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MartinEB72 posted a comment on Tuesday 18th August 2015 4:01am for Surprises

I know several bisexual people but none of them wanted to be with two opposite gender people romanticly at the same time. Also, I have seen many threesomes in pornos and they were all awkward. If pornos stars can't make threesomes sexy what are the odds anybody will.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 4th May 2015 8:29am for Surprises

Oooh, Harry you jammy little sod!!

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Sunday 15th June 2014 12:10am for Surprises

Heh-heh. Cute story. Also, I can understand Harry's not copping on to her being bi, I was completely confused for a few minutes reading this..... :-D

Nytefyre posted a comment on Friday 1st March 2013 1:22pm for Surprises

Fun story - thanks for posting.

FuckMeDead posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2012 6:50am for Surprises

It's not that angsty I think, because it doesn't make you suffer through that angst for long.

It gets you emotionally involved before it makes everything better, which is a lot better than everything being perfect at the start because that would be boring.

Elianna Eldari posted a comment on Tuesday 26th July 2011 10:23pm for Surprises

I have a friend named James Alan.

oldsarge posted a comment on Monday 19th July 2010 3:27pm for Surprises

This story is one of my favorites of all fiction and fan fiction. I've read it so many times and yet always seem to come back to it yet again to read. To me, it is so "Harry" and defines the problems I think he would have with his childhood and teen years. My only wish would be fill in the gap years more: Hermione leaving, her absence, more on the return, definitely more on Harry's reactions to it all, his marriage to both women. So much to touch on. Anyway, thank you so much for this story.

Elianna Eldari posted a comment on Friday 7th May 2010 2:46pm for Surprises

One of my friends is named James Allen.

Lathena posted a comment on Tuesday 20th January 2009 2:54am for Surprises

a little to angsty for me but a fun ending

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2008 8:47am for Surprises

It's cool to know this was the origin, although now that you mention it I think I can tell. His kids names have the same middle names my brother and I have. That's insane. I liked this, and yeah, it's better than most Hermione comes back from America and is a lesbian stories.

dennisud posted a comment on Thursday 6th December 2007 10:07am for Surprises

I'd like to see the basic plot this has!

Except I'd like it the summer before the 6th year and He and Hermione would be joined by,


Now as long as you can keep their characters 'in canon' which means alot of sparks between Luna and Hermione (They'll drive each other nuts,hehehe) while harry falls for each and becomes the stability between them!

Hoep you take this as a challenge!

BTW so far I love your ACC's (Author Created Characters)!


Hemotem posted a comment on Tuesday 11th September 2007 7:18am for Surprises

Good story thank you.


Ariel Schnee posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 1:46pm for Surprises

I like this! It's really great! Write some more!

sinkingboat posted a comment on Saturday 7th July 2007 11:52am for Surprises

harrys a bigger girl than either hermione of lisa... are we sure that they didnt get him knocked up? nice

Jewelle posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 4:16pm for Surprises

Very nice story. I really enjoy the way you write Harry and the rest.

gadriam posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 3:18am for Surprises

Great work. The angsty Harry was very vivid, and the shellshocked one hilarious. The OverTheTop superpowered seduction felt remarkably believable, and all in all, i love your take on stories like this. I'm currently chomping through your production, and so far i've only been disappointed once, and you said you planned to rewrite that one yourself.
Keep at it.

Yamikeckley posted a comment on Wednesday 24th May 2006 5:13pm for Surprises

i would like to say ur angsty!harry is a great one, appreciated throughout your stories i have read that has him.

Graup posted a comment on Sunday 2nd April 2006 11:59am for Surprises

Interesting story, if not rather different. Your writing talents are excellent.

Boo55 posted a comment on Wednesday 29th March 2006 7:20am for Surprises

Actually, I wish this was one of your longer more....explicit stories...It was still very nice from a one off standpoint too though. Oh, and I agree with a few others, that Harry should get at least 2 wives. Always including Hermione.

jake m posted a comment on Friday 17th March 2006 9:59pm for Surprises

......seriously i can understand when its harry and more than one girl friend but this seems to be hermoine and 2 lovers not harry and 2 lovers.
does that make sense?
if so what does it mean?
i dont know it just odnt seem right...