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Keeroo92 posted a comment on Monday 31st January 2011 12:44am for Chapter 16

I'm surprised that they didn't ask Harry to make more mithril. That would've worked well I think.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Thursday 27th December 2007 12:08pm for Chapter 16

I forgot to mention how much I love your choice of names. Lorelei. That is by far my favorite TV show. Anyway, I love it and I'm looking forward to your final battle.

jml0335 posted a comment on Sunday 14th January 2007 8:48am for Chapter 16

I am worried that Harry will accept Ron's apolagy as if nothing has happened. As a Ron hater this will discourage me from readung and any Ron lovers out there will have stopped reading long ago. Pleas don't make me realise my worst nightmare!

John Fitzgerald posted a comment on Monday 16th October 2006 8:01am for Chapter 16

I hope that you will post a new chapter soon. Thanks.

haroon hameed posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 3:31am for Chapter 16

when will you going to end this of the best one of yours.i have read all yours stories but your sense for adult only stories are great but you don't write a long sex scene.long sex section i mean anyways i really love yours stories and please continue this one

haroon hameed posted a comment on Sunday 15th October 2006 3:30am for Chapter 16

when will you going to end this of the best one of yours.i have read all yours stories but your sense for adult only stories are great but you don't write a long sex scene.long sex section i mean anyways i really love yours stories and please continue tis one

ctao posted a comment on Friday 29th September 2006 7:55pm for Chapter 16

when will there be an update ? and its looking good so far :)

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Friday 29th September 2006 6:38am for Chapter 16

Poor Severus! An entirely *Muggle* potion. Being made by Harry. In one of *his* potions' labs. (Though gunpowder and other Muggle explosives have been known about for several centuries, and the recipe certainly shouldn't catch a Potions Master by surprise, the mere fact that no magic is involved has doubtless caused such potions to fall out of favor, which is why Severus knows nothing about it.) Also, the fact that it's *Harry* (not Hermione) must really add insult to injury (remember, all *Severus* has done historically is insult Harry's supposed *lack* of knowledge of Potions, and here Harry is making one of which Severus himself has no knowledge whatever).

CoyoteScion posted a comment on Saturday 16th September 2006 9:30am for Chapter 16

feed me seymour

John Fitzgerald posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 7:16pm for Chapter 16

This is great. Thanks.

BJH posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 11:50am for Chapter 16

Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home

Dr. McCoy, in the company of Scotty, tells it to the manager of a plexiglas manufacturer after Scotty shows him the formula for transparent aluminum in trade for some 6 inch thick plexi.

I knew I would remember.


BJH posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 11:10am for Chapter 16

OK, I give up... the quote "rich beyond the dreams of avarice" that comes froma movie and I can almost picture the actors speaking. Almost but not quite.

Where does itcome from?


Stygius posted a comment on Monday 4th September 2006 2:02pm for Chapter 16

love it, so when can we expect the next few chapters. I like how you portray the women in harry's life. Most stories just have them there, but there don't contribute anything, whereas u have them researching, training, building new defense, along with all the fluff and stuff. Its a refreshing change, and it is more realistic. Well done, look forward to the next chapter. posted a comment on Saturday 2nd September 2006 4:34pm for Chapter 16

WOW amazing story I mean you've done an absolutely awesome job and I can't wait to see what happens next, do keep up the amazingly outstanding work please and do update whenever you can:):):):)

DJ posted a comment on Monday 14th August 2006 12:25pm for Chapter 16

This turned out grate; it had such a harsh start. I can't wait to see how it ends thanks for all the work you put in.

participium posted a comment on Tuesday 1st August 2006 2:05am for Chapter 16

Nice story, I really like it.
there are however two things that I'm not sure of are correct or usefull.
One is the armor against the killing curse. A kevlar vest is so usefull because it protects most of the places that are lethal when shot by gun. Limbs you can live through. However with the killin curse that is not the case. If it hits you on the arm,'re dead. Second is that it is not possible that they have not figured out before that dragon hide stops the killing curse. After all, every student has dragon hide protection and Fred and George even wear vests out of it, same with Bill.
The second problem I have is Ginny being seen as someone who knows how Riddle works. Both in second and fifth year she says that you know thay you're possessed when you have blank gaps in your memory. So she can't remember anything what happened and therefor she is not a good source.

sasqch posted a comment on Thursday 27th July 2006 10:46pm for Chapter 16

This chapter ran the gamut of scenes that I liked through those that I didn’t like.

I really liked the interchange between Snape and Harry that opened this chapter. It was a nice completion to the change in character dynamics between the two that started back at the beginning of the school year. You had shown Snape’s less antagonistic approach to Harry, but for the most part it was subtle; to the point that it never became a focal point of the chapter. Having the two formally acknowledge that they were no longer the same people they had been, and that they now better understood one another was handled very well.

