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joeBob posted a comment on Friday 21st December 2012 8:07pm for Chapter 1

Skip. OOC angsty Harry-Stu. Numerous other problems.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2007 8:29am for Chapter 1

Interesting. If he forces Tom into Astral Projection won't it be the same as the first time he defeated him? A spirit with no body. I don't think that's really defeating him. But maybe you have something different in mind. In fact, I'm almost certain you do. I like this so far, although it saddens me to see Ginny being so violent. I like her as a character and I always accept when authors turn her like you have, but I'm never thrilled with it because I like her so much. But anyway, I really like the overall proposition, I think that Harry's suicidal outlook is appropriate, he really never was trained properly. I like it.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Wednesday 28th June 2006 1:53am for Chapter 1

"I beg that you avoid Harriet at any cost" set me into a serious fit of giggles as it came in the middle of such utter seriousness. It's completely wrong of me but I find this version of Harry rather appealing.

The Resident posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 2:01am for Chapter 1

Intreresting, very interesting. (Quote from Laugh-In)

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 28th August 2005 8:50am for Chapter 1

A bit repetitive in the early sections of the
chapter, but a very compelling story.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 11th August 2005 5:45am for Chapter 1

Very interesting. I must admit that I have always thought it very dumb that Harry wasn't put into special training and tought how to really fight. Very good story, although I really do like happier stories more. Good writing.