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Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 6:21am for To Set the Record Straight

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian DumbAsADoor, what in the name of all that's holy (and quite a few things that aren't!) have you done? You are looking like an older clone of *Cornelius Fudge* (and do you really want to be thought of in the same category as *that* idiot?)!

1. First off, you bound Neville's magic at age one. Granted, it was at the behest of Alice Longbottom, but as someone that had his *own* magic bound, even temporarily, you know firsthand the risks of such a binding. (Worse; unbinding Neville's magic nearly killed him.)

2. Second, you sent Harry to lie with magic-hating Muggles. The fact that they hated magic should certainly have been obvious to you (Sirius knew, Remus knew, even *Minerva* knew; obviously you've had the Dursleys under watch for a while now, given Minerva's comment right when you dropped Harry off there as a not-even-two-year-old. Worst sort of Muggles, indeed; since when do you NOT listen to Minerva?).

3. You put *blood wards* around 4 Privet. All well and good under normal circumstances. However, said wards were in trouble merely by what is known (£2).

4. Harry's fourth year and the Tri-Wizard Tournament: *Harry himself* told you that Voldy used *his blood* as part of the procedure to give him a body again before he wound up in the hospital wing (but after bringing the body of Cedric Diggory back to the castle). Given 2 and 3, the blood wards are Seriously Screwed (as Sirius correctly concluded, and Bill, who is a curse/ward-breaker for Gringott's, concurred in). Harry should NOT have been sent back to Privet Drive after that.

Frank Hacklander posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 6:18am for To Set the Record Straight

you know, i went back and read the first eight chapters of thegoldenseraphim's original story. wow! i am glad you are taking up the challenge, esp as it will be interesting to see how you treat snape, bones et al in the wake of their actions in chapter 8. is there a problem uploading more than one chapter a day or are you editing the original before uploading? looking forward to your twists on a great tale...

Adam posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 6:17am for To Set the Record Straight

Thanks for the authors note, it explains why I keep thinking I have read this before :) thought I was going nuts lol.

Glad to see that this has been picked up again, Liz made a good choice in asking you to continue it. So I will be looking forward to seeing what you do.

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 5:45am for To Set the Record Straight

Uh-oh. Ouch, ouch, ouch. I just hope and pray they'll get Harry out soon enough. And where are Lily and James? It's James who's inherited everything, not Harry - when will they discover that? When they get in touch with the goblins?

Interesting story, and now that I've started reading it, I'm happy to know you picked up where original author left off, and are going to finish. There's certainly enough angst here, and it needs to be properly resolved...

Kaptkym3 posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 4:49am for To Set the Record Straight

Really like known pawn status - very refresing. Hopefully HP gets some control over his life..............Keep writing!

hptrump posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 4:43am for To Set the Record Straight

This would be more enjoyable if it was Harry & Ginny instead of Harry & Hermoine.