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LordLexx posted a comment on Monday 30th December 2019 10:13pm for Prologue

Yes... this chapter has meaning.. it shows you have as much sense in romance as JKR. Not much.

viningc posted a comment on Saturday 21st October 2017 12:08pm for Prologue

Interesting premise. I am looking foreward to reading the rest. Since there is no indication that this is complete and no way to indicate I want updates if a new chapter is posted, I will have to manually check in periodically to ascertain the stories status.

Well done, so far.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 12:20am for Prologue

Seems a lot like Jeconais' hope

Dragen posted a comment on Wednesday 16th December 2009 7:41pm for Prologue

Great start to the story mate, I can't wait to see what is going to happen with Harry and Pansy... keep up the great work.

malfoie posted a comment on Saturday 5th September 2009 1:31pm for Prologue

Well this is a off the wall kind of story. The Ron Mione shagging is sick and twisted but what can you do... I like it so far, It said that this is a multi ship story I just want to ask is it a Harem story or just Harry goes through a couple of girls till he finds the right one story>? Keep up the work.

malfoie posted a comment on Friday 19th June 2009 11:29pm for Prologue

Im lost. What the Hell is going on did i miss a story or something. Help.

noylj posted a comment on Wednesday 26th March 2008 9:11am for Prologue

I'm re-reading this story again. Need more good stories.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 24th December 2007 1:00pm for Prologue

This is so cool. I always get so excited when I start new stories. This one seems like it will be great.

dennisud posted a comment on Sunday 2nd December 2007 1:41pm for Prologue

Interesting! having a harry/Pansy story with the likely hood of more involved later.

I'm not keen on Ron shagging Hermione though!

Reminds me of "Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal " on FFN.

So lets see where this goes, and I favor Daphne in Slytherin with Harry.

BloodRedJawz posted a comment on Friday 7th September 2007 7:01am for Prologue

This looks WAY too much like White Knight, Grey Queen by Jeconais. Although, his (her?) story is more detailed about why Pansy and her family suddenly join Harry.

Robert5 posted a comment on Tuesday 13th March 2007 6:28am for Prologue

Pansy seems a little out of character.

Dragen posted a comment on Saturday 10th March 2007 12:42am for Prologue

What a great start to the story;

Pansy Parkinson is really pretty, and has started to become friends with Harry, I can't wait to see what happens next.

mythic77 posted a comment on Monday 12th February 2007 10:44am for Prologue

Interesting start. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it from here.

jono74656 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd September 2006 8:09am for Prologue

I have read this story, such as is available, several times, and I continue to be impressed by both the characterisation, and the sheer level of the writing. I am hard-pressed to choose between this and 'It Started One Summer', as the story I am hoping you update next- with any look, it will be both.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 9:18pm for Prologue

Happiness at Hermione and Ron shagging was nothing like the glee I got from Pansy's bitch remark. Great beginning.

Amamama posted a comment on Thursday 20th April 2006 4:51am for Prologue

Oh, cool! Seems you have had a good read of "White Knight, Grey Queen" and now decide do make your own version? Well, I definitely don't mind - and you write well. So Hermione and Ron are an item, and won't tell Harry? Bad choice. I definitely look forward to his reaction. *evil grin*

Looking forward to the next 14 chapters that are up so far, and hope I'll manage to not race this time. (Fat chance!). Off to chapter 1...

Rachel1 posted a comment on Friday 10th March 2006 8:42am for Prologue

This sounds sort of similar to Jeconais's fic, white knight, grey queen. did you two get inspiration from each other?

david abbey posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2005 10:44am for Prologue

ahh, folks?
this sounds a lot like jeconais's story "white knight, gray queen". are we poaching here?