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noreenklose posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 7:44pm

I enjoyed it.

Thanks for writing.

Adam had THREE wives???


Nytefyre posted a comment on Friday 1st March 2013 1:01pm

This was a very direct vignette exploring getting Harry together with Tonks and killing Voldemoret ASAP - and was good. I got a nice laugh from the ending. Thanks for posting.

leon157 posted a comment on Sunday 8th January 2012 6:22am

Nice. Makes for an interesting read.

jasonjones26 posted a comment on Friday 2nd April 2010 9:32pm

keep up the story

Secca posted a comment on Saturday 2nd August 2008 6:45pm

Great story, I really enjoyed it. I was wondering what the second song you referenced was; the "Two may die, but if one dies, that one will not be me" one.

Brad1 posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2008 1:09am

cool voldemary gets the muggle beatdown to death neatest idea i liked for taking voldemary out! keep up the awesome writing!

Ceres posted a comment on Wednesday 28th May 2008 3:01am

ok that was just freaking hilarious at the ending and i hope that you turn out another one almost as hilarious.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 3rd March 2008 7:06am

I just don't buy how quick these relationships go. I mean, I know you did this as a quick, one shot thing, but marriage? I mean, they're fantasy characters, but they're supposed to be people. I can deal with every relationship turning out perfectly cause that's nice, but I just don't buy that they would choose to get married so quickly. I don't know. I did love the way he killed Voldie though. I do think that it's a very emotional thing for him and it's really appropriate for him to do it physically, it's more connected.

Alex Austin posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2007 9:02pm

Nice plot with a very ... odd ... twist at the end.

rune1806 posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2007 10:20am

good story i enjoyed the by-play between the 4 of them.

gadriam posted a comment on Saturday 4th August 2007 4:27am

In response to the AN:
Not bad at all.

Damn, i wish i could do that.

Freddie posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 6:43pm

Hi Kinsfire

i'm just wondering if you know where i can go to read 'Sorcerors Apprentice'

Because its a nice story and would like to finish it.

Thanks A lot

gadriam posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 3:38am

Hilarious, but not without pathos. The story is a bit understated which makes me yearn for the next chapter, but that's not too bad, is it? The grieving rant was one of the best i've read, and that's from a guy who's been reading several fanfics a day for years.

Debbie Hollander posted a comment on Tuesday 27th February 2007 9:27am


darthme1011 posted a comment on Friday 29th December 2006 11:56pm


Treck posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd October 2006 1:31pm

Damn your sneaky. I was just looking for something to read real quick before bed when I noticed this.

Very well done for a quick one off.

morriganscrow posted a comment on Wednesday 27th September 2006 1:55am


Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Saturday 24th June 2006 4:36am

That ending was hilarious. Wonderful story. A bit nutty but all the better for it. That was so much fun. Great stuff.

Alternator posted a comment on Monday 22nd May 2006 9:35am

Dear God, you just can't leave Harry with one girl, can you? Even when you make other love interests lesbians, they still end up with him, and I still laugh despite how insane the whole situation is.

Hats off to the greatest Harry/multi writer around, though. This was nice and fluffy.

Mayjest posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 9:20am

Even when you going for a straight Harry/one girl ship, you can't resist throwing in some others as well! Nice fic, certainly an interesting way of killing Tom.