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mashimaromadness posted a comment on Saturday 29th December 2007 8:06pm for Approaching Thunder

That's cool.

MaryJane6707 posted a comment on Friday 10th November 2006 3:42pm for Approaching Thunder

Harry is so incredibly cool. I mean he really is just cool. I like how you have made into a strong and kind person. He doen't get to show it often enough in that other authors writing.

Viridian posted a comment on Friday 10th November 2006 5:37am for Approaching Thunder

""Did he just give me permission to seduce Benjamin Franklin?" she asked."

Quote of the day, Keith!

mike bates posted a comment on Friday 10th November 2006 3:06am for Approaching Thunder

very nice ending to this chapter.

The Resident posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 4:40pm for Approaching Thunder

I seem to be repeating myself when I review your stories because there are a limited number of superlatives. Once again you have lived up to the larger-than-life image I have of you. The talk with Lorelei, the love making session with Hermione, the talks with Smythe and then ending with a face-to-face with the PM and the Queen. All scenes excellently crafted and a joy to read. Keep up the excellent work and, as always, PLEASE, update soon.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 4:02pm for Approaching Thunder

On *sex outside the marriage bed* (whether the marriage is polyamourous or not): it is *only* betrayal if taken that way. If neither side says it's betrayal, then the only viewpoints who would hold that belief about the relationship are those not in the relationship (thus their viewpoints should hold no weight). If Harry had said (to Hermione) "No, you can't have Ben Franklin." and *then* she went behind his back and seduced him anyway, that *would* be a betrayal (and your criticism would have merit). However, his granting permission (and as long as the others *also* grant permission) would make your opinion (in either direction) moot. At this point, the ball is in the court of the other women (Susan, Pansy, and Luna) as Harry has already voted. (A similar circumstance occurs in "Family Matters" when Harry is *invited* to sleep with Emma Granger, by both her and her husband, even though they are both well aware of his marriage to their eldest daughter. All three other parties stamped their approval, leaving Harry to *cooperate with the inevitable*. This was the *second time*, not the first. Therefore, the situation is not even new to any fan of Keith's writing; if it squicks you that much, then why are you reading his works?)

Princess Fictoria posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 10:51am for Approaching Thunder

Wow! Great chapter. I love the well thought out way that the revolution is being handled, as well as the way Harry is doing this in spite of his feelings towards ruling the wizarding world, and not because of them.

The obviouse love and respect that Harry and his wives share... as well as his relationships with others of power... goes a long way in proving that this way is the right way for the sheeple of England.

Hurry and post more soon!

Treck posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 7:45am for Approaching Thunder

Another great chapter.

Question... How many kids does Harry have ATM?

Alorkin posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 7:17am for Approaching Thunder

I really liked the interaction between Adam Smythe and Harry. "My contact will be hearing from me about setting up meetings with the insane. I do not appreciate pranks. Good day, sir." Reminds me of a similar discussion between Fox Mulder and some psychiatrist in the first season of 'X-Files'
Harry's discussion with Loreilei minds me of many I've had with my daughter after her mother died. Most of them were reassurances that I still loved her and would never leave her alone.
I'm going to have my daughter read an excerpt from this. The preamble and first part of the declaration of independence. It's well past time she learns exactly what this means. Having been a soldier for most of my adult life, (among other jobs,) I want her to understand exactly how fragile the freedoms we take for granted, really are.
Harry's idea of setting up a represantational democracy in the place of a oligarchy is going to be seen as a direct attack on the sovreignty of the crown, his disclaimer notwithstanding. Only the Queen could approve such a decision, especially as the magical world is hidden from the rest of Britain. Since the Prime minister answers to her, and the upper and lower houses are unaware, it stands to reason that she would have to become involved.
I liked how you dealt with the Dursleys. Kinda symbolic, neh?
Too bad Harry couldn't get control of the prophet. I wonder how they found out? (normally nobody associated with that rag has any common sense. (What happened to dear old Rita!?!)
Harry's mirrored room scene really was rather predictable. Who else but Queen Elizabeh couldbe behind that mirror. (Blair...eeh! For the sake of brevity, I won't go into him.)
As always, a great chapter. I look forward to reading more. Alorkin

IssaBissa posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 6:13am for Approaching Thunder

very interesting so far!!! I really like it!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

Johnny Wood posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 4:13am for Approaching Thunder

Is your Adam Smythe any realation to Alan Smithee, acclaimed film 'director'?

imakeeper posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 3:12am for Approaching Thunder

good chapter!

Killua posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 3:03am for Approaching Thunder

The whole Franklin thing is creepy as hell! So it's OK to fuck someone else just because you want it? If they wanted that kind of relationships why did they marry and have kids, why not be totally open about it? and you can't compare it with Harry doing the other girls, you have to compare it to Harry shagging Ginny or some other woman. I have very mixed feelings about this.

Shawn Pickett posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 2:19am for Approaching Thunder

Good chapter, I really liked Harry's conversation with Lorelei, and then Hermione. I'm curious to see how things go with the Queen and the PM.

Jamie46 posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 1:49am for Approaching Thunder

Ba-du-dummmmmmmmm. :-D Anyone who didn't see that coming, raise your hand. ;) hehehe, but it was built up really well. Again, good plot development and flow. I liked Smythe's original affronted stance and how calmly Harry took care of it. ;) I'm guessing, from Smythe's later statement, that he actually was under orders to act like that, since his superiors didn't "trust his instincts." I also liked the bit where Harry reassured Lorelei; that was sweet. Overall, really well-done.

Crys posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 1:22am for Approaching Thunder

> Hermione fathering a child with Pansy and blinked at it. It was not a typo.
Oh, I knew it wasn't a typo. I also understood the implication (her looking down later before cancelling the spell). It just squicked me out.

> They say that karma is a wheel, and it sounds like it rolled right over them.
Hey, I like that phrase.

Okay, three super-magician kid-sets . . . Flooding her with magic at that very moment HAS to have an effect.

Building up to quite the storm, Kins.

Alexis posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 1:21am for Approaching Thunder

Well, that's definitely one good way to get support for your revolution! *grin* Great chapter!

Renzo7 posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 1:00am for Approaching Thunder

excellent, keep it up!

Ken Warner posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 12:41am for Approaching Thunder

I am glad he was stopped - the magical ministry could not have become as corrupt as it is without complicity from the other side - and there is LOTS of real world evidence that the british government is quite far along Lord Acton's road.

good story - thanks for sharing

matthiasblack posted a comment on Thursday 9th November 2006 12:24am for Approaching Thunder

Well the ball is rolling. I enjoy the smut that is thrown in every chapter as it adds a nice dynamic to the fic and shows your writing skill. Keep up the good work.