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Harry disengaged his lips from Ginny Weasley's neck to a disappointed noise from her.   "Why'd you stop, Harry?" she moaned quietly.

"Because we're down in the drawing room, where anyone can walk in on us.   I have every intention, beautiful, of giving you your birthday present tonight. Several times, if I can manage it.   But I'm not going to do it down where anyone can walk in on us."

Ginny was trying valiantly to poke through the blouse she was wearing.   "Several times?" she breathed in awe.

"If I'm up to it.   And inspired enough."   He waggled his eyebrows at her.   "And trust me, you're inspiring."   He took her hand and gently brushed it along his jeans, and her eyes widened.

"I'm doing that to you?" she asked.

"Have for months, sexy."   He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.   "You were wank material for me all sixth year.   Dreaming about what we're going to do tonight."

She looked up at the clock, which announced that it was ten PM.   "How about now?" she breathed.   "I'll tell Mum I'm going to bed, and go in to let Hermione know what's happening.   After I leave, she'll undoubtedly go grab Ron, and they'll be doing the same thing."   She paused.   "Have they ever admitted it to you?"

"Nope.   Been a year that they think I don't know about their relationship.   I figure that if I haven't been told before we end our seventh year, I'll ask 'em flat out when the wedding is.   That should be good for a laugh or two."

"I'd think you'd be angrier."

"Oh, I'm pretty chuffed about the lying, but as for the relationship?   Well, if I were with Hermione, then I'd never have realized just what I'd been ignoring these past years.   So in a toss-up between a pretty and sexy bookworm, and a woman who makes my heart stop when she smiles, who makes me realize just how damned lucky I am for her to even deign to notice me as more than the dirt beneath her feet, which I am, well, I choose you.   The fact that you're just as smart as Hermione in your own ways doesn't hurt.   I find brains to be sexy, gorgeous."

"I'm not a woman yet, Harry," she said quietly in a voice that tested Harry's resolve, as well as the tensile strength of his zipper.

"Well, let's get upstairs and take care of that detail then, shall we?"   He stood, offered his hands to her and helped her to her feet.   She took the chance to hold him close, and he could feel his erection throbbing against her.   When they broke, they quickly did what they could to hide their responses to each other, what with both having noticeably pointed reactions to each other.   Harry sped upstairs and prepared his bedroom for her — soft comforter, silk sheets, and gentle music playing softly.

A few minutes later, he heard the door open and close quickly, and a sudden gasp.   He turned to face his diminutive love, and saw tears in her eyes.   "What?" he asked, alarmed.   "What did I do wrong?"

"Nothing," she sniffed.   "You did everything just perfectly."   She put her arms around him.   "Have I told you that I love you, Harry Potter?"

"Yes, but I still like to hear it.   Have I told you recently that you are my entire life, and that I'm dangerously close to proposing to you?"

She gasped.   "If you do, then my answer is yes, Harry."

"Let's wait until school is out, beautiful," he said.   "I expect you'll be swept off your feet by Neville before my seventh year is over," he added, melodramatically laying a hand across his forehead.   "Seriously — let me get a certain other thing out of the way first, okay?"   She nodded, and then undid the tie on her bathrobe.   Letting it slide off her shoulders, she exposed the nightgown she wore beneath.

Harry's breathing stopped, but his heart rate doubled.   She was wearing a translucent white silk nightgown that hugged her body in a way that he could only dream of doing.   Ignoring the fact that they were quite hard beneath the fabric, he could see the dark circles of her nipples, and as his eye slid lower, a faint red triangle between her legs.

"Do you like it, Harry?" she asked shyly.   When he didn't respond for several seconds, her face fell, and she bent to pick up the robe.

"No!" he exclaimed.   "I'm sorry, but I just … I suddenly realized that I had an angel in front of me, and I was stunned.   I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, Ginny.   You … how do I make you understand how … damn, I don't even have the words to tell you how incredible you look.   You really do look like an angel, my love.   A very sexy one, but an angel nonetheless."   He paused before adding, "Add a couple more ‘very’ in that."   He gently put his hands on her shoulders.   "Are you sure that you want to give something so amazingly precious to an uncouth savage, namely me?"

