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Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 1:57am for Chapter 7

Who did what to Harry? The whole thing was very unclear. Hopefully we find out next chapter.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 24th December 2007 6:56pm for Chapter 7

You mean cliff hanger leaver person. I was going to go to bed, but now I have to stay up and find out what's going on. How dare you make me like this story so much?? Haha.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 10:23pm for Chapter 7

"I didn’t know that banana peel was there" would be a good epitaph. "I told you I was ill" is still my favourite. Bloody hell, poor Harry, but I did like the confrontation scene at the end.

Nathan posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 5:31am for Chapter 7

Ouch!!!!! Did Harry really need to be raped? In this story already he has enought personal pressure that his personality applies to not have to worry about being a rape victum. Oh well, maybe Harry will wise up and start taking some friends with benefits to make him feel like a man.

John W. Conner posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2005 7:49am for Chapter 7

An excellent story so far. I will be curious to see what the cause of Harry's injuries was. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happens when Bill & Charlie finally confess to their various and sundry crimes. :) I suspect at that point it will be a toss up of who will want to kill them worse. Their sister or the general populous of the Wizarding world. Especially once it fully sinks into Ginny's head that she through away her relationship with Harry over her Brother's lies. Keep up the excellent work.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2005 7:15am for Chapter 7

Harry and the Fearless Four gain a fifth (Neville Longbottom), and there is a Hermione/Pansy subpairing. Harry is sexually assaulted, and the details leak out. UNfortunately for the perps, they are quickly found out (Gryffindors, of course) and Harry and the group make plain that any attack on any of them WILL be met in kind. Hermione also slaps Ginny silly (and considering that SHE is wearing the ring Harry supposedly bought Pansy, Ginny should be thinking rather hard).

Ken Warner posted a comment on Saturday 16th July 2005 12:31pm for Chapter 7

WOW!!! - I had not seen LAPFA - since chapter 4 was the last one posted, and got to read 3 in a row - ( my wife stole the Half Blood Prince) and you continue to amaze and delight me - what a wonderful story - with all of the characters such real (lifelike) reactions - a lot of depth there - thanks you, and write fast;;;

Anon posted a comment on Friday 15th July 2005 6:52pm for Chapter 7

Harry? S.assaulted? by who? this is on i want to know. dont keep us waiting too long.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Friday 15th July 2005 1:36pm for Chapter 7

Damn! I was really behind the curve on this story! Outstanding set of updates, I'm very curious as to who did what to Harry. I know why he doesn't wish to admit it, but I wish he would, I think there would be blood and death over this one. As it is, I think Ginny, Dean, and Ron are in some deep touble, I don't imagine the girls are going to let it go at this. As it is, I would think that anyone caught with those photos, and treating them with mirth should be in for some stiff punishments. With the proper punishments, they should find who distibuted the photos, once they do, then things can be unraveled from there. As usual, and outstanding job, I look forward to seeing more, thank you.

Jack posted a comment on Friday 15th July 2005 11:40am for Chapter 7

One problem here...


Interesting cross between adolescent fantasy and a good story line, but I can't help but enjoy it.

Looking forward to more...