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Teresa Lynne posted a comment on Monday 24th February 2014 9:38pm

I really enjoyed this vignette, and hope that you post more about Kendra and T'Mir! Many thanks for writing this! :)

Ken Warner posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd January 2012 12:19pm

While I do not often read slash, femme slash is much less repulsive for my tastes, and as always, you are (to my perception) writing about the emotions far more than the mechanics.
Lovely, disturbing and excellent story

thanks so much for sharing it.

dennisud posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2011 8:41pm

The one Trek story you do and it was a Doozy!
the issue here are two people that are match regardless of their gender. And Kendra seemed to have a bit of Hermione in her though not as overpowering as her early life or how T-Mir had helped her even as her friend before.

Great job!

Tammin posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2011 11:43am

Great Story. You could really see the characters live in this piece. Thank you for posting it.

Crys posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2011 9:48am

Hmm. Must be set early to mid series if she's the test case. Wes's "psych test" for entering the academy is something similar in using a holodeck to unknowingly put the subject into a life and death choice.

Good story. The characters feel real and are true to what we know of them (or at least the handful of canon characters were).

Thanks for posting the story for us.

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2011 9:47am

A nice take on STNG and how as a society it still has its problems.

wackey posted a comment on Friday 30th December 2011 1:31am

I remember this one from years ago.
Loved it then as now.
Now I remember. It's on Raccoons
Are you going to put the others up?

writerpayne posted a comment on Thursday 29th December 2011 3:40pm

I'm going to have the honor of first review, I was just thinking about you when you put this up. It was really good! I like the story, and I am hoping you will do more ST:TNG fics in the future