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The Great Phoenix posted a comment on Monday 26th August 2013 10:50pm for The Calm Before

"It never hurts to use the truth in judicious amounts." Except that's exactly how Bill+Charlie broke up Harry and Ginny and tore the Weasley family apart from Harry...

Lol, Ben Franklin still alive. I like that you seem not to have overlooked the perhaps little-known fact that Ben Franklin was an avid womanizer.

nate_hy posted a comment on Wednesday 15th December 2010 1:46am for The Calm Before

Just thought I'd comment that Iraq is/was also a British problem/mistake.

cool2ice posted a comment on Thursday 18th February 2010 8:54pm for The Calm Before

O_O... Hermione the dickgirl.

That is so disturbing.

Good story otherwise, it's not going to sop me from reading.

Lunzatis posted a comment on Thursday 6th November 2008 4:10pm for The Calm Before

I enjoyed your entire story and hope that you will come back and follow up on the plot holes that you left. However I can not completely agree with your portrayal of Benjamin Franklin at the end of chapter 5 when he comments on Iraq. Instead of ranting and raving like most people do, I will give you my point of view on the matter and would enjoy hearing what you think of my point of view in an actual discussion. So here goes.

I can not in good conscience say that the war in Iraq was wrong. Many of the things that was done to Harry by the Ministry of Magic in your story was done to the people of Iraq and in many cases much worse. The US may not have declared war for the right reasons but we stayed for the right reasons. To ensure the people of Iraq would have a chance to choose their leaders and whatever kind of governement that they wanted. I would like to think that Benjamin Franklin would agree that we stayed for the right reasons. Many of those reasons are the same reasons that the United States broke from England. I have grown tired of people blaming President Bush for the war in Iraq. Either people have forgotten or were never taught about how the government of the United States works. The President of the United States can not declare war without a declaration of war being passed by both the house and the senate before hand. If the President could, the United States would have been in a lot more wars then what we've been in. The fact is that war was declared by the United States. The house and senate both passed the declaration of war and the President signed the declaration. The house and senate had the same information that the President had. Unfortunately, we may never see that information. I hope that you will read this review and consider what I've said. Thanks.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 7:05pm for The Calm Before

I did. And correctly. I love this.

Muirnin Cocan posted a comment on Saturday 11th November 2006 1:10pm for The Calm Before

You quoted Oliver and Company????!!!!

I love it!!!!

I love having Ben Franklin being a wizard as well! that is inspired Keith!

As Always,
Muirnin - one of your adoring fans even if she has put off reading Burning Day to read Dorothy's Addams Family Values *snicker*

Alex00 posted a comment on Friday 10th November 2006 5:29pm for The Calm Before

Nicely done.

MaryJane6707 posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 3:46pm for The Calm Before

Great chapter! I love the idea of old Ben being a wizard, if anyone could have been, it would have been him.

Tanaxanth posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 4:51pm for The Calm Before

The Next Orgy? :)

Magnificent the Destroyer Lord posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 4:46pm for The Calm Before

Hmm... the founder of U.S.A. and the Declaration of Independence are nice touches. Interesting story - please keep it up.


RoseKelly1021 posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 3:10pm for The Calm Before

Hey Kins,
That was interesting. I enjoyed it and loved the comparesion. I would love to hear how this chapter worked out in your mind. Wonderfully done!

imakeeper posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 1:19pm for The Calm Before

i dont know if combining magical and muggle worlds together is a good idea.. maybe like a big brother little brother system could slowly educate some individuals like muggleborns and slowly incorportate muggles to work in the magical world but something drastic will prob result in another civil war

potterfrkintx posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 9:45am for The Calm Before

awesome chapter!! Loved how you used Franklin. Totally cool. Keep up the good work.

JD posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 9:39am for The Calm Before

not sure if you will have made this point moot since I haven't read the new chapter yet, but regarding the finger, couldn't they have cut it off her, then given her a potion to regrow it?? that way it works all around...

Colpinky posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 7:04am for The Calm Before

I've been a reader of this story, and the previous one for a while. I love what you are doing, and Benjamin Franklin making an appearance is cool. Keep up the good work.

Stephen Mann posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 6:09am for The Calm Before

Heh, as an American, and a former history teacher who taught the American Revolution, I'm pleased to see History used to make a point in popular fiction.

To me, history is a wonderful story told by generally boring people. Making it relevant makes it interesting, and hopefully will make the readers realize what a fascinating story they have access to.

Viridian posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 5:26am for The Calm Before

"The Perfect Storm"?

When you gave the age as 300, I sort of guessed about old Ben, and he was the closest I could see to being a wizard - a very nice touch.

Is Franklin as revered in England? Or is Hermione just a special Franklin Fan-girl?

Kinsfire replied:

Franklin is accepted as a major diplomat throughout Europe. The English weren't happy with him, for obvious reasons, but he still was considered an impressive man. (THe French have several families that proudly admit that they trace from illegitimate children of his.)

As for Hermione? He's LIVING history, and a lot more interesting than Binns every could be. (And probably STILL as randy as hell...*laugh*)

DJ posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 4:40am for The Calm Before

Bravo Keep it up.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 3:25am for The Calm Before

thanks so much for making history come alive so well - I guessed Mr. Franklin, nice to get it right for once and I love the way you had Harry discover the Declaration of Independence. It is interesting as someone who grew up in the States, yet lived for extended periods overseas to see how little our theoretical system of government and history is understood.
Can't wait to see where you are going with this, but the canon Scrimgeour seems a good analog for old syphilitic King George III.

The Resident posted a comment on Wednesday 8th November 2006 2:18am for The Calm Before

An excellent chapter. I like the Declaration of Independence quote. We have that choice, in one way or another, every year. We don't overturn it all at once, but we can make changes every year and keep working at it until the changes that are needed come to pass. It is unfortunate that there those so unconcerned as to not use the franchise that so many fought and died for.

P.S. The sex wasn't bad either. -grin-

Keep up the great work.