"Yes, Harry.   I've wanted to give you this since I first understood why looking at you in your Quidditch gear made me tingle interestingly."

"It's your birthday.   Why am I the one getting the present?" he asked with a smile.

"Because you'll give me the present I've wanted for so long after you unwrap your present."

He brought his hands up to the straps on her shoulders and gently pulled them off slowly, watching her to see if she wanted him to stop.   Moments later, the straps slid down her arms, and soon her breasts were exposed to him, and moments later, the rest of her nude body was before him.   Tears sprang to his eyes, and he pulled her to him.   "Oh my god, I love you," he breathed.   "This was a present worth waiting eleven days to unwrap."   He wiped his eyes and kissed her deeply, losing himself in the sensation of her lips on his and their tongues tangling together.   Nothing existed for him but her lips — her very soul.

He was surprised to find himself with his trousers and boxers around his ankles, and his shirt unbuttoned.   He stepped out of his trousers and finished the job with the shirt, and was astonished by her look.   She was staring at his erection.   "Um, I've noticed it before but … that will fit, right?"

"If you want to wait," he said, noticing that her heart was pounding so hard that he could actually see her breasts pulsing slightly, "then we wait."

"No," she said.   "I'm a Gryffindor, and we don't back down from fear.   Besides, I want you too much to keep me from doing this, Harry."

He swept her into his arms and carried her the short distance to the bed.   He placed her on the bed and kissed her deeply on the mouth, until she moaned into his mouth.   He disengaged and climbed into the bed with her, his head by her breasts.   "May I be permitted to have my way with my beloved’s body, promising that I will not intentionally hurt her?"

"Oh my, yes!" she whispered, and gasped as his tongue darted out to caress her left nipple.   He teased it for a moment before encircling it with his lips and beginning to gently nurse.   She moaned again as his tongue tortured the hardened tip.   Harry wasn’t sure, but it almost felt as if it were throbbing against his tongue.   He disengaged and repeated the performance on her right nipple, while his fingers rose to gently tease the abandoned one.   He felt her hands gently run into his hair, holding him to her breast as he maddeningly gently tortured the breasts he had longed to see for so long.

Finally, he disengaged from her nipple to a quiet moan of disappointment from her, but the moan changed shortly as he began to run his tongue down her body — between her small firm breasts, down to her stomach, where he began to gently nip at the skin with his teeth, to her navel, where his tongue darted into the taut little concavity causing her to gasp quite loudly and give a full body shudder.   He continued his trail downward, until he was between her parted thighs.   "My love?" he asked.   "May I?"

"Please Harry, if you think it will bring me pleasure, I’ll try it."

"If I do it right, love," he murmured, and grabbed his wand to cast a very powerful Silencio on the room.   His face came forward, and he pressed a kiss to her lower lips, which were quite wet.   He let his tongue slide out, grinning as he realized that she never knew one thing about him.   It had never connected with any of the girls that Harry was one of the only males in the school who could lick whipped cream of the end of his nose — easily.   His tongue darted deeply inside his lover, causing a gasp that may as well have been classified as a scream.

He continued to tease and torture Ginny with his tongue, occasionally pulling out and locating the taut little nub that would make her grip the sheets whenever he merely touched it.   She began to make an odd rhythmic grunt as his ministrations continued, one that sped up the longer he thrust his tongue into her.   Finally, he felt her thighs tighten, and she lifted herself from the bed as she began to buck.   Harry grinned and redoubled his efforts for just another moment, until she finally gasped, "Harry — stop!"

He immediately withdrew and she slowly unlocked her legs, settling back to the mattress.   "Oh my god, Harry!" she finally was able to say.   "Who was she?   I want to know so I can shake her hand."

"What are you talking about?" he smiled.

"The girl who taught you how to do that.   That wasn’t the first time you’ve done that to a girl.   There’s no way that could have been your first."

