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mashimaromadness posted a comment on Tuesday 19th February 2008 3:58pm for Chapter 3

Aw, sad. I know they'll make up since it's in her perspective, but how tragic, nonetheless.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 9th February 2008 7:37am for Chapter 3

Good chapter.


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 27th June 2007 9:51am for Chapter 3

I do believe that a certain Auror is in all sorts of trouble. Trying to *kill* Narcissa? (And it's *Harry* the Auror is in trouble with.) Earlier (which is why the Aurors were able to storm the Manor in the first place), Narcissa utterly cleaned out the Malfoy assets (which Lucius approved) then *divorced him* (which he certainly did NOT approve; however, she DID have sufficient grounds) taking Lucius from well-funded to *flat busted* (in fact, Dobby has more money thean Lucius does right now). And now she's preparing to walk off into the sunset, having reunited Harry with his Hermione. Boy, is *she* in for a surprise....

thealphamale posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 1:34pm for Chapter 3

Older women know how to work it!


DJ Rodriguez posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 1:29pm for Chapter 3

So far, so good. I like on where this is going! I hope you make more Narcissa/Harry/Hermoine fics in the future.

Keep it up!

Anonymous Reviewer posted a comment on Thursday 14th July 2005 1:36pm for Chapter 3

Please tell me that they do not STAY stupid!!! I was raised a Mormon - we know, even though we no longer practice it, that polygamy IS the natural state of healthy adults. I hope that by the end of next chapter all 3 of them are together
Thanks for your brilliant writing

Anon posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 4:43pm for Chapter 3

Cool. Lovin the idea. waitin to read more tho

David posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 12:51pm for Chapter 3

I like it. A very interesting little piece (and it has Evil Snape! Hooray!).

Is chapter 3 the end, or is the whole mess going to be fully resolved? (I could see it ending here, but it would be a bit more depressing than most of your pieces).

David Thacker posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 10:50am for Chapter 3

This is agreat story I hope things work out for Harry and them.