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Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 19th August 2016 12:52pm for Chapter 6

Ooooh, I LOVE it!! Sweet, sweet REVENGE!!

Dragen posted a comment on Wednesday 16th December 2009 10:18pm for Chapter 6

Great chapter mate, I'm loving the story and I can't wait to read more, please keep up the great work.

shadowhc posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 4:51am for Chapter 6

nice work.. so when will harry forgive the weasleys.. harry always forgives.. especially in fics like this.. (its not good for him to hold in the anger eheh) i love that excuse.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 10:15pm for Chapter 6

Bitch! Hermione is quite fun. Loved Ginny getting hit by her own curse. I feel rather sorry for the other Gryffindors though.

thealphamale posted a comment on Tuesday 9th May 2006 4:43pm for Chapter 6

PLEASE tell me you are not going to do that stupid Draco/Ginny crap too. It is ridiculus!

Kinsfire replied:

Good heavens, no!   The only thing that Draco is good for is as a punching bag and eventually fertiliser.

Nathan posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 5:13am for Chapter 6

Nice pranking chapter. I do love it when Harry takes after the mauraders back in his parents day. It just adds so much more to the depth of his character to show some sneakiness in him. The totally honorable hero stories get so old after a while.