"You’re wrong.   You’re the first time for me, Ginny.   First time for that, first time for everything."

"Wow,"she breathed.   Finally, she looked at him with a look that made him twitch.   "Harry, I don’t want your face down there anymore.   I’d rather have something else there, if you don’t mind."

He smiled and slid up her body, drawing delicious shivers from her, especially when he teased her navel again.   Finally, he was at her face, and the tip of his erection tickled at her opening.   "Has anyone told you that you’re huge, Harry?" she giggled.

"No one’s ever gotten as good a look at me as you, Ginny," he said, kissing her.

"So that’s what I taste like," she murmured.   "Odd, but not exactly unpleasant."

He reached over and grabbed his holly wand, and whispered "Contraceptus."  She gasped at the spell.

"That spell can get you ready for love-making," Ginny murmured.   "That has to be the second most erotic tingle you’ve ever caused in me."

He smiled and continued to slide slowly into her, and she gasped as she felt herself stretching farther than she thought she'd have been able to take.

He stopped instantly.   "Am I hurting you, love?   I can stop."

"Stop and face a lifetime of carnivorous Bat Bogey Hexes," she replied with a smile.

"Your slightest wish, my lady, is my most urgent command," he whispered, and continued to gently push into her, pulling out slightly to improve lubrication.   He could feel her heartbeat pulsing against his length, and he could feel his own heartbeat throbbing inside her.   As their pelvises touched, he sighed in deep contentment, which she echoed with a very erotic moan.   He felt quite close to the edge of his own orgasm, so he resisted as she tried to get him to move.   "Not … yet … you … first …"

Her eyes widened at that.   "Harry," she panted, "… already have.   Your turn … please?"

The look in her eyes and the tone of her voice made him lose all pretence of control.   "As my lady commands," he murmured, having calmed enough to utter a complete sentence, and began a slow pull out of her.   As he was almost completely out, he changed direction and slid back inside her completely.   He repeated this, picking up speed with each thrust.   Before he had finished his tenth stroke, she was quivering against him, lost in another orgasm, and this drove him over the edge.  He pressed as tightly against her as he could, spilling his seed and his very soul into her.

He regained his senses a short time later to find her beneath him, cooing.   He blinked at her, and then rolled gently onto his side, Ginny rolling with him to keep his still semi-erect organ inside her.   She nestled tightly against him, and finally breathed "Thank you" to him.

"Trust me, Ginny, it was my pleasure," he laughed softly.

"I can tell.   Your 'pleasure' is still throbbing inside me."

He held her tightly.  "Oh my God, Ginny — I can't tell you enough how much I love you.   That you trusted me with something so … so wonderful as your first time — it means more than I can say."

"It went to the man I wanted to have it, Harry.   I wanted you to make me a woman."   She kissed his neck, and then pulled back from him slightly.   "I love you, Harry."   A sparkle entered her eyes, she bent her head and ran her tongue over one of his nipples.   He felt himself start to harden inside her again.   "Ooo, looks like you want time number two," she purred at him, pushing him so that he was on his back, her straddling him as to not lose him.   She sat up and ran her fingers down his chest, making him shiver.   "Giddyup, horsie," she moaned as he pulsed inside her.

It was nearing two o’clock when they decided that they should get at least a little sleep.   After five distinct orgasms on Harry's part, he was tired, especially since the most recent had been when they had gotten adventurous in the water closet, and he had her hold the sink tightly while he picked her hips up and took her from behind.   She had not been able to touch the floor, and the orgasm that had torn through her had made them both glad that he had cast silencing charms.


Charlie Weasley met his brother Bill in the kitchen at Number 12 Grimmauld Place.   "So we gather Harry and get him his books today, right?" Bill asked him, not quite awake.

"Yes, Bill," Charlie laughed.   "Plus we have that conversation with him about Ginny and respecting her.   Put a little fear of Weasley into him if necessary."   He cocked an eyebrow at his older brother.   "Why are you so tired?"

