The diary that he gave to an eleven year old girl, knowing that she had no way of protecting herself from what lay within." He turned back to the Wizengamot. "As you can hear, this diary was knowingly given to a girl with no defence against what was inside. It sucked her life force, trying to reform the old Tom Riddle, but when a basilisk fang was thrust through the diary, it destroyed Riddle and let Ginny return."

"Where, pray tell, did you get a basilisk fang from?" Fudge asked.

"From the basilisk I killed," he said simply. "Riddle had been controlling it. It was the monster in the school, and now it's dead." He shrugged. "But my point was that Riddle himself told me that he had framed my friend Hagrid. It was the ghost known as Moaning Myrtle, also known as Myrtle Mardling, who gave us the information we needed to find the entrance to the Chamber."

He took a deep breath. "We are getting away from the important point here. Is my fiancée free to go, or will Minister Fudge have succeeded with his railroad attempt?"

"Were it not for your past history with him, and today's information, I would be reprimanding you," Madam Bones stated. "Since I do not believe that there is any evidence to show that she is a Death Eater, I say she is free to go." The others nodded their agreement, and I stood, now a free woman.

Once free of the Ministry, I insisted that we go to Gringott's. We headed immediately for my vault, and I found exactly what I had expected - the ledger that Lucius had kept. As I thumbed through it, I was completely unsurprised to find that all the members who had been glaring at Harry were listed within, as was Cornelius Fudge.

I was surprised to discover that my husband to be was apparently in a similar mood to the one he had put me into, because I felt a familiar and quite welcome hard pressure against my buttocks as his hands came around me and proceeded to undo my robes. I quickly closed the ledger and turned to face him, casting a Silencing spell as I did.

"I have felt this intense arousal from you for some time, Cissy, and I'm just a guy. I can't hold it in as well as you ladies can. I wanted to … to fuck you in the Wizengamot chambers, but figured that would be rude at the very best." His eyes sparkling with delight when he realised that I was wearing only what I was born in beneath my robes. Expensive robes an have many charms in them, and mine had them all, including a spell that mimics a brassiere. I am pleased to say that in very short order I was pressed against the wall with my legs around him while he, quite simply, fucked me silly.


We eventually made it back to the Ministry, where we requested a meeting with Madam Bones. To my very great surprise, we were ushered right in. "Something tells me you're here about today's hearing?" she asked, slightly amused.

I placed the ledger on her desk. "This book lists every bribe paid by Lucius to various members of the government and other places. He was a big believer in taking down others when he fell, or using the threat of such to prevent the fall. That is why Cornelius wished me in prison. If he could gather my money as his own, then he would also be able to get his hands on the ledger." I turned it toward her and pushed it in her direction. "You may be impressed with how far back it goes, Madam Bones."

She opened it and began to read, her eyes widening for a moment before she began to grin. The grin would have terrified me if I had known that I were to be the recipient of what it presaged. She used her Floo, and a few moments later a large black man and my niece stepped into the office. Nymphadora started at my presence, but turned to Madam Bones.

"I need a list of the most trusted Aurors you know. We have several arrests that need to be made, roughly simultaneously."

"If I may, Director - what charge?" rumbled the large black man.

"Bribery, Auror Shacklebolt," was the response. "Miss Black here has given us a very damning ledger kept by her ex-husband."

"I wasn't even certain that it existed until today, but I know Lucius' mindset. I knew it had to exist."

Harry looked up suddenly. "Hey Cissy?" he asked.

"Yes love?" I loved the look of shock on Nymphadora's face when she heard the interplay.

"When we get married, I want as much of the family there as possible. What's it take to get Andromeda considered a Black again?"

I grinned. "Given how she was kicked out, it is as simple as stating that she is a member of the Black family once more. Given that there is one current Black in the room right now, this would be an excellent time."

"Very well," he said with a smile. "Before witnesses, I state that Andromeda Tonks is once again an accepted member of the Black family." He grinned at my niece. "Welcome back, Tonks."

"All well and good, and I will attest to the family business, but we need to work on getting these bribed officials out of office," Madam Bones said. Her tone stated annoyance, but her face showed pleasure at having been a witness.

'Simple," Harry said. "Call a meeting of the Wizengamot, calling only those who are listed in the ledger. Maybe you can even use Percy Weasley to get Fudge there, having someone tell him that they have evidence that will see me in Azkaban for years." He looked at Tonks. "That will also rather clearly show his real loyalties - if he runs to Dumbledore, then we know that he's really on our side; otherwise, he's a sympathiser, a brown-noser, or a Death Eater, since he'd run to Fudge."

Auror Shacklebolt and my niece were looking at him in shock. "Where'd you learn to plot like that?" she finally asked.

"From the best. First, the Headmaster taught me a lot in manipulating people, and then I spent a summer being tortured by Death Eaters. I learned more than most will ever understand about manipulation."

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Author Notes:

And so the plot thickens a bit more ...