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mashimaromadness posted a comment on Tuesday 25th December 2007 2:36am for Chapter 8

Harry can be so dense, especially about his own feelings. Seems a little silly, until I tried to apply it to myself and realized that everyone's a little dense about thier feelings sometimes. Okay, that was waaaaaay too cheesy. Sorry.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Thursday 18th October 2007 4:29pm for Chapter 8

What is this story? Harry can do wandless magic but he is raped by Draco and completely outmaneuvered by the less than clever Weasley makes no sense.

Jerome posted a comment on Friday 27th April 2007 12:56pm for Chapter 8

You make Harry out to be to innocent, for example:

'Before anyone could say anything about it, though, he had disengaged himself from her and staggered backwards. "My God, I am so sorry, Luna, I didn't mean to … I wasn't … oh gods, forcing myself on you - I … oh my God, what have I become?"'

Cassandra Black posted a comment on Monday 11th December 2006 12:55pm for Chapter 8

Why the fuck is Harry always raped in your stories?

Kinsfire replied:

So you've only read this one and Paradigm Shift so far?

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 10:28pm for Chapter 8

These girls are so funny. I figured it might be something like a hex to keep Harry from talking. Harry’s attitude was also completely perfect.

Brad posted a comment on Wednesday 7th September 2005 1:12pm for Chapter 8

Have I already left a review? Anyway, skimming this prior to the new chapter 9, thought I'd say (again?) how clever Pansy is to come up with that way to get Harry out of the oath's binding.

s h l o m o 1 1 1 posted a comment on Wednesday 31st August 2005 4:42am for Chapter 8

i have been waiting for an update for this story from the first time that i read it a year and a half ago ( i think)
update soon, i just love this story and i cant wait to see what they will do to the ferret

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 28th August 2005 6:44pm for Chapter 8

It was just getting good. Where's the rest?

brad posted a comment on Saturday 6th August 2005 1:24am for Chapter 8

Enjoying the story. However I was a bit confused with this chapter; I think it could have been made much more clear, and earlier on, that Harry had A) taken part in a *wizard's oath*, whcih B) prevented him from speaking about his rape, for fear of the repercussions of the oath, which C) were undefined. I felt for most of the chapter that Harry was protecting his agressor BY HIS OWN CHOICE, not that he was prevented to do so by a magically-enforced promise. Half-way through I was thinking it was an oath, but that didn't really get stated/confirmed until near the end, where Pansy deduces that Draco likewise swore an oath not to harm the girls (presumeably the only reason Harry would have let him have his way).

I thought Pansy's idea was very clever, by the way, and a novel approach to 'using' a wizard's oath that I haven't seen before. I just feel that you could have made it clearer that it was such an oath, and maybe described the repercussions of such an oath, earlier in the chapter or story. Or perhaps you have, in preceding chapters, and I'm just thick ... it's been a while since I read the earlier sections.

Just my thoughts after reading this latest part. Thanks for the story thus far!

gryffindors posted a comment on Thursday 4th August 2005 10:23am for Chapter 8

a very good fic, the last one i read was chapter 4 long time aGo, i didn't know it was updated till i read the notice in the group, is there a way to get the notice as soon as it's updated?

Christopher L. Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd August 2005 9:58pm for Chapter 8

Rape? Not mere molestation, but *rape*? And the ladies are so pissed as to be willing to face the Kiss for *executing* Draco for it. I wonder what Certain Weasleys will say about *this*? Seriously, if they are even *remotely* condoning of this, then they are no better than Tom, and deserve the same eventual justice that Harry is forced to mete out (death). Pansy *and* Hermione have flat-out declared, publicly, that they are in love with Harry, as has Luna. And Hermione would, if forced into it, kill Draco. (The mere fact that Miss-Always-Obeys-The-Rules would be perfectly willing to not merely stoop to murder, but even pull a Bellatrix Lestrange and plead guilty, is frightening in and of itself.)

Chris posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd August 2005 5:43am for Chapter 8

I like how Harry is learning that his feelings for the four women is not just lust, but that he still does not recognize this fact. I like how when Susan asks him if he would sacrifice himself the way he has for these four for any other, his response is only to frown. This would imply that he really is just starting to acknowledge that his feelings for the four is deeper than he wants to admit, and only when prompted. Added to his history of his upbringing and the treatment of the Weasleys, Harry sees the four already in a relationship with each other and does not want to ruin that. Although, I do think it is starting to seep through to his conscious thoughts.

As to Malfoy, Harry would definitely be one to willingly offer himself up to protect the four. But I found it odd that he acquiesced to easily. I imagine that Malfoy claimed that Harry could not protect them all the time, but it just seemed that the four were able to defend themselves sufficiently when Harry was blind and they were helping him. But his "saving people" thing is a great weakness. Personally, I am really looking forward to the revenge concocted by Pansy and Hermione. Together those two would be a force to be feared. And they are protecting one of their mutual loves. And I would be expecting a return prank against the Gryffindors; they seemed to have been enjoying Harry's torture a bit too much not to have been aware of it.

Anyway, I imagine that after the fallout with Malfoy, the four girls just might gang up on Harry and make him face up to his feelings. They love him and must be getting exhausted trying to break through those walls around him. I am very eagerly looking forward to the next chapter


BJH posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 11:37pm for Chapter 8

A bit of a building chapter, this one. It doesn't tell us anything we couldn't have figured out but it leads us to the revenge plot. Yes, yes, I know, they are seeking justice but I think they will also manage to eek out a little vengance in the process.

Nice to see this story updated again. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ginny figures out the truth. I doubt B&C will come clean before they absolutely have too. Now will the Malfoy plot and the Ginny plot intersect?


BigD posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 12:47pm for Chapter 8

An update! I don't exactly have a lot of constuctive things to say, just that I like this story because it is unlike any of the other stories that you have up. Just thought you'd like to know that someone enjoys it.

Greg posted a comment on Monday 1st August 2005 12:46pm for Chapter 8

Very interesting how things played out there. Can't wait to see how they get Malfoy back for what he's done. Keep up the good work and update again soon.

Mark posted a comment on Monday 1st August 2005 9:38am for Chapter 8

Like always, i enjoy reading your work tremendously.

I thought you could have pushed Harry's angst out a bit here, maybe even recount a time where Harry was longingly listenning/seeing one pair of the girls having fun and trying to understand what/where he and his life fits into things.

Just a little suggestion, as i really like the work that you do. Thanks for the great writing.