"You know Fleur and I — well, she wants to get married, but by Veela tradition, she won’t marry until she proves she is fertile.   In other words, we’re trying for a baby."

"Mum’s not gonna be happy about that.   You know her attitudes on premarital …"

"Fleur sat her down and explained to her.   Mum had tears in her eyes by the end, and the wedding is basically all planned, except for the actual wedding date.   As soon as Fleur tells Mum, the invites go out for roughly seven to ten days later.   Anyway, we really want to get married …" Bill continued.

"No!   No more!   We’re reaching the Too Much Information point!" Charlie laughed.   "While you inhale some more coffee, I’ll go get Harry moving."   He stood and headed up the stairs to the master bedroom, where Harry now slept.

As he approached the door, he noticed that it was unusually quiet.   He cast a quick spell and saw that the door was magically locked and sound-proofed.   Curious, he cast another spell he’d been taught by Bill — a very useful one for a curse-breaker.   The door faded to look as glass from Charlie’s perspective, but he knew that it was still a door from within the room.   What he saw made his eyes widen, and he tightened his fists so hard that he knew his knuckles were white.

Inside, Harry was kneeling on the bed behind a very naked Ginny, who was face down on the mattress, her face toward the door.   He was thrusting forcefully into Ginny, who was apparently gasping with each thrust.   Charlie’s rage didn’t let him see the look of sheer bliss on Ginny’s face.   Suddenly, Harry’s thrusting stopped, and he was rather obviously orgasming.   Finally spent, he collapsed to the side.

Charlie dropped the spell and stalked downstairs.   He kept clenching and unclenching his fists, and didn’t stop until he’d reached the kitchen.   He cast a Silencio at Bill’s puzzled look, and began to let loose with a string of curses that threatened to make the paint peel.

"What in the hell brought that on?" Bill asked when he was able to get a word in edgewise.

"Harry, upstairs, with Ginny.   Doing what made you so tired this morning."

"What!" Bill bellowed as he shot to his feet.   "Stop him!"

"He had already finished when I came back from being so shocked.   I think you need to go up and get him, while I get my temper under control.   We’ll have that talk with him still, but I think it’s going to be literal threats, rather than assumed ones."

"All right," Bill said.   "I’ll go up and knock on the door, and alert him.   Ginny’s going to want to pretend she wasn’t in there.   I say we let her keep the fiction for now.   Maybe later we’ll pull her aside and explain."

"You know she’s got a temper like Mum’s," Charlie said.

"And she’s still young enough to be put over my knee if it gets out of hand.   You stay and calm; I’ll go get Casanova."   Bill walked up the stairs slowly, reaching the door finally and realizing that Charlie had left the spell on the door.   Harry was just reappearing in the room, dressed in a robe, which he dropped as he called a towel to himself and headed to the shower.   Bill knocked, and Harry spun.   His mouth moved, and then he frowned.   Grabbing his wand, he said something, and then spoke again.

"Who is it?"

"Bill.   You ready to go out for your books?"

A snort was the immediate response.   "Overslept.   Gimme a few minutes for a quick shower, and I’ll meet you downstairs.   Fifteen minutes sound good?"

"We’re dragging you to Diagon Alley naked if you go over that," Bill said, forcing a laugh into his voice.

"Good God, no!" Harry laughed in response.   "The Prophet would have a field day with that!   Be down in fifteen!"   He walked into the shower.

Bill cancelled the spell on the door and headed back downstairs.   "He’ll be down in fifteen minutes at most.   We get to talk with him after that."


Shopping was actually fairly taking only about three hours, considering some of the lines Harry had to deal with as far as school supplies were concerned.   Since Harry could now do magic legally, most things he carried in his pockets after shrinking them.   At one point, both Weasleys looked a bit alarmed and told him to stay in the store he was in (Flourish and Blotts) while they dealt with something quickly.   He watched them disappear, and slid next door to the jeweller’s store, where he purchased a simple white gold ring with a single ruby, and then slid back into the bookstore.   Charlie and Bill came back shortly after, looking much relieved.   "Done for the day, Harry?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah.   I guess all we need to do now is to head back."   They began the walk back up the street toward the Leaky Cauldron.

