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Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 9:08pm for Chapter 11

Yay they're okay!!! I sincerely hope the Malfoy's survive, but only so they can suffer longer.

emccall3 posted a comment on Monday 26th July 2010 2:53am for Chapter 11

Okay, so I tried to read this story again... I am a big fan of your works and like the premise, but I can't do it. The whole thing with Harry being raped by Malfoy just doesn't make sense, in fact, not much about Harry's actions seem to make sense in this story. He is supposedly powerful but just gives in to everyone else's thoughts, demands and actions. He is emotional all the time, far too much so in my opinion, and just takes what is thrown at him with no retaliation. Where is the drive, the passion that is a base personality trait of Harry Potter? Maybe it is just me, but that is why I can't read on... your characterization of Harry in this story just frustrates me to no end.

Kokuyo posted a comment on Thursday 4th September 2008 2:04am for Chapter 11

This truly is a "Plot? What plot?" porn fic... just without the porn. Dammit, my dyslexic friend who speaks only German wouldn't manage to write an English story this... erm... well, I truly lack the words to describe what is wrong with this.

Say, might this be a response to a "Who can write the most unbelievable HP fanfic ever" challenge?

ROBERT_1958 posted a comment on Monday 28th July 2008 1:11pm for Chapter 11

Why did Dumbledore not use a Time Turner to save the four girls Harry loved?

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 5:56am for Chapter 11

Why would she want her engagement ring to be the one intended for Ginny? I mean, accepting it at first I get, but as an engagment ring, I don't know, I'd kind of want my own, thank you very much. Anyway, I'm glad they're not dead and Harry finally got his head out of his ass. Happy!

shadowhc posted a comment on Saturday 22nd July 2006 5:54am for Chapter 11

damn their alive.. oh well eheh.. iwonder what horror harry will face next hehe maybe losing a limb

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 11:09pm for Chapter 11

"Let me offer my congratulations as well," Moody growled. "When Dung gives up on ya, you've really sunk deep" had to be my favourite line. I adore the twins and I’m so glad I’m right and it was a cruel trick. The frustrated girls will be so happy. Great chapter.

The Midnight Poster posted a comment on Sunday 18th December 2005 6:44pm for Chapter 11

I'm enjoying the story but I have a question about this chapter. Ginniy faints and then nothing is head heard about her? It's like she disappeared.

Kyle Bissett posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2005 12:12pm for Chapter 11

You got your history crossed. Phyrrus was defeated by the Romans, but he inflicted such damage that the Roman general who won stated that one more victory like that would destroy the republic, not the other way around.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 5th November 2005 8:42am for Chapter 11

Very good stuff. I am so enjoying this story. Lots of nice twists to it. Fun to read and not depressing. Great writing.


minervakitty posted a comment on Monday 31st October 2005 3:12pm for Chapter 11

Serves Ginny right for not believing in Harry. Would be great if Harry can kick the Weasleys out of Grimmauld. Is Harry giong to have an extra stamina potion? How many kiddies?

nurray posted a comment on Saturday 1st October 2005 4:06am for Chapter 11

I have been enjoying this story quite a lot but this chapter disappointed me. The "owning up" of Charlie and Bill was too easy and didn't feel right to me. The first part was OK. Harry stating he had nothing to live for and Bill feeling guilty about it. The problem for me starts with the easy acceptance of them changing their story and admitting the truth.

I would expect Bill and Charlie to say that Harry was innocent and that they had lied as the chapter does but what happens next I would expect Molly, Ron and especially Ginny to deny their 'altered' story quite vehemently. Ginny, Ron and Molly have put a lot of energy into hating Harry and thinking the worst of him for 6 months. To be told that they were wrong all along would not be accepted by them. Even if it is from the original people who started them off. I would expect them to deny it, get angry, question why are Bill and CHarlie NOW lying to them, the 5 stages of grief in effect. In the end I would expect that Dumbledore would offer the use of his pensive and Bill or Charlie display their memories before Molly, Ron and Ginny accept that they had lied. Remember for 6 months everything Harry has done since has re-inforced their beliefs that Harry is bad, misleading and a two-timer.
That belief would have a lot of momentum and take a lot of proof to reverse.

Once convinced, Ginny's reaction could be as you wrote it. Arthur would be devastated that his eldest sons would so violate the truth and cause harm to others.
Dumbledore I think would detail what has befallen Harry since the hospital. The train journey, the blindness, the alienation of friends at school. The loss of his books, homework and firebolt and how it was only present he had had from Sirius. Remember Bill and Charlie wouldn't know these details as they work and I doubt they were discussed at Order meetings. I'm not sure whether Dumbledore would bring up the rapes Harry suffered to protect Hermione, Susan, Luna and Pansy.

Arthur would point out that the Weasleys owe Harry a life debt for saving Ginny. This is one point that is weak in your initial story premise as Charlie and Bill would be aware of Ginny's rescue in her first year so their actions are inconsistent with what we see of them in the books. Of course while they would know of the rescue they may not have been privy to the details as to spare Ginny any further embrassement, the family may have only been told in general terms what happened. No knowledge of the Baslisk or Harry being bitten by the Baslisk and nearly dying while saving Ginny.

This point underpinning what the Weasley's owed to Harry. Molly maynot even know all the details seeing how she tends to go over emotional so easily. Arthur may have been told privately so he could monitor Ginny's recovery properly.

Anyway, I raise these points as the uncovering of the lie seemed anti-climatic to me. I though it should have been a bigger scene and setting the follow-ons as the story changes direction now with the 'truth' finally coming out and eventually getting back to Hogwarts.

Moses posted a comment on Thursday 29th September 2005 12:58am for Chapter 11

Well, my daughter and her Fanfiction Club found your story this weekend past. I have during the past 3 days taken the time to read them at least two or three chapter each evening and have enjoyed the story considerably. The romance and angst at times reqired some explanations but don't worry as I am reading to seven thirteen-year-olds. So from the 8 of us "Kudos" and we are looking for to each new chapter as you post them.

Moses & The Lil' Spuirt's HP Fan-Club

Hagrid posted a comment on Wednesday 28th September 2005 7:44am for Chapter 11

Well I for one am....A.) Glad to hear they are OK. B.) vowing never to read the Daily Plopshit again...and C.) Getting me best nrown hairy suit out for the wedding(s) A great chapter.

Adam posted a comment on Monday 26th September 2005 1:26am for Chapter 11

A great story, hope the next chapter is soon :)

david posted a comment on Friday 23rd September 2005 4:51am for Chapter 11

that was great keep up the great work and update agin a.s.a.p.

stu posted a comment on Tuesday 20th September 2005 5:09pm for Chapter 11

good read, every mans fantasy, execpt i wonder will they...... Synchronize!!

David Thacker posted a comment on Tuesday 20th September 2005 4:53pm for Chapter 11

I do think that harry and the others will forgive Ginny in time becuase Bill and Charlie are the only ones next to thier parents that could have told Ginny that Harry was unfaithful to her.If it was Ron , the twins or Percy she would not have belived it but Bill and Charlie.That is why I think Harry will forgive her in time.

bill posted a comment on Monday 19th September 2005 3:40am for Chapter 11

wonderful story

Ken posted a comment on Sunday 18th September 2005 7:54am for Chapter 11

Dear Keith,
thanks for not leaving us hanging too long - great chapter and developments. Can't wait to see how Harry takes out moldieshorts and B&C weasely with the help of his own 4 musketeers as general staff.
you and Dorothy are both fabulous.
Best Regards