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Amamama posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 10:57am for A Quickly Blurring Line

*shudders* Oh, no... I'm not sure I want to read this. Harry gets his parents back, only to have Hermione robbed of hers? Here's to praying that things are not quite the way they seem.

Good chapter, though. And while I've gotten used to having a chapter a day (and thus keeping the doctor away), I guess we're in for longer waits now. Ah, well - I'll manage. *grins*


Crys posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 10:51am for A Quickly Blurring Line

That angst-fest you have AD going through is very well done. Seeing his thinking process and his remorse helps us hate him less.

Not like him more, but hate him less anyway.

I hope we learn about that little stone (rune, I presume) that Hermione's using.

Hmm, where did you take over . . . If I had to guess, it was somewhere around Harry joining the conversation outside his room. That's just a guess, though.

We don't know how the ambush on the Grangers went. On the surface, it looks bad, but you didn't really say anything.

Doesn't look like my concern for what Remus was up to was correct. Now I'm curious on what he DID do.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 10:36am for A Quickly Blurring Line

An interesting chapter. I'm curious to see where it goes from there. Also, I'd think that people with the Marauders skill set, as well as Albus Dumbledore trying to get back into their good graces, would move quickly to nullify Amelia as a threat to them.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 10:23am for A Quickly Blurring Line

Well...Dumbledore's life is in the Potter's hands as far as I am him committing suicide would be completely unforgivable and the ultimate indictment of his high-handed actions.

Wow...Voldemort raping seems to me that all that would do is reinforce how crazy Voldemort is to Harry. The logic he used to try to send a message to Harry...well it indicates he is mad...of course we already knew that.

Lily and James...I don't have a lot of positive feelings for them presently. Granted they are in essence finally moving beyond their 20's in a manner of speaking...but that excuse doesn't really settle for me.

Waiting to see how you handle any future Harry/Hermione scenes.

Looking forward to the next chappie,