"Let’s stop and have a drink first, Harry," Bill said.   "You’re an adult now."

Harry’s attention wasn’t on Bill, though.   Over against a wall, he could see a girl crying.   There was an owl sitting near her, acting slightly worried.   He approached her, and discovered that it was Pansy Parkinson.   "Hey, what’s wrong?" he asked, the concern evident in his voice.

Her response was to throw her arms around him and cry outright.   After a few minutes of sobbing, he finally got her calmed enough to tell him the problem.   She handed him the letter, which said that her mother’s father had died during the night.   "I loved Pappy," she sniffed.   "I never really told him that."

"He knew it, Pansy," Harry said soothingly.   "Tell you what — come with me to The Leaky Cauldron.   You need a shoulder to cry on right now."

"I can’t — Mum will be along any second to get me.   Thank you, though."   She sniffed again.   Just then, a Pop! sounded behind Harry, and Charlie and Bill were aiming with their wands.

Without looking, Harry said, "My sympathies, Aldonza."

"Thank you, Harry.   That means a lot.   Come Pansy, we must go," the unshed tears evident in her voice.

Before she headed over, Harry kissed Pansy’s forehead.   "It gets better eventually.   If you need to talk to me, you know how."   He pulled her into another hug, and then the two ladies Disapparated.

The three males continued their way to The Leaky Cauldron before speaking again.   They paid for a small private room, where they each sat with a glass of butterbeer.   Bill looked at the clock and said, "Hell, it’s after noon, and we’re all men here, right?"   He asked for a bottle of Ogden’s Firewhiskey and three glasses.

After Harry had successfully shot blue flames from his nose after downing a shot (although it hadn’t been his intention to breathe flame), Charlie looked at him with extreme seriousness.   "Harry, what’s with being so friendly to a Slytherin?   Don’t you realize that she’s a Malfoy toady?"

"I know a bit more about her than you do, thank you very much," he said with some annoyance.   "I’ll thank you not to tell me who my friends should be."

"You call a Slytherin a friend?   Are you insane?   You can’t trust a Slytherin as far as you can throw Hogwarts!"

"Dumbledore seems to think otherwise.   Look at Snape.   I was sentenced, last Christmas, to hang out with her in all my classes, to study with her, and generally to be around her.   She’d been involved in one of the nastier Malfoy pranks, and decided to take the fall for it, possibly to save her own life.   Dumbledore decided that we should get to know each other better, and oddly enough, this time he was right.   I consider her a friend now."

"Yeah, a kissing friend.  That brings us to something else."   Charlie’s face went dark.   "We know for a fact that you and Ginny have gone beyond merely kissing, Harry.   It stops now."

Harry’s own face went blank.   "Or else?" he asked coldly.

"Or else we end it for you, Harry.   Our sister is too young.   She’s only sixteen."

"Which is the legal age of consent in Muggle England."

"She’s not a Muggle," Bill added darkly.   "It stops now."

"How does she feel about this?   Have you asked her?   Or doesn’t she get a say in it?   Have you already picked out the man you’ll let her marry?"

"It sure the fuck won’t be a kid who’s only going to get her killed," Charlie growled.

Harry’s face went white.   "All the names that are coming to mind right now would insult your mother, and I like her too much.   I’m leaving, and I’ll thank you to stay out of our love life."

"Or else?" Charlie asked mockingly.

"You know damned well what ‘Or else’ means, Charlie," Harry growled.   "No one hurts Ginny and gets away with it.   And what you’re trying to do will hurt her."

"It’s for her own safety," Charlie growled in response.

Harry’s answer was to get up and walk to the fireplace.   As he reached for the Floo powder, he felt a painful blow to the back of his head, and then nothing.

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Author Notes:

...and next we'll see the reaction to Bill and Charlie's machinations...