Another scene that I liked dealt with the women testing the armor. I liked this for two primary reasons. The first deals with the individual characterizations. The four of them are working together, as a cohesive unit to help Harry. They know he’s going to go into battle, and they are completely dedicated to his life. Harry also shows a nice growth, as was evidence in his dialogue with Snape. He may not be too happy about his wives being put in danger, but he has matured enough to realize that they have a say in their own destinies. Rather than try to push them to the sidelines and remain safe, he now understands that he cannot do everything by himself. He is worried about their safety, just as they are about his, but he isn’t going to do anything to block them from helping him.

The second reason I liked this scene was the loving, if non-graphic, interaction between Blaise and Harry. Given that they are the only couple not to have an on-screen lovemaking, it was a nice peek into their lives as they "checked" each other over for injuries. But the phrasing as well as the reactions of the others prove that this is not an unique or weird occurrence within the marriage. Harry loves Blaise just as much as he loves his other wives. But it was nice to see an expression of that love on-screen.

But I wasn’t in love with everything that happened in this chapter. The exchange between Ron and Ginny seemed off. Both were too mature in acknowledging their fault regarding the treatment of Harry. The two of them led a smear campaign against Harry (and his eventual wives), rallying the whole school to their cause. They repeated insulted and assaulted Harry. Yet now they are not only apologetic (which is in character), but they are suddenly mature to realize that Harry cannot and should not forgive them. Going so rapidly from their antagonistic attitude toward Harry to suddenly want to simply say "sorry" without a want of forgiveness is off. Hell, the last time we saw Ron, he was trying to convince himself that they were extenuating circumstances for their betrayals (Ginny being controlled by Riddle).

Another reason I didn’t like this scene is more in the foreshadowing category. Ron and Ginny are stressing the idea of saying sorry and more importantly good-bye while the chance still exists. Combine this with the idea of body armor intended to stock muggle ammunition and Harry’s last line makes me nervous. The armor is extensively tested for its strength against gunfire; spell testing is done off-screen completely. That would seem to imply the need for the reader to know that the armor is muggle weapon proof. But Voldemort and his Death Eaters will not be carrying guns. And even though Harry is planting mines and other explosives, unless he is including boxes of ammunition into the explosive mixture, there is no need for the gunfire testing. Having the four ladies at the final showdown makes sense but it adds a bit of potential danger for the group. Are the four capable of throwing off the Imperius Curse as Harry can?

You see, I can foresee Voldemort controlling one of the wives and having her turn her gun on either Harry or one of her fellow wives. And we as the reader know that the armor protects them (and I’m optimistically hoping for a "happy" ending), the two Weasleys don’t. Will either Ginny or Ron jump in front of the target? Seeing as they already know of the site of the showdown, combined with more than just Harry being there, either one (or both) could show up to try and help Harry. I really do not want to see an act of redemption performed by either character. It would be too clean and easy an out for them. If they die or even just become injured, Harry, given his character’s nature, would feel the need to acknowledge their sacrifice and fast-track his forgiveness to the whole family.

Of course this is all simple conjecture on my part. I look forward to the concluding chapters in this story


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Wednesday 26th July 2006 6:59pm for Chapter 16

Large. Very large, and made of mithril. I'm referring to the plumstones of the Auror that actually *volunteered* to have an AK tossed at him by his boss (and I seriously doubt that Amelia Bones is a weak witch). For that reason alone, he should be the *first* Auror issued the new protective suit (not to mention a sizable stipend). The Unknown Auror also joins a select club (in fact with only one other human member) of those hit by an AK that survived.

Anaknisatanas posted a comment on Tuesday 25th July 2006 4:05pm for Chapter 16

Oh wow, three of his wives are pregnant. I didn't realize Susan was until this chapter.

I really like this, I can't wait to see what happens next. I liked the bit with Ron, that was really mature of him. I'm wondering what other peoples reactions will be when discovering that Harry is married to Susan, Luna, Hermione and Pansy and that three of them are already pregnant, since it doesn't seem to be common knowledge yet.

Will Gred and Forge be god-fathers or Uncles? And what about Moony and Tonks and Andromeda? And Snape? I really love the character interactions in this story.

You mentioned Blaise Zabini earlier but not again. I'm curious as to what role he might play in the future.

The Resident posted a comment on Tuesday 25th July 2006 7:39am for Chapter 16

As always, an excellent chapter. I personally think it's impossible for you to post anything short of excellence. The dialog, the action, everything speaks of the care and attention you put into your stories. Keep up the excellent work. I eagerly await the next chapter.